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Android vs. iOS: Stereotypes and lifestyles


Though it’s best to try and not make judgements based on device preference, we cannot help but see certain stereotypes pop up. The Android vs iOS war does not only involve phones, apps, UIs and technology; we’ve also seen people mention stereotypes dealing with income, personality, social status and many other factors attached to a certain mobile OS/brand.

We love infographics about these topics, and today we have a very fun one to show you. Hunch has conducted a survey that involved 15,818 users, and the results are quite interesting. This study covers many areas of life, such as personality, life experiences, food & drink and media. So, let’s take a look.

According to these statistics, Android users seem to be much more likely to live in the country, while iOS users tend to be city dwellers. It also seems like iOS users do tend to have a higher income. According to this infographic, iOS users are 67% more likely to earn $200k per year or above, while Android users are 24% more likely to earn $50-$100k per year (middle class). Oh, and it also seems Android users are 80% more likely to have only graduated high school and not college. Come on, guys! Get your study on!

Other interesting sections include the fact that Android users travel less, and are mostly PC users. iOS users tend to travel much more and are mostly Mac users. But, what about the phone? When it comes to technology, it seems Android users are more likely to prefer an ugly-looking, but full-featured device. iOS users actually seem to brag excessively about how good-looking Apple products are, and this infographic supports that fact. It seems iOS users are 122% more likely to prefer a sleek and good-looking device that will do less things.

Apparently most of us only have one email address too, and it tends to be a Yahoo account. Somehow that doesn’t add up, since I’m pretty sure the majority of us Android users have at least one Gmail account. We may have other accounts (Google or not), but are we really more likely to use Yahoo?

These are just a few examples of what Hunch’s infographic covers. There’s much more in there — music, movies, books, foods, drinks, fashion. Even a small section dedicated to Windows, Palm and Blackberry devices. Check it out, and let us know what else you think is interesting about the provided data.


Source: Hunch

Hello, I am Edgar Cervantes. I am an avid Android fan, and keeping myself updated on the topic is part of my daily life. I will always work hard to give the best of me to our community of Android enthusiasts, and I am very honored to be part of this ship. Hopefully we can all enjoy sharing our knowledge and opinions!

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  • Green Hornet

    This is clearly a joke, ios users are some of the most incompetent retards on the planet not to mention they are clearly followers which is why they have an iphone in the first place. Android users still using yahoo? lmbo yea right you have to have gmail to download apps etc…. this is clearly a biased and poorly done piece.

    • NeoJesus

      Of course it’s biased. On the Android side, it says “71% are followers” and on the IOS side, it says, “27% are leaders”

      Well, if you do the math, that means that 73% of IOS users are followers as well, that really shows an IOS bias.

      BTW, wtf is Hunch? Sounds like an Apple fan boy site.

      • Leonick

        Actually it doesn’t say 71% or 27% are anything, they state that android users are 71% more likely, more likely to be follower, and that iOS users are 27% more likely to be leaders… Not so sure about it but they probably have some data to back it up :p

        • Chris

          You just re-stated what he said. It breaks down this way:

          Say they’re more likely to follow:
          Android 71%
          Apple 77%

          Say they’re more likely to lead:
          Android 29%
          Apple 23%

          This is WHY this study is so biased. It doesn’t give clear answers but instead convolutes them so that certain things sound better.

          • Barney

            Actually Leonick was correct with his assertion. The study state that people are % more or less likely than the average/ std deviation for a particular action.
            Take the city statistic for example it claims that iPhone users are 27% more likely to live in a city. If we take 100 iPhone users and assume that the average number of city dwellers across all phones is 50%. If they are 27% more likely than the average phone user then there will be 63.5 (50 + 50*0.27) of those 100 iPhone users who live in a city as opposed to the 50 out of 100 users of a phone in general.

            You can’t derive the opposing figure from the more likely statistic.

            With regards to the study in general their findings aren’t surprising when you consider the target demographics that the phones are aimed at. iPhones are top tier phones aimed at people who earn money. Android phones no the other hand range from similar top tier phones to low end cheapo pay as you go models.

