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Android carrier marketshare shows Verizon in the lead; AT&T on the rise


On the 22 of October in 2008, the HTC Dream launched on T-Mobile US as the G1. It was the original Google Android device. For the year that followed the release, no one would step up to offer T-Mobile any Android competition. That all changed on October 17, 2009–the original release date of the Motorola Droid. The device shaped what Android has become to this day. Once the original Droid was released, Verizon’s rise to the top in Android sales in the US was a quick one. By 2010, Big Red was dominating in a big way. And they still are.

According to a study conducted by Chitika Insights, Verizon still holds 41% of the total US carrier marketshare. Not only that, but the company also holds “four of the top five Android smartphones.” The Droid X, HTC Droid Incredible, Samsung Fascinate and Motorola Droid. It may not be this was forever, though.

When comparing the newest numbers with last years, Verizon’s share has declined and AT&T has taken up the slack. As AT&T is stuck with a mere ~9%, don’t count on them upending Verizon anytime soon. Ma Bell’s numbers are indeed on the rise, but it’s going to take a long time for them to catch up. Even if the AT&T and T-Mobile merger goes through, the new AT&T-Mobile would only be on equal footing with Sprint, who currently owns around 26%. This means the original Android carrier, T-Mobile, comes in with 16%.

The numbers are sure to change once the next Nexus and Galaxy S II phones are released. People tend to use big device releases to start switching providers. I’m sure the AT&T-Mobile merger will also have an effect on sales as consumers jump ship to cheaper companies.

So how about it? Who’s your carrier of choice? Plan on switching anytime soon?

Source: Chitika

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  • triangle

    While I love Verizon’s LTE network speed, they still don’t have a dual core phone with LTE. And the LTE network still have stability problems as it goes in-and-out.

    Sprint has the best 4G dual core phones with the best rate plans today.

  • corona

    Wrong. Actually they do have a duocore. The Droid X2 is a duo core with LTE. Plus the HTC Vigor which will probably have different name by launch will be coming in October. The Samsung Galaxy S2 variant is coming next month. All duo core devices. They may be late getting them, but they do have them and more are on the way.

    • Roq

      Sorry, but the Droid X2 is not an LTE phone.

    • Coolaaron88

      The Droid X2 is a 3G phone, do some research next time

  • Thanasi

    Verizon has the best android phones. the droid bionic is going to be a beast of a phone with dual core and LTE

  • s2

    have att now, plan to go to sprint. best unlimited plan out now. plus they have a couple good choices…it’s the S2 for me or the photon 4g.

  • Jon Niola

    Wish there was a carrier with Verizon’s 700Mhz LTE network and Sprint’s unlimited plan.

    The 700Mhz network just too awesome to pass up though. Lot of people rave about the speed of LTE. I tell you in my opinion that is nice but not what sells me. What sells me is the ability of 700Mhz to penetrate walls, buildings, etc. In places where I lose 3G signal totally I can still get 2-3 bars of 4G LTE.

  • Black Kristos

    IF AT&T get the green light to buy Tmo, it’ll still be another year or more before anything happens. If Tmo gets the GSII any time before the end of October, I’ll be picking it up. You cannot beat Tmo’s plan prices. >$100 for two smartphones on a family plan? Hell yes I’ll take that, and you can grandfather me in at those rates until my contract is up.

    • Brian

      If AT&T buys tmobile, tmobile plans will change within the month. Don’t kid yourself, tmobile’s customers will be screwed soon.


    I am on Tmobile and dont plan on switching anytime. i like my price and plan..


    I wonder what the stats would look like if you considered the consumer market share to the individual phone market-share. For instance, AT&T and Verizon are huge networks with a wide variety of dumb and smartphone owners. I’d love to see where these stats breakdown in that instance. Then you’ll truly understand just how much of each individual network the Android market has penetrated.

  • Kevin

    Verizon applauded Google+Motorola, but not entirely as it may be a “opposition” to them.

  • Interpol91

    I’m on Sprint and l’m loving the service as of now. Currently neither carrier has 4G service in my area but Verizon does plan on implementing it later this month. So there will be some jealousy there but I’m comfortable with what I have right now. Come on Nexus Prime!

  • Marcus

    I was on T-Mobile, I switched to AT&T with my dad and regret it. I want to switch to sprint because they have good plans.

    And im surprised there aren’t a lot of comments by fanboys. Haha

  • austin

    they said verizon has 4 of the top 5 phones. any guess as to what the number one is. I know it used to be the evo but I am wondering if it is still.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Talk about being late to the party. I have to say this is all USELESS information maybe people on Verizon would care about this but it means nothing in the REAL WORLD. SPRINT has the best dualcore devices on the market at industry leading prices and to people that matters most affordability not speed and overpriced devices. Yeah at some point and time the original droid was something nice just like the g1 also was but that was then. Today the best dualcore devices as well as just devices in general RESIDE ON SPRINT. With the MOTOROLA PHOTON 4G and the HTC

    • Richard Yarrell

      Continuing my response..The EVO 3D as well as the Evo 4g and Nexus S4g there are no better affordable devices on the market. People can fool themselves all they want with silly speed and overpriced devices on other networks sprint is definitely an industry leader. And you can rest assure that the next NEXUS 3 DEVICE will be on sprint first especially if this merger happens… REGARDLESS of the Droid Bionic arriving to Verizon and any other future devices they still need to worry about affordability which they could care less about..

