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Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread–It’s Incredible!

droid incredible gingerbread update

HTC Droid Incredible, that is. Gingerbread is the Android version to have, and manufacturers are continuously trying to get the latest OS on the newest devices. Some older devices are definitely capable of handling a Gingerbread update, though. Like the HTC Droid Incredible, one of the most loved devices Verizon has ever seen.

Droid Incredible users will be happy to know that dessert is served. Just when we thought this update would never show up, Verizon has posted the software update PDF files. The good ol’ Droid Incredible is actually getting Android 2.3.4, along with some other well-deserved fixes.

Update Fixes

  • MMS messages will now send correctly
  • Properly save audio files from MMS messages
  • Successfully play audio from MMS messages
  • Internet connection via Bluetooth now enabled
  • VZ Navigator now operates on Wifi
  • Change songs in the music widget by tapping the forward button
  • Camera now functions with an SD card inserted

This is great and all, but what you guys really want to know is when the OTA is scheduled to roll out. (You’ve been waiting enough!). While the dates are not specified on Verizon’s website, our friends at Android Central have gotten word that the update starts rolling out tomorrow, August 16. It seems only 10,000 users will be getting the update tomorrow, though. Another 50,000 updates will roll out Wednesday, and the rest of the users will get it on Friday.

There ya go! Our beloved Droid Incredible is getting Gingerbread after all. So you might be able to hold on to it for a while more. Time to start the Update Check chaos. Don’t forget to take a look at the Update details and the instructions from Verizon’s website.

What do you guys say? Well deserved, right? Will you be keeping that Droid Incredible longer, now that you’ll be getting Gingerbread?

Via: Android Central

Source: Verizon Wireless

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      • Jasonhunterx

        Get a life please all you do is run around and say fragmentation android has it if your an average user if not you use xda an update yourself

  • MonsterSports

    Wow I would have though the Droid Incredible already had gingerbread lol


    Congrats incredible uses!

  • mostlyDigital

    Verizon had notified me that I was eligible for an early switch but I have no reason to trade my Incredible. Once it got Froyo it became the best smartphone that I’ve ever had. If Gingerbread maintains the reliability and (possibly) improves responsiveness I can wait for the next quantum leap.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      it is a great device. The its performance competes very well even with many of the new devices. Maybe you could wait and see if verizon gets the Nexus 3!

    • Leonick

      Well Gingerbread isnt any quantum leap by any means, but it sure is a rather nice improvement over Froyo

  • Josh Meyer

    I’ve had gingerbread on my Incredible for like 9 months. Props to those who have the patience to wait that long. For me, Cyanogen and other roms make me happy.

    • andytseng

      Same here. Incredible should’ve got an update a long time ago considering its stature as far as Verizon phones go.

  • androiddevelopers-tr

    woww thanks

  • beatleskid7

    Let’s just hope there is no Droid X Gingerbread fiasco again. HTC for the win.

  • O.J. Simpson, live statement from jail

    Thats nice and all – but reception is a bit spotty here, especially near the showers and in my prison cell!

  • Adam

    That last “fix” confuses me…the camera on both mine and my wife’s Inc’s have worked just fine with sdcards inserted. I don’t understand what that “fix” is fixing.

  • Richard Yarrell

    HTC definitely hit a Homerun here the Incredible deserves gingerbread its last update.

  • Chris

    I have a question some of you may know. I rooted my Incredible using unrevoked. I havent installed any custom ROMs though. I only rooted it to run certain apps. Will I get an OTA update? And if so, will that mess up my root?

    -the most ignorant tech guy.

  • Dylan

    I am bummed. Still no update here. I hope it comes soon.

  • Thomas Crawford

    I just received my download today 11/14/2011 and my wifes HTC Incredible is still running 2.2 … why is it taking so long to get this update out.


  • Bob Williford

    Apparently I have build 2.3.4 however I still have a “a storage is low” error showing up when the phone has over 500mb of storage. This has caused Google talk to stop functioning and gmail to stop dl’ing mail. Recently the phone has started freezing and rebooting randomly. No fix on the net except a hard reset or an iPhone.

    Any ideas?