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Giveaway: Want to learn about Android programming? There’s a book for that.

sams teach yourself android

We’ve heard from a lot of you out there who are interested in learning to program for Android. Many books offer budding programmers tips on how to build Android applications and program for the OS in general.

These books tend to run anywhere from $10 to upwards of $50 or more. We at Android and Me are always looking for ways to help you do awesome things with Android on the cheap (or free). We’ve teamed up with the authors of one of these programming books who graciously provided us with five copies to give away to our readers.

The book is Sams Teach Yourself Android Development in 24 Hours, and we’re giving 5 of these bad boys to you over the course of the next few days.  What do you have to do to get your hands on one? Simply leave a comment on this post, and be sure to include your email address in the appropriate box so we can contact you if you’ve won.

We will be selecting winners at noon central time tomorrow, August 31st. If you want to win, you must leave a comment before then.

Good luck, everyone!

Anthony loves all things technology, from hardware to apps and games. You can connect with him via Google+ or Twitter by clicking one of the fancy doo-dads above.

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  • Christopher Bowal

    I would love to read that book! I’ve got the basics, but an expert’s read would be excellent!

  • Ef Romero

    I’ve used books from this series before with some success. This would be a nice addition to my collection.

  • Sean Doe-Simkins

    Yes, please! It makes me chuckle that there are paper books about app dev. Isn’t this the future, and shouldn’t we all be on our micro computers?!

  • patrick love

    I’ve been itching to get into this

  • mike

    Book! Free! Me? yes, i would like a book, nom nom nom nom

  • Homncruse

    Hey look, this witty comment will win me a free book!

  • Interpol91

    Count me in! Please give this college student something else to do besides working on structures and fluids homework

  • Lucas

    Been getting curious to learn to develop for android, this looks like a great way to jump in!

  • Nicole P

    I’ve been meaning to learn about Android development. It looks like an awesome book.

  • osurich1

    I would love to learn to program….

  • robert

    Interesting. Ive always wanted to port my site (web app) to android.

  • yuichiror

    Java Monkey wants a book!!

  • Brian

    Words on paper. Awesome.

  • Garreth

    Count me in

  • TJ

    Would like to have this to read and learn to develop for android and help create a better android experience for all . Be with android since the G1 and have no plans to leave , This is one of the best technological advances in the field of portable electronic devices since laptops . I love having a phone that is more than a smartphone and is able to be used for so much more and is open source .

  • Opher Banarie

    I was waiting for this book to show up locally before considering buying a copy….but if you’re giving a few away, please send one my way :)


  • GRRemlin

    Me want book on Android dev. Got me some Java dev :)

  • morgan

    I am a student at COA I am very interested in Android I love this site I always log here first
    To get all my Android news.

  • Will H

    I have been trying to develop my own apps, but dislike reading these types of books on my iPad, would much rather a physical book!

  • Mat Brown

    I’m primarily a server-side web developer but I’ve been wanting to learn Android for years. Count me in!

  • Gregg H

    Would be a cool book to have :D

  • Crissyk14

    this would be a awesome birthday present! I want one super bad!

  • dylan murphy

    I was trained in Java programming years ago in high school and am making an Android app for my graduate thesis. While the internet basically has all information on everything, it would be awesome to have the information I need in a more compact format that can be read when I’m not at the computer.

  • Wakita R. Bradford

    I would love to have a copy of this book. Thank you for the chance!

  • Michael

    nothing like giving away free books I’d love the opportunity to learn how to make apps

  • SaK

    Just the what I was looking for….!

  • eric wilson

    Would love to have one. [email protected]

  • Dirge

    I’d love to have one of these books. It would help out a lot when I’d want to help developers for our respective phones. :)

  • Jon

    I hope this book is better than the others I have read. I want to learn how to program.

  • jinxygrrl

    OOOOh, pick me, pick me! Please…….

  • beatleskid7

    Can I has one? Please?!

  • A.C.

    Budding programmer, would love to learn even more!

  • bert1010

    Please send one my way. Thanks.

  • Kai

    I would like one! :D

  • Jordan Verhulst

    I am a meat popsicle.

  • Andrew

    Right here, down in front.