      • richardisafag

        Man i would have stayed with sprint, if i got service anytime a roof was over my head. Sprint has a good line up, but their wimax is garbage compared to LTE. I had sprint, evo4g, and switched to a thunderbolt simply due to the fact that the thunderbolt actually gets service, not only under roofs, but at all. And btw, is there a legitimate reason as to why you must troll on every pro Verizon post. Im sure its just to try to reassure yourself that you made the right choice in choosing the inferior network.

        • Richard Yarrell

          For the same reason you troll everyone else under a disguise. Show your face and stop posting in secret you LOSER. NOBODY with real knowledge cares about LTE and speedy service when you have to pay 300plus per handset. Plus your Thunderbolt is the biggest JOKE android has ever seen just like you are. I could care less about Verizon and there LTE network and apparently millions of others feel the same way that’s why they have chosen something other than verizon. I’ll just assume you have no other reason to post other than to be MISGUIDED at best. Keep paying for those OVERPRICED HANDSETS OVER ON BIG RED while we will keep laughing at you as your carrier falls further and further behind in the dualcore arena. You people amaze me. Keep hiding

          • ivo

            I agree with you, but stop being so defensive.

          • Youarequitethecoolkid.

            Actually, my friend, that was the first time I had ever posted on this site. Ever. And yes I while my plan costs more than yours does I have the superior coverage and network. When Verizon gets 12-15 down in my area where as sprint gets 2-3 down, its a big difference. I will get an acct. On this site and I will continue to try to get it through your hard head why sprint is the inferior network. Because it truly is.

          • richardisafag

            Oh and btw if we were to test my thunderbolt against your.anything on sprint, where we both had 4g. My phone would kick your phones ass until it begged for mercy. Because of LTE. Oh and where all do you get 4g? New York city, chicago, but that’s the extent of it.

  • Gerardo Rabelo

    Wasn’t the HTC Hero out before the Droid on Sprint?

    • Dustin Earley

      It was nothing compared to the Droid.

  • d1292b

    AT&T needs to improve it’s android line-up drastically

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    Happy with Sprint, overall. Phone lineup has been pretty decent (I own an Epic 4G btw) and prices are pretty good compared to the competition. I’ve got WiMAX 4G (admittedly not as quick as LTE) and unlimited data, and free wireless tethering. With the “Roam Control” app, I’ve got Verizon’s network at my fingertips with no roaming fees. I also get a hefty corporate discount, and all said and done, I’ll probably be sticking with Sprint for a while yet. Particularly if they switch WiMAX over to LTE.

  • aj

    im on verizon and i havent had the opportunity to enjoy the 4g service. But i dont plan on switcthing anytime soon. Ever i since i got the OG droid ive kinda been hooked on verzion although moto dissapointed and just dissapointed us with there devices as of late. But looking foward either the SGS II, Bionic, or the Vigor. As long as they are 4g. And you honestly ive just gotten comfortable and dont really feel like going thru the process of switching carriers. Lazy or loyal you decide.

  • Futureboy

    I’m amazed that the most expensive carrier has captured that much of the market. It must have been the massive advertising push of the Droid line at the just the right time – as Android was at the right level of maturity to make it a viable option for the masses and the iphone was still exclusive to AT&T.

  • Paul

    I switched from Windows Mobile 6.5 phones on AT&T to an Android phone on T-Mobile. I Love Android and I love my phones (Nexus One, now a G2 [aka HTC Vision or Desire Z]), but hate T-Mobile. They have great service 30m north of me and 30m south of me, where 2 big cities are, but they didn’t bother upgrading their towers or coverage in between. I may have hated Windows Mobile 6.5 but I never had a problem holding onto a simple 3G signal with AT&T. But on T-Mobile, my nice and powerful Android phones, have a hell of a time maintaining a 3G signal, I drop to Edge far too many times for my taste. Driving through some more rural areas than this town I’ve even seen it drop to GPRS/1G; I didn’t even know that tech was still around. It’s friggin ridiculous how fragmented T-Mobiles network is, some sections 4g, some 3g and some 2g all within a few square miles of each other. I now have an AT&T Blackberry, company issued, and while I dislike Blackberry [except for the awesome battery life], I tend to use it for all my phone calls because it simply works (ATT’s network).

  • Rashad

    I’m disappointed to see T-Mobile so far down on the list considering they started this Android craze