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Trademark filing reveals Motorola KORE

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Here at Android and Me, we had high hopes for Motorola and what they’d do with the mysterious KORE. After they’d purchased every domain related to KORE they could, we had to assume it was bigger than one device. After all, Moto hasn’t gone on any sort of buying spree for anything else. The general consensus came to be that it was one of three things:  a rebranding of MOTOBLUR, some sort of global branding to help fight internal fragmentation or some sort of tablet. As it turns out a trademark filing has finally revealed what Motorola KORE is. And it’s a fitness watch.

Motorola’s fitness watch has been leaking for some time now. We’ve already seen what the device will look like, and it’s functions haven’t exactly been a mystery. Rumored to go head-to-head with the Nike+ Sports Watch, the Motorola KORE will provide real time facts about your workout. The filing pegs the KORE as a non-medical device that tracks movement monitoring, energy expenditure and physical activity level. Unfortunately, the trademark filing reveals little else on the KORE. There is another filing for the name ENERGIA though, which is rumored to be a pair of headphones that accompany the fitness watch.

Now that we know exactly what Motorola KORE is, are you a little let down? It may turn out to be bigger than just one fitness watch, but usually trademarks don’t lie.

Source: Phandroid

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  • SparkyXI

    Android’s answer to Nike+. Awesome. Finally.

  • Marcus

    Aww man. I was really hoping Motorola would actually improve they’re UI and rename it completely. I have to admit I’m a little let down. But in time Motorola will probably improve their UI.

    • Marcus


    • Dustin Earley

      It could still happen, it just won’t be under the KORE name.

      • Marcus

        True. But MOTOKORE just sounds so cool… lol

    • kazahani

      Honestly, I just got the Photon 4G for my wife, and so far we have both found that version of Blur to be perfectly tolerable.

  • AME

    I’m pretty excited. The more of these peripheral devices we see, the more will be released with new innovation. I think these peripheral devices are going to play big roles in our future with the addition of things like [email protected] The questions I have are:

    Does this run on Android? Is it supposed to sync with an Android smartphone?

  • Sam G

    Wow, looks like an iPod nano.