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Droid Bionic shows its face thanks to your friendly neighborhood Motorola rep


As the story goes over on Howard Forums this Motorola rep was paying a visit to the local Verizon shop and showing off his wares when out came the Droid Bionic. A budding young blurrycam was able to snap these shots of the phone and laptop dock in action.

While there isn’t any new information to go off of here it does point to the inexorable march to the launch of the Droid Bionic drawing ever nearer. Another post this morning by a reliable regular over on Howard Forums asserted that he had it from a solid source that the Bionic has at last hit final testing making that September 8th launch date more than just a nice story you tell yourself before you go to bed at night.

The image above is certainly the most informative, displaying the screen with the new “don’t call me Blur” interface, but below we’ve got a shot of the back and the intriguing but questionably useful laptop dock for good measure.

Do rumors of 720p screens and ever faster dual-core processors have you ready to move on after the long wait? Or does the prospect of 15 hour battery life coupled with the Droid Bionic’s impressive if not world beating specs still do something for you?

Bionic-front-moto-rep Droid Bionic back as shown by Motorola rep Droid Bionic laptop dock shown off by Motorola rep

Source: Howard Forums

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  • T1392

    DROID BIONIC in september, and then maybe one of those fancy 720p phones in october-december. Yea that sounds about right.

    • Sean Riley

      I’m on the same trajectory, my poor wallet.

      • T1392

        I still got a NE2 on my OG Droid & two more regular upgrades in October thats what makes all this possible. ;-)

        • Sean Riley

          You have a much better excuse than I do in that case. I’m just going to be plowing through all of this at retail. Thank goodness for ebay.

          • T1392

            And craigslist if you ever need a phone as a back up or emergency. I got a Samsung fascinate with original box 2 cases charger & Car mount for $100. Also a Samsung continuum for $80.

    • jennifer eatpoop

      ehhh, and what an ugly face it is

  • Mark

    Surprise, surprise. It looks like a regular phone. >_>

    • Sean Riley

      Nothing ruins a dream phone like its release.

      • T1392

        Or in this case an almost a year late release.

  • Johnny G

    That’d be nice if any Motorola reps ever visited my Verizon store

    • T1392

      Yea would be nice to see a Moto rep come to my store but they dont ever seem to come down to San Bernardino.

  • davetheAndroid

    Seriously, 4.3 or 4.5 inch screen ??
    Looks like a 4.5 or does she have small ass hands?

    • cb2000a

      I was going to say the same thing. The screen looks like 4.5″ not 4.3,

    • uknowme

      Exactly what I was thinking. I’m guessing small hands because that ring looks effing huge.

  • Zer0-9

    At this point I’m still interested. Rumors of better phones “just around the corner” are always there. I mean 6 months ago I held off on upgrading to the Thunderbolt and the Charge a few months later because the Bionic and SGSII were “just around the corner”.

    In the tech world you’ve got to resign yourself to one of two policies. Bleeding Edge or Functionality. Either buy whatever is the best as soon as it comes out (costly) or pick a set of requirements and make a purchase when that happens.

    I;ve rocked the Bleeding Edge philosophy, but the expense cuts into other hobbies. A dual-core, 1GB RAM LTE phone is all I want, the other functionality of the Bionic is icing. I’m especially fond of Moto’s concept of smart docks and webtop.


    wow her hands must be small. cause that phone looks like a beast in her hands !

    • Sean Riley

      I definitely think she is rocking some tiny digits and she is also holding the phone in a pretty weird grip in the first shot which doesn’t help. The second shot of the back does a better job of showing the size of the phone and still has me thinking it’s 4.3″.

    • Ramirez

      imagine shes touching a fat cock! wow!

  • Wade

    Well, I THOUGHT I wanted this phone, but those pics make me think twice. It’s way too big, and the screen looks totally washed out. I guess the SGSII just moved up on the list!

  • superdave25

    I’ll take a dual core processor, 1 gig of ram, 4G, front facing camera over my Droid X any day! The bigger 4.5 screen would be nice, but it’s not necessary. The graphics are more than the X and Thunderbolt, I’ll be happy.

  • ExplodingApples

    After months of delay, I just can’t be excited for this device.

  • Bon

    the phone is humongous. It’s time to stop getting bigger! they are already too big!

  • http://Note Uncemister

    That “don’t call me blur” interface is buggy as all get out. It’s why I couldn’t wait to get rid of my droid 3. That and I like non blue pictures lol.

  • MotonProton

    Wow that is one fugly phone…So glad I went with the Photon, design is pretty cool and I love the storage, processor, and 1gb ram…oh and the kickstand is nifty too…

  • Dirty_Azkals

    Yeah, A+ for phone but C- on hideous snake ring she’s wearing and nail polish. Doesn’t even match.