            The data is essentially comparing apples to oranges. If the report was recompiled including only android users that had top tier phones the data would be much more interesting.

          • tabata

            Guys, just stop it! Or you we’ll demostrate it wright. Are you reading all statistical info this way?! Oh god, this is the end! You may not be followers but you reaaaally need some help with your math. :P As Barney says, X% more likely to be/do Y means how many users (the % of users) deviate in the Y sense from the average. The problem now is: What does 122% more likely to prefer a shity shining device means? But that’s your homework :P

          • PKL

            Ugh… This really shows why it was stated that android users 80% more likely to have only HS diploma…. I didnt believe it at first, but now i do…
            To put it simple. We have a total of 3 cakes, u get 1, me get 2. I have 100% more cake than u.

      • birdman

        they are more likely to “say” they are leaders, that does not make them leaders


        And those biased stats just continue throughout the whole infographic.

    • cdmartin21

      I hate the general belief that iOS users are incompetent….I use both…I love the Hell out of android but i can also appreciate Apple… I agree i know some dumb iOS users but now that android OS is on every phone under the sun it seems, I have seen some dumb android users…you wont believe how many of my friends have an android device and put it to no use, or dont even realize they have a phoen running android…(i.e. “damn i wish i had an android phone…” Quote from a person using a Evo)… be easy on the iOS users…not all of us are incompetent

    • Pepe

      i though real business man used BlackBerry!

    • Ultimate Dawn

      “ios users are some of the most incompetent retards on the planet not to mention they are clearly followers which is why they have an iphone in the first place” this is more bullshit than the chart, but of course this is most likely coming from an android user, who are constantly boasting about their phone even though no one gives a crap

  • Ben

    Let me sum this up with what we (Android users) already knew. iPhone users prefer looks over functionality (style vs substance) and are more likely to be gay.

    • Top Gear

      And Android users are more likely to make idiotic homophobic comments (using gay as an insult is homophobic, so no excuses) while thinking that usability = substance.

      • hoodrat


      • @neidlinger

        that was a ghey thing to say.

      • The_Omega_Man

        Actually, that appeared to me to be a statement of fact, from Ben’s perspective, rather any sort of dig or as you put it “Idiotic homophobic comment.” Take it how it is written and stop being so defensive and sensitive to others opinions, especially when they are meant as just that, opinions. No where in that statement was there an implication that gay was bad or anything else, for that matter. Everyone needs to chill out on this stuff! Hell it is only a silly study that means nothing anyway.

        • ed long

          true! +1

      • Ben

        Yup. Someone’s being awfully sensitive. I made a statement not a character assessment. Take it any way you want, but I made no insults nor any claims to the rightness or wrongness of anything. Just a statement based on the facts presented in the article.

    • UserX

      Using southpark logic for the use of the words “fags”-

      most iphone users are fags.

      not fags in a gay way, but fags, in a fag way.

      my 2cents.
      TAKE IT!

  • IliketoChoose

    Biased survey.. Clearly tries to make IOS users look better.
    Well, I guess that android is so much the best these days that all means are used to disturb it..

    • The_Omega_Man

      This is WAR! And you know all is fair in WAR, right? Including nonsensical rhetoric an propaganda (a.k.a FUD).

    • hoodrat

      Yes because Best Coast is widely believed to be better than Radiohead…

  • Kev

    WOW this better be fake. I mean look at the median income and education gap…..This cant be real….

    • The_Omega_Man

      Does it REALLY matter? Run the same survey across a swath of PC owners versus mac owners. If the mac and the iproducts were not so damned expensive, do you think that apple would be in the financial position that it is in today? Expensive does not necessarily mean better as that is purely subjective to the individual. Because Android based products are created and marketed to every possible demographic, their ubiquity and popularity has become what it is today. Android would not be at 39% market share if everyone had to pay $600 for an Android phone.

