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WalMart reveals Samsung Galaxy Precedent, Who offers the best pre-paid Android?

Update: Walmart is not selling this device or taking reservations at this time and will not have it for some time. Straight Talk is exclusively selling it in early September and consumers can reserve the device today through the following link

The Motorola Triumph and Samsung Prevail might have new competition for the best no-contract Android deal. Walmart just revealed the Samsung Galaxy Precedent is coming to their pre-paid wireless brand Straight Talk for only $149. The low-priced device and its $45/month unlimited plan look attractive, but who really has the best offer on no-contract Android phones?


  • Straight Talk: $45/month for unlimited everything
  • Boost Mobile: $50/month for unlimited everything
  • MetroPCS: $50/month for unlimited everything on 3G, $60/month for unlimited everything on 4G LTE
  • Cricket Wireless: $55/month for unlimited everything
  • Virgin Mobile: $55/month for unlimited everything
  • Simple Mobile: $50/month for unlimited everything on 2G, $60/month for unlimited everything on 4G HSPA+

Virgin Mobile has one of the more expensive no-contract plans for unlimited everything, but they also have smartphone plans starting at only $35 per month. That $35 plan only comes with 300 minutes, so it’s a great deal for those that do not need much talk time.

Boost Mobile also offers Shrinkage which lowers your monthly payment by $5 every 6 on-time payments. That means you could reach $35/month for unlimited everything after 18 on-time payments.

Winner: Boost Mobile has the best no-contract plan if you are willing to stick with it. The starting price of $50/month is not the cheapest, but it has the ability to drop to $45, $40, and then $35 if your payments are on time.


  • Straight Talk: 3G nationwide coverage through AT&T
  • Boost Mobile: 3G nationwide coverage through Sprint
  • Cricket Wireless: 3G nationwide coverage through Sprint
  • Virgin Mobile: 3G nationwide coverage through Sprint
  • MetroPCS: 3G nationwide coverage, limited 4G LTE coverage
  • Simple Mobile: 4G HSPA+ coverage through T-Mobile

Most of the pre-paid carriers operate as mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), but a few own their own network. When it comes to 4G speeds, MetroPCS has their own 4G LTE network and Simple Mobile offers 4G HSPA+ coverage through T-Mobile.

Winner: The best network always depends on the coverage area in your location. Simple Mobile (T-Mobile 4G HSPA+) offers the fastest speeds out of the group, but I would go with Straight Talk (AT&T 3G) for the best average 3G speeds in the largest coverage area.


  • Virgin Mobile: Motorola Triump – $299.99, Android 2.2, 1GHz processor, 4.1″ touchscreen, 5MP camera, front-facing VGA camera
  • Boost Mobile: Samsung Prevail – $179.99, Android 2.2, 800MHz processor, 3.2″ touchscreen, 2MP camera
  • Straight Talk: Samsung Precedent –  $149.88, Android 2.2, 800MHz processor, 3.2″ touchscreen, 2MP camera
  • Cricket Wireless: Huawei Ascend II – $129.99, Android 2.3, 600MHz processor, 3.5″ touchscreen, 5MP camera
  • MetroPCS 3G: Samsung Admire – $129.00, Android 2.3, 800 MHz processor, 3.5″ touchscreen, 3.2MP camera
  • MetroPCS 4G: Samsung Galaxy Indulge – $299.99, Android 2.2, 1GZ processor, 3.5″ touchscreen, 3.2MP camera, 4G LTE
  • Simple Mobile: Any T-Mobile smartphone, $124.99-499.99, specs vary

Winner: When it comes to the best Android phone from a traditional pre-paid carrier, I would go with the Motorola Triumph. It offers the largest display, fastest processor, and dual-cameras. Simple Mobile comes in second place since they support almost any T-Mobile phone, which offers the greatest number of choices.


Pre-paid Android phones might not appeal to the hardcore fan since they lack the latest hardware and software, but they are a great choice for the average consumer. In the span of a couple years, we went from no decent pre-paid smartphones to attractive options on every pre-paid carrier.

Whic pre-paid carrier do you think offers the best deal for Android fans?

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • Mr Guzz

    I go 4 the Simple Mobile !

