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TouchPads already running Android make their way into consumer hands

HP Touchpad Android

The promise of a cheap high-quality dual-core Android tablet may seem a little farfetched right now, but thanks to HP, it’s becoming a reality. When Hewlett-Packard announced they’d be killing off hardware production for webOS devices, they initiated a fire sale in which 16GB TouchPads were selling for as little as $99. Once the right people in the Android community had their hands on one, a project was started to bring a full port of Android to what could soon be dubbed the HD2 of tablets. A dual-booting beast with webOS and Android working harmoniously side-by-side.

More than one TouchPad (two to be exact) has been unboxed and turned on only to find Android running as the main OS. As bizarre as that sounds, there’s actually a rather simple explanation behind it. You see, Qualcomm manufactures the processor inside the HP TouchPad. When the Android-running TouchPads first boot up, a QuIC (Qualcomm Innovation Center) logo appears. Apparently, some developers at the Qualcomm Innovation Center were testing Android on the TouchPad, and some of those test units made it into Best Buy’s stock.

One of those Android-running TouchPads has been put on eBay. The current high bid has exceeded $800. A different TouchPad that has been discovered with Android is being put to use in the TouchDroid (.pdf link) project. The lucky fellow who opened the TouchPad has dumped the ROM from the device and uploaded it to RootzWiki for dissection. While there is no flashable ROM just yet, you can bet this will help immensely in the creation of one.

How many of you have been lucky enough to get a TouchPad? Will you be running Android on it once a ROM is made available? Hopefully, it won’t be long now.

Source: AndroidCommunity

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  • Chris

    “The promise of a high-quality dual-core Android tablet may seem a little farfetched right now.”

    Um, have you not heard of all the great Android tablets already out there? Is the Galaxy Tab 10.1 not a high-quality dual-core tablet?

    • Chris

      Obviously the galaxy tab 10.1 is not a high quality dual core tablet according to the idiot that wrote this article. he should be fired

      • James

        You need to get a woman,if you already have one you need to get one that likes you.

      • ZRod

        stop skewing the article so you can complain. It says “cheap”

        • ZRod

          Well at least it does now. I would’ve thought people would see through his mistake.

      • hondasr

        Moron read. He say a cheap dual core. Of course the galaxy is a great but i get the 32gb touchpad for only $150

    • Dustin Earley

      Whoa whoa whoa guys. Honest mistake there. It was supposed to read “CHEAP” high-quality dual-core tablet.

      If you want to pay $400+ for a high-quality Android tablet, the Tab, Transformer, and Xoom are all great options.

      • Sean the Electrofreak

        Sorry Dustin you’re fired :p

        • Sean the Electrofreak

          Downranked? It was a joke, hence the :p

          Further proof that people online have no humor!

      • Markbo

        I agree about the cheaper tab. HP Touchpad has proven that people are ready to dive into purchasing these things if they are well built but cheaper.

    • Josh

      You did notice that it says “The promise of a **cheap** high-quality dual-core Android tablet may seem a little farfetched right now.”, right?

      • Josh

        Well, I should’ve read one comment down before posting that last one. Sorry ’bout that.

    • RonWeez

      you sir cannot read the KEY word he put in that sentence was CHEAP…. the galaxy tab 10.1 damn sure isnt CHEAP

    • Jonathan

      The quote was “The promise of a CHEAP high-quality dual-core Android tablet may seem a little farfetched right now”

      Yes the Galaxy is a great tablet but for some (myself included) who are waiting for prices to come down before buying a tab, this is good news.

      • Jonathan

        DAMN….. please omit my comment as it is clear my point was made already :P carry on.

  • Varemenos
  • Brian

    I can see people wanting HoneyComb on this tab, but why Android Gingerbread? HP webOS 3.0.2 is beautiful on a tablet. Ive got one currently Overclocked at 1.7GHz with some other patches and it runs flawless. I picked up a second 32GB because I wanted to try Android on it, but now ask my self “why” when its not even a Tablet OS. Apps will most likely look horrible, no? (honest question)

    • Dustin Earley

      Gingerbread is just the first step. The end goal will be Honeycomb/ICS.

    • Mark

      I actually have really started to like webOS. It is simple yet very powerful at times, and also allows for easy hacking. Sure there are not the same amount of apps available, but the design of the OS is very simple and fast to use. Navigating through the open apps is much more appealing to me. Especially to get to the setting. Honeycomb could use some simplification regarding the steps it takes to get to a desired task. I still love my Xoom, but the Touchpad has gained some serious ground to my liking in my book.

    • flamesbladeflcl

      the reason to port android is for application support that isn’t dead. plus webos lacks things like netflix

  • triangle

    Managed to get one, but am not really impressed by the slow speeds for web browsing on it. Maybe someone has some tips for me on how to improve my experience on webOS.

    I am looking forward to ICS being available on this, hopefully a dual boot ROM, though I’m sure it will be a while before we see that.

    No regrets in getting it with the price as low as it is. The hardware is not bad. Just need the software to match.

  • issac4760

    Soo someone bid $800 bucks for it…what a retard….there’s his biggest regret…haha


    i was able to gt one ,had for a few days before my daughter robbed me.. web os is not bad at all…l but my xoom brings me more happiness..partly because of the apps and partly because i am used to it

  • Bryan Buckley

    At this point… can’t the owner of this tablet request the source code for Android, kernel, and bootloaders? They are all under a free software license if I am not mistaken!!

    • Bryan Buckley

      Even just getting the kernel (which he should be absolutely able to get from QCOM or HP) would be awesome since that has the drivers needed!

      • J.

        Yes, the owners of the Android-based tablets definitely could do that.
        Unfortunately, as HTC was kind enough to point out to the community when the G2 came out…GPL licence language states that the source code must be made available “timely”…and there has been no test cases to define that term; at the time, HTC thought that 120 days (6 MONTHS!) was timely enough…
        In 6 months my HP TouchPad will be running CM9, an ICS variant built by TeamDoucheTablet.

  • Max

    I think android community will take control i am thinking about selling android touch pad stickers on my blog if that ever happens or even give them out for free

  • JoogleMe

    I would buy one whiles still inexpensive and wait for a ROM to be released so that I can get a good feel of a Android tablet. So when a Icecream Tablet Sandwich haopuyo pop up later on down the road.

  • uknowme

    This is awesome. The only thing I don’t understand is the bid. Why not just go out and buy a regular android tab?

  • 94wolfpack

    I got two for $99 each. Going to let my 4 and 5 yo daughters use them (and me too). If ICS is made available I’d definitely consider changing the OS. Its actually not a BAD OS. There are some nice kids apps available on Android that I’d like to see on there for my kids but other than that…no complaints. It was a nice pick up for $99 and I would do it again in a second. No regrets here.


    I am trying to find another one.. waiting to see if hp gets some more back in.. But truthfully I would not consider moving moving android to it until ICS is out and someone can develop a stable rom for it

  • kevin charliethesuperturtle

    HP toothpaste…..