    • me

      for me, the median income and education gap isn’t troubling . . it only shows that more people use android than iOS . .professionals are only a small bunch . . younger people far outnumber those in their 30s – 50s&higher . .

      android better as it doesn’t only serve the high-class people of society and be labeled as an elite brand . . but serves everyone(including those same professionals) . . and it’s a better choice for business . .

      who wants to sell to a small percent of people in a country ?? when they can sell to EVERYONE in it

  • ben dover

    the os numbers don’t match any of the reported numbers elsewhere. with the os being at 32% (ios) and 21% (android).

    basically, their taking stats of a site that more ios users visit.

    I’ve never even been to that site anyway :)

    • Top Gear

      You’re forgetting the iPad, which runs iOS. Ala, there are more iOS devices out there than Android devices

      • Raj

        You’re forgetting that there are android tablets as well, not to mention more android devices or at least phones being activated each day.

        This was just data collected from people who visit a site, which hardly represents the entire population in any way.

        • Leonick

          Yea, almost 1.5 million sold android tablets, that gives it just a few percent of the tablet market.

          And activations are a rather shady statistic, we don’t know what counts as an activation. I wish Google would just start bragging with sales numbers instead…

          • The_Omega_Man

            There have been a lot more than 1.5 million Android based tablets sold!

          • ed long

            If Android activates 500,000 devices every day… 2% are Tablets… that would be 4.5 million tablets a year.
            Last stat I read Tablets are accounting for more than 2%.
            Just saying!

      • yerand

        That may be one of the most stupid things I’ve heard all day… they have the iPhone, I pad, and iPod touch, we have hundreds of phones, a few tablets and a few PMPs.

      • The_Omega_Man

        The primary ios device that would actually skew that number is neither a phone nor a tablet computer… is a music & media player device… ;-)

  • Vance

    As someone who regularly travels on frequent flier miles and has been to over a dozen different countries, let me just tell you that Android over iOS is a simple no-brainer!
    I can see where these numbers may come from, though. Let’s face it, a lot of money-focused people tend to be superficial by nature, and thus, trendy. There is nothing trendier than an overpriced apple product in a pretty white box to make someone feel like s/he’s “in the know”.

    I knew iPhoners were pretentious but “salted caramel ice cream”? Ha!

    • Black Kristos

      Actually, that shit is AWESOME. So that is one thing I have in common with the iFanboys.

      • agentdiscount

        Just add some salt (sea, black, etc) to anything that was just caramel and I’m already 50% more likely to get it.

        The infographic is just a easy way for to get prideful Android fans over to vent their outrage and smug iOS users to brag about how awesome they are.


    Common are you serious? I mean interesting study that reveals all the wrong things.. I do have a yahoo email but it is used for yahoo fantasy sports and spam.. I mean you need a gmail to use most of your phones features. I mean it is not mandatory but it makes it a hell of a lot easier. Country? I have ever lived in the country. I have been a city dweller all of my life ! Income? Well when it comes to that how an you judge Android? Android covers all segments , you can find an Android device to fit every need. From a basic phone you can get for 50 dollars off contract , to fully featured owerhouses that cost 600 or better off contract.

    I guess what I am saying is it is impossible to judge when IOS comes on 1 phone and Android comes n many many different phones that cover a wide variety of tastes. I will say this , Living in NYC most of life and living in Brooklyn . I have seen many lower income individuals spending there last few bucks on an Iphone because they think its cool and not because of functionality.This study is to me is for pure entertainment purposes

    By the way great write up Edgar.. Everything was put together nicely..

  • Nick Gray

    A lot of the details would seem off, but you have to keep in mind that the number show that most iPhone users are over the age of 35. They may be followers when it comes to technology, but in their work and every day life they are probably your bosses or someone who’s in a management position. The simplicity of the iPhone is all these people can handle.

    • BiGMERF

      Plus one my friend.. Plus one

    • Top Gear

      Your boss is dumber than you, so they need a simpler device. Makes sense.

      Or it doesn’t, depending on how sound your mind is.

      • Oreo

        Lay off the Hater-aid, ok. That is all.