  • xelles

    I decided to try Virgin Mobile Motorola Triumph with a $35/month, because I don’t talk much. After two weeks of using I can say that I am mostly satisfied. The most disappointing thing (and I believe the only serious issue) is battery life, but then again, I don’t talk that much. The phone has good look and feel, network seems to work as it should. Amazon offers it for $264.99. More than fair.

  • Josh surber

    MetroPCS doesn’t have 3G, just 2G or 4G

  • Droidwolf

    I do believe straight talk runs off the verizon network not att.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      It depends on the phone and location. I found Straight Talk phones that operate on Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T.

      • Droidwolf

        Oh ok gottcha thanks for the info its good to know. How does that work? That there able to run service off more than 1 carrier?

        • mike

          Straight Talk uses different phones, some of them use the AT&T network and some use Verizon, it all depends on which phone you buy, the new Samsung GALAXY Precedent will use AT&T.

          • sizwizz

            I’ve been all over the Straight Talk website and all the chatter says the Samsung Galaxy Precedent will be running on Sprint, which is crummy for me since I live in the NW. My hope is that everyone is wrong on the Straight Talk site (wouldn’t be the first time!), and that AT&T or Verizon will be the network carrier out here.

          • jellyjones1967

            I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy Precedent and it runs off Sprint – per the technical support customer service rep with StraightTalk. Great phone. Just not enough info about operating it.

          • Michael

            They are saying it runs off Sprint

          • df334

            the samsung galaxy precedent android operates off the sprint tower with a very limited coverage area. i just bought one and found out after the fact. all the android prepaid phones have limited coverage area thru straight talk.

          • kc

            Actually the samsung galaxy precedent runs off of sprint. I never get signal on mine in an area where at&t works perfectly.

      • Dejinge Namaste

        The Galaxy Precedent runs off the Sprint PCS network. I saw this in the settings.

      • Alex

        Straightalk’s Samsung Galaxy Precedent runs off of Sprint towers, while all of their other phones run off of Verizon towers. If you travel for work, as I do i DO NOT recommend getting this phone. Sprint is America’s most unreliable network and i can assure you that you will have several ‘dropped’ calls along with difficulty finding good coverage areas.

        • Chris

          I’ve been with Sprint for over seven years now and I can honestly say that I have had consistently better coverage than anyone else I know, even while living in 6 different cities during that time. Add to that that Sprint does not charge for roaming (even on data) and I have been very satisfied.

      • Kelly Perkins

        Does the Straight Talk Droid run on ATT or Verizon? I have the Nokia E71 which uses ATT, but I really want a phone that uses Verizon.

      • Gabbriella Chupurdy

        android phones run off sprint towers

    • kathy katsivalis

      My friend and I both have straighttalk her phones network is AT&T and my phones network is Verizon

    • mendy

      my nokia e71 through straighttalk, does run the 3g network off at&t towers, the calling runs off verizon.

      • Charles

        I have a Nikia E71 it runs off ATT for everything I have a ATT phone also and I can switch the sim card and the att phone will work great
        There is no way that a phone will work from 2 carriers ATT and Verison inpossiable

    • Jeff

      Yes you are correct. I own a straighttalk phone and at the bottom of the web page shows thr verizon trademark. Tracphone owns net ten and straighttalk, and verizon has a share of tracphone.

    • zzuebe2

      The older ST phones do indeed use the Verizon network but the came along the Nokia smartphones which use AT&T towers but all of the ST Androids use Sprint… I know for a fact…..

    • John

      Except for their ANDROID service–then it’s SPRINT. I have to say, I was very disappointed when I saw the “ANDROID” coverage map AFTER I bought my android; I was under the impression that android or not, it was the same, decent coverage that they show in the store for all of their phones. Had I bought a phone, other than an android, I’d have decent coverage through Verizon.

      Buyer beware!

      • vrh

        Paid $200 + tax for Straight Talk android and the $45 + tax for unlimited minutes card at Walmart. After FOUR days, was finally told the phone could not be activated and had to take the phone back to Walmart, who refunded the money for phone, but would not refund money for minutes card. Was told I had to contact Straight Talk. After several more days of more than frustrating conversations with first one, then a dozen more persons at Straight Talk, I was told I would be sent a refund check for the minutes purchased, but unable to use. NOT. They lied. They did tell me that Straight Talk androids use Sprint towers.

        • Katy

          I have been researching this phone and I read that in order to activate the phone, it has to be off and you have to activate it from straight online.. Someone had written about this when they could not get theirs activated.. that this is what they had to do..

