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Carly says T-Mobile has the “best plan ever,” but do they?


Which carrier offers the best deal for Android lovers? T-Mobile just released a new video to promote the “best plan ever” at a jaw dropping price on their “world class 4G network”.

For a limited time only, new customers can get unlimited data (including up to 2 GB of full-speed data), talk and text for only $49.99 per month. It sounds almost too good to be true, but the catch is you must sign up for two lines. That means your monthly total will be $99.98, but that’s still pretty good for an unlimited family plan.

If you need additional lines you can get unlimited data and text, plus 500 talk minutes and unlimited nights and weekends for $15/month per line.

The future of T-Mobile is still in jeopardy as we wait to see if AT&T’s acquisition offer is approved, but we likely won’t know how that turns out for another year. In the mean time, this is a sweet deal to lock in a low monthly rate because there’s no telling what will happen to the plans that T-Mobile offers if the merge goes through.

Via: TmoNews

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Christopher Chavez

    Not gonna lie… I was totally hoping that speeding car would have blown up her skirt o_O

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah I’m sure you hit replay a couple of times to double check.

    • Todd A

      There was a car in that commercial ? ;-)

      • Angie Strickland

        There was a girl in the commercial?!?

        • Taknarosh

          That was a commercial?!

          • Jes


  • waazzupppp

    Isn’t this the plan that requires you to purchase a device at full retail? It looked ok on the surface, but only included 200MB on the add on lines and you can’t pool minutes. Not so great if you ask me.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      From what I can tell, this is not one of the “value” plans that requires you to purchase a phone at full price. It is a normal plan that comes with a subsidized phone. The lower price is for a limited time only though.

      • chad

        I was just in a T-Mobile store today looking at the Sensations and this plan is not what they call a “classic” plan so you do have to pay full price for a phones they are not subsidized. You pay the going reduced in-store price as the down payment then pay the remainder of the phone off at $15 a month. Example, for the Sensation it is $199 down payment then the other $300 or so you pay off at $15 per month. And remember you must activate 2 lines so you have to pay for 2 phones if you want new ones.

        • Anthony Domanico

          Thanks for the clarification, Chad!

        • Atom_9

          it is not really a deal if ur not saving money. now if the phones were 199.99 each then it would be a deal but 500 a phone is not so much a deal


    You see! Right now I am off contract with TMO. Been with them 8 plus years. But something like this makes me want to jump on board .So I can atleast lock in this rate and att can leave me alone !

    • BiGMERF

      I need opinions… Would you guys jump on this if your were in my shoes? especially if you can get subsidized phones? I mean I have a sensation now. Would this plan ast long enough to maybe get a SGS2? Tmo hasnt even announced anything though. If worse comes to worse getting another sensation and keeping it boxed for possible sale at a later date via ebay, craigslist, etc. Then using the money to get an N3 later?

      • thaghost

        i cant do anything with 2gb. do what you want but make sure you get your hands on the nexus 3. that is my plan whether i have to buy it full price, cancel my plan and go somewhere else, whatever.

        • BiGMERF

          Def.. As a former N1 and Ns user.. it is a must !!

      • aj

        actually that getting another sensation idea is not bad. It depends A. how much you have to pay for the extra line or the full plan if thats what your going to do plus the phone. Then which im sure you have see what the general ending price for the HTC sensation usually ends up being and check craigslist too. If you undercut everyone it really works but i wouldnt want you to go to low where you dont really get anything off buying another subsidized for like 150 and only making say 250(which isnt to bad but i could have my prices wrong for that phone). Anyways we havent heard much as far as the N3 goes but the SGS II should hopefully release this month but its still all up in the air. Its a lot to consider.

        • BiGMERF

          thanks Aj.. Chad seems to have cleared it up for me. I am not paying for a phone and signing a 2 year. No thank you

      • Anthony Domanico

        you can’t get subsidized phones, it appears.

      • Sean the Electrofreak

        Did you see the news about AT&T throttling down the top 5% highest data users? In a year or so, if the merger goes through, you may be subject to AT&T’s policies.

        Just a word of warning.

  • Roboto

    You guys know you can look up her modeling pictures. :3

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yep, google “carly foulkes”

      • wondercoolguy

        She needs boobs

  • Raghav

    that is a good deal

  • aj

    i thought the title to a bunch of carlys modeling pictures at this one website was hilarious. Most should get the pun
    “Carly Foulkes Makes Me Want to myTouch… Wait..”

