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Animal rights activist makes malware-infected version of KG Dogfighting

KG Dogfighting

Violence in video games is not rare these days, but it seems a game that involves raising and fighting a dog can really hit a spot for many. KG Dogfighting has been one of the most controversial apps we’ve seen. PETA (along with other animal rights activists) has been against this app due to its graphic nature, which they believe endorses animal cruelty.

Said app was actually removed from the market for a while and returned just a few days ago, with the promise of actually giving part of the profit to animal rescue organizations. While this move could be beneficial to those who care for animals, many were still very unsatisfied with the fact that this app is back in the Android Market.

One (or some) of those avid animal rights activists have decided to take matters into their own hands. Symantec has discovered that a malware-infected version of this app has been created. This app does not take your personal info and credit card numbers, though. It just sends a text to all your contacts with the following message:

I take pleasure in hurting small animals, just thought you should know that.Malware-infected userText Message

After sending the text message to all your contacts, this malware will sign you up to receive news/texts from PETA.

This malware-infected app is not available from the Android Market, though. In order to get the infected KG Dogfighting game, one must download it illegally. As always, we advise that you stick to legal ways of purchasing apps (preferrably the Android Market). Other sources put you at higher risk, and while this malware may not affect your life too badly, others can. The easiest way to identify the malware version is by checking out the app image, which will say PETA instead of BETA.

Needless to say, two wrongs do not make a right. While dogfighting is by no means a good pass-time to practice, many support this app staying on the market. The common arguments include that it’s just a game, or that there are games out there in which you can murder human beings and people do not seem to care as much.

Whether you’re for or against this app, what these people have done is simply not cool. Infecting devices, sending texts to all contacts and signing someone up for a service they did not approve of is simply not right. There are better ways of getting your opinion out there without infringing on people’s smartphones. What’s even more interesting is that PETA seems to approve of these actions.

We don’t know who created this version of the app, but we think it is ingenious. When someone creates a game that glorifies animal abuse, you can bet that people will come up with clever, smart ways to take action against itSpokespersonPETA

Saving animals and improving the world is great, PETA. But are we really going to support malware? I am sure PETA would not like it if someone created an app that made all infected devices send text messages saying bad things about animal rights. We all have our views and are all for making the world a better place. But please, let’s do it in a more mature, civilized manner.

What do you guys think? Was this the wrong approach by the developers of this infected app? Or are users to blame for downloading applications illegally? Do you think this app should stay available in the Andorid market? Let us know what you think!

Via: Phandroid

Source: Symantec

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    “What do you guys think? Was this the wrong approach by the developers of this infected app? Or are users to blame for downloading applications illegally? Do you think this app should stay ‘available in the Andorid market? Let us know what you think!”

    The app makes me sick and that is all I hve to sat about that! It deserves no further comments. !

    • Edgar Cervantes

      These cases are kind of a dilemma, because I am actually very much against dogfighting (and this app). I am also very much against trying to get malware on people’s devices, though. Then there is the illegal downloading factor, which I also do not support.

      While there are definitely feelings involved, I just try to be as objective as possible. I do not want to give you guys something biased. You are right, the app (like many other things nowadays) is really bad, though.

      • BiGMERF

        Edgar nothing against your article.. It is just the app that make me sick. While I am pro developer , I will not publicly endorse crap apps that involve hurting living things

        • aj

          But again what about hurting humans. So theres always controversy whether violent video games encourage violence in children or people. So why are games where i can stab,shoot,main,or tear apart other people perfectly ok and people say “ohhhh its a game it doesnt promote anything” but an animal fighting gets all this attention in market. So im more with edgar who mention that its a tricky dilemma. Dogfighting is bad. Downloading illegal apps is bad. Putting malware on peoples phones is bad. But we all have a choice. Its peoples choice to download illegally or download this app about dogfighting. So as long as this app doesnt infringe on peoples right like they are not forced to download this app then in retrospect(not that i support) it should be allowed. Plus there are filters and rating system on the market soo…

          • Jessica

            It’s also a persons choice to hurt another person. If a dog(s) are trained to kill one another, they are going to fight to try and survive and because it is what their human wants. A dog will fight a bear, or a puma to save it’s person. A dog will also give high fives, or sit, etc. because that is what it’s human wants. Dogs don’t think rationally as humans do. Like any animal, a dog will fight to stay alive. A dog will also fight if that’s what his human wants. Nobody forces a human to be a boxer, or an MMA/WWE fighter. That is the humans choice. It’s a human’s choice if he wants to play a violent video game. Dogs don’t wake up and think “hey, I think I’ll join a dogfight today”. It doesn’t happen.