  • Kevin

    I call “shotgun” on a copy.

    … no?

  • HeroOfTime

    I’ve wanted to get into some programming for about a year and this would be awesome!

  • Josh Meyer

    Awesome. I would love to kisckstart my android development knowledge.

    Android and me 4evr!

  • bill

    Twenty five years in the software development field and I still love the non-stop learning!

  • Oscar Marquez

    I would like one, I want to hack my phone.

  • Branden

    Been looking for a book like this for a while now. Hope I win this!

  • Ernesta

    I have this great plan to become an Android ninja – the book would sure help me out in my quest.

  • drauks

    Could be useful…

  • Kaga

    Been looking for something like this.

  • Ben

    Java developer trying to make his way in the mobile dev world – this book would be a great help.

  • Luis

    Would love to win this!

  • Xavierx78

    Just got a job as a Mobile Analyst! Need all the help I can to keep the job! :)

  • Ron Wallace

    company is just starting to look at app development. Book would be a big help.

  • Mike Case

    I’m in the market for an Android programming book

  • Paul S

    Ohhh.. I just installed the SDK, this would be handy!

  • Connel Hooley

    Yes please :D

  • theodoro samms

    I always wanted to make my own app hope I win.

  • Sammy

    I would love to get started on Android programming with this book.

  • Justin Robinson

    Wouldn’t mind winning one of these.

  • Jo

    Starving grad student here – I’ve been lusting after a real android programming guide for a while now.

  • bayview

    Just what I need.

  • deucezulu22

    Read a part of this book in Barnes and Noble, It is one of the best android teaching books out there. Can I have one please?

  • Tico4674

    I have two passions and one of them is android. Please select me!

  • Sleepy Head

    I’m starting to teach my kids about robotics and programming them. I’d love to learn how to use Android to communicate and control robotic devices. And yes, I know there difference between a Robot and an Android!

  • Moe H.

    yum android developing!!!

  • Jeremy Crowhurst

    Love me some Android goodness…

  • Alan G

    I would like this book.

    Go me!

  • jj14x

    I would love to get this book (or any other book that outlines the details of android programming)

  • Kiet

    No better time to start learning than now. Love me some Android goodness.

  • Cameron McHugh

    Would be sweet to have

  • John S

    I’ve started teaching my kids Android programming using AppInventor. This would be a great next step.

  • Woodstock

    I hope this is the winning comment!

  • CTown

    May I win, one?

  • http://i Jams

    I’ve been with android since it was just an emulator shown on a white BlackBerry looking thing. I really have been itching to take a crack at writing my own app.

  • Brett Baker

    After buying my EVO 3D and now an Android tablet I am loving this OS.would love to learn imore about it and create some apps.

  • Phil

    I want one!

  • Ricardo

    If i don’t win I’ll probably end up buying the book. But it would still be nice to win.

  • High5Ghost

    I can haz Android Programming?

  • bobbyk

    I want it :)

  • Kevin

    Let’s Do this..

  • Chang Lin Lee

    Would love to learn android! Thanks!

  • Keefers

    Living paycheck to paycheck… I would love to get the opportunity to learn how to make apps to help make ends meet. Thank you for taking time to read this post.

  • Ben

    Can I haz it? Great giveaway!

  • Mike Klein

    I need to get a career!


  • Mike

    Up and coming college developer who loves android. I would love to have one of these books.

  • Victor Gonzalez

    Boy oh boy! Learn Android in 24 hours? Think of all the apps I could write! Why, maybe I’d write an app that let’s me take over the world! Yeah! Let’s go with that one!

    Hey AndroidAndMe, can you please give this fabulous book to your future world leader? :)

  • Nick

    I want ;-P

  • R.S

    Leave it to you guys (and gals) at Android and Me to have great give aways.

  • Calum

    Yes please!

  • Andrae D

    I’v got nothing but time and looking to get into something new

  • garrett

    this would be awesome!

  • midijunkie

    want :)

  • Idle

    Wish I could win this and show my Android love by developing awesome apps.

    Android And Me, you better give me a chance to win this. I want it and I want it very badly. :-)

  • Val-Zho


  • regor412

    still have yet to win one of these books for my app idea

  • Armando Hechavarria

    This would be a good book to read, the author seems like a good writer.