    • Steve

      This just made my day my friend

  • Karbide

    This just makes iOS users appear to be a higher level of douche bag or tech deficient. Based on the handful of people I know that own an iOS device this infographic isn’t too far off base.

  • ChaosKiller

    Android users are more likely to be tech-savvy
    Android users are more likely to be programmers
    Android users are more likely to have researched possible devices

    I will probably have more soon…

    • Leonick

      I think you should scratch those two points on your list, if that up there is correct iPhone users are more likely to back up their computers, I say that counts toward them being more tech savvy :p

      • ben dover

        or maybe they back up their computer because their only iphone backup is on the pc… :-P
        Most android users rarely connect their phone to their pc to backup

        • The_Omega_Man

          And Android backs up information on it’s own for the user, so that they do not have to even think about it…..I wonder if that was factored into that question?

  • Josh Phillips

    I think what this says is that the android users more closely resemble Americans as a whole. The readers of this site and those like it, probably are not reflected in this survey. We are a niche within the android group. I know many Android users that do reflect this profile however.

    Most iPhone users I know though, think they are really smart, or are really smart, just not with technology.

  • Greg

    Why would an Android blog even bother with this unscientific rubbish?

  • Danny

    Where in the world did they get this information??!?!? Really…even though I’m a registered Android Developer…I fit the Apple stats more than Android…they numbers doesn’t seem real.

  • Interpol91

    Interesting data but how the heck did they find people that gave them these answers?! One thing is for sure, I’m an Android user and I love Radiohead!!!

  • Steve505

    This survey is obviously biased and inaccurate.

    Windows mobile only has 7% market share, and Android has more than 38%.

  • maciel310

    Keep in mind that every one of these stats is relative to the other category, not relative to other people within the demographic, which makes a _huge_ difference on the meaning behind the stat.

    Take for instance, the yahoo email statement. That doesn’t mean that 50% of Android users have a Yahoo account, it means that they are 50% more likely than an iOS user to have a yahoo account. So, if 3% of iPhone users use Yahoo, then 4.5% of Android users use Yahoo. Sounds a whole lot different when stated like that…

    Income stats shouldn’t be surprising, either. Seeing as how there have been a ton of budget priced Android phones (my last phone I bought for a penny from Amazon), a higher percentage of people will be Middle Class versus the iPhone users who don’t really get much of a price break. Again, it isn’t saying that most Android users are middle class, it is saying that Android has more middle class users than iOS users. Similarly, the same statement applies to the fact that iOS has more 200K+ users.

    Oh, and by the way, typo: greaduated=graduated.

  • chris

    This is stupid. You can tell an iphone user made this graph. They tried to make iPhone users look like high end classy rich people while android users are from the ghetto. Give me a break. Why can’t people just except the fact tthat android is the best?

  • Matt K

    People forget about all those cheap android phones on the market too (the entry level ones) which I’m sure has a part to play in this survey. Most of those people cannot afford an i*hone. I for one prefer the latest high-end android over an i*hone anyday.

  • Markus

    I wonder how much Verizon’s better coverage of rural areas and earlier adoption of Android phones combined with AT&T’s iPhone monopoly played into these results. I live in a southern Georgia town and Verizon was my only choice for almost two years if I wanted 3G data coverage.

  • Tran Lang

    The 15,818 users that provide the information to come up with this infographics do not represent millions users of Android in the US alone. Plus, we they ask people for survey, people tend to telling lies rather than telling truth. Just look around you, there’re many people who carries iPhones and pretend like they’re talking big business, closing some big deals. Well, they just show off to people they have iPhones, too. I bet when you ask them what good about using iPhone, they hardly tell you any good thing from their damn devices. I am an Android fan, I’d rather spend $189 on a refurbished Nook Color and root it to turn it into a fully, beautifully Android Honeycomb tablet for my daughter to play games and that satisfies my technical curiosity of the hardware and the OS it runs. Currently, I’m using a modest LG phone G2x, running CM7 Nightly 115 with Android Fries Apple boot animation. Any iPhone fan has clue what it is?