  • Interpol91

    As long as there are no rules or laws being broken then the app should not be removed. I love dogs and though I don’t suport this app I don’t see nothing wrong with its presence. The malware infection obviously wouldn’t have happened had people stayed away from illegally downloaded apps. That’s their fault for being pirates and it’s a risk they know is always present.

    • TheRoot13

      I agree. Like bigmerf this makes me sick but I can’t support its removal

  • codesplice

    I’m highly amused by this. You have to admit that it is a bit clever, though obviously not the proper way to go about expressing your distaste for this app.

    I think they should have added an additional note to the SMSes generated by the Trojan: “I also take pleasure in depriving developers of their hard-earned cash.”

    • TheRoot13

      I also have to admit it was clever. Your last line should have been in the message!

  • Jim

    From reading the article you might think that downloading anything outside of the Android Market or Amazon App Store is illegal. This isn’t the case, and there are even provisions put in place in Android to facilitate installs from 3rd party sources. While this may open you up to risks based on the lack of oversight from these sources, it is definitely not illegal, and is in fact one of the reasons I ditched the iPhone for Android. What is illegal, is pirating commercial software, and this app is targeting people who are looking for a free (pirated) download of Dog Fighter.

    Having said that, I think the real issue with this app is a sense of tact. We do many illegal things virtually when we play video games. It’s part of the escapism that makes them and other media enjoyable. The difference here is the emotions stirred up by the content. To think that the writers of this app didn’t think it would be controversial is naive. They were probably betting on the fact, and it seems to be paying off. It’s offensive (and I personally find it very offensive), but they have every right to create it. This, again, is one of the reasons I switched to Android. Apple would never allow a game like this in iTunes, but it would be in the company of apps both offensive emotionally as well as offensive to Apple’s product strategy.

    Lastly, I think the idea of shaming the people who play this game via txt is hilarious, but in the end, all it serves is to create more publicity for KG, which fits perfectly into the “sales via controversy” model. So, kudos to whoever came up with the trojan for the joke, but it’s not helping your cause. If anything, having it on pirate sites will only prompt more people to purchase the app legally.

    • 112

      If you felt the writer was implying all downloads outside the Android Market are illegal, you were reading your own bias into this article. He clearly states “we advise that you stick to legal ways of purchasing apps (preferrably the Android Market)”.

  • ERB0817

    I know this comparison might be a stretch, but isn’t this game just Pokemon with a creature that exists in real life? Train a creature to fight and beat up another creature. Many of the best games are based around violence. I don’t support dog fighting, but I don’t support removing a game because it is controversial.

    The malware version is a stupid way to express that you don’t support the game. I think the part that would annoy me the most is the PETA texts. I get enough spam in my email, now I’m going to by text?

  • dog lover

    Its a fucking video game people, get over it… Do you not understand the difference between fantasy and reality? The developers have every right to make this game. The people responsible for distributing the malware app were ABSOLUTELY in the wrong and so was PETA for supporting it.

    • Merridus

      Couldn’t agree more. People just need to learn that because people play a game it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s what these people like to do in real life. I’m not pro war but I still enjoy military shooters, I’m not pro nuclear apocalypse but I still enjoy my fallout games.

      Maybe the people downloading this game (not the pirated version ofc) are intelligent enough to be able to appreciate that it’s just a game.

    • Isaac

      Very true, I have a pitbull that I love and I’m against animal abuse, but its just a video game, That’s like saying remove every shooter game because you kill humans and remove pokemon/digimon because you train to fight..

  • hopscotchjunkie

    Irrespective of the content of the app, I fully support malware being foisted upon people who are trying to get a paid app for free.

    It’s just a pity that the malware wasn’t set to send enough texts/make enough calls to run up a bill exactly equal to what the user would have paid for the app had they bought it legitimately.

    I remember a similar case from a few months ago with the app Walk and Talk; a doctored version of the app was uploaded to warez sites which, when installed, sent text messages to everyone in the user’s contacts proclaiming them a pirate.

    We absolutely need more of that, then maybe people will learn to fucking pay for stuff they want.

  • pjax

    I still don’t understand why a dog fighting game has irked more people than a human killing game.

    under the same light, I don’t get how PETA and many other animal rights activists thinks you’re a criminal if you eat dogs, but pigs or chickens or fish are ok. do dogs and cats (and cute pets in general) have higher rights than others? how would you feel about a cock fighting game?

    that said, I don’t eat dogs nor will I buy KG Dog Fighting. I just don’t get why dogfighting has irked more people than human killing, cock fighting, pig eating

  • Dirge

    So, it’s okay to virtually kill humans but it’s horrifying to virtually hurt animals? I by no means agree with real life dogfighting, but this isn’t real. It’s a “game”. It’s the same as games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Street Fighter, Tekken, etc. Do you see people going on real life killing sprees or randomly fighting other people just because they played those games? No. I rest my case.