  • Joe

    I have been interested in programming for Android but haven’t found the best ways to get off the ground. This book would help out greatly.

  • Brian pearson

    Would love to learn more

  • Jason

    Been wanting to get into android dev for a while now. Would love this book. I have too much time on my hands and getting into this would allow me to focus a bit.

  • Kevin

    I would love one of the copies you are giving out.

  • spookz

    Just started computer science… this book would really be helpful to me. I also started the course a bit late.. gotta have a lot of catching up to do…. the one motivation to make me keep going= Android

  • Drew

    I’ve wanted to learn for a long time!!! I have very basic coding skills and was looking to take them to the next level!! IT would be my dream come true if I won!!!

  • Thomas Weaver

    Is this a random drawing or is it whoever gives the best reason why they should have it? Should I have not asked that? Do I sound too desperate? UGHHH!!!! I’ve Blown it!

  • Destry Sherwin

    I would love you learn how to develop for Android. I am in between jobs that provide steady pay and I have an idea for an Android app, but do not know where to start. This book will definitely help bring my app idea to reality.

  • gafine

    be my hero and draw my name…

  • Joseph

    Cool, loved to snag one of these books.

  • Arif Muhammad Faisal

    I would love to get one. Its amazing.

  • oldfcuk

    SAMS rules!

  • Károly

    I’m an Android addict!

  • Joe

    I would love to have this book! I’ve been trying to teach myself with limited results!

  • Sam

    Looks neat!

  • Antonio Bonner

    I’ve never won anything in my life. This would be a nice start. :-)

  • Scott

    I would really love this book. Seriously considering creating an app. I read more about android os and news for android users than i do my actual job. This would be perfect for me to read up and learn how to create my own app.

    Thanks for all you guys do. I appreciate all the info I get from you guys.

  • Alan Jacome

    I’m only 16 but I’ve always wanted to learn android programming.

  • Roy

    I want to make apps!

  • Jerome Woody

    Me want

  • Art

    woooooooo lemme program!

  • sonicxml

    Well, I really hope I win this because I want to get into android development early (I’m 15).

  • C.J.

    This would be the most perfect birthday gift ever!!!!

  • Andrew Davis

    I love Android and Me!

  • dave

    Does winning include a soft copy as well?

  • DO

    One please!

  • Pete

    Would love a copy! If I’m not a winner – is this the book to get? I’ve poked through the tutorials a bit but a book would be nice. If not this, what’s a good Android dev book? It would be nice if there was something that talked about UI, and making really nice UI on Android, too. There are some good looking Android apps but there are a lot of fugly ones, too.

  • Vonda

    This book is actually on my wish list!!! I would love to have it pleeeeease :)

  • darksurf

    please let me win this! this will help me with getting my masters degree! linux and android are the same yet sooo different!

  • Peter

    Wanna win one, wanna win one, wanna win one, wanna win one, wanna win one!


  • darkjuan

    Would love to get my hands on one of these books. Think of the possibities!!

  • Randy

    I’m just trying to get into android development! Please let me score one!

  • Emanuele Ricci

    I’m already an Android Developer but I’m more than sure that this book will be a must for me! So I cross my fingers and hope to win it :)

  • Michael Bolton

    I love changing things on my android devices. i want to going to school d learn more about programing.I think android is the future for mobile devices.

  • FireflyBebop

    This would be an awesome prize to win. I love my android and can’t wait to learn how to program for it!

  • Aaronneyer

    Learning Java now as a first year Computer science major. Hoping to get into Android soon after that so this book would be great.

  • Tony

    I really want to start developing small applications for Android for myself, maybe move up from there :)

  • Danny Newman

    Would really love to put my spare time to a good use and would really love this book.

  • Andy Appel

    Always looking for a good Android programming book.

  • Aykut B

    i am leaving a comment, seriously though i was whining why there’re no resources for learning android development :D

  • Nik Bojja

    With this book by my side, I shall make an app that shall put another of this book by my side

  • KwiHa

    Can I, can I…can I have it?

