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As we count down to the Droid Bionic release date, full specs are confirmed


Are you desperately waiting for Verizon to release the Droid Bionic this September? I think we can help you ease the pain (or not) for the next five minutes. Straight out of the horse’s mouth, the Droid Bionic’s official specs have now made their way to the Internet. The guys at Droid-Life found this spec sheet just casually hanging around Motorola’s Developer website. This is as official as it gets, folks.

Without much further ado, here’s the Droid Bionic’s final and official spec sheet:

  • Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread
  • 4.3-in screen with a qHD (540 x 960) resolution
  • 1 GHz dual-core TI OMAP4430 processor
  • PowerVR SGX 540 graphics processor
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 9 GB of internal storage
  • 4 GB of secure storage
  • 8 MP rear-facing camera with LED flash
  • 0.3 MP front-facing camera
  • 1080p video recording
  • HDMI 1.4 support
  • Webtop support

If you want to get into the Droid Bionic’s gritty details — like the notification light’s color — you can head to Motorola’s website and take a look a the whole spec sheet for yourself. At this point, there’s not a lot left we can speculate about the Droid Bionic. We know its coming in September, we know what it looks like, and now we know its specifications. Price is still unknown, but we expect it to be similar to Verizon’s other high-end Android phones. And by that I mean very expensive.

That’s pretty much it, we can now go back to counting how many minutes are left until we’ll be able to buy a Droid Bionic in September.

Via: Droid-Life

Source: Motorola

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  • SparkyXI


  • jeremy

    Who cares? lol not to be negative but this phone is basically the Motorola Atrix in a different shell…motorola devices are crap, screen black levels suck, motoblur sucks and is not innovative, they also dont really support the true meaning of Android being open, Accessories are priced extremely high, build quality is ok but NONE of their phones are visually appealing. ive had the Atrix since its release and between AT&T and their horrible service and the Atrix horrible microphone people can barely understand what im saying. The only reason why motorla can even compete in this industry is because of Google otherwise no one would buy their crappy phones…. Stick to HTC first and samsung second if you want a real phone…

    • SparkyXI

      Fully disagree. My Moto Droid has been the best phone I’ve ever owned, and it’s never touched a protective case or screen protector. I’ve installed and reinstalled different custom roms at *least* 20 times, wiped the phone, rooted, unrooted, abused, misused, and all around used my Moto for absolutely everything under the sun. She’s still kicking, 2 years later. That’s better than some can say for most *laptop computers*.

      Do you think people would buy HTC if it weren’t for Android? I, for one, know from experience as an ex-employee of one of the big 4 that HTC would have died off 3 years ago if it weren’t for Android. Why? Their phones (at that time) were full-on crap.

      Oh, and I’d like you to also compare the Droid Charge’s screen to the 0G Droid. Just try it once. For me.

      • Geah

        You don’t know shit, HTC has been popular since way before Android OS was released and people still cook for old ass phones like the Dash on XDA. The phones are still around, still working and still getting updated ROMs. So stfu please.

      • Geah

        You don’t know nearly as much as you would like to think. HTC has been popular since way before Android OS was released and people still cook for old HTC phones like the Dash on XDA. The phones are still around, still working and still getting updated ROMs. So stfu please.

        Oh and being a retail owner doesn’t qualify you in any way, you people tend to be the most ignorant when it comes to what consumer really want.

        • TheDude

          Wow. Kind of a douche, aren’t you?

      • PixelSlave

        SparkyXI, you are right about the Droid. Mine is still rocking out charm everyday. However, Jeremy isn’t completely wrong neither because everything Motorola released since Droid can only be described as going downhill.

        >> I’ve installed and reinstalled different custom roms at *least* 20 times, wiped the phone, rooted, unrooted, abused, misused, and all around used my Moto for absolutely everything under the sun.

        Ever since the Droid was released, almost every Motorola Android phones were locked down. Not until recently did the community found way to work around this limitation. Root, yes. Custom ROM, may be. But a completely custom OS? You should ask a Droid X owner how long they ended up waiting to see the first CyanogenMod build.

      • inviolable

        lol you being serious? Motorola would be non existent their damn selves if it weren’t for android powering the original Droid at the exact right time. And HTC had some very nice Windows Mobile phones before android was around.

        • GiqueGEAR_Todd

          Well said. Motorola rocked the Droid at the right time, and history was made at that time because of it. HTC was already established as a premier smartphone maker at that time. I own an original Droid and have loved it, BUT, a month or so ago I switched over to the HTC EVO 3D and love it as well. I just hope Motorola can correct course quickly, b/c I believe they have a LOT to offer in the future of Android.

    • snowbdr89

      I care and id try out the bionic, the dx was my fav phone aside from being locked and blur i put that phone threw hell rooted unrooted roms etc hell it was impossible to brick do if the bionic is the same quality then id buy it!!