  • Liz N

    I feel like a lot of this is wrong, from the age demographic, to education, and even where people live. From my own group of friends, even those with iPhones, it doesn’t match up at all.

  • Alexis

    yeah this has to be fake, they pull information out of their apple biased asses.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I won’t blast anyone I will use diplomacy on this. People who prefer iphones maybe people who are less technology inclined and just want something simple to each it’s own. I could actually care less about anyone who use an iphone they will never be smarter than me espically since I am gainfully employed in high level management and very technology savy. All my coworkers come to me whenever it has anything to do with phones or computers I’m the person they call that will always be. In my world there is no iphone vs android simply because android will always be better in every way.

  • Ben

    I cannot even beliv that people actually discuss the results of this survey.Fact is, that there are lots of cheap Android devices out there, which will be bought by people with a (i use the british term) “workimg class” background. Of course these people will be more likely to not have tavelled that much, be leaders or have a high income. I would love to see a statistic only including phones in the same price class as the iphone e.g. the Galxy s2, Motorola Attrix or Htc Evo.THAT would be more interesting, and i bet the differences would be uch, much smaller

  • RevSpaminator

    Android OS! The open source operating system of the dirty proletariat.

    Power To The Android…er, People!

    The truth be told, us Android users are all godless communists who want to fluoridate the water supply and build landing strips for Bolshevik Martians. I read about it in a pamphlet from Cupertino California, titled “Do You Know What Google Is Doing To Our Soil?”

    BTW, all respect to the Dead Milkmen

  • Marcus

    This is a very biased survey. It does seem to make iPhone users better than they probably are. I mean I don’t really care about iPhones because an entire side of my family owns one. And this is a very well known stereotype about iPhone users but in some cases it can be true that they are less… educated about technology. It kinda bugs me

  • Justin

    Anybody that knows anything about statistics would have realized this “study” was flawed from the get-go. “Hunch has conducted a survey that involved 15,818 users.” Legitimate surveys use random samples of a population. There’s a very clear bias here, as everybody polled was a user of this Hunch website. From this data, you could MAYBE say “these statistics are true about Android/iOS users who use”, but you can’t extrapolate it to the population in general.

  • Corey Mayweather

    Wow this thing is incorrect. I know like 25 people who own android phones who are incredibly successful . Including my sister and parents. Does it really say that android users have never been out of the country ? In September im going to Hungray Germany and Paris . Thats 3 in just a week.

  • Damien

    HAHAHAHHAHAHA god damn you got m
    e at how i met your mother and and the walking dead lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Neil Smithline

    While provides a service that many may value, its users are far from a random sampling of Android and iPhone users. It is not even clear that it is a random sampling of the users of Unless I was intentionally pushing a personal agenda, I simply can’t imagine why I would bother to answer a survey.

    While I understand that Hunch’s business model is to encourage user interaction and that this sort of “playful” survey fit well with their business model, I view as a source of reasonable quality news.

    Reposting the survey results is fine, provided that you point out the obvious lack of relevancey to anyone with the possible exception of Hunch users. You have also posted it as “News” and stated that “the results are quite interesting.” Both of these actions seem to give even more credence to the survey.

    The most shocking part of your article is that it seems to have been written and posted as News by someone who only looked at the pretty pictures but didn’t actually read Hunch’s article about the infograph.

    The article begins by stating that this is another posting in the “Teach Hunch About You (THAY)” series, clearly limiting the scope of the survey to a Hunch users rather than, as you have, generalized the results.

    The conclusion of the Hunch posting continues to be playful. For example, it discusses the use of a smartphone and Google Maps to navigate a supermarket and asks if this is “Pathetic or enthusiastic? you decide.”

    And, in keeping with their playful, interactive, non-news style, Hunch completes the posting with “Do the findings in the infographic above ring true for you? Are you in sync with thousands of Hunch users with your mobile operating system? Let your voice be heard in the comments.”