    • Donda

      Ur right. Only my verizon store told me that they ‘rent’ their towers to straight talk and they only give them 25% usage. So with straight talk, depending on ur location, u may not get as good of reception as u might with a different carrier.

    • Shane

      I have had 3 ST phones and one used verizon, one used att, and my most current one uses sprint. So to keep it short they probly use all of the major networks in the us. It just depends on what phone you get or already have.

    • Cheri Meil

      They all piggy back off each other actually. Verizon runs off AT&T network. Contracts are paid to AT&T from Verizon to use their towers.

  • Chris

    If i get straight talk…since it uses AT&T GSM…does that mean I can buy an unlocked phone and use that instead?

    • Chris

      well even if straight talk doesn’t run on GSM…my question still stands…if I get a GSM prepaid no contract provider…can I choose my own unlocked phone?

      • Taylor Wimberly

        Simple Mobile does this.

      • Gary.S

        Yes, you can buy the E71 and use the prepaid sim in an unlocked iphone3g or 4 or any other GSM as long as you change the APN. Info can be found on net.

  • ben

    I’ve used t-mobile with prepaid minutes and an android optimus-t for a while, but I’ve never heard of it referred to it as “Simple Mobile”. Is that something new? My prepaid t-mobile data plan offers one day “unlimited” access for $1.50/day (~$45./month)

    However until there is an affordable prepaid option on the fastest 4g network (Verizon lte), Id get the CLEAR Spot 4G Wimax adapter.. that’s only $45/month, but is truly unlimited (for now)!

    • elijah

      Simple Mobile is another company that offers T-Mobile phones and uses T-Mobile 2G, 3G, 4G network on their own prepaid plans. T-Mobile offers its own prepaid division that does have the capability of supporting smartphones.

  • Sumyunguy

    My wife and I have been using simple mobile for a year and a half and love it. You pay more up front with the phone (off contract), but in the end, it is the same cost in the first year in comparison to a contract with subsidized phone. After that it is all savings! Plus no extra taxes or fees! The monthly cost is $60, you pay just $60!


    hmm, never even heard of simple…..interesting.. Nexus & simple mobile = possible happy?

  • hnn

    i use prepaid t-mobile service. no contract, brought my own phone (Nexus One). i got in back in the days of unlimited data, though.

    if i was signing up now anew, i’d go with one of the GSM options from this list.

    thanks for the article.

  • dkilla

    im sorry author forgot to mention that old Virgin mobile customers were grandfathered into there old 25..00 a month contract!

    im sorry i came from tmobile and there ” 4g” and my slow ass 3g is as fast if not faster then there “4g” ( edge).
    there service is so good i cut the land line.

  • issac4760

    Once my tmoblie contract finishes, I’m switching to simple mobile, And keeping my G2 on there, save some money and buy a dual core phone latrrz…

  • triangle

    My question is which carrier will this new Samsung Galaxy Precedent for Straight Talk run on? It’s not clear which one it will be and whether there will be throttling after a certain amount of usage, which seems likely to me.

    As a reseller, Straight Talk will be paying a ton for data if usage is unlimited, making a $45 plan uneconomic for them. I would wait to see what the fine print is before figuring out what the best would be.

    • Mark

      If you go to the Straight Talk website and find the device, the model number ends with a “C”, meaning it’s a CDMA device. So this one would be running on the Verizon network.

    • Teri

      Just got back from the store. bought the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, on the Straight talk network. Box says the service area is CDMA-S. Doesn’t look like it’s going to be great coverage. Hope my choice works out for me.

      • Zac

        It will run off of Sprint. I work in Electronics at the Baxter Walmart and saw it (I am currently on a CDMA Straight Talk phone) and was like “No way, I’m gonna get that!” But after doing some research and talking with Connection Center we figured out it was going to run off Sprint. A lot of people came in to buy it thinking it ran off of either CDMA or GSM and most were returned because service is shitty (at least in my/our area) for Sprint. It’s kind of sad if you ask me, none of us in Electronics were notified that they didn’t run off of AT&T or Verizon. We had to figure it out ourselves. So we posted it on the mods (little yellow price tags) so people would know that and not be like “WTF!” when they get home.

