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HTC Bliss – the phone for women and men with pink shirts – hits the FCC


The HTC Bliss is back, and it looks like the FCC has given HTC the “all clear” signal they were waiting for to launch the first ever female-centric HTC phone.  As we reported back in May, the HTC Bliss was created in order to target the female demographic, since the look and feel of most Android powered phones are targeted directly at men.  HTC is also expected to release a few new accessories with the HTC Bliss that should appeal to their desired demographic.

The FCC filing for the HTC Bliss doesn’t really give us any new details about the phone, but it does reveal that the HTC Bliss will not be equipped with support for Verizon’s 4G LTE network.  Previous rumors indicated that the HTC Bliss would feature both front and rear facing cameras, an exterior body that is similar to the HTC DROID Incredible 2 (but in a green hue) and a soft-touch rubber casing for a better grip.  Software tweaks on the HTC Bliss include “calming” wallpapers along with shopping and calorie counting apps. Previous rumors also indicated that the HTC Bliss would feature a modified version of HTC Sense 2.5 (the latest version running on HTC’s single-core phones). But the source for this article seems to think the Bliss will have Sense 3.5 .(We’re not exactly sure where they’re getting those details).

htc_bliss_label htc_bliss_model htc_bliss_pink_shirt

Post image thanks to xda-developers

FCC filings typically see the light of day about four to eight weeks before the phones are released. So we should expect to see the HTC Bliss show up in Verizon stores sometime in late September or early October.

Do you think the HTC Bliss is really what women want?  Do women need a phone designed specifically for them? Or does HTC simply need to add a few more skins to HTC Sense and create a few custom cases to satisfy the female demographic?

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Source: FCC

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  • Sean Riley

    Game blouses!


    I’m sorry, please forgive me.. but I spit up laughing when I saw this!

    • BiGMERF

      Please no one take offense to what I said.. have a sense of humor guys. I laughed more about the picture than i did anything. It was just funny.

  • SliestDragon

    Lol, the title made me laugh. :D

  • Jeremy

    As a gay guy… I’m pretty offended. And I don’t get offended by much.

    • cv

      I feel the same way.

      At first I wasn’t sure if I was reading too much into this, and I know the article never comes out and says “gay” in the article, but seriously AndroidAndMe??? You have no idea how much I visit this site and point people to your articles.

      Not anymore.

      • Not so sensitive

        Oh please! Get over yourself. Uggg….

    • DROID Sam

      I’m not gay, but I do wear quite a few pink shirts. Obviously, the title doesn’t offend me, but it certainly can be take out of context along with the image. It’s not andoid and me’s fault that Verizon chose to use a man with a pink shirt for a marketing piece for a phone that’s targeted towards women.

      • Dirty_Azkals

        Right? Don’t get so Butthurt you two.

        Although I am offended that its a stereotypical effeminate hairless Asian man wearing a pink shirt holding a CAMERA equipped phone……sans glasses at least.

  • Interpol91

    If it wasn’t for that awesome title I would’ve just ignored this post. Good hook! lol

  • Coolaaron88

    So many unwarranted jokes incoming

  • matt

    People are sensitive. They said nothing hurtful to gays so get over yourself. They may have stereotyped, by saying all gays are feminine and none are masculant, thus the HTC bliss is for all gays, but everyone stereotypes something, some for the wrong reasons. But its not something to get all butt hurt about. However I don’t believe having a select gender type phone is that great. I see phones can go both ways, not just for men. Change your wallpaper if you want it to be feminine.

  • 5

    There are many gays serving, escpecially in the army, air force and navy!

    • amyMe

      If anyone should offended here it’s me and all the other women who read this site and buy Android phones. HTC doesn’t need to go out of their way to make phones appeal to women. Yeah, Android is lacking the female demographic, but that’s because the marketing it targeted at men. Change the marketing, not the phone!

      • BiGMERF

        if you ask me Amy this phone is not up to the standards of a grown women.. this phone is aimed at the younger aged females. 13-20 if you ask me. Any women with android knoledge will know this phone is not up to it, spec wise

    • Dirty_Azkals

      Hello? The Marines, always first……in anything.

  • Ahsan

    cool phone specially for females.

  • KFC Bliss


  • Courtney

    I love when companies suddenly decide to target women and choose to target the most stereotypical women in the world. News Flash: a large portion of women hate shopping and don’t worry about every calorie they eat.

  • Mutant wong

    it’s okay for this phone to be locked bootloader and no need to be root.

  • Stella

    This phone description is very “cutesy” but I don’t think it should only be aimed at women. There are quite a few men who like small phones. I do like your suggestion of adding skins or cases that may appeal to females…or guys in pink shirts.

    BTW, I like a guy who can rock a preppy pink shirt. :D

  • sylar

    Oh good god….. That’s all I have to say.