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Android owns 40% of the US smartphone market, no wonder people want to strangle it


“Android is on fire.” That’s what Google’s David Drummond said yesterday in a blog post about Microsoft’s, Apple’s and Oracle’s strategy to assassinate Android. Basically, Android is growing like crazy and these three companies are doing everything in their power to not only stop it, but also erase it from the face of the Earth. But is Android truly that big of a threat to these three companies for them to band together in order to fight Google?

According to comScore’s mobile report for the month of June, Android is their worst nightmare. Our favorite mobile OS now owns a comfy 40.1% of the US smartphone market. Think about that for a second. Almost half of all smartphone owners out there are packing some serious Droid heat.

What’s even more remarkable is that, exactly a year ago, Android was tied neck and neck with Microsoft’s Windows Mobile. In just twelve months, Android grew to 40% while Windows Mobile/Phone fell to 5.8%. No wonder Microsoft is using every resource necessary to attack Android. They’re about to lose all presence in the mobile market because of it.

Far behind Android, Apple’s iOS has leveled off at the 26.6% mark. Despite the fact that the iPhone has been available on both AT&T and Verizon for a while now, iOS hasn’t yet killed Android like some predicted. The same can’t be said about RIM’s Blackberry OS, which lost 1.3% during the month of June and now sits at 23.4%. At that pace, Blackberry will likely have a market share of 10%-15% by this Christmas. And it could very well be the company’s last one, if it doesn’t turn around its sinking ship.

Interestingly, comScore counted Symbian’s US market share for the month of June. This is the first time I can remember seeing Symbian appear on comScore’s mobile report. In turn, HP’s WebOS is now gone. Did WebOS fall below Symbian’s 2% market share? If so, does that officially declare WebOS a dead platform? Possibly.

In summary, Android keeps sprinting towards total smartphone domination while everyone else falls rapidly or holds onto their market share. Does it really surprise you that these companies want Android dead? Get used to it. The attacks will only get more vicious from now on.

Source: comScore

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  • M3rc Nate

    I wish they had bought all the patents they needed back when they started so right now, while on top and still growing, they didnt have to worry about all this. Now they will struggle and fight, instead of enjoying being number 1, and letting prices drop and innovate and have the freedom to take risks. Basically i just wish google and the companies that make the phones (HTC, Motorola etc) didnt have to worry about this. Its annoying, its shady, and overall it sucks. I hope google uses its influence and billions to whip their asses and continue to make the best phones in the world THEIR way, on THEIR terms.

    • kwills88

      They probably didn’t expect to be this successful so fast, and wasn’t thinking about other companies suing them from left and right over petty little things.

    • Jeffroid

      The fights will only make Google android stronger and better. They probably see the attacks as challenges or fears from competitors, and ultimately boosts their ego to stay at the top. No biggie.

    • Leonick

      Or just paid all the proper licensing fees, or innovated around the patents and found new solutions, hah! :p
      You can’t always buy the patents you need.

  • Alex Sanchez

    I personally will never switch off Android. And if Android were to be demolished than I’d rather have a beast internet connection since its cheaper and run Google Voice



    • Tran Lang

      Idiot like you are? Get the F*** outta here.

    • Leonick

      Get out of here you… Scum :p you put it in your name, suit yourself :p

      He have a point though, a lot of those 40% are probably people with the really cheap and crappy phones that people can get for free or almost free with a contract, a lot of those 40% are never used as smartphones, something worth thinking about.
      The iPhone is only competing in the high-end market where the real smartphone and app users are, this is why apps on iOS sell more, my theory at least.


    When you as a huge underdog (Android) and come from nowhere to topple the so called big guy on the block (Apple) along with the rest of the gang (Symbian, Rim, Windows), you then become the target. The same applies everywhere in business or even on the streets. Envy is the top guys biggest enemy. Everyone always wants the top spot… Google is now the Champ and has to defend it.. Do not worry google as long as you stay innovative and open we will support you ! We got your back !