  • lifebeyondwalls

    College IT student, short on money. Free stuff is always welcome!

  • bananachunks

    This looks fun! May I?

  • aj

    Awwwww man that would be awesome to get a book. My passion for android has given me the desire to learn programming and to build an app but have not had the finances to spend 50$ on a good programming book. So I hope I win ons

  • Alex Cheuk

    Sounds great

  • Aleicia

    I’ve been wondering about Android development for a while and never knew where to start. This book might be the thing to put me on the right path!

  • Jonathan Aves

    I would love to be able to get my hands on one of year books, been looking to get more into the nutty gritty of android awesomeness development.

  • Eric McDaniel

    Currently nearing the end of an iOS book, would like to learn Android next

  • Benjamin Tseng

    I would love a copy!

  • Derek

    I’d like a copy!

  • Jonathon

    I would use the book to make an app for my website :)

  • Chris Johnson

    I’ve been looking for a way to learn Android programming for a long time.

  • Christopher J

    I’d love to learn about Android programming!

  • ZEROleaf

    I’m currently going to school for a software engineering degree. I would love one these books!

  • Dre

    The nerd in me wants this……badly

  • tehsusenoh

    Sign me up!

  • Simas

    good start for being part of android!

  • pfntn

    I would really like to have a copy…

  • Patrick E. Mahoney Jr.

    I could definitely use a reference book, I’m running into nooby problems pretty much daily…

  • Andre

    I’ll take it!

  • Randy

    I hope to win.

  • Jason H

    This would be awesome.

  • Danno

    fingers crossed!

  • rafael

    nice. hello governa!!!!!

  • Lance


  • Mike

    This would be a nice book to have.

  • Juha

    I would love to get a copy of that book! :)

  • Robert

    I’ve been looking for a good intro to android development…

  • KyoRinsuu


  • Tran Lang

    I am looking for a good android development book, too.

  • Lexor

    Leaving a comment…

  • Jesse C

    Do want. I may already do some development, but hell we could all use some more practice from time to time!

  • Kurt Osterhage

    This would be very helpful since I am a CS student and I have been slowly teaching myself Java since May.

  • dessa

    Can you review the book (not everyone will win one, like me :).
    Can you compare it to any of the O’ learning android books?

    Compare and contrasting would be even better, so that a person can figure out which book would be better for them!

    Keep up the good work.

  • justinf79

    This would be cool to snag. I’m just now starting to learn Java and Android development.

  • DirectMatrix

    I would love one of these books! I have been trying to learn as best I can but this would definitely help.

  • David Belliveau

    My 11 year old niece said it would be cool if she could build apps for her older sister’s Samsung Galaxy S II. If I win, she gets the book.

  • Paul Hughes

    Would love to get a copy. Been a pleasure working with you both the past couple months (not on the book).

  • Martin

    I’m just starting to get into Android programming, so a book like this would be great… as I’m plenty confused at the moment, lol

  • braaain

    Yeah! I’ve got all these ideas bangin around in my head!

  • Samer Serhan

    I’ve made a couple of simple apps, but I have no knowledge at all in the advanced parts of android progrmaming, I would love to read this!

  • Aaron

    Student getting an android soon with lots of time between classes at college.

  • Marine Sergeant Major

    Learning JAVA then I am going to start my journey into the Android world. Grateful to have this book to teach me the ways of the Force.

  • Anthony Nardozzi

    Just retired from the Marine Corps and need something to fill up my time with! Learning Android would be a good hobby.

  • jaspercayne

    I would love to learn to program for Android. I was an early adopter up here in the great white north (RIP HTC Magic), and it would be absolutely fantastic to be able to show my support for Android with apps, instead of just getting new devices as they come out.

  • franck dzefi


  • kasing

    I would love to learn more about Android!

  • Ilia

    Would be nice to have!

  • Marjorie D

    I love learning new things! This would be a great addition to the bookshelf after I’m done reading it. Cheers :)

  • Derek L

    Would love to win!

  • daniel

    Please enter me in your beautiful contest to win a book!

    Thank you!

  • cdmartin21

    Would really like to get one of these…

  • scott


  • Ryan


  • New_guy

    Cool, I want learn how to program in android and winning this book would be great in helping me develope more skills.

