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Video: Droid Bionic teaser; boot sequence revealed

As we continue to inch ever nearer to the release date of the Droid Bionic, more information and teasers keep finding their way online. Today we finally get to take a good look at the Bionic’s boot sequence, along with a very quick walk through of the UI.

The first thing you’ll notice is, yes, the the boot animation is incredibly cool. Motorola is sticking with the evil(ish) robotic overlord theme for the Bionic, and it still works. Moto has created an ultra powerful borg-like persona for their Droid series devices. Fans of the series absolutely love it. In a leaked (and now pulled) commercial for the Bionic that recently surfaced on the web, it appears Motorola is going with the tag line “Rule All Machines.” It doesn’t get more Android than that.

From what we can see of the UI, Motorola is continuing to fine tune their smartphone experience. According to the tipster who submitted the video, the newest version of “BLUR” is “snappier and better looking than previous versions.” We’ll let you be the judge of that, once the device is finally released.

It’s pretty well solidified at this point. The Bionic will hit retail shelves in the first half of September for $299 with a two-year contract. 4.3-inch qHD display, dual-core processor, WebTop support, HDMI mirroring and all. Are you ready to be assimilated? Resistance is futile.

Source: Phandroid

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  • Richard Yarrell

    I personally still fail to believe that this will be any better than the current Motorola Photon 4g on sprint. But I guess time will tell which Motorola device is better the Bionic or the Photon. Either way the HTC Evo 3d pimp slaps both….

    • BiGMERF

      you tellem Rich!

    • Dirge

      Actually, it feels like they’re both very similar phones(like the Droid Eris and HTC Hero). Main difference will be that Verizon’s LTE is way faster than Sprint’s WiMax.

    • Snowbdr89

      Dick snot yarrell I can think of two reasons this phone is better then both the photon an that phone u jack off too, reason 1 its on verizons network which brings me to reason #2 verizon has lte an sprint has well we all know what sprint has!!

    • Zer0-9

      The CPU in this device is quite a bit snappier and better at rendering hi res video than the Tegra2. Here’s how the CPU benchmarked in the Droid3:

      CF-Bench: Native – 9,549 Java – 1,881 Overall – 4,948
      Quadrant Standard: 2,537
      Quadrant Advanced: 2,679
      Fps2d: capped at 60fps
      Multitouch Test: 4 simultaneous touch-points
      Neocore: 56.7fps

      To compare to your favored device:

      - CF-Bench: Native 9,017, Java 2,775, Overall 5,271
      - Quadrant Standard: 2,292
      - Quadrant Advanced: 2,383
      - Fps2d: 57 frames per second
      - Multitouch Test: display supports 4 simultaneous points of contact
      - Neocore: 58 frames per second
      - Vellamo Web Browser Test: 774

      Very similar performance benchmarks with the TI OMAP getting marginally higher scores in most cases.

      I tried the Evo 3d, gave me a massive headache in 3min of use.

      • Sean the Electrofreak

        For future reference, your comparo is not very good because you:

        A) used Quadrant, a TERRIBLE cross-SoC benchmark, this has been proven many times
        B) used both Quadrant Advanced scores and Quadrant Standard scores, as if there were any difference between the two besides sub-scores.
        C) didn’t realize that all the Neocore and Fps2d values are just bouncing off the 60 FPS cap, these graphic chips are too powerful for the tests… the FPS drops only because the GPU is sleeping and waking repeatedly because it’s already pre-rendered the graphics.

  • josegb2011

    great phone but with other droid coming and the nexus(hopefully coming to verizon)i will hold out plus my wallet does not compute with the price..and richard get your sprint trolling out of here.

  • Nathan

    I hope it not a big bust like other super hype phone from Motorola.

  • Dirge

    I would have gotten this phone if it wasn’t for the locked bootloader. Why can’t they go back to the OG Droid’s unlocked bootloader? -____-

  • aj

    Awwww man. I love the boot screen. And that contacts widget was kinda of neat to. I wonder if the gallery widget did it also? But i have to agree with dirge i would get this no problem on releasing or maybe even pre order it if it had a bootloader. But as i mention alot i would like ot see some reviews of the thing

  • engadget

    iPhone 5 coming to Sprint… android is d… d..d..d…one..DONE!!!!


    • muadhnate

      Hmmm. Iphone went to Verizon some time ago and yet I recall recent news of Android devices still dominating the mobile universe. Funny.

      Also, given Sprint’s lackluster speeds I doubt anyone who REALLY wanted an iphone was wedded to them and probably hopped ship some time ago.

      • Sean the Electrofreak

        Not gonna support the iPhone troll, but I will tell you that on Sprint, I’m willing to deal with the extra half second that I have to wait for my WiMAX connection versus LTE if it means unlimited data, free wireless tethering, free roaming onto Verizon’s network, and lower monthly bills.

        Just sayin’.

  • AceoStar

    Wow I’m pretty impressed with the ui

  • Sketchy alx

    That droid eye is still kinda creepy…. cool…. but kinda creepy.