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Toshiba goes ultra-thin in Berlin for 3rd Android tablet [Updated]

Toshiba Android tablet

Can Toshiba go from having the worst Andorid tablet last year at IFA Berlin to having the best device at this year’s show? NotebookItalia just filed a report that says Toshiba will unveil an ultra-thin Android tablet at IFA in September and the device will be packing a few surprises.

Toshiba just released their Thrive tablet, which stood out from the crowd of other Honeycomb Tegra 2 tablets with its full-size expansion ports and removable battery. The Thrive was one of the thickest Honeycomb tablets, but owners were treated to full-sized USB port, HDMI and SD card slot. It was priced competitively; the 8GB model costs $398. But it hasn’t sold that well (currently sits at #12 on Amazon’s best selling tablets list), and most consumers are going with the popular Asus Transformer or the more expensive Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Toshiba's new tablet will be half as thin as the Thrive.

Pictures of the latest Toshiba tablet reveal that it will be an ultra-thin model with a brushed-metal chrome frame crossed by a central groove. The slimmer tablet will still have plenty of expansion ports, but this time it’ll feature micro USB, micro HDMI and micro SD card slots. My favorite Honeycomb tablet is the 8.6mm thin Galaxy Tab 10.1, so I’m pleased to see Toshiba go with a lighter design and still include all the expansion ports.

It will be interesting to see if Toshiba went with a Tegra 2 processor like their Folio 100 and Thrive or upgraded to one of the newer 1.5 GHz dual-core CPUs from Qualcomm or Texas Instruments. NVIDIA’s quad-core Kal-El processor is supposed to be available in October, so that’s another possibility.

Update: Our sources tell us this Toshiba tablet will feature the dual-core 1.5 GHz OMAP4460.

What type of hardware specs do you expect for a high-end Android tablet coming this year?

Source: NotebookItalia

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  • Chrissie♥

    Nice try…
    Im rather waiting for the new star tablet iPad 3 from world market leader Apple!

    • tati7

      Another loud voice from Steve Jobs ass… get out, it’s sunny and enjoy the weather… this is an Android site…

      • Chrissie♥

        The weather is awful here @east coast, not sunny. Irene is coming, schmuck

        • BiGMERF

          Nice try…
          Im rather waiting for the new star tablet iPad 3 from world market leader Apple!

          !!! Im just reviving her from downvoting lol

    • Boding Zhang

      Steve Jobs is dying and so is Apple. This site is called Android and Me.

    • CactusCat

      I fully understand why you iSheep troll the Android sites. While we have tons and tons of new stuff coming out constantly, you Jobs-zombies don’t have anything to do since you get something new only every year or so (1yr 4mo so far and counting). I’ll be glad when you get your new super iFemininePad so that you’ll be entertained long enough to keep your lousy arse off an Android site. To my fellow Android users, my apologies for feeding the troll.

      • NotRelevent

        Nope that would be you.

  • mil

    I love the form factor and expansion ports on this device. The tegra 2 chip in the current tablets have prevented me from buying as they are poor for video decoding. I really hope the chip of choice in this one is a lot better as then it will definitely deserve my money :-)

  • RX-78-7

    Not bad,but I’m waiting for the quad core tablets.

  • bunta

    pretty sweet, considered buying one because of hdmi. the one thing i didn’t like about the thrive was it’s thickness, i like my tablets like my women, thin.

  • Fred

    Who cares what hardware specs it has. Totally misses the point.

    They’re all meaningless unless there’s some decent software to go with it. Until Android tablet manufacturers realize that, or eventually Google does, its a pointless game.

    iPad game, set, match. I can’t believe still after a year and a half there is not a single worthy competitor to the iPad.

    • Brian

      To the what? Have you ever tried Android? I think you have not. I on the other hand have tried IOS. Its good but controlling or maybe not controlling but purposefully limited.

    • Brobee

      You might be missing the point, its all about preference, android and ios both have their strengths

  • Interpol91

    It’s about time Toshiba created a nice looking product. I’m loving the look of it and hopefully its specs are just as good. Here’s hoping for some Kal-El!!

  • keridel

    whats with all the idiots trolling today? got nothing better to do?

    i’m gonna wait till the new eeepad transformer comes out. and to be honest i think i will pick up a win8 tablet as well.

    think they might be a winner…

  • angie

    thank you :-)

  • DroidSamurai

    >> What type of hardware specs do you expect for a high-end Android tablet coming this year?

    Hardware specs is one thing, but I would rather they spend time and money to optimize the hardware and make it stable without any bugs.

  • Average Moe

    Just wait for the new iPad….an iPad is always superior to a bad android clone tablet!!!!

    • keridel

      is it?! really?! i didnt’t realise..

      wow show me the spec on how these ipads are better.. they have 16 core cpu SOC? thats amazing? and gold flies out of them?! incredible!


    • IliketoChoose

      Let’s talk about present ( even though i’m sure it’ll still suck ), I got a free iPad2 as a present and gave it to my little cousin the same day :> Understand me, it sucks so hard.

    • NotRelevent

      I think you got that backwards, since all apple is doing in new iOShit releases is copying Android.

  • E

    I’ll pass and wait for the transformer 2 wif ICS

    • NotRelevent

      Wif is not a word, lrn2spell.

  • Tran Lang

    I hope to see the new tablets to have at least the 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm CPUs and manufacturers lower the prize on the slower speed CPU ones.

  • gg

    dual core is so last monday, bring on the quad core and the icecream :D

  • McLovin

    I’d hope to see responsible engineering by providing a user replaceable battery in all products.

  • Mamoon

    I expect at least 1 or 2 Android Honeycomb Tablets with 1.8 GHz CPU’s, 1 or 2GB RAM, Nvidia Tegra 2/Tegra 3 by the end of the end of the year.