  • Richard Yarrell

    In my world ANDROID will always be the only smartphone I will own NOTHING ELSE. Google is clearly the best I throw all my support and love behind google/htc/qualcomm/sprint exactly in that order.

  • Sonicjam

    Lol I think RIM, Symbian, WebOS should die now. I never liked RIM’s UI, I think they should just give up on that and make blackberry phones with Android.

    • aj

      You know thats not a bad idea in some respects. There was an interesting article i dont remember if it was posted on android and me(it probably was) but one of the bloggers at crackberry wrote 10 reasons google should by RIM. Part was there QNX based system could help out android especially in the stability department and a bunch of other seemingly good reasons.

    • Leonick

      Or maybe they should keep trying? Who knows, maybe one day they have the next awesome thing. It doesn’t seem likely but still :p

      As for making Blackberry phones with Android, keep dreaming, they’d lose most of their customer base, corporations who want their secure phones and the built in services.

  • aj

    You know lets be honest. I friggin love android but i do want to say this pattern could happen again possibly. While i really doubt for right now. You know rim was the big dog when it came to enterprise. Palm was king of the PDA. Well now iphones are replacing blackberries in the buisness field. And well PDA’s like the old palms just dont exist anymore. My point is that one day some or some company could pop up with a new OS and it could grow so rapidly that it might possibly topple android as well(i dont see that happening and if it does it will probably be 5-10 years down the road if android ever plateaus). But regardless im super happy that android is kicking but and taking names while standing strong despite all this vicious opposition slowly strangling some companies out of existence and threatening(actually hurting) other major compaines that thought they were invincible(thinkg about an apple).

    • Paul

      I agree. I love Android, but mainly because I hate iPhone with a passion. Android’s great a worthy competitor, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not opposed to a new OS dethroning it; as long as it’s a superior OS. There are certain things about Google’s attitude towards it’s Android developers, and the way they do things that upset me. They seemed to have lost control of Android for a bit and weren’t ready for the massive growth. At one point I felt like they were in way over their heads. Their crappy tech support, their disdain for developers, the way they handle Market outtages and rarely apologize, it bothers me. There’s also some concern about how the manufacturers have little quality control and how the carriers are able to load Android up with unmovable bloatware. The one good thing about Apple is their ability to bully the carriers into not F’n up their phones. I don’t blame Google/Android more than I blame manufacturers and carriers, as I’ve rarely had issues with a true experience phone. I guess being open is a double edged sword. I’m also not a huge fan of Java though, it’s bloated, buggy, resource hog, PITA. I’d love to see a new slim, sleek, ultra efficient Mobile OS pop up that’s coded in something smoother than Java. I had high hopes for MeeGoo and WebOS at one point, linux based and slick, but that never took off.

      • Leonick

        Makes me wonder why you hate iPhones with such a passion…
        I got both iOS and Android devices, both certainly have their merits, I personally can’t hate on neither, I can point out flaws and strengths in both but there is nothing to hate :p

  • jian9007

    It will only continue to grow at the expense of the other OS’s. It offers many more handset design and feature choices than the competitors phones. iOS has remained steady over the last 2 years with no increase because the same people keep upgrading and supporting them. They are not converting users like Android is because they have a one size fits all phone (literally and figuratively). If you put the iPhone on all the carriers it would still be the exact same phone, just on a different network.

    Most of the average users have no idea what fragmentation is. They just like phones for many other reasons (features, size, keyboard, looks, etc.). The Froyo, GB, and up UI is/will be user friendly enough for most so they can choose any carrier and any Android phone they desire.

  • clara

    apple is richer. im waiting for iphone 5, dorks

  • Leonick

    Lets hope that growth stops right where it is now!

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Android to lose marketshare, just want it to stay where it is now in proportion to all the other. Why? Because like it is now I think the market is quite perfectly mixed which should bring the most OS side competition which means we should get the most new features and updates to each OS that is possible :p

  • Slith

    Android will most likely dominate the market even after Mango hits.