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HTC’s Peter Chou to make major announcement tomorrow morning


We just got word from HTC that Peter Chou will be making a major announcement tomorrow.  Members of the press typically get word of these announcements a week or two in advance, but the late email from HTC’s PR team has us a bit perplexed. The fact that Peter Chou’s announcement will come via teleconference instead of a proper press event has us thinking this may have something to do with the patent disputes between Apple and HTC, rather than  an unveiling or announcement of a new product.  HTC Kingdom for Sprint, HTC Vigor for Verizon and HTC Puccini for AT&T should all be right around the corner, but we would expect to hear from the respective service providers in regards to those product announcements and launch details.

Peter Chou is expected to make the major news announcement tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. PT.  We’ll be listening in on the call to bring you all the details.  What do you think Peter Chou will announce tomorrow morning?

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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    This all the rave on twitter right now! I am reading all kinds if rumors. From the patent wars to web os being on an htc phone to phone announcements. This is going to be big news.. Maybe something will leak out soon

    • HTC anal.yst insider

      Peter Chou: “Im switching to Apple”

      *then silence*


  • Phil

    First site to get the same feeling I had when I heard about this. I get a bad feeling that its something thats going to lend support to the crap Apple is pulling like announcing a licensing deal.

  • ahmed

    يا عيني يا روحي يا مانشافت

    بإذن الله يورو 2012 بتكون البطولة الرابعة لألمانيا

    • Tran Lang

      Oh, no. Don’t tell me that you announce a plan to terrorize Mr. Chou and the HTC company because their products are so good and useful for human life.

      • gnaL nraT

        You raciat douche

    • Steve505

      This is an ENGLISH website, so please only post comments that are in English.

      Google translate for what Ahmed said:
      “God willing, Euro 2012 formation of the fourth tournament to Germany O eyes, O my soul, O Manchavt”

      Taylor: please delete comments that are both completely random and in a different language.

      • jm

        If comments in another language furthered the discussion, they should by all means be permitted. In this case, Ahmed appears to be spamming us about soccer outcomes in 2012. I also vote to remove them.

        • Steve505

          I stated that Taylor should only remove comments that are BOTH in a different language and that have nothing to do with the topic.

      • jm

        A good idiomatic translation might be:

        I really, really, really hope Germany wins its fourth championship at Euro 2012.

        • Dirty_Azkals

          Yes, because we all know Peter Chou is a big soccer fan and will somehow use HTC to help Germany win. The HTC Flyer will replace clipboards and paper for calling and making soccer plays. Plus if you place it in front of your shorts it makes an excellent cup since it has a wider surface area.

          Pretty obvious what Ahmed really is trying to get through with his limited English writing skills.

  • Warden

    That HTC will be manufacturer for the Nexus 3.

  • mo

    Nexus 3 duh.

    • kayjay

      That’s wat I’m hopin

  • Nick Gray

    I have a feeling that this could be more of an announcement about the company rather than a new product. U.S. announcements typically come from carriers since they like to take all the glory away from manufacturers. I’m hoping Peter Chou is going to get on the phone and tell the press that Apple better watch its back because HTC isn’t going to roll over or go down without a fight.

  • keridel

    i dont think it will be the nexus 3. that is normally a google announcement not a OEM one.

    i hope the patent war is not a part of it as id like to thinkHTC are above that. they will do what needs to be done and then tell us the outcome.

    i’m looking forward to finding out though..


    I was also thinking it may be bootloader related , but i doubt it.. This seems like something major

    • Nick Gray

      The bootloader issue is a good guess, but I don’t think it’s high profile enough for the CEO to host a press teleconference. Blogs and the dev community give that issue a lot of attention, but the major press hasn’t covered any of the bootloader news.

      • BiGMERF

        What if you had to buy the right to unlock? LOL, just thinking out loud

  • Mighty_O

    i predict HTC declares war on Apple! lol

    • James

      or a sellout

  • thaghost

    To settle the patent issue, they are gonna make a low end iphone with ios-ense…lol okay just kidding. Imagine that.

  • Tal

    They paid A LOT of money for Apple per device. Android is getting into the doom and gloom era. With Samsung and Motorola being next. Page and company FAILED.
    I am a fan and am deeply disappointed of the way Google is managing the fight. Schmidt should take back over.

