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Sony’s custom Honeycomb UI detailed in pictures


As much as Google wants manufacturers to just be happy with how Honeycomb has turned out, some people can’t leave it alone. Most of the changes manufacturers have made to Android 3.x have been relatively subtle–not completely destroying the OS like phone UIs we know. It looks like Sony’s changes to Honeycomb 3.2, coming soon to their S1 and S2 tablets, will take the more subtle approach.

For the most part, it looks like there won’t be many deep system changes. The launcher is only slightly revamped, and it’s just for some added functionality–better accessibility to network settings and favorites to be exact. Speaking of network settings, there’s also some sort of custom WiFi connection test app. The exact purpose of the WiFi app has not yet been discovered. Continuing on with custom apps, three highlighted pre-installed apps found in Sony’s own white app drawer include the media streaming app Chumby, Zinio reader and an absolutely gorgeous tailor-made default music app decked out in white.

The biggest change to the UI, other than the white app drawer, comes in the form of the virtual keyboard. Sony has taken a spacious gray and white keyboard and thrown on a number pad that will no doubt have enterprise users jumping for joy.

As far as any other changes go, it looks like we’ll have to wait for Sony to actually release their duo of tablets (which shouldn’t be long now) to see how things turn out. Until then, enjoy the Rube Goldberg style teaser below.

Source: Android Police

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    O Lord, I just cannot stand UI’s… Just my opinion.. Give me stock Honeycomb anyday.

  • android ted

    As an android user since the g1 and still rocking my nexus one, the current crop of tablets are not compelling and pushing me closer and closer to an ipad. Sad to say it.

    • BiGMERF

      Somehow I doubt you when you say what you say. I have had Android also since the G1 after having an Iphone2g,3g, and 3gs. I also had a Nexus one and Nexus S and after having Vanilla ANdroid on both there is no way you can find a xoom non appealing with its vanilla Honeycomb. Me and My lady went on day 1 and got the Ipad 2′s, I took mines back (in favor o the xoom) and she kept hers. Other than the lack of Honeycomb specific apps i have no complaints. I sometimes laugh at her when we pull up sites and she cant get past the lack of flash..The final thing she had on me was the non Netflix support. That advantage went out the door recently. Gorgive me if you are telling the truth, but i doubt it

  • android ted

    The last tablet I’m waiting for before I make my decision is the amazon tablet.

    • BiGMERF

      You confirmed my speculation with this comment

  • BrandonJD

    The Sony tablets are the ones I am the most excited about. The have the most unique design in a sea of black slabs.

  • nicxus

    Why can’t they let us revert the stock UI without rooting? (or using any launcher from the market)

  • Honeybread fragmentation

    looks like crap

  • Dirge

    I really don’t see much of a difference between stock Honeycomb and this Sony UI; which means I don’t get why people are complaining. I bet if no one said this was a Sony-specific thing, no one would complain.