    It then shows like 30 pictures of her.

    Anyways sounds like a good deal but im verizon right now and waiting to use my upgrade to get unlimited on verizon(even if it might be throttled and i dont want to end up on att at any point right now but goodness thats a good deal.

  • mugabo

    this punishes us friendless misanthropic trolls.

  • cjc

    Ah, crap. Does this limited time plan means that TMO isn’t getting the iPhone when it comes out later this year?

  • Blingblwow

    It would be better if it’s 2gb per line and not share so 1gb per line

    • scruffd0g

      It is 2GB per line, not 2GB shared

  • Leonick

    That thing sounds to good to be true? Wow, US carriers are really screwing you over…

    Here you can get a plan with unlimited data (speed lowered after 2GB) with 3000 free sms and a low call cost for 10€.
    In fact I will be signing up for that contract for my galaxy tab soon, thanks to being a student I get it for 5€ a month.


    Did you see the news @Tmonews broke today? Sighting of the Samsung Hercules.. Gorgeous

  • McParty

    I would love for someone to do a real good comparison. Do a “All coverage being equal” who has the best single user unlimited plan (phone, data, text). Two Person unlimited plan (2 phones) and Family Unlimited Plan (3 or more phones). If you know of a good recent comparison please let me know. Thanks!

  • Greg B

    This is an unsubsidized plan. If you take the installment option (pay $200 now, $15 a month per phone), you end up paying $10 a month less than the subsidized plan that provides the same service ($139.98 a month).

    If you’re already on a plan and want to take your current phones to this one, you pay the ETF on your current plan, and move. If the ETF is $200 a line, that puts your up-front costs at $400 with a potential savings of $960 + tax over two years.

    But look at this plan’s fine print. It has a two year minimum committment with a $200 per line ETF and that seems to be in force whether you buy new phones or bring phones to the plan.

    I thought about paying the ETFs on my current plan and taking my phones to it so I can save the $560 or so over the next 2 years (since I’m 2 weeks in with T-Mo), but given T-Mobile’s propensity for screwing up and the hell I had to go through to get my family plan set up right the first time, I’m loathe to make the jump only to find myself looking at the new $400 charge to my credit card while I sit on the phone for hours with tech support getting the switch sorted out because everytime they fix one thing, they break another.

  • Atom_9

    Taylor Wimberly your wrong this plan requires you to purchase a new phone at full price… example I wanted the new HTC sensation they wanted 500x 2 so they wanted 1000 dollars and they require you to pay 400 dollars down. So its 100×24 2400 plus 1000 so its 3400 dollars for 2 years.. then u only get 2gb for fast high speed internet then it drops,. I am paying 135 a month with US Cellular for 1500 minutes divided by 2 android phones, 5GB, all incoming calls free, unlimited text messaging for 135 with tax its 145-150 The commerical tries to get new customers not existing: so when new customers thinks he can get this deal and thinks he can get the htc sensation for 199.99 the sales people laugh at u and tell u no 500.. According to cnet 94% of customers after a 2 year contract want a new phone they dont want to keep there old phone anymore, because technology gets better and they want something better, faster,.when it comes to androids etc. so if u have an 3 year old outdated android phones that were big bulky and out of date with no netflix, and very few features and u want to reuse the phone then switch to the 50 dollars plan then it is good for u. Otherwise who will pay full retail for the phone.. Taylor Wimberly ur 100 wrong u dont get any phone with this plan… this plan is also false advetising because it doesnt say with the full purchase of a phone.

  • Robot Human

    I’d actually take this plan but I’m not paying $400 down. Plus I’m already in a 2 line family plan with T-Mobile and don’t know of I even qualify. Sounds great BC I don’t go over 2gb ever and I currently pay around $160 after taxes for two lines and that comes with unlimited data and texts and, 3,000 minutes shared.

  • tpaine

    I spoke to a rep 2 days ago after i saw the commercial, i have been with them for 6 yrs, i have a family plan, they told me i could switch my plan but like it was stated earlier,they asked me to pay a $200 per line transfer fee, i have switched my plan many times, and now this great deal comes along they decide to slap some rediculous charges on the top. I am going to stick with my current plan. I am also thinking about the merger, because if they do merge with at&t i dont want to be tied down, i will be going to sprint.

  • PaulsenDrake

    Their plans might be “affordable”, but you get what you pay for! I never had service..even when I was in the middle of Atlanta.

    Oh, And T-mobile needs to learn to advertise their Android devices better..just saying.