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Australian sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 blocked by You-Know-Who


Ready for your daily dose of “did that seriously just happen?” Thanks to a federal injunction filed by Apple in Australia, sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 have been put on hold until Apple’s patent suit has been taken care of in court.

Apple claims Samsung has infringed upon ten different patents–everything from touchscreen technology to the “look and feel” of the device. As such, both Vodafone and Optus are not legally allowed to sell the Tab 10.1 until further notice.

Personally, I don’t like it, but I can understand why companies would be so keen on these kinds of patent suits. While they may be bad for consumers and innovation, they are great for big manufacturers’ pocket-books. This is the first time Apple and Samsung’s suit has resulted in blocked sales of a product, and unfortunately it may not be the last.

Via: Ausdroid

Source: Bloomberg

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  • mikeyDroid

    Apple… sigh


    Wow I know Samsung must be Po’ed. Apple is now taking money right out of there pockets… I cant begin to act like I understand the details or particulars but I am sure the same general rule applies everywhere. Money first.

  • Eben1277

    How does one patent “Look and Feel”?

    • sylar

      Well its got a front and back and uh….a screen its got a screen….and buttons don’t forget the buttons. A camera, it can be any color that you can imagine,…..uh oh and you can hold it.

    • pjax

      I’m sure the injunction quantified the meaning of “look and feel”.
      “look and feel” is probably just how the article described it. we are not sure if it’s exactly Apple’s words

      on a personal note, the first time I got hold of a Samsung phone, I got terribly turned off because I felt like it looked too much like the iPhone – from the one middle hardware button, to the four dock icons, to the “paged” horizontal launcher

      I have an Android phone so I have creds to say this opinion. I’m not biased, I’m honest

  • Jess Blanchard

    That Voldemort. I didn’t know he was getting into the patent business. Evil wears many hats, indeed.

    • Kostas Frezoulis

      Haha…. you guys made my day. Briliant title.
      I think we can use it now for Apple since Voldemort is dead, I saw him dying. I swear…

      • sylar

        I seriously did a double take when I saw the title of this article then I started laughing.

  • Transient

    Yup, Apple are dicks. It’s not like any one would have picked a Android tablet over the iPad 2 anyway.

    • Jess Blanchard

      I guess if Apple had your faith in their product, they wouldn’t have do all the heavy thinking for us dim-witted consumers by making choice obsolete. Thanks, Apple. It’s so much easier for me to consume when there’s no competition for my money!

  • AME

    Where do I go to start patenting looks and feels?

    I think that’s how I’m going to make my fortune. I won’t create anything new– I’ll just imagine looks and feels of the future, patent those, wait for the future, and then sue my way to millions!

    Uh-oh, I bet Apple has already patented the “look and feel” of my master plan…

    • Jess Blanchard

      Not to mention the “look and feel” of your child’s face.

  • marcosss

    This is a typical MO of Apple corp. to reduce your choice to one product. & the sheelpe love it.

  • chris

    Well samsung should quit mimicking apples hardware its getting old.

    • Howie

      Mimic their hardwarw apple ipad 2 have a shitty hardware. Galaxy tab 10.1 have more ram, a bit bigger screen, better cpu, better resolution, lighter and itdoesn’t look similar to the ipad 2. How could you say they mimic applee?

  • GetOverIt

    It is so obvious that Samsung has copied Apple’s product line… 3GS – Galaxy S, iPad – Galaxy Tab, MacBook Air – Series 9 laptop. Samsung is the one who lacks innovation! I think it’s funny that all the Android fanboys are now getting so upset when the court is stopping them having the Android O/S on an Apple like product!! And I bet you all laughed at Apple last year when they brought out the iPad thinking what stupid product.

    • muadhnate

      Yeah. Remember when apple went after Nokia and lost.

    • Raptor

      That’s what i tell everywhere too

      Apple, HP does not matter – Stop COPYING, @#$%^ crooks.

      Apple employ Asia like hell. Look in Korea unemployment rate 3.3%. Compare to own California 20%. Same, try to copy Intel or AMD – you will get jail time.