    • Charlie

      Samsung Galaxy Precedent runs off Sprint, look at the map on Straight talk website, just make sure there is coverage in your area, Sprint isn’t that big it is CDMA-S when you buy the phone in the left lower corner of the front of the box will tell you, Straight talk phones differ depending on the phone ATT, Version, Sprint there not all the same.

    • zzuebe2

      ALL Straight Talk “Android” phones will be using the Sprint network … Sprint does NOT throttle down their speeds….

  • Cwalden21

    Motorola Triumph and Virgin Mobile kill the others!

  • AnonymousUser

    Cricket throttles after 1GB of data, and their website states the same thing.

    “Access the internet and mobile data features, such as email and apps, from your phone at 3G speeds. 1GB usage limit applies” & “3G mobile data (1 GB)”.

    So, with Cricket, even though they say unlimited data, it’s not unlimited 3G data like some of the others are.

    And their customer service call centers are just terrible. They don’t even understand the customer. I’m not a Cricket customer anymore, and I’m glad.

  • Bill Bradley

    The Samsung Galaxy Precedent is a CDMA phone, so it runs on the Verizon network, which is definitely a plus. Previous StraightTalk smart phones ran on the AT&T network, which kept me from buying one. With the $45 unlimited plan, the Galaxy Precedent is a real winner.

    • Joel

      According to StraightTalk’s Facebook page ( this phone runs on the Sprint network.

    • Lexy


      • Charlie

        It doesn’t depend on were you live, this info is wrong

        • Maggie

          ” it runs on the Verizon network, which is definitely a plus.”

          I think the writer may have meant that Verizon being a plus all depends on where you live…Verizon is NOT a plus where I live. It’s AT&T or nothing, unless you can figured out how to run an unlocked smart phone on an AT&T network, which sounds like something I may have to explore, though it sounds pretty risky to me so far to buy a phone somewhere not knowing if you can get it set up on the prepaid plan I want.

    • Kevin

      Read!!!!! Its not Verizon its runs off Sprint. All android, ALL!!! on ST run off Sprint Towers. ST, Tracfone, and Net 10 Use At&t, T-Mobile. and some Verizon and now for there smartphone they use Sprint only there is no roaming on their smartphones at this time. You can however now bring your own GSM phone to Net10 or Straight talk and choose either At&t or T-mobile and your phone will roam free. The sim card is $14.99 Check out their website.

  • mr.awsome

    I’m going to go with the samsung galaxay precedent only because im on a budget and it only one the works in my area

  • tony derubeis

    is this phone flash compadable

  • Michael

    samsung galaxay precedent for straightalk will run off of sprint network. I work for tech support for straigtalk so for the record 100% straight, Sprint will be the network for the new android 9-4-11

  • Bev

    If you log onto the Straight Talk website and look at the coverage area map for the Galaxy Precedent (Android), you will see the coverage for it is very sparse. That is too bad as I have pre-ordered one but will be returning it due to lack of coverage if the map is accurate. Maybe it is the Sprint network?

  • william

    I,m a straight talk custermer which one is a better phone the E5 or the samsung powered by android one has a 2.0 camera and the E5 has a 5.0 camera and i like to take pics and vids but my E7 is slow on the web and i cant upload vids to facebook..So somebody let me know..plz

  • George

    9/13/2011 I work at a walmart in Minnesota. We just got this phone in today. I personally stocked it to the shelf. I’m not gonna get one, but I do think it’s a great value for people that don’t want a 2 year contract.

  • Disintelligentsia

    I’m pretty leery of ST’s TOS – they expressly state that “unlimited data” does not include “uploading, downloading or streaming of audio or video or games” – that pretty much puts the kabosh on using it to view someone in a video chat, using Youtube, listening to Pandora radio, downloading games from the App market (goodbye Angrybirds), using your phone to do video blogging, etc. Other TOS seem to say you can’t use it to send your pics to Facebook, etc. Seems they want to sell you a device that’s crippled by their TOS. To quote their TOS:

    Examples of prohibited uses include, without limitation, the following: (i) continuous mobile to mobile or mobile to landline voice calls; (ii) automated text or picture messaging to another mobile device or e-mail address; (iii) uploading, downloading or streaming of audio or video programming or games; (iv) server devices or host computer applications, including, but not limited to, Web camera posts or broadcasts, automatic data feeds, automated machine-to-machine connections or peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing; or (v) as a substitute or backup for private lines or dedicated data connections. This means, by way of example only, that checking email, surfing the Internet, downloading legally acquired songs, and/or visiting corporate intranets is permitted, but downloading movies using P2P file sharing services and/or redirecting television signals for viewing on laptops is prohibited. A person engaged in prohibited uses may have his/her service terminated without notice or a refund.