  • Diziet

    Learning android programming at the moment using tutorials online. Book would be very useful!

  • KG

    Ive been trying to break into Android App development for about a year now, this book would help me out a LOT.

  • Domo

    I need that book for my evil project!

  • amportfolio

    I love the Sams books. Great resources to quickly learn from.

  • Ravi

    I would love to have one!

  • Kenneth

    I’ve been wanting to learn this stuff!!

  • shamefulzero

    id love one! thanks. only read the important stuff and this is important

  • Joshua Johnson

    Just looking to learn how to program on Android! This would be awesome.

  • Laura L

    I would love one of these books!

  • Michael Girard

    Cool, I was just thinking this evening about looking into Android programing

  • Ferdi Zebua

    [raises hand up]

    …Lotsa comments here lol :))

    I’ve always wanted to be able to code for real. The last time I attempted anything like programming was back in high school playing with Borland Pascal under MS-DOS 6….

    Basic HTML could be considered somewhat coding-ish, but…

    Anyways I wanna code, and mobile is the future etc.,etc. so pick me!!!11!!11 \:D/

  • Dennis Smith

    I would be interested! Thanks for the contest.

  • Brandon

    I’ve got some Android projects in my not-too-distant future, would love a kick start.

  • Robert Hastings

    Wow. What a great giveaway.

  • Roxanne

    I started learning programming on my own a couple of years ago (I’m a chemist), and am thinking of making a career change. Android applications would be a great way to help with that, as it’s an expanding market.

  • Chaitanya Pramod

    Way to go androidandme! Would love to see more such giveaways…

  • Carlos Saucedo

    I want it.

  • Nick

    I would like to get started with Android programming. Thanks!

  • Jim Perry

    I have tried appsbar but would really like to learn to program apps so I can make the tools that I need for my job.

  • Brett Nash

    Love a book on android programming.

  • Tetsuya


  • tenkely

    Huzzah!! If I don’t win I will be forced to making combustible lemons… Gaaarr

  • Aaron Newman

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!

  • Marlon

    I’ve been wanting to develop something for Android, but haven’t had the motivation. Perhaps winning this would give me the kick I need!

  • firestarter

    Please send me one copy of the book. I’d like to jump start my Android development. Thanks in advance.

  • stabo

    Count me in homedroid

  • Rose

    I’d love a copy! Thank you!

  • Joshua Talley

    I’d love to learn to make native apps for Android.

  • benvyates

    comment comment comment

  • Rich Jackman

    Just what I need, another freaking book. No really, I do need it.

  • Chris

    The book looks awesome! There was one Android development class at my University last term but it filled up in minutes. Would love to have the book!

  • lavie

    Some one said “hope is a torture”, hope that this time, behind the torture is happy

  • PaulMEdwards

    This will be a nice gift for the 5 persons who win.
    If I receive one, I will be truly grateful.
    Good luck to all!

  • J.J. Quinlivan

    I love the teach yourself book series. This looks great as an intro to Android programming!

  • Ronnie

    I would love to learn about Android programming!

  • Jesus Medina

    id like one :)

  • crubbish

    I’m in

  • Chris Steurer

    I have been finding out more and more lately how much more I love learning from a book than I do from a few scattered online articles. I have also been been putting off learning android until after I was done with college in the next year, but seeing this I think I have changed my mind. If I could get a free copy of this book and start learning today then I could finally start coding a few of the simpler app ideas I have had as a testing ground to offer app development to clients in the future. This book would be great!

  • Josh

    Although my background is in Java, I am only just now getting started in Android app development… It would be great to have a book like this to really wrap my head around all the concepts involved!

  • JhonnyQ

    Studying Informaticw here, so i’d really love to get my hands on one of those ;)

  • Kristian

    I’ve been wanting an android book lately. Been watching tutorials online, which are great for getting started… But a book is more structured and usually doesn’t leave important information out.

  • Bob

    I’m a college student studying computer science and I’d love to quickly learn how to develop Android apps.

  • Alex L.

    Great way to start, i love do it your self!

  • Bastiaan

    Ohh nice! I’d love one

  • Jennie

    Trying to get started in Android programming, this would really help!!!

