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Android Infolust: Mobile patent suits, Google+, mobile malware

Android Malware

Our last contest The Great Android Gaming Survey resulted in an infogrpahic that generated some interesting observations. Some infographs play into stereotypes, but we still like to share them because of our love of data. This weekend we have three more Android-related infographs covering everything from mobile patents to mobile malware. Read on to see if you find any surprises.

Mobile patent suits via Reuters.

State of mobile malware via ReadWriteWeb.

Google+ user statistics via Bime Analytics.

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  • Marcus

    The mobile malware infographic doesn’t surprise me. But the Google+ one does. I mean Imo I would expect more software engineers to be the ones using the site more. And 83% of G+ users are inactive!? What!?

    • Transient

      G+ is set to be the next Google Buzz. The only people interested are tech enthusiasts and people in the industry.

    • Steve Nutt

      My question would be, what does “inactive” mean on Google+?

      Currently I’m using it more like how I use twitter, in that I follow a lot of people on it and only very occasionally post comments, but I am logged in every day. So do they measure “activity” via number of posts or logins or what?

      There’s Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics… ;)

  • Chris

    I hope mobile antivirus/malware programs eventually aren’t just lists of dangerous apk’s. But hey…I figured having a list is still better than no one telling me until it’s widespread or too late…

  • keridel

    i love the patent suit infographic. it’s amazing to see how many people apple are suing and yet they havent gone near google specifically.

    is it fear that holds them back do you think?

  • Interpol91

    OMG all of those infographics almost made my head explode! Great info by the way. The breakdown of the lawsuits was awesome!!

  • Futureboy

    oooooooooo….. pretty…..
    I think from now on, at work, when anyone hands me a report, I am going to hand it back and require that they re-submit is as an infographic!

  • ooTweetyoo

    A lot of info to take in! Great info

  • Daniel C

    Don’t trust all of those stats. The hacker that pleaded guilty to “stealing data from more than 100,000 iPad users”? Yeah, that’s not what happened. He stole information on more than 100,00 iPad users from AT&T. That’s very much not the same thing as “stealing data from more than 100,000 iPad users” since even if the iPad users had completely destroyed their iPad, the data would’ve still been retrieved since it had nothing to do with the iPads themselves.