    • Maggie

      Seems they are trying to prohibit continuous streaming data situations or web hosting using your phone as a hotspot, which I could understand. However, they’ve slipped some other things in there that do not belong with this train of thought. A lot of people ARE going to use their phone to stream Pandora or download and play games…that’s the point of a “smart phone”, to make it work for you.

  • 1st Lt. Mike B,. USAF AUX.

    Contemplating ordering a Samsung Galaxy Precedent Model M 828 C for my next phone as my
    Verizon flip phone is dying. Need a Hearing Aid compatible phone, The specs on this model does match. Regarding which Network does this phone operate off of? IF the Phone Model
    Number Ends in “C” it will run off Verizon Towers. IF it ends in “S” it will run off Sprint Towers. IF
    it ends in “G” it will run on AT&T Towers. ALSO, I had an I.M. conversation with someone at
    SAMSUNG Customer Service discussing this info. The lady told me that You could Call Straight
    Talk Customer Support at 1-800- 867-7183 and they would give you the Unlock Code Number
    that would allow you to change the internal settings to allow it to work of the Network where you
    are. Be that AT & T, Verizon or Sprint. IF that is True, then for the Price of $ 149.99 it is worth it
    when you compare the $ 45 Unlimited Service No Contract Card service. Also on Line, It was
    mentioned that SAMSUNG will release a new Galaxy !! S model that has a 1.4 Gig Hz processor and it is a larger model unit on October 26, 2011. Tempted to wait but my Verizon Flip
    Flop is dying now…..
    Mike in N.H.

  • AlanHouston

    Boost Mobile is boosting its price for customers who buy an Android phone after October 7 to $55 per month. So, the Straight Talk “Unlimited Everything” at $45 per month is currently the best deal in America for a plan with unlimited calling, unlimited long distance, unlimited text, and unlimited internet.

    Boost Mobile cuts the price $5 for six “on-time” payments, so after six months, the Boost Mobile rate is equal to Straight Talk. After twelve months, Boost Mobile will be $5 a month less, and after 18 months, Boost Mobile will be $10 per month less.

    My guess? Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Straight Talk will not be able to continue to offer “unlimited everything”. The people who are using 4gb a month or 6gb a month to listen to Pandora radio eight hours a day and to watch Netflix for two hours a night will all migrate to the last three unlimited providers. That, along with the Apple Iphone 5 coming to Sprint will collapse their networks. Within six months, they will be force to go to tiered plans or to “throttling” data speeds after 2gb a month as the other companies do.

  • AlanHouston

    Several folks have mentioned that the coverage map for the Samsung Precedent “looks sparse”. The Precedent runs on the Sprint Network, used by Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Each of those companies publishes HONEST coverage maps, unlike their competition. The Sprint network covers every city in the USA with a population over about 50,000 people, and every major interstate highway. I recently drove across some of the most isolated parts of five states and never lost my signal.

    At&T publishes maps that are pure imagination. When I was with At&T, I struggled to get a signal inside of two of the largest cities in Texas.

    • Maggie

      Yeah, but if you live in rural areas, you appreciate that information, because Sprint does not work for us. Basically,we have an expensive local carrier (small) that runs off Verizon if we travel, otherwise, it’s AT&T or nothing.

      This makes the discussion very important, especially considering pay as you go options. We seem to have a plethera of options in mind-boggling combinations, until you consider that of all those options, even at Wal*mart, very few in our spec range will work for us.

      I’ve been shopping phones all week, have a notebook full of information, but now am down to: what phone will work with AT&T and can I really make that happen on an unlocked phone with Straight Talk?

  • Pancho

    Ok, if this new android phone is running on Sprint…. the question is, can it roam???? Boost and Virgin use Sprint but they can’t roam! so, straight talk running on Sprint can??

