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T-Mobile’s showing at the Samsung Galaxy S II event lackluster at best

Galaxy S II T-Mobile glassbox

T-Mobile users, this is just not your day. While Sprint and AT&T customers will be spending the rest of the night watching hands on videos, drooling over spec sheets and balancing their pocketbooks for a mid-September Galaxy S II release, you get close to nothing. Sure, you now know a Galaxy S II made for your Magenta overlord exists, but you also know it’s quite a ways off.

T-Mobile has revealed little to no information on their version of the Galaxy S II at tonight’s Samsung event. No price, no release date, no hard specs, not even a fully functional device attendees can get their hands on. But why? Judging by previous hands on pictures, the Samsung Hercules is just about ready to go. At least the Telus version is. And that’s what T-Mobile should be carrying, right? There’s really only two explanations behind tonights weak showing. Either T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II has enough custom parts so that they just couldn’t finish the software in time, or they just really dropped the ball here.

Looking at it from the first angle almost makes sense. According to previous leaks, the Samsung Hercules is actually quite different from the original Galaxy S II. Not only was the Hercules rumored to be running on a Qualcomm processor (as opposed to Samsung’s in-house chip), but it also packs category 24 HSDPA that allows for 42Mbps HSPA+ speeds. It’s also rumored to launch with support for AT&T bands as well as T-Mo’s normal AWS.

Then again, T-Mobile could have simply messed up. It’s very possible custom hardware had nothing to do with it, they just didn’t take the launch seriously enough. They are rumored to host a separate showing for their Galaxy S II once more information is made available, so maybe they thought, “hey, even a little something now is better than nothing.” After all, the Hercules has been rumored for a late October launch before. It looks like that’s one of the leaks that just may come true.

How do you feel about the whole thing, T-Mobile users? Sad? Let down? Glad you got to at least see the device? Let us know in the comments below.

Pictures and videos courtesy of ThisIsMyNext and Phandroid.

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  • Ryan

    Meh… not really surprising. I’m leaving this company as soon as my contract is up, so I could care less.


    Im dissapoi ted indeed.. Does not really surprise me if in vact they provide a lame excuse as to why they ares o late. Only excuse i woukd accept is that they are running ICS or vanilla gingerbread 2.3.4

  • chris

    VERIZON, this is not YOUR day!
    -This is a correction to your first sentence.

    • Dustin Earley

      At least Verizon users were let down before the event. Not during.

      • Xavier Plasencia

        well supposely we are getting a droid prime (aka ICS phone) so this phone already as been one up’d

  • eohash8

    I’m dissapointed that T-Mobile didnt make a solid showing, but not realy supprised. After all this is the same wireless company that launched one of the best all around smartphones of the year so far on any carrier (HTC Sensation) with practicly no marketing behind it. I think they missed yet another big opportunity to gain ground on the competition. Seems to be a trend lately.Deutsche Telekom has completely left T-Mobile USA in the cold and that makes matters worse in a time when they could use that support. T-Mobile is a realy good wireless service provider with good phones, data speeds and great price plans that just needs the right people and the right amount of capital to get to the next level. I hope the AT&T deal blows up and GOOGLE buys them and turns them into a real competitor for Verizon.

    • josegb2011

      at&t is paying t-mobile to be more careless so the merger will be easier…haha just kiddig but you never know..

  • Mike Crudle

    I’m leaving T-mobile for sprint. I figured going to AT&T would do them a favor, besides I can’t stand AT&T. I’ll get my galaxy s 2 on the 16th!!!

    • Thaghost

      Sprint is slooooow. I mean turtle slow.

      • AnonymousUser

        I’ll have you know, I have both T-Mobile & Sprint.

        I did a side-by-side speed comparison test of the Sensation (T-Mobile) & Evo 3D (Sprint). How did they do?

        Sprint’s Evo 3D (using 3G, WiMax isn’t available here) loaded the exact same information 32 seconds faster than the T-Mobile’s Sensation (using 4G) on the 1st test, and 34 seconds faster the 2nd test. Even using VoIP services like “Line 2″ & “Groove IP” almost always performed better on Sprint’s 3G over T-Mobile’s 4G.

        Basically the same hardware, different networks.

        On Sprint, I don’t get much in the way of dropped calls, calls cutting in & out, or choppy calls like I do with T-Mobile.

        I still love & have always supported T-Mobile (obviously, bc I still use their services on a family plan), but, for my primary phone I had to switch bc T-Mobile is just too unstable here in the metro area. And I still hope the AT&T-Mobile merger fails!

  • kwills88

    I feel like a girl just showed me her tits, then told me i can’t touch it.

  • Shanikwa Johnson

    Agree with Ryan.

    After being with T-Mobile for nearly 8 years, I’m gone too. Their once excellent customer service was keeping me with them, but now the reps are rude and the service is bad.

    My contract expired recently, shopping different carriers for a new phone!

  • Michael

    They really dropped the ball on this one. The least they could have done was give a release date. I am shopping for a new contract and this is turning me away from T-Mobile.


    I am frustrated with Tmo but in the end not enough to leave.. They serve most f my needs and at a great price.. That I atleast have locked in for the next 2 years. My sensation is a more thn capable phone that will hod me over until I find something I really like

  • Black Kristos

    Total BS. No matter if the harware changes a bit, this is a horrible step for Tmo. After all, this phone is already 6 months old, now they want to tack on another 2. If this had dropped in the next couple weeks, I would have probably given up my contract-free Tmo sub, but now… I’d rather move to Verizon for the Prime or just about any next-gen handset. So sad, 8 year Tmo customer lost because they cannot get their shit together.

  • Nathan

    I would like to know its specs at least n release date then I wouldn’t care if I couldn’t see it.

  • Ryan

    Why should I buy April’s best phone, with Gingerbread and shit ass TouchWiz, when I can wait another couple of months and get the new Nexus, with ICS and none of that awful crap that manufacturer’s like to slather all over the perfectly good Android interface?

    Plus, with the Nexus, I’ll be sure to get ICS in a decent time frame, something I have no faith that Samsung will do for this phone.

  • Mocha K

    I will be picking up one, just as soon I have a release date i will be happy