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The Legacy continues: Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman announced


Just when we thought it was gone forever, the Walkman brand makes its glorious return, this time with Android. Sony has just announced the Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman. And while it’s not a superphone, it definitely holds its own.

Sony Ericsson is known for its unique designs, and the Sony Ericsson Live is no exception. This music-centric device is looking pretty good for one of those smaller, more affordable smartphones. Let’s take a look at the specs.

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman Specifications

  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • 1 GHz single-core processor
  • 3.2-inch display (320x480p)
  • 320 MB of on-board memory with a 2 GB microSD card (supports up to 32 GB cards)
  • VGA front-facing camera / 5 MP rear-facing camera (records in 720p)
  • 1200 mAh battery

As already mentioned, these specs won’t blow your mind. But this device is made for entertainment purposes (mainly music). It is small, which makes it easier to carry around, and it comes with music-centric adaptations. The most important feature for music lovers is Sony’s xLoud technology. This allows you to boost your volume without having to sacrifice quality, which is an issue with most devices.

This phone also comes with Sony’s Qriocity integration, allowing you to listen to music and watch videos on the go (in the cloud). You might also enjoy the fact that the Sony Ericsson Live comes with TrackID, which identifies unknown songs, and the infinite button for better music searching.

A very important factor, especially for a media device, is the battery life. You’ve got to be able to go through a day of listening to music while keeping some of that juice for communication purposes. While this device comes with a tiny 1200 mAh battery, it actually lasts as long as most extended batteries do. This device gives you up to 600 hours of standby, 17.5 hours of music listening, 6.5 hours of video and over 14 hours of talk time. Not bad, Sony Ericsson. Not bad at all.

While price and availability are still unknown, this should be an affordable smartphone. Markets are not yet specified, but this device is said to start rolling out during the fourth quarter of 2011 in select countries worldwide. What do you guys say? Liking the Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman?

Show Press Release
22 August 2011

Smartphone with Walkmanâ„¢ on the latest Android platform (Gingerbread 2.3) Unique Facebookâ„¢ integration enables instant music and media sharing Content services from Sony provide access to the latest music and video titles

22 August 2011, London, UK — Sony Ericsson today announced Sony Ericsson Live with Walkmanâ„¢, an Android smartphone that delivers a unique social music experience. A dedicated Walkmanâ„¢ hardware button provides instant access to the music player and consumers can also like, share and discover content through a deep Facebookâ„¢ integration. The infinite button lets the consumer explore even more and the *Qriocity service from Sony provides music and video content for the consumer to enjoy.

With attractive curved design, a glossy finish and a mineral glass display, the phone has a 3.2” screen and a powerful 1Ghz processor. A front facing camera is enabled for Skype video calling, while a 5MP AF camera can capture 720p HD video recording. *Sony’s xLOUDâ„¢ enhances audio output, while the latest Android platform for smartphones (Gingerbread 2.3) provides access to over 250,000 applications on the Android Marketâ„¢.

Nikolaus Scheurer, Head of Product Marketing, Sony Ericsson said: “Consumers want smartphones to deliver a rich and social entertainment experience. Rather than a one dimensional music experience, they want instant and seamless access to new content, combined with the ability to share and connect with their friends. The Sony Ericsson Live with Walkmanâ„¢ provides exactly this, in a powerful package with great style.”

A perfect combination of social networking and music entertainment:

Deep Facebookâ„¢ integration: Allows users to instantly access Facebook through the most used areas of the phone such as the picture gallery, music player, phonebook and calendar. Media Discovery Application: A dynamic application placing the world of music and videos at consumer’s fingertips including Facebookâ„¢ recommendations from their friends. Infinite button: Tapping it within the media player enables consumers to have instant access to new content about their favourite artist, such as music videos, artist information and lyrics search. Qriocity music and video content services from Sony: Consumers can access millions of songs from all major labels and watch thousands of movies from all major studios. Only Sony Ericsson Android smartphones provide consumers with unique access to the entertainment services from *Sony. *Sony’s xLOUDâ„¢ technology: Enhances audio output of the inbuilt speakers at high levels. TrackIDâ„¢: Identifies the music track you are listening to within the FM radio and music player. The track can then instantly be shared or downloaded.

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkmanâ„¢ will be available globally in selected markets from Q4 2011. For full details all products news, please visit the press room and the product blog:

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkmanâ„¢ at a glance. *Please note that all services mentioned may not be available in every market.


