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HTC’s Peter Chou embraces Google’s acquisition of Motorola


Google has made it very clear that the acquisition of Motorola will not change Android’s open nature. You can’t help but wonder if the company will actually stay true to its word, though. We’re sure manufacturers have been losing sleep. As Android fans, we definitely worry about manufacturers being scared off by the possibility of Motorola becoming Google’s favorite.

One of the manufacturers we’d most hate to see going away is definitely HTC. There’s nothing to worry about, though, as Peter Chou has just announced that HTC plans to stay as close to Google as it has been for the last few years.

It's not the operating system, it's the ecosystem. We think we can find a way to differentiate to add value, but at the same time leverage our partners, Google and Microsoft, since we have such a great relationship with them.Peter ChouCEO of HTC

HTC does not plan to make its own operating system, but to work with Google and Microsoft. We know how proud HTC is of HTC Sense, and the manufacturer will continue to work on differentiating their devices and UI’s–just like it has all along.

HTC’s Peter Chou seems to be confident that Google will keep its word and that the acquisition’s purpose is to expand Google’s patent portfolio. This would further protect all the Android manufacturers–something to which HTC is definitely looking forward. HTC has been involved in multiple lawsuits involving intellectual property, so this might actually be a spark of hope for the company.

This acquisition is more to enhance Google's patent portfolio, to support us, to protect us, so this is good newsPeter ChouCEO of HTC

Hopefully we can get an official announcement from other major manufacturers soon. We would not like to see our OEMs going away. We definitely trust that Google will keep its word about leaving Android open, as it is partly the reason why the platform has been so successful. What do you guys think? Will Motorola actually get some kind of benefit in the future? I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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  • CJ

    I’m tired of these “dumb” stories about Google’s acquisition of Motorola. Google has never shown any interest in being a hardware manufacturer. And I seriously doubt that has changed. What Google has shown an interest in is getting Android on as many handsets as possible and ensuring that Android becomes the mobile OS of choice. These constant lawsuits have been a thorn in Google’s sides and the sides of Android OEM’s. The purchase of Motorola gives Google and it’s partners some breathing room and a nice little safety net. Google knows that the only way to keep Android flowing from HTC, Samsung, LG, etc. is to keep Android free and provide equal access to all of the manufacturers. End of story!

    • Danger in yellow

      Well, look into his evil asian eyes – hes a criminal! I knew….

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      CJ is right. Those who feel that Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility will alienate other manufacturers aren’t looking at the big picture, and also don’t seem to understand that manufacturers can see the big picture too.

      Google is going to let Motorola Mobility continue to do what they do best, make phones. Google is going to keep doing what they do best, provide services through innovation and development. Google will likely have very little direct influence on Motorola Mobility.

      Google is protecting Android phone manufacturers with this purchase, and the manufacturers know that.

  • dans

    Ruh Roh.. Looks like Leveno is a shoe in for wOS then.

  • Richard Yarrell

    HTC will remain tied to GOOGLE and android for the duration. Htc has millions upon millions of dedicated fans who swear by what they bring to android and that will always be. HTC is the best manufacturer in the smartphone arena hands down..

    • Richard Yarrell

      You are definitely 100% right

    • Jasonhunterx

      You mean samsung there Galaxy S Line each year it has been released it has been hotest android phones Htc is far from best as long as they stick with qualcomm who sucks balls

      • Sean the Electrofreak

        I’m a Samsung phone owner and I’ve written tech articles comparing Cortex-A8, Cortex-A9, and Qualcomm processors, and I’ll be the first to disagree.

        Samsung phones have excellent displays and solid performance, but Qualcomm’s processors have a LOT more development work put into them than Samsung, TI, or NVIDIA’s SoCs. This is because they’re not directly based off of ARM’s design like the other SoC manufacturers, but simply support ARM’s instruction sets. As a result, they perform very well and even feature some improvements that other manufacturers are unable to match. The result is a lot of R&D cost and development expense on Qualcomm’s part. The only other ARM manufacturer that I know of that does this is Marvell, and generally they build low-power implementations for Blackberry.

        Now that Qualcomm is giving their phones the graphics processing attention they deserve (QSD “Snapdragon” SoCs were held down by the Adreno 200 for far too long) they’re more than competitive.

        I’m sure that some fanboi told you on a forum somewhere that “Qualcomm sucks balls” and you believed it. The reality however is that this is not the case.

      • Richard Yarrell

        You poor soul.. You are definitely living in the land of darkness. Stick with samsung all you want the overall android community as well as htc customers know the REAL DEAL. There never has been nor will there ever be a device made from samsung that will be better than an htc made android device. SOFTWARE wise samsung is lost nor do they up keep any device the way they should. All Samsung is good for is selling there next device HTC updates and takes care of all the devices they produce samsung can definitely learn a valuable lesson from htc when it comes to software and updates. Every samsung device has GPS issues and don’t get me started on that CRAPPY KEIS system they have. Your living in a dark fantasy world at best.. Enjoy that lonely place your in.

        • Chetanya

          I’ve samsung galaxy s2 and there is no gps issues, moreover its one if the fastest to get gps lock, beaware of sweeping generalisation my friend.


    I would have really loved for HTC to make the next installment of the next Nexus series. The N1 was my fav phone of all time. Followed by current Sensation (especially after this awesome update). HTC is going nowhere

  • RevSpaminator

    Google isn’t going to hang their other manufactur­­ers out to dry. They are well aware that even if Motorola’s sales were at full capacity, Android could not achieve market domination with only one vendor using it. Google is covering their OS and vendors that use it by arming themselves against the silly patent wars that are stifling growth and innovation­.

    What is at stake here goes far beyond selling ads, apps or even mobile devices. Android is poised to offer an open solution to any manufactur­er looking for an embedded OS with an an advanced UI, putting Android everywhere and in everything. (How long until we see an article on how to root your refrigerator?)

  • ayocuz

    unless google changes moto’s hardware i’ll never buy one of their phones. HTC rules the hardware game and xda rules the software game. I love my sensation and with the roms being developed in the modding community (like way better than goole’s official stuff) i’m feeling like i don’t even need a new phone for a good minute.

  • SliestDragon

    There’s no need for HTC to worry, and there’s no need for us to worry about HTC. HTC is big in android, and making tons of money. They’re not going anywhere, and we won’t let them. :)

  • Sorin

    Either way Google will have to stick to the open source nature of Android for a while, let’s say a couple of years until they can shape up Motorola’s share market. I think by this time, standalone apps will be slowly replaced by HTML5 web apps, and Chrome OS will also emerge not only into the laptop’s market, but also on tablets, and why not smartphones. Then Android extra functionality becomes obsolete and Chrome OS takes over. If Google chooses to keep Android in-house rather than open source, it will only help promote Chrome OS which will actually be better for smartphones and tablets by that time. So it doesn’t make any sense for Google to make such a choice.

  • Ari32

    This is great news, yet was expected. It’s just nice to have it confirmed by Mr. Chou himself. Bring on more HTC/Android goodness!