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Gartner: 43% of all smartphones sold last quarter were running Android


A week ago we told you why companies like Microsoft, Apple and Oracle want to strangle Android. Put simply, Android is about to completely own the US smartphone market. But how is our little green friend doing in the rest world? Well, even better in fact.

According to Gartner, 43.4% of all smartphones sold in the second quarter were Android devices. That’s up 7.4% from the first quarter when it powered 36% of all units sold. Keep in mind that this is counting the amount of sales and not the overall market share. However, this metric does give you an idea of where the market is headed. And so far, it’s headed straight towards a giant green robot. As always Apple’s iOS managed to hold onto its market share, selling almost 20 million iPhones during Q2, which accounted for 18.2% of all sales.

However, the rest of Android’s competitors weren’t as lucky. Microsoft’s Windows Phone, RIM’s Blackberry and Nokia’s Symbian all saw a massive drop in their sales during the second quarter. The once-king of the cell phone world, Symbian, lost 5.3% of its sales, dropping from 27.4% in the first quarter to 22.1% in the last quarter. A year ago, Nokia’s Symbian was on 41% of all smartphones being sold. A year from now, the platform will most likely be dead.

But Symbian is not the only platform that’s about to become extinct thanks to Android. Suffering even more than Symbian is RIM’s Blackberry and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. RIM’s software was on only 11.7% of all smartphones sold in Q2, losing 1.2% from the previous quarter.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s moribund Windows Phone platform had a measly 1.6% of all unit sales, down 2% from the first quarter of this year. But that’s not the worst part. Here’s the kicker:  Samsung’s Bada sold 332,000 more units than Microsoft’s platform. Yes, you read that right. Samsung’s smartphone “experiment” is selling more than Microsoft’s mobile platform–with its massive ad campaign and all.

There’s no way to look at this data and say that Microsoft’s Windows Phone is going anywhere but to the graveyard. Almost a year after being released, Windows Phone is certainly not turning things around like Microsoft hoped it would. In fact, one could say it’s accelerating the demise of Microsoft in the mobile world. If the current trend continues, it’s quite possible that Windows Phone will completely disappear from Gartner’s report for the next quarter.

In summary, despite the avalanche of bogus lawsuits, FUD tactics and troll-like attacks, Android is showing no signs of stopping. All the while, those doing the attacking are seeing their market share disappear right before their eyes.

Source: Gartner

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    Great News!! But remember the old saying guys.. ” The bigger they are the harder they fall” . Google must remain innovative and aggressive in the market. There is no roam for comfort. The minute they become lackluster , someone will be there to topple them. The next great thing could be around the corner..But for now and s far as they remain open I will continue my following..


      boy, thats a lot of fragmentation, eh?

  • Interpol91

    As everyone knows, Android is a beast. When Window’s Phone does disappear, Microsoft will still be pleased with the money it’s making from Android. While Apple continues to strangle a giant green robot to death worldwide

  • tatig

    Android is for geeks… well, it looks like 44% of world buyers are geeks.

    • Interpol91

      Does that mean Apple is for idiots? Well I’d rather be a geek than an idiot

      • BiGMERF

        i appreciate all tech enthusiasts in all forms..even apple enthusiasts, it is necessary to keep the market competitive. but i cant stand spammers!

        • Interpol91

          Exactly. People like tatig really annoy me. I like to imagine that some of these spams are written by Steve Jobs :)

      • http://Website Jim

        +1 for that haha

  • aj

    What are we going to do tonight Brain (Andy rubin)? The same thing weve done every night for the like the last 2 years. Take over the world with android!!!!!!! They dont have to try cause they already have. I couldnt think of who pinky could be so i didnt really even mention him

  • Steve505

    Windows phone 7 clearly sucks, but on Engadget, they post a lot of articles about WP7 being good.

    Plus, it’s very rare for them to post graphs that show Android being on top, and they have way too many annoying commenters that claim Android is to laggy.

    Engadget is biased!!!

  • BrandonJD

    I think its going to get to a point where its only Apple and Google as major mobile OS players. Some would say its already that way. I think the strength with google is that they are swift, the OS improves at a breakneck pace compared to their competition. Apple refreshes essentially once a year, while google iterates at a much faster clip than that.

