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AmazonWireless offers $15k in prizes for Freedom to Choose video contest


“Think you’re pretty funny? Have a hidden talent for video production? Care to share your experiences using If you answered yes to any of these you might be on your way to some serious dinero.”

AmazonWireless is holding a video contest with $15,000 worth of prizes and they invited us to help judge the entries.

Your Mission

From the contest site: “Create a video, 60 seconds or less, that demonstrates how AmazonWireless eliminates the frustration synonymous with the typical mobile phone purchase path. We encourage submissions to be humorous, but be sure to focus on how AmazonWireless keeps the phone shopping experience exciting and easy by giving customers the freedom to choose the phone and/or service plans that’s right for them by highlighting its core benefits relative to buying a phone in a physical store:

  • Great Selection — Creatively demonstrate how AmazonWireless offers a broad selection of phones so that customers have access to the devices they desire
  • Customer Reviews and Detailed Product Content — Show how customer reviews and detailed product content help users discover and choose the device that’s right for them and avoid missing out on the latest and greatest features, or conversely, buying a phone with features they don’t want or need.
  • Legendary Service — Amazon is synonymous with customer service excellence. Illustrate how AmazonWireless can save the day with its free and fast shipping or 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Great Prices — Many of today’s hottest devices cost as little as one penny to buy. Display how AmazonWireless saves you money while helping you enhance your mobile experience.
  • Accessories, Apps and More — AmazonWireless not only brings Amazon features to the phone shopping experience, but also makes it easy for you to find all the things you need to take your device to the next level.”

The Prizes

A panel of judges from Android PolicePhone DogTalk Android, and Android and Me will determine six of the awards.

  • 1st Place $5000
  • 2nd Place $4000
  • 3rd Place $2000
  • 4th Place $1000
  • 5th Place $800
  • 6th Place $700

There will also be two community awards, voted on by our fans.

  • 1st Place $1000
  • 2nd Place $500

Their contest just started this week and runs all the way through September 28th, so you have plenty of time to get your submission in. Right now there are only two entries, so enter early and rack up some votes. For full details head over to the contest site.

Via: AmazonWireless Blog

Source: Freedom to Choose contest

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  • mongbinhthuong

    Wow, this is an interesting, yet challenging, video project. I’ll try one to see where it go to…

  • Futureboy

    It’s awesome that this is split into two judging/prize categories:
    1. Top prize awarded by panel of experts
    2. Community prize for the person who can harass the most friends into voting regardless of actual quality or merit.

    Too many contests these days are of the #2 variety.

  • Tran Lang

    More contests more fun.

  • ferman

    My friend is writing up a script right now! :D

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Cool hope he enters. It looks like they pushed the submission date back a week into October.