  • wendy

    I would use the wifi on the Galaxy to download and surf, if I had to…i have Verizon(but they don’t have me, lol) and they will be crying soon…wasnt easy to tell the lady I truly wish to end my relationship with them after only a yr…it would be 2000 more if I stayed, or that darn early termination fee for both smartphones(and we can keep them ,lol)would ONLY be 300 something, so, how hard is that to end? Screw them! They screwed me long enough..I’m done paying to play…i can work out a payment with them on my remaining balance, but should I? Lol they will undoubtedly call my landline every day, but that’s what the machine is for, lol..

  • xbox credicts

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  • Eric

    I was on Straight Talk and I just got kicked off the service for using too much data with my Nokia E71 (on AT&T’s network). I don’t think I was using much data really, just streaming radio with Mundu and youtube every now and again.

    They have a HARD data cap of 2GB.

    And with their Android phones on Sprint’s network? Is their data cap the same? Who knows.

  • Tracey

    Can I use another network sim card.. such as verizon.. to make the samsung precedent work on my straight talk service? Sprint won’t pick up in my area.

  • Bob

    It’s a great phone once it’s rooted and you free up some space.

  • caroline carr

    i can not wait 2 get this phone on friday i heard its the best phone 2 ever have

  • Jamstrong

    If I figured out how to unlock my LG Revolution could I use it on Straight Talk or Boost mobile? I paid $300 for it and wound up getting into a dispute w/ verizon and cancelling. If someone could give me an answer for that I would be grateful. Also tips on unlocking my phone would be great. I just can’t stand having a $300 paperweight sitting around :(

  • Ally J

    I’m getting the Samsung Galaxy Precendent this Saturday for Straight Talk:)
    I hope its a nice phone!

  • hey you

    turn on roming noobs
    and boost mobile android plan starts at 55 and shrinks to 40
    android phones start with roming turned off
    straight talk has unlimited roming
    sprint does not have a data cap for unlimited phones like other service companies
    straight talk is also owned by track phone

  • UnBounded

    Pls update this post w/ the following info associated w/ Android Smartphones:
    - Walmart Family Plan (T-Mobile)
    - Straight Talk (MVNO – probably AT&T or T-Mobile)
    - Simple Mobile $40 3G plan (MVNO – probably AT&T or T-Mobile)

    Given your post, I think it’s cost-neutral (w/in $5/mo if you go long-term — 12-18mos — for unlimited calls/sms/mms/data/web) to go w/ any of the 3 above. I don’t know & can’t empirically speak abt 4G speeds/phones/plans.

  • joe

    you’re telling me.If you need to do any business on the phone,forget it. Calls constantly dropped in the middle of conversations or u can’t get a connection at all Maybe i’m doing something wrong but It;s driving me crazy. Any suggestions?

  • John

    All prepaid androids run off of sprint tower no matter if its straight talk , verizon or whoever they all runs off sprint tower.

  • charles w

    wow i am just trying to figure if straight talk or simple mobile will be better choice for me i will be moving to zip code 65711 here in the 1st of april “2012 ” so not sure what to get i want decent internet on phone non of that 2g dial up crap

  • Brittny Wyant

    i got the android phone n got it in oregon now i moved to montana n its not working at all no signal no incoming or outgoing calls nothing how do i fix it i dont wanna have to buy a new one that would such should it work in helena if i go over there.,…someone please help

  • Hunibee

    I have a samsung galaxy prevail , with boost mobile. This phone gets great coverage, only problem is , I don’t know how to move my pics from my gallery to my sd card. Does anyone know how to do this?

  • tonja

    if i buy a gsm at&t android phone along with the straight talk sim card….what towers will it run off of ? would it be sprint or would it be at&t

  • Kitrell

    Im with Verizon and use my iPhone a lot for Internet scrolling, do these prepaid phone services handle a lot of data usage?

    • Allen

      The Verizon iPhone (regardless of model 4 or 4s) is a 3G device & only uses Verizon’s 3G CDMA EVDO/Rev-A Network, which is the same 3G Network smartphones on Sprint’s ‘Boost Mobile’ brand use, so with Boost’s ‘Unlimited Data Plans’ you can do all the “internet scrolling” you want right now!!! This is also the same for Sprint’s Virgin Mobile smartphones & Unlimited Data Plans, they use Sprint’s faster EVDO/Rev-A nationwide 3G Network, only Virgin will throttle your 3G speeds at I believe 2.5GB!!! I hope this helps!

  • kim

    This phone is so great it is taken every where