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Comic: Is Android a cry baby?


Via: All Things D

Source: The Joy of Tech

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  • Tom

    I don’t get this, particularly related to iPhone. What’s so dignified about Apple’s business practices?

    • Seth

      Um, what’s the problem with selling ads? Apple has iAds. Oh and there’s this:

      • Leonick

        It isn’t their only real revenue source though, heck I doubt iAds gives them any income at all :p

        • chris

          Well since android is completely free how else are they going to make money???

  • Warden


  • inviolable

    So that was it?

  • PracticAndroid

    Ha! We actually appreciate y’all reporting on both sides of the table. It keeps us from becoming those close minded apple fan boys. =0)

    • Leonick

      To be fair, most Android fans are just the same. Most fans of anything are the same.
      Personally I don’t get the need to hate for example the iPhone just because Android is your preferred platform, or the other way around.

  • Jorge89

    Yes let’s laugh at the end of innovation.

    • Leonick

      You do know what innovation means right?
      If you are innovating you are coming up with a new solution or product and by doing so you don’t have to worry about existing patents.
      Of course, it’s easy to see why Google are a bit mad right now, the prefer to just simply use others intellectual property without paying the for it, I guess they think it’s fair or something as they don’t really have any registered patents of their own…

      • AME

        Intellectual property? It was reported earlier here at AaM that Apple was blocking the Galaxy tab because it had patented the “look and feel” of the device. What’s your innovative work-around for that?

        • Leonick

          Innovative work around for that? Well how about designing the device so that it is clearly different, if you look at the Galaxy Tab you should see that it is very similar to the iPad, if you look around the market, take HTC and Acer for example, you’ll see that it is indeed possible to make a tablet that has a unique look.

          Both HTC and Acer have have their own software upon android too but with a significantly different feel to them. Having both an iPhone and a Galaxy S 2 in the house it isnt all that hard to see what Apple mean when they claim Samsung is trying to steal their look and feel.

          And finally, Apple didn’t actually block the Galaxy Tab from going on sale, it was Samsung who took it of sale while they waited for a court settlement, I think they might even have started selling it again, not sure, but I seem to remember having read that.

          • Dan D

            Have you touched a galaxy tab. The only similarity is that the device is a tablet and has a glass screen on the front. Completely different form factors, camera placement, materials, and OS. Sure touchwiz on the phones may look similar but touchwiz on the galaxy tab is light years apart fom iOS. Not to mention at launch touchwiz wasn’t even available and to take it one step further it’s an optional update. Again maybe they went a bit far with the 30 pin connector but I’m pretty sure Apple didn’t invent that nor were they the first to use it. It’s a smart move that allows peripherals better connectivity.

            What we have here is a better tablet than the iPad and Apple is frightened. They thought they had the smallest lightest tablet available. Well like anything Apple claims, within a month someone else has something better.

          • Leonick

            @Dan D
            Well the touchwizz issue is mostly around the Galaxy S which is also part of the same lawsuite. Both are claimed to infringe the look part.

            As for the galaxy tab, no, unfortunetly I havn’t been able to put my hand on a Galaxy Tab (the new ones, I own a 7inch) as it isnt available here yet.
            But, i’ve seen plenty of pictures and videos…


            Look at those two, you can honestly tell me there isnt a striking similarity in the two devices, specially if you turn the screens off.

            You should be able to see where apple are coming from with this, what do you think would happen if BMW made a car that look almost the same as one of Mercedes cars?
            Now, I am not quite sure I think there is enough similarity here, the Galaxy S and Galaxy S 2 are more infringing if so. I am no lawyer though, I have no clue what the courts will decide, all I know is I can see some reason in Apples claims and it would have been easy for Samsung to have a more unique design.

          • AME

            I could see if you want to patent a specific thing or a physical product. Patenting a “look and feel” is ridiculous. “look and feel” is completely subjective!

            Sure, Samsung could make a tablet with five sides or Asus could make a round tablet, but in the end, they’re still tablets– the concept is the same.

            Apple used to be incredibly innovative. I don’t think any of us can deny that the first iPhone was a big innovation and jump ahead in the smart phone market. Over time, other companies have caught up and they are moving faster than Apple can keep up. It’s the price they pay for maintaining such rigid control over every aspect of their users’ experience. They can’t try to stay afloat via litigation. That may work in the short term, but soon they will be behind and when they play catch-up, they will be copying everything in sight.