  • sylar

    Well its just a little late, now.

  • Daniel

    OMAP4430 and SGX540? This is certainly a fine SoC, but we were expecting something at least as good as the Tegra 2.

    • SparkyXI

      Agreed, however, just because there’s better technology out there doesn’t mean every device works at peak performance with said technology.

      • Daniel

        It’s not so much that it must have top technology, but that I’m not that confident the SGX540 can deliver. Remember, this is not just a generic phone, it will have to support webtop mode at 720p.


    Not bad, but not on my radar…

  • JAG

    Nice, one of the most amazing phone coming soon!!

    Despite its too late!!

  • Eben1277

    This would look really nice if it had been released in April or May.

  • samer

    Im more interested in the screen. Ever since the super amoled plus, i wanna know how nice the displays are, nothing matches the vividness and blacks of samsung

  • Interpol91

    Yet again Motorola has managed to make a device that doesn’t appear on my radar

  • SparkyXI

    I’m thinking the screen on the DB will be nice and clear, like the 0G Droid, but larger. The Charge screen is nice, but the dpi kind of blows…

  • Raptor

    Motorola misses not much:
    - it needs better soap box designers
    - better camera
    - better quality control
    - better screens (SuperAmoled)

    But designers are real paramount. Current designers are worst antisocial hacks studied in Computer Engineering departments instead of Art schools and are second only to Kyoceras. From the back of course. let they look at Apple’s shiny sh!t at the end, what they have no eyes?

    • Gr8ray

      So what you’re saying is: their designs are about as good as your grammar.

      • Raptor

        Citing: “Unwritten rule #1 of internet: mention your opponent’s grammar and everyone immediately know that u r a [email protected]

  • aj

    Well im going to wait for the reviews of the thing. Im curious as to what this Secure storage is. Also whats with the uneven number for the storage? 9GB? Not that im complaining about an extra gig of storage since you never really get the amount advertised but why not surprise everyone with a nice amount like 16. Anyways like stated earlier i await the reviews and any new features of the DB but after all this waiting and delaying just as many will agree i got tired of delays and the Specs arent that much more enticing. The only thing that could sway me from the SGS II is the htc vigor if we get any details soon or the Droid bionics webtoop features and battery life are impressive. Also if its using pentile or not. But if the SGS II is not 4g LTE then it might or not matter.

  • HiyaBuddy

    Wow sounds like a promising phone until they make phones of god like status with quad core processors. The Achilles heel of all these innovative features is.battery life why can’t they focus on battery technology if they can spend so much in designing and manufacturing. I wanted to hold out for this phone becuase my family was thinking of switching from tmobile but we ended up going to Sprint. Unfortunately Verizon you are too frickin expensive for your own good seeing as we have 4 lines and use at least 5 gb of data on both smartphones our plan would have come out to over 300 a month. I’m happy with my sprint service and EVO 3d although the bionic seems like a promising flagship phone for VZW. I hope you don’t have to wait that long bionic hopefuls.

  • moe

    GB is old news. IC is near and I’m definitely going for the new nexus.

  • martymar3200

    I have been waiting for the DB for a long time now. In the spring it was the phone to get. Not sure if thats true anymore. what would you say are the top 5 phones out today? and what are the top 5 phones soon to be released?

    • aj

      Now not sure you were asking android and me but from what ive been reading so far to answer your second question the phones to watch out for are (not any particular order of better or worse just naming 5 phones) 1. SGS II 2. HTC vigor 3. Samsung stratosphere 4. Moto Dinera or dinara 5. And of course the Next Nexus phone.

  • Manly Man

    WTF, no quad core?

  • mikeyDroid


  • Zer0-9

    Finally some news, and good news too. As long as this beats the SGSII to market this will be my new phone. There is always something greater just around the corner in technology. This meets my minimum requirements for a new phone. Apps are starting to come out that my good old OG Droid just isn’t powerful enough to run.

    I also really feel like people don’t give WebTop enough credit. This is a great feature for powerful phones. Granting the ability to eliminate netbook and thin client desktops in office environments as well as common household uses of computers. With services like OnLIve even PC Gaming begins to be replaced with pocket sized devices.

    I actually was considering switching to Sprint with all the delays this device has had. The plan I have setup on Verizon however is actually about $35 less /mo than what I would pay on Sprint. So it looks like I’ll be waiting as long as it takes for this, or a similar device to hit the street.

  • jeremy

    I was reading the developer notes and correct me if I’m wrong but the bionic wasn’t even there. It was comparing the Droid 3 to the photon which understand has the same model number but states as having a tegra processor as opposed to a ti processor amongst a few other differences. Am I missing something?

    • Zer0-9

      You’re a bit late, they (Moto) pulled the page down.

  • vasra

    Is it 1GB of RAM or actually 512MB of RAM as per Moto specs:,18753,18564