    What I find most revolting is your use of the “Via CNET” label, somehow implying that you are posting the same thing that CNET posted. But, if anyone had bothered to read the CNET, or even look at the very large banner at the top of the article, they would see that it is not published as “News”. Rather, it is published as “Technically Incorrect”.

    Every news source posts weak or even incorrect articles at times. But I doubt there are many news sources that could foul up an article as spectacularly as you have done here.

    While one of the problems of the information age and its plethora of news sources is that it is difficult to know how reliable any given source is. But one of the advantages of so many news sources is that I don’t need to waste my time determining any one site’s value as there’s simply so many others to turn to.

    I do think that Google’s “Blocked Sites” list, accessible via, was invented just for sites like yours.

    • Clark Wimberly

      Since the graphic is clearly marked as being from Hunch and since the post is clearly marked as being sourced from Hunch, I think you’ve gotten a bit riled up over nothing. To say that we are being deceitful is to say that others aren’t capable of reading at your level.

      The definition of news doesn’t say anything about the information having to be easily agreed upon, we were simply sharing someone else’s findings as new information and taking a look at the data. It’s a fun exercise.

      We speculate a lot here and like to add a dose of our own opinions, something which will continue even after you manually block us.

  • Lou

    Ok let me take the survey. I use android and I don’t travel much (full time job and 2 boys).

    I make less than 50k a year.

    I do have a yahoo account but switched to gmail in 2006.

    I use a mac and linux computer at home. (Mac is for photoshop only)

    I live in the city.

    Graduated highschool and attended art college.

    I prefer looks and features, screen quality, speaker quality larger size and unlocked bootloader.

    I currently sell android devices for t-mobile, been down since the beginning and not looking back.

  • keridel

    guys guys guys…

    its not a survey or any real technology based questionaire it’s an infographoc that is supposed to be fun. it is all clearly absurd and designed to be a giggle.

    AaM has put it in for some lightheartedness. try to take it in that vain.

  • jj

    besides the fact that this is a biased article, the stats just solidifies the notion that apple users are shallow elitist douches who pretend they are better than everyone. android users are followers? the followers are iphone/ipad users who get it cause everyone is getting it. most apple users do not know anything of the tech they are holding. a third think they have 4g!!!

  • ahadsarkar

    MUST VIEW Android IceCream 3.1 Apple iOS 5 Vs Microsoft WP7 Mango [Pics & Video
    Comparison] [Pics & Video Comparison]

  • sylar

    Ok I don’t really believe this. I don’t fit into any of that. Well at least very little.

  • MotlaQ

    iPhone Users…. lead ?!!!

  • Chahk

    Also, did you know that 38% of all statistics are made up on the spot?

  • David

    Mini-pizzas, Popcorn, Chocolate /// Mixed Nuts, Ginger Snaps, Yogurt?

    You gotta be kidding me.

  • Chris

    This is total BULLSHIT. All of those stereotypes I break. I use Android.

    It seems like total Elitism and fanboyism.

  • thered$napper

    i was an iOS user since 07 but wanted more things “to do” with an OS. simple is sleek and hip.. but… I craved more

  • Farhan ‘AlfaTrion’ Jiwani

    I actually got upset reading this because most just seemed like made up bull to me. This seemed like it was made for people who are on the fence about Android or iOS just so people would feel better about themselves going for an iPhone.

    I pretty much broke most of those correlations. And looking at my friends who use Android or iPhones, they don’t fit properly into any of those columns AT ALL.

    The one that made me laugh out loud was that iPhone users are FIFTY PERCENT more likely to have used the internet before 1992. Most of my iPhone friends barely know how to use the internet TODAY.

  • Rob H

    This is almost identical to the standard conservative (in this case, Android) vs liberal (all things Apple) argument. Or practical vs elitist. Most people I know that have Apple products do so just because it’s Apple, even if they’re paying more for less. Being in the phone sales field, that classic YouTube video “Evo vs iPhone” is startlingly accurate.

  • Ryan

    Thank you. This is honestly what stuck out to me the most. I work with a couple of iPhone lovers and an Apple fanboy who “just wants a computer to work” no matter how much it costs.

