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Android port of Chromium in the works; Chrome for Android could be next


One of the biggest unanswered questions in the Android development world is “where’s Chrome?” Google has made huge strides in web development attached to the Chrome name, some of which Android’s “Browser” has not been a part. Thanks to a bonafide Android port of Chromium, that’s about to change.

Supporting Chromium on Android will bring many advantages for both users and developers alike. Not only will Android more swiftly benefit from the changes made to the project by the open source community, but bugs between browsers will eventually become nonexistent. Andrei Popescu of Google has used the WebKit developer website to announce Google’s new commitment to the open sourced project:

A while ago, we started the effort to upstream the Android port of WebKit. For a variety of reasons, this work took longer than anticipated and was never finished... Over time, the Android Browser has come to share more and more code with Chrome (both WebKit and Chromium). This approach has a number of advantages for the WebKit community... We plan to start by setting up a build bot that will compile Chromium’s DRT for Android using the Android NDK, SDK and toolchain. We anticipate a reasonably small set of changes to the Chromium port to achieve this. We’re fully committed to maintaining this new flavor of the Chromium port of WebKit and having a build bot up and running as soon as possible will make this an easier task.Andrei PopescuGoogle

Essentially, it seems Google will be involved with developing two different versions of Android’s Browser for now: Browser and Chromium for Android. Eventually, however, the two may merge as one. If that merger is ever made complete, Android’s browser will most likely transition to Chrome for Android. Google wouldn’t comment on any specific branding, but with the way Google TV and Honeycomb’s browsers have turned out, Chrome for phones seems destined to be. Which brings us to the million dollar question.

Will Ice Cream Sandwich bring Chrome to Android? It may be a little early to assume that, but don’t be too surprised if it happens sooner rather than later.

Source: TechCrunch

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    “Will Ice Cream Sandwich bring Chrome to Android? It may be a little early to assume that, but don’t be too surprised if it happens sooner rather than later.”

    exactly what I was thinking as I was reading your story!

    • BiGMERF

      I’m human… Do you have a life? Or do you hide behind computers all day acting like a racist?

      • aj

        Ok? weird comment since you replied to yourself but anywho. I really hope they merge the 2. I think beautiful things will come from it. Beautiful things(sheds a tear).

      • krazytrixxxsta

        you need to sit down with yourself and settle the beef that rage within you :)

        • Cwalden21

          hahaha classic krazytrix!

      • albcorp

        Somebody forget to log off?

  • Dirge

    I hope Chrome comes to android. Or at least a better stock browser.

  • kwills88

    If chrome does come to android I’d be really happy, I also hope they add the sync feature, so I can have my bookmarks and history on my android phone via the chrome browser, so I would basically have my desktop browser on the go

    • anujahooja

      This. I can’t believe sync wasn’t a top priority for Google from the start.

  • Dylan

    THANK GOD!!!! I f**king hate the stock browser SO BAD. I’ve been using Opera Mobile the 3 years ive had android. Chrome is the best PC browser…I don’t know why this wasn’t done in the first place.

    • ben traves

      I don’t see why everyone hates the stock browser, its got a large selection of settings, including security. It can block pop ups and is so simple! It may be a little annoying having to push menu to change tab but that isn’t really that big an issue.

      I have tried different browsers like opera and skyfire but i always seem to go back to stock.

      • ben traves

        But chrome would be a massive improvement

      • Mark

        You can pinch to change tabs too (on HTC Sense anyway, not sure if this is a stock feature).

        Still I also prefer the way other browsers handle tabs, Firefox is fairly intuitive, and Dolphin’s more Chrome-like approach works just fine for me.

      • krazytrixxxsta

        same here, i have no issues at all with the stock browsers and the stock music player.

    • Cwalden21

      I tend to rely on firefox rather than chrome but then again i haven’t really messed around with chrome it’s just too hard to run away from the fox!

  • DroidSamurai

    Regardless of what happens, I just hope that the browser is one of the upgradeable app from the Market. This way, the browser can be upgraded without involvement of the OEM.

    • Jes


      Would also love to see Phone-to-Chrome become a real thing.

  • uknowme

    This is great news. I can’t say I hate the stock browser, but I really would love to see Chrome on my phone.

  • Joe Simpson

    Webkit is the current browser engine.

    Since the beginning it was Webkit.

    Research it next time

    • mattcoz

      Yeah, it’s really the Chromium port that is the news.

    • Dustin Earley

      This is true. There was a couple times when the word WebKit should have read Chromium.

  • mattcoz

    This is fantastic news, especially for tablets where I really want a full browser experience.

  • Slith

    I was just checking out the free app of the day at Amazon; yet another browser. When I thought where the hell is Chrome?

  • sylar

    Man I would love for chrome to come to android. I find most of the browsers available to be lacking in one way or another.


    By the way with this coming it is even less likely for Me to get google TV. Hooking up a honeycomb tablet to a TV will be just about the same

  • Kevin

    Chromium me aSAP. I know they’ll do a good job with this.

  • techboy20

    I have been working on the is story for a while. I would love to see chrome come to android. Checkout

  • Dr.Carpy

    I use Chrome as my pc browser, so it would be even better to use it on my phone! I love me some Chrome!!

  • BiznessMan

    I think the HoneyComb version of the stock browser resembles Chrome quite a lot with the tabs on top. However, it does need some work. I actually prefer DolphinHD on my Xoom just because the stock browser has problems at times.

  • Tran Lang

    If they could make Chrome for Android, that’s the most beautiful browser ever that I always hope to use on my phone. I really hope it’ll come true soon.