    Feature wise, it means google and essentially run circles around apple in terms of software innovation. Some say google just copies apple, but there are some technologies that google and its partners are spearheading that Apple is choosing to stick its head in the ground over. NFC payments, alternative marketplaces, large screen phones, allowing for more complex interfaces, just to name a few.

    If apple is one lion, Google and its partners are a pack of Hyenas. Fast, collaborative, and numerous enough for several techniques to be tried on different fronts at once. Until apple diversifies, I doubt this trend will change. They are doing with phones the same way they lost the pc marketshare, by not acknowledging value and diversity.

    • Steve505

      WP7 is still too young to know whether or not it’ll succeed, as Android was also slow at first to gain market share.

      There’s a decent change that Android and WP7 will become the big boys, and iOS will be considered more of a luxury device (similar to today’s Macbook pros).

      I think iOS will loose market share in a few years, similar to Apple’s low market share in the 90′s, but then iOS will make a slight come back as a luxury device.

      • Nick

        Exactly! Don’t cut Microsoft out of the picture quite yet. The new Mango update will be rolling out soon and we should see a new set of WP handsets hitting the market in Q3. And don’t forget that Nokia is ditching Symbian for WP so you can take the majority of the Symbia market share and just hand that over to Microsoft.

        One year from now I predict Android will still have the lead with Microsoft in second place with around 25 % market share. Let’s see how this plays out.

        • Eric Rossman

          Nick, I second your prediction. I also see Microsoft poising themselves to completely replace RIM’s mobile ecosystem in the workplace. WP7 is the one Android competitor to watch moving forward.

  • Coolaaron88

    Look I give Android credit for being the powerhouse that its been and for getting a majority of the world on a smartphone; including myself. Its pretty powerful stuff. While this is an Android news site and I obviously expect the news to be pro Android. I felt the mud slinging in the article particular toward Windows Phone was a little too much.

    Android wasn’t an instant success when it first came out either. The G1 came out in October of 2008 and it wasn’t until the Motorola Droid launched in October of 2009 with massive ad campaign that Android really took hold in the eyes of the public.

    People always used to say “Who would buy and Android phone when you could get an iPhone” back when Android was new. Now its obvious that Android wipes the floor in terms of sales with all other Mobile OSes

    Point Im trying to make is that Microsoft’s Mango launch of Windows Phone is akin to the launching of the Droid by Motorola. This will either make or break Windows as a platform. With ICS on the horizon, iOS5 and Mango coming out in the next 4 months, the time to be a consumer is great with all the choice we have.

    • Alan Paone

      This isn’t like the G1 and the Droid though. In the G1 days, people said, “why get an Android when you could get an iPhone”, because the hardware and software on the iphone were significantly better, thinner, faster, more polished, more apps, it was kind of a no-brainer. The Droid brought software that was good enough, and it coupled that with hardware that was better than the iphone, made of metal, 5 mpx camera with a flash, a huge high res screen. You couldn’t be blamed for wanting a Droid, it was a sexy device, with a lot less compromise, and the software got better with time too.
      On the other hand, windows phone came out on mostly current hardware, a samsung focus is really the same as a galaxy S, an HD7 is the same as an evo or Desire HD, the mozart has a way better camera than the desire. What there isn’t is the software, or the assurance that the software would get better with time. Windows mobile was just as awful from 5.0 to 6.5, they didn’t change what was broken. Some of it still isn’t there, the apps still take forever to load, even on mango. They’re still using transitions to hide the slow response, everyone else has just made their OS respond faster. Live tiles still aren’t as useful, ubiquitous or personal as widgets. Windows phone doesn’t feel as easy as android or iOS when people pick it up off the shelf in a best buy. If i hadn’t seen videos online before trying, I never would’ve gotten the hang of it. Setting up a windows phone to use your outlook express email is damn hard, way more than it needs to be.
      There isn’t the promise of mindblowing stuff in mango, they’re still fixing all the things that are broken from last year. Compare that to iOS and Android’s constant addition of ‘wow’ features. iOS 5 and ice cream sandwich are both being called ‘the most ambitious release ever’, and mango is ‘the almost good enough’ release. You still have to compromise to get a wp7, it won’t take off until that changes.
      I think it was Gizmodo who said it best (and I’m paraphrasing) “if microsoft wants windows phone to succeed, they need to iterate, update and fix it early and often…” They still haven’t.

  • SliestDragon

    43%?! :O Wow, Android is getting around! Amazing seeing Android grow like this. :)

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