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Would you get a waterproof Android tablet?

fujitsu arrows tab

The rugged market is an interesting one. The durability of rugged devices is definitely impressive and cool, but the fact is most tend to skip these devices. While some of us butter-fingered users could take advantage of a rugged device, we tend to believe it’s overkill.

Rugged devices often lack specs and aesthetics and don’t skimp in the size department. Generally, such gadgets are known to be heavy, thick and bulky. The prevalent idea is that these devices are meant for hikers, construction workers and people with more at risk of damaging their phones.

But there are big devices out there that aren’t rugged and are still popular. Maybe what the rugged market needs is better specs? People would probably be more interested in a rugged device if it came with some top-of-the-line specs. The fact is “durable” smartphones with better specs have more potential.

Take the Motorola Defy for example. Maybe it wasn’t Phone of the Year, but its relatively superior specs and aesthetics took it to a way better place than, say, the Casio G’zOne Commando or the Motorola i1.

Now that the tablet market is where the money’s at, all companies are starting to get their feet in the water. Fujitsu is taking that adage literally; they will be the first manufacturer to make a waterproof Honeycomb tablet. The Fujitsu Arrows Tab is a 10-inch tablet that will come with a 1 GHz Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 dual-core processor. This is rare, since the trend for Honeycomb tablets is NVIDIA Tegra 2 processors.

The tablet is also rumored to come with 1 GB of RAM memory, 16 GB of internal storage, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, b/g/n WiFi, GPS, a 5 MP rear-facing camera, a 1.3 MP front-facing camera, micro USB, micro SD card reader and a micro SIM card slot. If that wasn’t enough for you, this device will also come with a TV tuner. And, of course, it’s waterproof.

This tablet isn’t looking bad at all for a rugged device. It beats the Motorola Xoom in thinness and weight and gets pretty close to even the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The Fujitsu Arrows Tab is said to measure 262 mm x 181 mm x 11.5 mm, weighing only 599 grams. (Xoom weighs 700 grams, and Galaxy Tab 10.1 weighs 565 grams). Not too shabby.

Since the dimensions, weight, aesthetics and even the specs are up to current-day standards, would you go for a waterproof tablet? It seems this bad boy is rocking it in all those categories, and it wouldn’t make a bad tablet to take for a swim. Maybe you’d even be more comfortable skipping that insurance offer.

Sadly, this tablet is being released in Japan. And as far as we know, it might not be coming to other parts of the world. We would like to know what you guys think of the rugged device market, though. Do you like these durable devices? Do you think they usually lack the specs you want? Do you think the Fujitsu Arrows Tab could bring quality specs, while rolling with the punches? Let us know what you think, and let’s see if it would be good for more tablets like this to come out.

Via: Engadget

Source: NetbookNews

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    Absolutely.. If it did not dd to much to the already inflated cost.. Without a doubt !

  • Jess Blanchard

    Hells yeah. I’ve always wanted to tweet from the shower.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      I have heard similar comments before… :)

  • fredfred

    Well android has got flash…… now when you knock one off you can just wash it in the sink

  • Tran Lang

    Definitely, I’d like to have a tablet like that. Just imagine someone can play Angry Birds or surf the net on their tablet in the swimming pool. XD

  • kwills88

    I can see people using this while they take a bath…so I say bring it on.

  • joe

    Not one with a stupid cheesy looking white skin on top of the default Android stack that will just make it never get an update again. No thanks.

  • aj

    i would like a more ruggedized tablet. More specifically a tablet with Gorilla glass. The screen is the literally and figuratively the biggest part of the device. And i dont feel like swimming with my tablet or even smartphone so anyways i would like stronger screens

    • wgge

      galaxy tab 10.1 has gorilla glass

      • blubaju

        ..and that makes me wonder why they cant make it waterproof. the crazy +- (soundlevel) switch should move as sensor switch left and right of the name plate, or maybe top of the phone-frame, the on/off up where it was on SGS1, top of the frame, avoind touching it all time. the connector must be sealed in, gasket only is not enough.

  • keridel

    i would like to be able to read my tablets e reader ap in the bath. that would be ace.

  • Leszek Pawlowicz

    Combine waterproof with a sunlight-viewable screen, and I’d definitely consider it.

  • vector

    Marine Electronics. There is already a chartplotter app for android from an established retailer. No need to pay big bucks for a device that can only sit in your boat. Instead a waterproof android tablet with built in gps that can be connected to external devices (depth finders, radar, speakers, etc) would be the ultimate marine device. Collect data and chart all in one, and share and collaborate with fishing partners. Would be an entire new franchise.

  • inviolable

    Didn’t plan on doing much web browsing in the jacuzzi, but those are some good specs.

  • Tenrou

    The article is a wee bit off on the point of this device but I see some of the comments are rather spot on. This isn’t meant as a “rugged” device in the sense suggested in the article but with 99.9% certainty intended to leverage the trend in Japan to catch up on your personal mail (remember, in Japan e-mail is used instead of SMS and there is less talking on the phone hence a lot more e-mailing going on) and other communications whilst having your evening bath. There are a lot of waterproof, but hardly “rugged”, phones about for the same reason, the NEC Medias WP and the Toshiba Regza Phone being just two examples that run Android.
    This “using your communication devices in the bathtub”-trend also seems to be more prevalent among women and the design of these devices tend to reflect this. I would wager that has something to do with the more “cutesy” white UI instead of the dark and decidedly masculine TRON-like Hologram UI that is the standard for Honeycomb. This also places the target audience squarely on the complete opposite of just about any scale to what I imagine the author of the article envisioned but hey, that’s cultural differences for you. ^^

  • Dr.Carpy

    Damn Straight! This thing sounds like heaven coming down! I’d take it to the beach when I’m in Jamaica or like Jess I’d also like to use it in my shower as well! Great idea!

  • Clancy

    Unless it has a different digitizer, this is going to be hard to use when wet. Ever tried to use your phone when your hands are slightly wet.?

    • Gruntos

      EXACTLY what I was thinking…

  • joshtradomus

    I’m not sure if I need a waterproof tablet. Generally anytime I’m in water I’m busy doing other things like shampooing and soaping…. or trying to stay alive by swimming. However, if it was rugged enough to save me from a shark attack, I’d consider it.

  • josh

    dolphinately!! :D

    but i rather have a waterproof phone with daylight reflective qualcom display first.

    way easier to take one of those for a swim, and in that way it doesnt get stolen either.

  • blubaju

    ABSOLUTLY, for a sailor like me it is a must, if not for main navigation, then for backup, just be sure there is a large enough solar panel to keep it running 24/7. The only problem I have at present is how to attach all on-board sensors (Serial & usb). Maybe someone will design a multiplexer that connects them over WIFI to the tablet ;-)

  • Tom

    I want a durable and waterproof device with a large bright screen, good battery life, and a good GPS receiver. The touch screen needs to work even if it is wet.If battery life is not so good, I would need the ability to buy extra batteries for the device. I would put one in my backpack with BackCountry Navigator software installed on it. I would preload the map tiles for the area I am going to hun, before I go, or I would download tiles as needed, by tethering my cell phone or mifi cell card to it, via wifi.

    I would mount one of these on my boat dashboard and run Navionics charts software on it too. This would free up my other GPS/Sonar device/screen for sonar only.