            I think I speak for everyone (non-trolls) here when I say that when that day comes, I hope Apple gets sued harder than anyone can imagine. (The same goes for Microsoft.)

          • albert
  • Dirge

    I found it amusing, but Google never really complains about such things; it’s mostly fansites or tech blogs that complain.

    • Martin

      Well, they did complain just recently.

    • Leonick

      Just recently one from google posted up a big cry baby post on their blog saying Apple and Microsoft are being anticompetitive by jointly bidding over Google in a patent sale, and the Microsoft prove they had actually invited Google to buy the patents with them…

      • Wayne

        If memory serves it came out that the Microsoft email was about a different smaller sale.

        • Leonick

          Nope, it was the same sale Google posted a whine post on their blog on.
          Two guys from Microsoft tweeted in response to it, one tweeted something similar to “Really? We asked Google to bid jointly with us” with the mail as proof, the other suggested that the person who had made the blog post should have check with some certain person first, most likely the person they had mailed with.

          The mail stated that while they must turn down the offer, they would gladly discuss similar opportunities in the future, so whoever decides such thing obviously doesn’t think joint bids are unfair :p

          I’m still kinda wondering if that blog post (on googles official blog) was from the company as a whole or just that one whiny guy, either way, not painting a pretty picture of the company :(

          • Ted

            Maybe you should do your homework and realize that they had to turn down Microsoft’s offer as it would not have allowed them to build out their patent portfolio in such a way that they could use it to protect.themselves from lawsuits. Before you jump on either side of the argument. Take a look at the absurd state of patents in this country. Patents are regularly granted for.overly broad ideas that are crazy obvious and built upon prior art. Patents are supposed to foster innovation but instead are used more often to stifle it. As they say, companies that can’t innovate litigate.

  • Adam

    It’s cute but… ugh, I really hate it when comic strip artists think they understand tech issues.

    • steve19137

      Did it ever occur to you that artists could possibly know very much about technology? For example, me. It is possible, believe it or not…

      • tetracycloide

        You might, Nitrozac & Snaggy clearly don’t.

  • ChaosKiller

    Meh, just ignore it. Just checked out their site (ugly UI) and they are apple fanboys and they’re not even funny.

    • Leonick

      But they have a point, Google has been extreme cry babies lately…

      • BrandonJD

        And Apple or Microsoft haven’t? All of the above whine.

        • Leonick

          As far as I’ve seen neither Microsoft not Apple been crying about anyone play unfair or doing uncompetetive things lately, specially not about anyone who is just following the rules of the industry(suing someone for infringing its patents is exactly what a company should do, it’s their responsibility).

          • applesuxdonkeyd!k

            your obviously to stupid to see suing cuz something “looks” like a phone and has a screen on the front ohh and wait colored icons!? lawsuit….pretty sure thats not whining thats just bein a stupid b*tch. apple n microsoft blowin eachother to stop the thought that they might just suck n ppl realize sticking up for the patents crap ha, apples entire line is based off stolen ideas did u forget the first iphail was a stolen concept hmmm??

  • Angie

    Haha! This comic is so bad! Hahahaha

  • Jaz

    Looks to me like microsoft and apple are scared that android is becoming the most used mobile os around. At my job I know 2 people that just switched to android because iphone is too restrictive. This cartoon is so close minded. Oh well. It will always be this way. When someone is happy and doing well someone always tries to bring them down because they themselves are unhappy and can’t stand it.

    • Leonick

      “When someone is happy and doing well someone always tries to bring them down because they themselves are unhappy and can’t stand it.”

      Exactly! Spot on! Microsoft together with Apple outbid Google in a patent sale, Google is currently very unhappy :p

      • caryb1969

        I am curious as to why Microsoft and Apple have to team up against, well, anyone for that matter. Seems they are worried about something, and Android seems to be doing pretty well by us consumers, so why are they teaming up? I thought MS and IOS didn’t like each other from day one. Interesting.

  • rushaoz

    You guys are idiots lol its a joke. They’re just mad Google is where they’re at. And all they needed was ads. HAHAHAH that’s hilarious. They sorta crapped on themselves when you look at it. :D

  • mdsanta

    I don’t recall google ever stating they wanted those patents for free. They just wanted the patents to be able to defend themselves and their customers from Big M and Big A. By both of them becoming co-owners of those patents, the whole defense is neutralized. And it allows both companies to keep nitpicking at it from the sides as they have been doing. Microsoft harrasing the customers for a piece of the pie and apple with full ut cease and desist orders, heck they even stopped the sale of galaxy tabs in australia.