Black and White


Size: 56.5 x 106 x 14.2 mm Weight: 115 g


5 megapixel camera 8x digital zoom Auto focus Face detection Flash/Photo light Flash/Photo flash Flash/LED Front-facing camera (VGA) Geo tagging HD video recording (720p) Image stabiliser Red-eye reduction Scene detection Self-timer Send to web Smile detection Touch capture Touch focus Video light Video recording


Album art Bluetoothâ„¢ stereo (A2DP) Music tones (MP3/AAC) PlayNowâ„¢ service Stereo speakers TrackIDâ„¢ music recognition Walkmanâ„¢ player xLOUDâ„¢


Android Marketâ„¢ Bookmarks Googleâ„¢ search Google Voiceâ„¢ Search NeoReaderâ„¢ barcode scanner Pan & zoom Web browser (WebKit)


Call list Conference calls Facebookâ„¢ application Google Talkâ„¢ Polyphonic ringtones Skype Sony Ericsson Timescapeâ„¢ Speakerphone Twitterâ„¢ (Timescapeâ„¢ integration) Vibrating alert Video chat ready


Conversations Email Google Mailâ„¢ Handwriting recognition Instant messaging Multimedia messaging (MMS) Predictive text input Sound recorder Text messaging (SMS) Type & Send widget


Auto rotation Four-corner Home screen Keyboard (on-screen, 12-key) Keyboard (on-screen, QWERTY) Live wallpaper Picture wallpaper Touch screen


3D games Media browser Radio (FM radio with RDS) Video streaming Video viewing YouTubeâ„¢


Alarm clock Calculator Calendar Document readers Emanual Flight mode Google Calendarâ„¢ Google Gallery 3Dâ„¢ Infinite button Phonebook Setup guide Event Timer Widget manager


3.5 mm audio jack aGPS Bluetoothâ„¢ technology DLNA Certifiedâ„¢ Google Latitudeâ„¢ Google Mapsâ„¢ for Mobile Google Mapsâ„¢ with Street View Media Transfer Protocol support Micro USB support Modem Native USB tethering Synchronisation via Facebookâ„¢ Synchronisation via Googleâ„¢ Sync Synchronisation via Sony Ericsson Sync Synchronisation with computer Synchronisation via Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® Synchronisation: Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® via Moxier client USB mass storage USB High speed 2.0 support USB support Wi-Fiâ„¢ Wi-Fiâ„¢ Hotspot functionality Wisepilotâ„¢ turn-by-turn navigation


3.2 inches 16,777,216 colour TFT 480 x 320 pixels Capacitive touchscreen (multi-touch) Scratch-resistant


Phone memory (user-free): Up to 320MB Memory card support: microSDâ„¢, up to 32GB

Battery life

Talk time GSM/GPRS: Up to 14 hrs 15 min* Standby time GSM/GPRS: Up to 600 hrs* Talk time UMTS: Up to 6 hrs 42 min* Standby time UMTS: Up to 850 hrs* Music listening time: Up to 17 hrs 30 min Video listening time: Up to 6 hrs 30 min

*According to GSM Association Battery Life Measurement Technique. Battery performance may vary depending on network conditions and configurations, and phone usage.


UMTS HSPA 850 (Band V), 1900 (Band II), 2100 (Band I) GSM GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900 UMTS HSPA 900 (Band VIII), 2100 (Band I) GSM GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900

In the kit

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkmanâ„¢ 1200 mAh battery stereo headset 2GB microSDâ„¢ memory card Charger micro USB cable for charging synchronisation and file transfer user documentation

Legal 1) Facts and features may vary depending on local variant. 2) Operational times are affected by network preferences, type of SIM card, connected accessories and various activities e.g. playing games. Kit contents and colour options may differ from market to market. The full range of accessories may not be available in every market.

© Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, 2011

Via: Android Central

Source: Sony Ericsson Product Blog

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    To me , it is aimed for the younger crowd.. Thus it better be priced that way if it wants to be successful

    • Edgar Cervantes

      What impressed me about this device is the battery life. The small screen might help with that somewhat, but it really is a huge difference. I can see the “common consumer” being lured by that. But like you say, it will probably be mostly young people. Kind of like the Xperia Play. I definitely do like it more than the other low to mid smartphones out there, though. Let’s hope the price is reasonable…

      • Interpol91

        The battery life sounds pretty nice for this phone. I have a feeling this will be popular with high school/middle school students who want a smartphone but whose parents can’t afford to buy them more powerful ones.

  • kazahani

    Does anyone else remember typing on a 3.2″ touchscreen? I still have nightmares…

    • Edgar Cervantes

      LOL. The smaller screen I had used is 3.5, and thankfully, and it had a physical keyboard. I did try to type on the screen sometimes, but and it was quite painful.

  • jonehi

    That battery life is killer. The tb comes with 1500 (I thinlk) stock and that got 3 hrs of talk time(also unsure)

  • @neidlinger

    I would use this just a stand alone mp3 player….

