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Best Buy UK slashes price of HTC Flyer, making room for HTC Puccini?


The HTC Flyer may not be running Honeycomb or have a dual-core processor, but it’s certainly one of the most unique Android tablets currently on the market.  The only real flaw we found with the HTC Flyer was its price. In the US the WiFi HTC Flyer is priced at $499. Prices in Europe were even more ridiculous. But if the price was the only thing keeping you away, we have some good news.  Best Buy UK has dropped the price of the Flyer from £480 to £329 (that’s roughly a $245 price drop).

We don’t know why Best Buy has decided to slash the price of HTC’s first Android tablet, but we have a feeling Best Buy and HTC are trying to shed some extra inventory before the launch of the HTC Puccini, which could launch with the original price of the HTC Flyer.

There’s currently no indication that the price of the HTC Flyer will be reduced here in the US, but would any of you buy the HTC Flyer if Best Buy dropped the price by $100-$150 dollars?

Via: Eurodroid

Source: Best Buy UK

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  • Erik

    I’d buy the HTC Flyer in a heartbeat if they dropped the price to $350. My friend has one and I’ve used it quite a few times. Honeycomb is still very overrated since the paps are still missing. I love the pen input and the 7 inch screen.

  • Tommytomtom

    This is amazing! I purchased mine at BB last week. I just called them up and asked if they would reduce my price and they said yes! It’s nice to get a discount after you buy a product!

    I love the Flyer!

    • matt

      you bought one and they did a price challenge at the one in the UK and reduced your price? sorry, a bit confused.

  • ReggRy

    I just got one today! Would hack picked up the HTC Flyer months ago if it would have sold this cheaply at first!

  • Futureboy

    The Flyer is a nice device. Good size, and feels good in your hand. I didn’t get to play with the pen/stylus but that looks cool. The one thing I love about it (and I’m guessing is on many other HTC devices) is the camera. The touch to focus is slick. I dig vanilla android, but I’m jealous of that camera, (and the motorola skinned notification shade that lets you delete individual notifications).

    If the price dropped to a price competitive with the Acer A500 and Asus Transformer, I’d certainly look at it again.

    As we’ve seen from the HP Touchpad frenzy, price means everything!