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ASUS Transformer update; Netflix support on board


Proud owners of the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer have been very happy with their overall tablet experience. The Honeycomb tablet has great specs, an awesome price and a very convenient Keyboard dock. What else can you ask for? Not much, except Netflix support.

There is a workaround for rooted users, but those who don’t like tampering with devices have been left out. Most Honeycomb tablets can simply have the Netflix .apk file installed on them to achieve successful streaming. Such has not been the case for the lonely Transformer. Until today.

The ASUS transformer is currently receiving a maintenance update (build, and guess what? It comes with Netflix support! You still have to grab the .apk file and install it manually, but that’s still way better than before.

Those that do not have an ASUS Eee Pad Transformer will love to know that Walmart now has it for $350[1]. If you were planning on getting one soon, this could be a great opportunity to do so.

If you haven’t updated your tablet yet, simply go to Settings > About Tablet > System Update > Check Update and update your device. After that, download and install the .apk file (Droid-Life has a link available).

What do you guys say? Is it working for you? It’s been working perfectly for me. Let us know what you think. Happy streaming!


  1. Via Tech Crunch

Via: Droid-Life

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    Great for those with this Device! Although looks like many Netflixers are leaving due to the price increase Sept 1st.. There stock is dropping big time! I know I left. I just cant someone who announces a 60 percent increase overnight with no new services or justification. Then takes away your ability to stream more than 1 device. So my kids cant use it upstairs if I am watching a movie downstairs.. SMH

    • BiGMERF

      sorry for my rant..LOL

      • TatiG

        slow down ASUS… slow down… you don’t want an Apple lawsuit. /s

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        get a life!

  • Slith

    I’ve been bidding on these for the last week on eBay the $350 at Walmart just might get me to pull the trigger.

  • wwJOSHdo

    I want one, but the transformer 2 will be out soon

  • Nate

    Just updated my transformer and Netflix worked right away. Loving how often Asus is updating this thing. So happy I went with this tablet.

    • Futureboy

      Asus is definitely supporting this thing, big time. Every time I turn around they’re updating it. I’ve been dragging my feet on getting a tablet and I have been torn between the Asus and the Acer. But I have to say, frequent updates are really tipping the scales in favor of the Asus.

  • jonehi

    Will that make this the first tab with netflix suport. When will this be avalable on other tabs, mainly the acer icona,.

    • Nate

      The first and only tablet with Netflix “support” is the Lenovo IdeaPad right now. Its just that the Netflix APK works on a bunch of other tablets like the Xoom and now thanks to Asus, the Transformer. Hopefully yours will be soon.

  • Dr.Carpy

    No worries about the rant BiGMERF! I understand about the multiple devices thing! When my son watches Backyardigans…I like to watch something else too!

    • counsel

      I know people are upset about the price, but I don’t think you can get that much content for a lower price anywhere…

      I have an account for the kids and one for us parents-both still cheaper than 1 basic cable subscription…

  • Vad00

    Reading this I poped open my TR when to update got “ force closed” a few times – looks like work network ( I m @ work) was blocking the download – turned on tethering on phone reconnected run the update no problems – i had already Netflix installed – apk download – loged in selected a movie and……. “This device cannot instantly stream from Netflix in your area , Visit to see a full list of devices that …..bla .bla.” and what a surprise only iDevices – supported
    Dear Netflix Canada you got yourself a -1

  • keridel

    do we know what else the update has done?

    i have had it over in the UK and if all it does is netflix then it was pointless as we dont have it.

    the only other thing it has done is change the scroll bar when browsing..

    • keridel

      oh and now the space bar on the dock actually works in youtube. but the browser typing painfully laggy.

  • jes

    How do I get the asus updates?