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Video: Closer look at Sony Tablet S and Tablet P – European release announced


It may have taken Sony a while, but its tablets are definitely the most interesting-looking Honeycomb devices. Not only is Sony now fully jumping onto the Android bandwagon, but the electronics giant is also not afraid of taking some risks. Offering some interesting form-factors, Sony plans to stand out from the crowd by bringing a wedge-shaped (folded magazine-inspired) tablet, as well as a dual-screen one that folds open.

These Honeycomb devices are to be called the Sony Tablet S (left) and the Sony Tablet P (right – previously known as the S2). We haven’t talked about these two in a while, but their price and availability have just been announced for the European market.

The Tablet S will be available by the end of September with a price of €479 (~$690) for the 16 GB version. Price will actually be different in the US, where it will cost $499 for the 16 GB version and $599 for the 32 GB.

Interestingly, the Sony Tablet P will actually be more expensive with a tag of €599 (~$860). This should be available in Europe starting in November, with varying dates depending on the country. Let’s hope the price changes for the US market, though.

We figure America (and the rest of the world) will be getting this treat sometime soon, as well. As a reminder, and to see if these are still worth it, we’ll recap these bad boys and ask for your opinions. We’ve also posted some hands-on videos from Engadget. Let’s take a look.

Sony Tablet S [1]

This tablet was the first of the two to leak. Though the design is a bit more conservative than the Tablet P, this one continues to raise eyebrows. Shaped like a folded-back magazine, this tablet is meant to bring a familiar feeling to a new technology. This form factor may look weird, but it seems to offer a very comfortable grip when held in landscape mode. Testers do claim that the tablet becomes very uncomfortable when held in portrait mode, though. This also seems to be an issue when trying to put the device on your lap, or a flat surface.

The Sony Tablet S also comes with slightly modified software, mostly meant to integrate it with other Sony services and products. Sony has always strived to make the connection between their services and products as seamless as possible. Such is the case for this device; it has Play Station certification, DLNA compatibility and Music and Videos unlimited on board.


Android 3.1 Honeycomb
1 GHz Tegra 2 dual-core processor
5 MP rear-facing camera, along with a front-facing camera
9.4-inch display

Sony Tablet P [2]

This tablet is a bit more revolutionary. Similar to the Kyocera Echo, Sony’s Tablet P will feature a dual-screen form factor. This may be a huge risk for Sony, due to the lack of excitement that the Echo brought. We suppose Sony is confident that their product (and their name) will make such a form factor more appealing.

On the bright side, this is one of the most portable (if not the most portable) Honeycomb tablets in existence. Its screens only measure 5.5 inches diagonally (1024 x 800 each). When folded closed, this tablet should actually fit in most bags easily or even in big pockets.

Having dual screens can be convenient for gaming, typing and multi-tasking, but there is one downside. That bezel in the middle of the screens is not attractive. While Sony has done a better job at this than Kyocera, it is still annoying to have a black line in the middle of your screen (when using both screens together). You can imagine the frustration when trying to watch a movie on this tablet.

We know this bad boy is coming to AT&T with 4G connectivity. This is a huge decision factor, and it may be good or bad news depending on your preferences. We do wish there was a WiFi-only option as well, though.


Android 3.2 Honeycomb
1 GHz Tegra 2 dual-core processor
Dual 5.5-inch screens (1024 x 800 each)
WiFi and WAN (3G/4G) connectivity for AT&T with HSPA+
5 MP rear-facing camera, and VGA front-facing camera

Wrap Up

These tablets are interesting, but as mentioned before, Sony is really taking a risk. Also, while the experience is what matters to the common consumer, these specs look weak for late 2011. Sony may have just taken a little too long to get these devices ready to go.

We’re already talking about Tegra 3 tablets. By the time Sony’s tablets come out in October-November (at the earliest) they will seem a bit outdated. A nice-looking, convenient device will never bee overlooked, though. After all, these tablets are very aesthetically pleasing.

What do you guys think? Will integration with Sony’s products and services help these tablets? Did Sony simply take too long? Will anyone be getting one? Which would you choose?


  1. Via Engadget
  2. Via Engadget

Via: Android Central

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  • heeros

    If it’s true, I’m impressed with the screen resolution of the Tablet P.
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    • Edgar Cervantes

      The guy must be connected to a Verizon hotspot. I get something like that when I use the WiFi hotspot to tether to my tablet.

      • heeros

        Ah, lol. that makes sense.

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  • Forfy

    Both useless. Sony P because it has two small screens, so no movies or games on big screen and the other one because no Wi-Fi…

  • Mariahangel

    both tablets are beautiful..not mentioning is SONY :D