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German court lifts sales injunction on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


It’s not every day we see some good news come out of this whole mobile patent war, but today’s one of those days. As we all know, Apple has managed, through some shady tactics, to ban sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe. The company claims the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is an exact replica of the iPad and should, therefore, be considered copyright theft. But as we saw yesterday, Apple might have intentionally lied to the German court by showing a false depiction of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Fast-forward to today. The Dusseldorf District Court has lifted the ban on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for all of Europe except Germany. This temporary lift on the ban will last until August 25th, after which it could either come back or be lifted forever. Did the news about Apple’s deceiving actions affect the court’s opinion? Not likely, according to FOSS Patents. This is most likely just a case of the German court not having the jurisdiction to ban Samsung — a Korean company — from selling its products in all of Europe. The court does have jurisdiction inside Germany, however, which is why the ban won’t be lifted there.

After the August 25th court hearing, all of this could change. For better or for worse. At least Samsung will now have a chance to defend itself, which it couldn’t do before. Add this to the fact that Apple is obviously trying to trick the court into banning a product that looks nothing like an iPad, and Samsung could very well have a chance to peacefully sell its tablet in Europe once again.

Via: GigaOM

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    Good news , for now.. Time will tell. But every time Apple gets a smack in the face. No matter how small, I giggle a little bit!

  • SparkyXI

    Good. Hopefully the rest of the world will look at this and use a bigger magnifying glass the next time Apple tries to *steal* market share.

  • Interpol91

    Definitely some welcomed news

  • Amanj

    Shouldn’t Apple be punished if they lost? I think they should be, as they obviously cheated in their case!

  • NeoJesus

    If my memory serves correctly, Apple should have to pay for lost sales.

  • Wade

    To say it looks nothing like an iPad is a stretch. Of all the Android tablets on the market today, the Galaxy Tab is hands down the MOST iPad-like.

    • Raptor

      People lost their brain hating Apple. Or did not have one. They will all meet under the bridges in 20 years with all hitech jobs in Asia

    • muadhnate

      Actually it’s not- which is why Apple’s not even arguing their case based on the actual ipad design. Their arguing their case on some generic design that they drew leading up to the final design. Something called community design in europe. So far they are having a hard time making their case in the netherlands based on this standard but we will see if it holds out in the end. I have a feeling it won’t.

      By the way, since Apple can’t patent the color black or the rectangle so most tablets will have those features in common.

  • rrr

    OT: Every time i try to vote last several days i get Server error message

  • fred bloggs

    The iPad should be banned for being an unusable piece of shit that it is. It’s a crippled piece of equipment, that needs to be retired with the iPhone.

    Go Galaxy