    • Howie

      Question: how can you make something better when you are not allowed to look at another product and make a better version who is not a complete copy? And have you thought that the s in samsung galaxy s isn’t a shortcut of something instead of a copy of iphone 3gs? Even the first galaxy tab wasn’t a copy of ipad, but yes apple took up the idea of tablet’s, but they wasnt the first one. Other companies made tabs as a rival to ipad. So shut up mac fag

      • GetOverIt

        So… if Samsung had taken Apple to court and won a temporary injunction, this article would have been totally different. The headline would have proclaimed “the new guy takes on the evil giant and wins!”. Lets face facts – Android fans are the same as Apple fans. Ford vs Holden. Take your medicine when you lose, and give respect when the other side wins… Or GET OVER IT!!!

  • Not from Australia

    too bad for austrailia. at least now there’s more of these tablets to go round other parts of the world.

  • Duncs970

    I’m an aussie resident and I’ve been waiting for this tab for so long now, and I’m very much not a fan of apple now. Vision’s of a fat kid in the playground chocolate in hand and a sh#t load of it all over his face chucking a tantrum and crying out to the nearest teacher, “he copied me, he copied me!”

    Another aspect to this patent law case that I’ve noticed is that apple is letting other companies with tablets such as acer, Toshiba, and of course the closest in look and feel at the moment to the ipad 1&2, the moto Xoom, freely trade in the Australian market with no issue. Apple to me has taken this from a simple thing to a personal issue against Samsung (and HTC but in this case I’m refering to the tab situation alone).

    Not cool apple, also some of there infringements they refer to are against Aspects of Android and not Samsung design, which is very similar to every other Android tablets. For me I’m interested in this tab for the aspects that touchwiz will bring to Android such as simple apps been opened within apps (like the calculator app, how smart is that!).

  • tariqali

    I’ve tried on many occasions because of apple’s reputation of being the market leader to switch from android to iphone and ipad but each time I do I just cant. And go back to my android. The last time I tried to come to grips with an ipad tried to watch a vidio and guess what, no flash player. it was put straight away in disgust. The bottom line is very simple and straightforward no one whether it be apple or any other company can compete with android. Its simply too far ahead, by the time the others try and catch up android has moved the goalposts. Just look at the phones people like samsung and htc are coming up with. Samsung s 2 just sold 5 million without even realising in the U.S. also the evo 3d and the sensations , I’m sure devices like these make people like apple have nightmares. Yes the game is well and truly over for the competition, they simply can’t complete in the marketplace so they take their flight to the courts, where they will also lose. Android will have a long and prosperous future as long as it doesn’t get big headed like apple and others .

  • Pey

    Only Samsung knows if they are knowingly copying apple’s stuff. In the meantime, I’m going to sit back and watch them fight while I enjoy my devices with the “look and feel” that I like and the functionality of the android I love.

  • aj

    I am sick and tired of Apples garbage. You know they didnt start suing till android became a real threat. Did they sue when the G1 came out? OG droid came out? The Evo? The samsung fascinate? No but not long after they start losing market share and profits and number 1 in everything and samsungs phone sell like wild fire then they bring in the suits. Apple is scared and it shows. blatantly stealing from android and now trying to stop every from company using android. I mean really suing the very company that has supplied to you for years!!!!.????? Im surprised he hasnt sued everyone for breathing and wearing clothes and eating cause im sure he has patents on those too.

    • GetOverIt

      It’s just not Apple suing Google. Everybody is doing it… just Google how much Microsoft gets from HTC for every handset! When you ask yourself why… it’s because Google doesn’t own any patents. No patents mean they are not the innovators, instead they are the copiers!

      • Mario

        So, you define innovators as the ones with patents? Did your brain just got contaminated with Steve Job’s feces?

        • Duncs970

          Be careful I here that it can be deadly

  • Lou

    I guess everyone forgot samsung has been making phones for years that have a simliar shape to an iphone. The only thing i can say that is truely similiar is the elastic bounce effect and pinch to zoom gestures. As for the look, i dont see the g tab looking anything like an ipad. The touchwiz customized look also differs from an iOS. And if were talking about copying tablets, microsoft and archos tablets came before the ipad did. If android wasn’t free and open apple would be getting sued for that notification bar “look and fee.”