    • Dirge

      Yeah, but we all know there isn’t any.

    • Gunderstorm

      I think you’re making an apples and oranges comparison here. This game is not the same. It’s a game based on and celebrating the abuse of an innocent creature.

      CoD and Battlefield are combat simulations. War and combat CAN be abuse, but aren’t always. Best of luck setting an argument that ALL war and ALL combat is morally wrong. I don’t think you can have that argument about dog fighting. Street Fighter isn’t about abusing another person (it isn’t even about realistic human beings). Dog fighting is 100% abuse.

      Would you condone a game where one maintains a virtual sweatshop? Or a fleet of slave ships*? No. THAT would be the same concept. And that would be the next shocking game that would make the rounds if a game like this is okayed.

      No, playing this game will not make everyone want to go out and train a dog to fight, but it certainly condones it. I rest MY case.

      *I’m not arguing for equal rights here (animals and humans). Just equal consideration.

      • mmalakai10

        ok i can see ur point with the sweatshops and slave ships. point taking i cant argue with this comment.

      • mmalakai10

        i wouldnt be suprised if a app comes out with sweatshops or slave ships knowing how racist the world can be.

      • pjax

        Grand Theft Auto! do you condone it?

        what about cock fighting? surely that’s legal! so it’s ok to make a game out of it?

        there’s also dopewars, which is a drug selling simulator. look, it’s on the Marketplace!

    • Jessica

      I reiterate, humans have the choice whether or not they want to hurt one another. A dog will do as it’s owner has taught it to do, whether that be, finding bombs, or humans buried in avalanches, etc., or fighting to the death. Taking advantage of an animal that possesses such intense loyalty to a member of another species is WRONG. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a video game, or in real life. If I go out and play Call of Duty, am I going to go out and shoot people? No, I’m not, and just because someone plays a game about dog fighting, doesn’t mean that they are going to go fight dogs either. Like I said though, it’s still my choice if I want to go be a boxer, or a WWE wrestler, and hurt other humans. Dogs don’t rationalize, they don’t wake up and say “hmmm, I think I’m going to go join a dogfight. That sounds like fun.” They do it for their owner. It’s wrong no matter what. I think the app should be removed, as it does promote dog fighting. There’s also the already unmerited stigma of Pit Bulls being horrendous, vicious beasts that will bite your face off at any given opportunity. A game like this does nothing but promote that terrible reputation. As a result of that notoriety, Pit Bulls are unjustly banned from many cities, owners of Pit Bulls cannot find a home to rent, and daily, thousands of shelters kill Pit Bulls, because they are deemed “unadopable” merely because of their breed. For that reason alone, this game needs to be removed, as it does nothing to educate the small minded, ignorant general public.

  • cb

    The game is sick, but the malware is ingenious.

  • elijahblake

    I mean it’s a game.. I really don’t get PETA and everyone’s reaction to this game..

    They have NO problem with Grand Theft Auto which simulates killing REAL people or Modern Warfare games that simulate killing real people and Countless other games which do the same thing, yet you have a game where dogs are fighting and they go crazy..

    It’s a freaking game… GEEZ!!

    Now if it were an app that let you create and organize REAL dog fights then yeah there would be something wrong with that…

    I seriously don’t think that people that would actually FIGHT dogs would be playing an app about it..

  • Michelle

    Wow, just wow.

  • Gunderstorm

    The bottom line is, the making of this app is an act of condoning this awful passtime. If it were not, then why dogs? Why follow the same procedures of “training your fighting dog” that are common in actual dogfighting?

    This app brings the player into that world and says that it’s okay. I might also mention that it furthers the stigma suffered by “bully breeds”. Pit bulls are not savage creatures good for nothing but fighting.

    Why not “Trollfighting”? Or “KG Leprauchan Duel”?!? If they wanted to make something that isn’t offensive (and thereby attention-grabbing), they would have made it a Tamagotchi bloodsport game instead.

    • Futureboy

      I’ve got 5 bucks for the first dev who creates “Leprechaun Duel!”

  • Thorpeland

    I hate malware as much as the next person. But I applaud PETA on this one. The dirtbags who made this game should be banned from the market and the app removed. Like was said earlier, they could have used any other subject to fight… Leprauchans… anything. Only a sicko wants to see dog fighting.