    When I try explaining all the things my phone can do that theirs can’t they just look at me and say “so?” After a few tries at explaining I realized that they just don’t want functionality. I keep trying to stay out of it but they keep asking me to explain why I like those things… the walls here are cinderblocks and the desk is stainless steel: my head is starting to hurt.

    • Nat

      I supported your comment, this is all true, people with Iphone don’t care about functionality they just goes with the wave, because others has iPhones. i never ever like that iphone. I thank Google and HTC to make such a nice device like my HTC G2 with is 100x better than an Iphone.

  • Ryan

    I’m a little ashamed at all the people shouting “this is biased because I am smart and the Android things don’t apply to me!”

    You obviously don’t understand the concept of surveys. “More likely” means just that. Just because one side is more likely to be “A” doesn’t mean that some members aren’t “B”

    • me

      are you kidding me ?? you really think this crap article is a “survey” ? ? ? hahahahah

      that makes you “more likely” to be an idiot . . ahaha

      speaking of iphone users, so they’re “more likely to prefer a sleek device that does just a few things”

      that means the writer of this article blatantly accepts the fact that the iphone functionality is very limited and outdated . .

      android users are “more likely to prefer an ugly device that’s full featured” ?

      well . . i’ve never seen an ugly device running android , ,

  • Rashad

    From what I gathered from the given statistics iPhone users = hipsters. Just take a look at the food and entertainment categories, its all super highfalutin. Also they tend to be early adopters just so they can say “I had it *before* it was popular”

  • Shaun Young

    iPhone users more likely to have a leather jacket collection.
    iPhone users more likely to not know much about anything.
    iPhone users more likely to have an iPhone just to say, “hey, I have an iPhone.”

  • Chad

    I’d like to see a more fair compaison. The iPhone is basically one phone as well as a software platform. Android is many phones. This survey is like comparint a Lexus IS to the entire Nissan/Infiniti lineup. I’d really like to see the survey redone with, say, a Nexus S only in the comparison to Apple’s iPhone. Then it would be more Lesus IS vs. Infiniti GS.

  • jason mazzon

    Interesting, interesting but purely stereotypical, imaginary observations do not any kind of market research or practical general knowledge input make. These are non-observations which become mind viruses in the mind of many a reader out there. I can say this because I am not a handicapped computer user. I’ve used all computing systems and platforms out there with their attached software.

    This is all like tech verbal diarrhea. Give us something worth reading.

    Yes, I am old. Yes, I’ve been around.

  • Young
  • Markus

    Here is 10 quick-good reasons I agree with, check out who wins. wink wink.

  • Miguel Ruiz

    I think Android is the future. I´m selling my Iphone 4 and changing to Android for many reasons including file management and signal quality. The reason I still have Iphone is because I have contract to the cell phone company and can’t close it yet. When Iphone came it has no competition but now is different because Android offer same functionality and FREEDOM for less money, and that is essencial for people who want to lead. If you do the test in one year you’ll see what I´m talking about.

  • Iphone gamer

    Wow, I have an iPhone and don’t fit that side of the chart at all. I’m a gamer, and I chose it because there are way more games for IOS than android. I actually prefer android as a system, but besides calls and texts, apps are all that really matter, and IOS has android beat in that regard, because the state of the Market is horrible (but it is improving pretty rapidly to be fair). My ideal phone would run Android but have access to the App Store, but that’s just me. Actually, scratch that, it’d have access to the App Store and run webOS, the most overlooked, underrated and well designed mobile OS ever :)

  • g0dsgreen

    80 million responses from 700,000 users… wat?

  • whathehellisthisshit

    SO much bullshit.. wine /music “Gothic” really? they the most gheto ass users
    I can clearly see on websites music preferences and who they are. Most android users in America are Hispanic or black and majority don’t pas the 20-30 k. The rest is emerging markets and the medium wage still don’t pass the 50 k. They also like to call due to android marketing of speech geeks Im done. Beside some Indians coders and occasionally some real tech builders the rest is trash which is 98% of android users