  • Lucian Armasu

    You guys are making the bullies look good. It’s like 2 guys in school who bully another one, and then everyone saying – “Why are you crying? Don’t you like getting bullied??”

    Microsoft and Apple are using trivial patents to make money off Android. Why is that a laughing matter?

    • Leonick

      Because Google is currently behaving like the kid who starts a fight in the school playground and runs to tell the teacher when he lost? That’s why…
      People can overbid each other in an auction, pretty normal stuff.

      • Brian

        You’re obviously in support of anything non-Android, probably the iPhone, right? You have commented on almost every single comment saying Google is acting like a big baby. When Apple is suing the fuck out of every company that even promotes competition(you know, the thing our market is based off of), the Apple fanboys quiet down and the rest of the mobile community speak up because Apple’s practices are unfair. Yet, when Google speaks up and calls out each company that has to rely on bringing up patent infringements, the Apple fanboys decide to come out of hiding.

        Go back to whatever Apple site you came from and tell them to work on some new OS/device ideas, instead of suing companies.

        • Leonick

          I guess Ill put down my Galaxy Tab and give you a response ;P

          Yes, I do have an iPhone, but I do own an Android device too, and I love them both and I’d call myself a fanboy of both platforms which is why I have both this site and TUAW (the unofficial apple weblog) in my rss reader.
          I can’t wait to get my hand on iOS 5 and I can’t wait to know more about Iceream Sandwhich and hope Samsung honors the 18 months of support deal and give me and update to it.
          That said I wont stand by neither of the companies in everything they do.

          This is one such case where I won’t stand by Google, they are just embarrassing themselves, they are claiming patents are bogus after having been called out on using patented technology without paying the proper licensing fees.
          Then they go whine about it being unfair that two companies bid jointly on a sale when they had the same opportunity…

          Apple is in this case doing nothing wrong in defending their patents, it’s their responsibility to their shareholders to do so and within their full rights. It’s how the system and the industry works, there are rules that has to be followed.

          • Dan D

            I’m not going to disagree that Google should be paying for something they don’t own but use heavily. Google is being picked on though. It is somewhat their fault but at the same time they are attempting for change. If anyone is innovative it is Google. What other business do you know that operates like they do. Obviously it’s working. Google like many of us think that our current patent system is in need of real change. They don’t just blatantly patent random ideas. If you read the majority of Googles patents they are very direct and maily related to something they do actually utilize. This is something the other companies are not doing. Apple is the worst at this. I’m sorry but patenting the magnet connection on the end of your laptop charger…. Really!? Patenting any connector is truly lame but something that Is just a natural evolution is just lame. Not to mention they aren’t even willing to license they idea. Instead they wait for their own accessory manufacturers to use it and sue them.

  • kimir

    Apparently iPhone is a pedofile.. Haha. Nothing new there.

  • aj

    Yeah all we can is laugh a little and laugh a lot at the individual who made this since they don’t really have a clue about what’s going on or the fact iPhone makes money off ads 2,typical iPhone user.

  • Interpol91

    The comic is lame. Android has become a victim of patent hungry competitors that want to gain from our beloved Android or aim to destroy it. Patents are important but there has to be some limit placed so others can’t gang up and attempt to slow down development. I can’t wait to see a comic exposing Apple’s desperate worldwide effort to hurt Android in the court room.

    • Leonick

      Sigh, sometimes we fanboys need to look at the big picture, you know kind of see what’s really going on and not only stand by whatever we are fans of all of the time even when they are wrong.

      If Google, or anyone else like Apple want to use patented technologies they have to pay to do so (and Apple do to for example Nokia just like most cellphone manufacturers), if they want to avoid that they’ll have to come up with their own solution. Google likes to do neither, use others intellectual property while paying them nothing for it.

      Android is a great platform, but Google are a bit shady at times.

  • thaghost

    Ok…where is the punchline?

  • mwaterous

    Did anyone take marketing? Even rudimentary high school marketing? There is no such thing as bad press; that’s why hollywood is constantly being ridiculed to sell absolute rags of journalism that sit next to the checkout at the grocery store.

    Getting attention is a business practice. Google may be whining right now, but who are you all talking about? Google. That’s good for Google. Same with Apple. They have no shame, and why should they? You’re all talking about them.

    Mission accomplished.