  • JaylanPHNX

    The only real shortcoming for the device is the onboard memory. As a music player, the one area in which it should have had top-tier specs was storage. I know you could get a 32GB SD card, but that should be combined with at least 8-16GB of onboard to make a hefty amount of storage for music.

  • ganar dinero

    This looks very much like a re-packaged Xperia Mini, which is quite a good thing as the Mini UI runs like like lightning.

    The only thing that worries me is how Sony Ericsson are going to differentiate a Walkman phone from other smartphones on the market. I’m guessing that those stereo speakers are good quality, but if the rest of it is just apps, a button and branding then I’m not sure why I’d choose this over another Xperia device (which would have a better screen or camera)

    Sony has missed a trick, this should have more storage capacity for offline music and video, certainly at least 120-160Gb. By supporting only microSD this device is like every other PMP and Smartphone that isn’t Apple.

    There is definitely a market for an alternative to the iPod Classic that is Android based.

  • Futureboy

    Is it just me, or does the Walkman name just scream “low tech.” Since the Walkman’s overwhelming success in the 80′s, I know that Sony has been pushing some incarnation of the Walkman every few years, with marginal results. To me, Walkman is synonymous with low-fidelity (though the specs say otherwise). I just think it may be time to look forward instead of back and retire the Walkman name.

    • themanwithsauce

      Actually, the walkman name was used until very recently on Sony Ericsson’s phone lineup. I had a walkman before I got my droid and it was actually a very good phone. Despite being a basic bar phone it had good battery life, a nice UI, and was very competent in the limited tasks it had. The only problem I had with ti was that I needed a special cord to connect a standard pair of headphones to it but other than that the sound quality was high and wth 16GB of storage thanks to an SD card I had plenty of music.

      I look forward to the resurgance of the walkman brand as a good mid-range media centric phone. Could be a direct iphone competitor in the android lineup. But only time will tell.

    • Futureboy

      Downvotes? Ok, I guess it is just me then! lol

  • themanwithsauce

    That doesn’t make sense……What do you mean by “fragmentation”? It’s running 2.3 which is the latest version. On top of that, it applies Sony’s own unique touches on top of the already strong android 2.3 OS. So are you just mad that a company is looking to differentiate their phone form the rest of the pack?

    And define “obsolete”. Yes, this phone is not dual core, will not play games at max frame rates, and does not have a cavernous internal storage area. So what? It’s running the most up to date android version and it seems like it will fill its role quite well.

    Overall jennifer – I give your post a D+. You fulfilled the most basic of requirements (barely) but you have a lot of work to do in terms of making a constructive comment.

  • exWalkmanLover

    i would consider this as a walkman phone if it has the dedicated physical button for walkman (play/pause, next n previous track)..

  • roloc

    It is not a phone people….

  • Ric

    The real measure of how good this is will be the UI. If it’s stock Gingerbread, it’s not a music-centric device. What it needs is:

    - Super fast, super simple music library browser
    - As flat a hierarchy system as possible
    - Unique music-playing scenario features, such as “play this next”
    - A high quality PC host software piece. If this is a drag and drop file manager you can kiss it’s success goodbye.

    I’d love to see a re-vitalisation of the walkman brand, but it has to be about the music playing experience, the OS should simply be an enabler, not the feature.

  • sarang

    does live with walkmen supports video calling

  • Saroj Padhy

    My Sony ericsson live with walkman do not start only it starts only till sony ericsson logo & dont further boot.
    What should I do.

  • lorenzo

    i have this phone but the battery is getting low fast is a great phone but you need to charge very long and it getting empty fast downloading all thats shit for more life for baterry but wont help

  • jim

    better tecnology i hve seen……had it ysterday….i confuse much in battry bck up as well as i had little problem with netwrk capture

  • adi

    what was the song used in the sony live with walkman commercial….??

  • shashank

    what is the name of the sony ericsson live with walkman commercial song and also you let me know the singer of this song …..????

  • anmol

    I want this commercial song ……… <3 <3

  • praveen

    what was the song used in the sony live with walkman commercial….??

    Reply please

  • Ankit Saxena

    Can anyone know its price ???????????????
    And the song in its commercial???????????

  • Snama

    Pls pls pls…..
    If any one know the song which is used in its commertial launched in india….Pls tell me
    I like that small part of song and went crazy on it….I searched but could not find….Pls tell me…..Any one

  • sakib

    can i install skype on live with walkman

  • sultan

    Im using Nolia Bluetooth headset BH-109, it is connecting on Live w/walkman and can work for normal GSM calls. But while speak in Skype it is not working.
    Can anyone help me, how to fix this.

  • sultan

    @ Ankit: It cost US$ 225/- only.

  • Raju

    I want live with walkman phone