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Basic Instructions on how to care for your smartphone


As someone who has never been a big fan of cases and has definitely never used a screen protector, I felt it was our duty to share this comic with you. Enjoy!

Source: Basic Instructions

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  • Anthony Domanico

    This is the truest comic in the history of comics.

    • LadyDi

      wrong rating, and meant positive. Sorry

      • Anthony Domanico

        Wait, what?

  • halo0

    I’ve always hated cases too and have never used one before until I got the Samsung Infuse. This phone is simply too thin and too slippery to use without a case.

  • UX-Guy

    HAHA… I haven’t used a case till I got the G2x. It’s such a beautiful device that I have hidden away in a bulky, but protective, Seidio. This makes we consider taking it out to let it breath but I’m deathly afraid of dropping it on the glass.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I have never used a screen protector, peel it off when I get a phone that has one. I definitely think that cases are fine for people with butter fingers, though. I definitely do not enjoy my phone more when it has a big crack on the screen, lol. With that said, the comic is awesome!

    I have actually seen people wiping their screen with a cotton cloth every time they touch it. One time I saw this dude putting a transparent plastic thing on top of his keyboard to type. It can get quite ridiculous sometimes, lol.

    • Jake

      Some folks do that to erase their unlock pattern on the android – carrying a separate cotton cloth around for that is kinda overkill – just wipe with your hand, but yes, I’ve seen people wipe it with a cloth

    • mikevo

      I use to have a Trident on my Evo but after 4 months “downgraded” to a sedio. I’ve always used a screen protector because I drive for a living and I’m around dusty construction sites alot. If you work in an office you shouldn’t need a screen protector.

    • Interpol91

      Awesome comic. It changed my mind so I took my case off and now my phone is back to it’s thin self. I’m one of those people who carries a cloth around to clean the screen, but only when it gets really smudgy. Finger prints don’t affect me.

      • Gregm

        I spit on my handkerchief and rub the screen.
        Sometimes if my mouth is dry and my spit is thick, it’s more of a mess than not doing it at all.

  • Tony

    So true, I think this is why if i was to get a case for my Evo, it’d be a bumber case like apple made, it’s half-compromise where you get protection if you say drop it on cement-most likely and still get to see most the sexy phone. Of course at the expense if you drop it on a non-flat object but worth it I think.

  • alex

    lol @when submerged

  • sylar

    LOL, I can say that it honestly never occurred to me to put my phone in a bag and use it in the water and it’s not something I’m going to try.

    • LadyDi

      I have my portable rechargeable battery pack and usb in a ziploc and put the phone in their when on jobs sites from time to time. When I charge it mainly.


    LOL, I love it.. I never use screen protector either… But I do use a rear case.. Just prefer to have it

  • Jess Blanchard

    What they really need is some kind of protective device that prevents you from dropping your phone in the toilet while reading in the bathroom at work.

    • Jess Blanchard

      Not that I’ve ever done that.

      • Anthony Domanico

        lies. all lies.

  • LadyDi

    By far the funniest comic I’ve read all year. The only thing I have is a screen protector on a MT4G. The phone is way too sexy for a cover of any kind.

  • Tyler

    This might be true… If I actually kept a phone for 2 years. Resale value is usually still high on my phones when I move on.

  • Jennifer

    Honestly I keep a case on it all the time because I drop it a lot and it help save my phone when it went in the toilet once. Yes I may not need it too look perfect in two years but it would be nice for it to work for those two years. Loved the comic though. :)

  • Dan

    The only thing i use is the bodyguardz protector its covers the phone without it being bulky and it gives it extra grip for my butter fingers :)

  • Gregm

    I look at the Xperia Arc and think “That’s a lovely phone”.
    But then I realise that I’d probably put a case on it and completely hide it’s shape. And then what’s the point?

    I honestly would be quite happy with a phone that’s a bit bulky, but it’s got a thicker, drop cushioning body, and maybe gets a bigger battery because the built-by-design casing gives you a bit more room.

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    Had a case, had a screen protector, used both for about a week. But it just made my Epic 4G too bulky in my pocket, and finally I ditched it.

    It’s been a year and the phone is still almost pristine, no scratches on the glass and just a very small scuff on one lip where I knocked it off my nightstand one day trying to shut off the alarm.

    I have a rule: my left front pants pocket is for my smartphone. Nothing else goes in there. Right front pocket is where keys, change and a 2-inch USB data cable goes. Phone never touches anything but fabric, my hands, my desk at work, and my nightstand.

    Result: phone looks great and it doesn’t look like a box. I have a friend that has an iPhone 4 (I forgive him) and he has it in a case so big and rugged that I thought it was an old Palm PocketPC first time he brought it out.

    • mac08wrx

      I agree this is my third android and I do the same. My friends all have their phones in cases and have more scratches on them than all my phones. Guess its false security thinking the case will protect their phone from most things when all they need to do is be smart and carefull with it.

  • Jeff

    hahaha so true on the screen protector but I got 6 of them on ebay for 1$ so did my friend

  • Tulku

    hehe, I am waiting for gingerbread flavored screen protector so that newbies can clean the screen by just licking it like a dog or cat. :D

  • buggingout67

    The only phones i know has a good resale price would be iphones.

  • ncalvin

    This makes me think of the people (largely iPhone users) who go on and on about how beautiful and slim their phone is…and they’re showing it to you in an OtterBox.

    Always gives me a lol.

  • chas

    Love my naked Moto DROIDX! Left front pocket. A few scratches after I left it on top of my car after hiking and drove off. Got the screen replaced and it works fine. Go bare or be square ;)

  • Joanna

    Don’t let your five year old granddaughter walk around with it or she’ll smash it on the kitchen floor like mine did. Apple is hardcore about broken phones. No sympathy there. You’ll have to buy a new one.

  • Mark

    I have recently got a SGS2 and it NEEDS a cover, feels way to cheap to not have one. Coming from a Nokia N8, which is built like a house of bricks to this is just a joke.