  • Finger

    There is no actual joke in here. It’s just “Android is whining” then “Android is a sellout” (while implying that Apple isn’t.) This is the worst kind of humor, fanboy humor. They’re just bashing something they’ve pretentiously decided to hate. There’s no wit, there’s no clever observation. Just “X is bad. loooooooool!” I don’t care if people make fun of Google for their recent statement, but damn.. At least try and be a little bit clever about it. Looking through the rest of this comic, it’s also not funny, and the art is bland and uninteresting.

    I like that AndroidandMe will post stuff from the other side of the fence, but c’mon. Find something of good quality to post. This just made me angry. And I was having such a good day.

  • AME

    You could conceivably argue that Google just needs to suck it up and take it like a man. (I disagree, but I can see someone on that side having some valid points.)

    Humanity, however, is the only thing that has a truly valid reason to cry. As everyone continues to say, the patent system is seriously flawed. It only favors the executives in charge of these megacorporations; meanwhile we, the consumer, are getting hosed by having to pay higher prices for less innovative products.

    [As an aside, the comics on that site are not funny at all. They're not all aimed at Android, but they're all without humor.]

  • UserX

    Haha, this comic is priceless, it is soooooo Android!

    Priceless! I love it! your all crying losers!!

  • mmalakai10

    Its funny becuz when android first came out Microsoft and apple wasn’t worried about android. Now that it has matured into a popular OS, Microsoft and apple feel treated by android development. MS and Apple buying all the patents that shows u how scared they are of Android. Why now and not when android just started. What happen to apple saying they are not worried about android. An MS WP7 is trash to be talking like that.

  • Raghav

    too bad Android is kicking ass

  • Dre

    This would be funny…..if I liked apple at all.

  • Lou

    Lol……you would think if android is so laggy and crappy why would apple fanboys constantly read up on it lol. Nice cartoon and all you android lovers shouldn’t be offended, we’ve embarrassed iOS plenty of times they’re just happy to have something to use as fire power to attack back. If they read the article they would understand what was said about android devices costing more to make which could leverage WP7 as a cheaper alternative for OEM’s. Let’s enjoy our innovative android devices running whatever kernel we want for higher cpu speeds on a lower voltage level customizable all the way to the font and style of the icons. Downloading apps from the android market website to all our android phones from our tablet browser wirelessly without our phones connected to a LAN network. Or even translating text in a book by scanning it with our camera telling our phone what song to play, where to navigate to or who to text and what to tell them in the message. Let these guys enjoy their moment we’ll embarrass them again very soon friends {·_·} oh and don’t tell them there beloved iproducts were derived from open source software :-)

  • Mark

    Who gives a shit? They’re just phone operating systems, people! Unless you have a stock in either companies or work for any of them, I suggest you stop getting your panties wet. Jeez.

  • Derek

    HaHa, I love that comic. Especially the last frame. Kind of sums up Google in a nutshell.

  • Paul

    I think a more accurate comic would be Android walking up a hill, climbing a hill, dragging 2 big weights behind it, one labeled Microsoft and one labeled Apple. Maybe even Oracle. It’d be representative of how Android keeps on gaining/climbing even when others dry and drag it down with their stupid patent lawsuits. I don’t see them as a crybaby at all. Do you see Google up there complaining about all the lawsuits, or do you see them holding their own and fighting back, and oh yet, getting thousands upon thousands of new activations a day?

  • sylar

    Ok now that I have lost the necessary brain cells by reading that I will ask if anyone thought there was a point to that. Though that android was better drawn that the Iphone.

  • PaulsenDrake

    Not funny.

  • PaulsenDrake

    Im pretty sure Steve jobs cries about everything..

  • Fran

    OMG! Microsoft and Apple (rivals) are together against Samsung in a childish fight. Only means that Samsung equals them BOTH in excellence. M$ and Apple’$ are really OLD, BIG, milk cow. They are on the market for years. They make much money. Now they see a newcomer, who JUST STARTS, and do really amazingly fine and overwhelm them. They are making less money. So that’s the result. At work I’m selling phone, and Apple is really loosing the grasp. Only typical non-tech customer buy Iphone and don’t realize they pay too much for less service, but at least they “Oh wow!!! Look at me! I have a IPHONE!” To those it’s impossible to propose them even better for their needs, they are brainwashed. I possess a Galaxy, and BOUGHT an Iphone, only to know deeply that… I don’t care about Iphone. Ouch.