    • teecruz

      Uhm. This made no sense, but there’s one thing I do agree one: Schmidt should probably take over. Forever. Sorry, Page. :]

    • Steve505

      I agree with you that Google needs to fight back.

      If Google doesn’t fight back, the manufacturers will eventually be forced to switch to a different operating system, probably WP7.

      Google could easily file a lawsuit again Apple saying that Apple copied Android’s notification system, especially after Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung for coping the iPhone.

      • teecruz

        smh. It’s harder than that.

  • Kevin

    How nexus 3 will crush iPhone 5.

  • teecruz

    It’s none of the above. It’s partnership press conference announcing the incorporation of Beats audio into their future lineup.
    Grr. Makes me mad. They decided that now, now that I don’t like HTC. -__-
    To hell with their Sense proprietor UI!

    • OREO

      Are you serious about the Beats Audio? That would be sweet if the Next Nexus was made by HTC with Beats Audio. Then again one can dream, right?

  • Richard Yarrell

    You can definitely count on this being something MAJOR Mr. Chou does not do these kind of things normally so this is something he may just want to get off his chest. He just wants all the faithful HTC supporters to know what’s on the way and all is well in HTC land.

  • Richard Yarrell

    The HTC announcement is going to be about the big news $300 million collaboration with Beats Audio. As in Beats by Dre, and the same Beats Audio you’ll find in a smattering of HP products — including the HP TouchPad. The collaboration will be exclusive to HTC smartphones only. This is good news in my world…

  • Steve505

    This is not about the Nexus 3, as it’s too soon for any announcement, and when it’s finally announced, it’ll be announced by Google.

    Also, because the invite comes with only a one day notice, I’m pretty confident that this announcement is about the company and not about a specific product.

    An announcement about the recent lawsuits is possible, but it seems unlikely. Apple doesn’t have a big announcement when they file a lawsuit, so then why would HTC have an announcement about their lawsuits?

    If it is about lawsuits, then it’s an announcement to tell us about a major settlement.

    • teecruz

      To me, it isn’t. I hate HTC.
      But yes, I guess this is the big woop! -__-

    • Steve505

      Most likely, this is what the announcement is about.

  • horsesmouth

    Peter Chou is going to announce his engagement with Steve Jobs and to bring in Apple iSense :)

  • Limbo99

    I guess htc is declaring war on korea dpr

  • Snowbdr89

    The major announcment is dick snot yarrell is banned from using htc due to htc being embarresed by his rants

  • droidsam

    This beats electronics announcement sounds promising. I hope its a lot more than just a beats speaker crammed into the phone. HTC could use Beats kinda like SONY uses the Walkman brand and creat some unique Beats phones that are designed by the coorperation with the Beats team (I’m thinking white phone with a red accents and a Beats skin for Sense 3.0) and a pair of Beats heaphone (maybe even Bluetooth).

    Can’t wait to see what comes out of this partnership!

  • Dirty_Azkals

    Woot ?!?!?! BEATS AUDIO BABY!!!!!

    $900 HTC phones here we come.

    HTC phone + Beats branding + “included” choice of Beats Tour, Justin Beiber, or Lady Gaga Beats = $899.99 Bundle ^^

    The added bonus to this new partnership your phone is now 200% more likely to get jacked as you take a casual stroll through your urban neighborhood.

    • amy

      Lol. It’s so true that people who own Beats are a huge target for theives. It’s like wearing a sign on your back saying that you have an extra 300 buck to spend on headphones.

  • Villi Bjarna

    My sources tells me that HTC just bought Nokia and united company will make the Nexus 3.

  • Shanikwa Johnson

    Ohhhhhhhhh gurl I was making Tyrone some fried chichen and grits when I hurd about this.

    Lemme tell you, my friend Dishiki down from Atlanta, told me that she hurd through the grape vine gurl, that Mr. Chou is annoucin the drop of Android devices for WP7.

    Now, you ain’t hurd that from me, if you know what I mean.

    Coming honey…that’s Tyrone calling me…he sure does like his fried Chicken

  • Brian from Texas

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