    • mmalakai10

      idk why its only a game, relax u control freak. im not saying i promote or support dogfighting but layoff a little. there are more important things that need this kinda attention in the world besides a dogfighting app. how about feeding the hungry and providing shelter to the homeless. why dont u save an animal since u are so concerned have then live in ur house then see how u will react. dogs fight naturally becuz they are territorial animals no human can change that. i owuld like to see u put ur hand in the middle of a dog fight since this app grinds ur gears

      • Jessica

        “dogs fight naturally becuz they are territorial animals no human can change that” Your ignorance is astounding. Dogs are in face pack animals, with an extremely complex infrastructure. They do not fight for sport, nor to see who is strongest. Wolves may fight in times of severe hunger. Do they fight for money? Do they fight to see who is stronger? No. They fight when needed to gain access to territories that have a larger food supply. Dogs are like wolves. They don’t just randomly fight each other. If that does occur, I can assure you that it is not natural, but is actually a fault of the human behind that dog. Humans unintentionally cause dogs to become aggressive, due to lack of understanding of canine psychology, and the pack mentality. All dog behavior problems that you see in many domestic dogs is a direct result of the human not providing a stable pack environment for the dog. Perhaps you should do some research on a subject before making an incorrect statement. This app is wrong, and it does promote dog fighting. It doesn’t matter if those playing it actually go out and fight dogs. I can guarantee you that when they see a Pit Bull walking down the street with it’s owner, that the ones playing this game will relate that dog with this barbarian game. The Romans were barbarians. They were very unkind to animals. Dog fighting, and bull-baiting were both “sports” that were a favorite of the Romans’, along with gladiators etc. Remind me, where is the Roman civilization today? Oh, that’s right, it doesn’t exist.

  • mmalakai10

    well IMO and 2 cents on this app will be i dont mind this app at all. i dont support real dogfighting though as majority commented on here. i say leave the app its not being forced onto ppls phones, ppl download then just for entertainment purposes. i dont own this app on my phone but if one of those (do not do try this at home or anywhere) kinda messages before playing and with the filters on the market now. i dont see the problem some ppl get bent outta shape for silly reasons. creating a malware app that looks like the real app is uncalled for. u rather mess up some device for a game then go look for real dog or animal that need help. i dont see how this will promote dogfighting after see the consequences with michael vick. another point about the games that killing human was a very good point. animal i guess have more rights than a humans.

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    I’m going to chime in with some of the others and say that while I certainly don’t condone dogfighting and I believe it to be a despicable sport (if it can be called that), we’re really setting a double standard if we can condone games where people kill people but not games where dogs kill dogs.

    So in that vein of thought, when people kill people for entertainment in reality, it’s horrible. When dogs kill dogs for entertainment in reality, it’s horrible. When people kill people for entertainment in a game, it’s just a game. When dogs kill dogs for entertainment in a game, it’s just a game.

  • Mark

    BOO F*CKING HOO!!! It’s just a game. Get over yourselves.

  • Kristi

    What do I think? I think dogs didn’t get a choice whether they’re owned by a creep that makes them fight. I think small animals, like kittens, that are used to bait the dogs and train them to kill aren’t consulted either. So one of these jerks gets a malware message on their phone? Oh, boo-hoo. That must really hurt.

  • martin

    so its a game about virtual dogfighting? in highschool i played a game about buying/sell drugs and beating people up. It was called drug wars. I don’t see the difference between this and the GTA series.

    I’m not interested, but I just won’t use it.

  • Cheyenne

    This game is disgusting. I praise whoever created the malware infection version. And people out there wonder why sickos get poor pit bulls and force them to fight and kill. And because of those people those helpless animals are put to sleep. Those dogs didn’t ask to be fought. This game needs to be banned for good.

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  • Jessica

    This app is atrocious. It should not exist. There’s a difference between hurting animals, and hurting humans. For instance, humans willingly hurt each other in the boxing, wrestling, MMA, WWE, etc. “sports”. Humans have a choice. Animals run on instinct, they don’t rationalize. A dog will fight for it’s life if put in that situation, where it has no choice. If a human trains a dog specifically to kill another dog, that is not the dog’s fault. The dog is simply attempting to appease the owner, even if that means dying if that is what the owner asks. It’s taking advantage of an age old loyalty that dogs have to humans. It’s also reminiscent of ancient Roman blood sports such as bull-baiting, pitting lions against tigers, etc. Have humans not evolved since then? Could the way Rome treated animals have cause karma to kick them in ass? The Roman civilization is now extinct. I can’t help but think that bad karma had something to do with that. As for the mal-ware thing, I could care less. It may have been wrong, but do those people trying to download the app deserve it? “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated,” is a quote that I truly believe in. Humans all across the nation are trying to make life better for the earth, be green and all that stuff. What good does that do if we don’t treat animals right, especially dogs. Dogs are the most loyal animals, that man has ever come across. I find it utterly heinous, and unacceptable. It makes me ashamed of the human race.