  • rani

    WoW Very Nice book I would love to win one :D

  • Tiuri

    Great offer!!

  • Vito

    Would be interesting to see how other developers attempt to solve the types of problems I deal with day to day on Android.

  • Fahad

    I love programming with Android, can i get one :)

  • Y314K

    So this is a book I see…

  • David

    Nice, yes please :-)

  • San

    Designer. Sometimes appalled by the quality of Android apps. To take matters into my own hands, I need this book!

  • Mario borroto

    Yea app inventor didn’t work out for me.

  • S Gates

    “There oughta be an app for that” … so maybe I’ll build it!

  • Michael

    Can I haz?

  • oleg

    It’s always good to learn something new. I really want this book.

  • Harry T

    Would definitely be nice, I’ve got quite a few ideas stuffed in my head.

  • scottric

    I am actually going to school to learn to program mobile devices, so this would be awesome! Sign me up!

  • Ryan K

    I’ve always wanted to get into development ever since I purchased my Original DROID, and this would be the perfect place to start!

  • Ben


  • Yuwei

    I want to have the book xD

  • The Steven


  • Claudio

    Novice Android developer, another resource would be great to assist in my progress.

  • Eric

    Got the opportunity to get more into development with my new job. Android has always been such a passion. I’ve done my best to be as active and helpful in any Android community I’ve been a part of. Developers of any kind (even iOS) should have the respect from the community for what they have done for their respective devices.

    I was lucky enough to have someone share his e-version of this book with me and I fell in love with it. Unfortunately because he shared it we both lost access to it. In any event, I haven’t gotten a chance to the pick the book up for myself and I would LOVE the chance to get back into it.

    Whoever wins this giveaway is going to have the best (first) tool you need to get started.

  • Scott

    must needs to be leet haxor now

  • Barry

    As a developer who is looking for his calling, and new Android convert (new owner of Droid X2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1), I would love to have this book so I can get started developing for the Android platform.

  • wwJOSHdo

    I want to learn to be a developer. I make youtube videos “wwjoshdew” on other peoples content. I want to be a developer and make videos of my own content. I have been itching to learn lately, but I have NO CLUE where to start. I believe this book would be in GREAT hands because I am DYING to learn how to become a developer and make Android more awesome!

  • Kevin

    This would be a great way to start Android development.

  • Kyrok7

    Would help out a lot

  • Brian G

    I’d like to dev android Apps.

  • Viel Abonita

    Junior Information Technology Student, aspiring android developer. :) I would like to be one of the first ones to study Android Development here in the Philippines :)

  • mikesbolt

    Android Developer in training

  • Sage Garretson

    I want this badly!!

  • Drew

    I’d like to learn in 24 hours!

  • Ryan McFadden

    I would love to learn how to program for android, I have so many ideas for apps!!

  • Shawn

    Am I too late?!?!

  • Morgan McCallum

    I Would love to learn more about android programming. I love my android devices. And I would love to be able to contribute! :D

  • Hank N.

    Would love to learn how to program on the Android platform.

  • Zac Cross

    Pick Me!!!!! Pick me!!!! I have been wanting this for quite some time.

  • Scottscott

    Am I too late?

  • Ravikiran Sastry PV

    I sure would love to get one!

  • István Maczkó

    We will start Brute force programming on Android

  • David Vasquez

    I LOVE me some android. i love being able to show off all the fancy things i can do with my phone and encourage and show people how to utilize their phones to the maximum of their capability, hook a brotha up!

  • jbrephan

    Android Programming would be a stellar tool to learn… hears hoping!
    Nashville, TN

  • Bill Lancaster

    I’d LOVE one of these… I am very interested in building apps for my Samsung Fascinate, as well as other Android devices! :-)

  • seekler

    Hope you ship internationally ;)

  • joeshark

    Sweet <^<

  • Andrei Pop

    I never usually win anything.

  • Greg B

    Sure. Why not?

  • Henry

    I want a Android Book!! :)

  • RevSpaminator

    I think I’m a little late for this, but here goes…

    I can bribe you with a new in-package wind-up Rascal Robot from Tomy.

  • idris

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