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Sprint’s Motorola Pax does business with dual-core


Following in the tradition of the Motorola XPRT and Droid Pro (front-facing QWERTY BlackBerry-esque devices), comes a leak that shows what could be the XPRT’s beefy younger brother also destined for Sprint:  The Motorola Pax.

With a slightly more modern body than the already outdated XPRT, the Pax is working with a very similar front-facing QWERTY but a very different kind of processor. Instead of relying on one OMAP 1GHz processor, the Pax will be gracing suit coat pockets with two.

According to the individual who leaked the pictures of the Pax now floating around the Internet, the Pax is like an “XPRT on steroids.” Although complete connectivity options haven’t been disclosed yet (Sprint would be mad to leave WiMax out of this one), we do know the Pax will be utilizing Sprint’s new push-to-talk network on CDMA 1X Advanced (as opposed to iDEN).

Nothing else is known about the Pax at this time. But with two cores, next-gen push-to-talk and an absolutely gorgeous QWERTY keyboard, this device is sure to make its way to the top of many “must have” lists this holiday season. Be on the lookout for more.

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  • pekosROB

    I don’t see what the appeal of this is unless you’re a Sprint user and need a keyboard + Android. At least it’s better than the XPRT.

    • Kimberly Wimberly

      Dick Yarrell is a SPRINT user!!!!

      • jbn

        Richard yarrell is a moron HANDSDOWN

        • TWiT Commander

          What’s a “front-facing QWERTY”?

  • 3nd


    • TWiT Commander

      Yes. I know.

      Counting in arrays starts at element [0]. That makes you FIRST.

      You earned your geek creds.


  • Richard Yarrell

    Actually this is something that can benefit some people. There are people that just want keyboard action and the addition of another dualcore device adds that extra power. Like it or not this is just another dualcore device that sprint users have the opportunity to choose from on the network where choice reins supreme. It would be great if every network was rolling with affordable new technology which by now we all know that’s just a pipe dream at best. Sprint is just STOMPING the competition silly. @jbn.. Your truly nothing more than another DORK on this site hiding behind being unknown maybe that’s better for all of us because if we saw your face I’m sure we all would have something to laugh at besides your STUPID COMMENTS…

    • snowbdr89

      I will agree with jbn DICK YARELL IS A MORON