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If MOTOKORE replaces MOTOBLUR, will people still hate it?


A simple name tied to a popular company has made its way on to the Internet today, and it’s causing quite a stir. The name is KORE and the company it’s tied to is Motorola.

Appearing online in many different URL configurations, the name MOTOKORE is clearly very important to Motorola. As usual, speculation has already started to pick up, and there’s some rather interesting theories out there as to what MOTOKORE could be. We have our own thoughts on what MOTOKORE is, and you may not like it.

The first major theory is that MOTOKORE is the name of an upcoming device. As in “the Motorola KORE”, or “the MOTOKORE.” There’s no reason why this couldn’t be true, but the fact that,,, and are all registered to Motorola doesn’t make sense compared to past releases. There is no or no And there certainly isn’t a

The next theory, brought up by the readers of DroidLife, is that it’s some combo of Core, Quad-Core and NVIDIA’s Kal-El. This makes sense in a witty way, but again, it’s tied to a device.

Our theory is that MOTOKORE is a service. More specifically, the rebranding of MOTOBLUR.

When it comes to horrible, terrible, buggy, bloated Android overlays, MOTOBLUR (dubbed MOTOBLOAT in a poll on AAM) takes the crown. It makes sense that Motorola would want to officially squash the name. And thanks to an interview with Sanjay Jha, CEO of Motorola Mobility, we know Moto is still working on developing BLUR. Back in June, Jha explained that social networking was going to take a backseat in the future of MOTOBLUR, and that performance was ready to take center stage. If that really is the case, MOTOKORE starts to sound like a great name for Motorola’s custom Android experience. Not to mention something they’d want to protect by buying up any and all URLs associated with it.

We think Motorola will discontinue the BLUR name and relaunch the service as MOTOKORE:  the battery saving, performance enhancing, totally rad Android UI you can’t live without. Or can’t live with. Even though Jha has gone on the record saying that Motorola is anonymously tracking users of MOTOBLUR to help increase performance on future builds of the UI, it might be too late. What if MOTOKORE is just MOTOBLUR with a new name? And even if it is a new super-cool UI with custom widgets, don’t people usually want stock Android anyway?

That brings us to core issue. If MOTOKORE replaces MOTOBLUR, will people still hate it? We could be totally off base here, and MOTOKORE could turn out to be the XOOM2 or something along those lines. But if we’re right, what do you think? Would you still hate it? Is it too soon to judge? Do you think MOTOKORE is something entirely different than anything listed above? Let it all out in the comments below.

Via: DroidLife

Source: AndroidCommunity

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  • noriega713

    I think MOTOHORR-IBLE sounds way better…

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      dortmund 2
      hamburg 0

      (40th min)

  • @neidlinger

    It’s Motorola. Yes i’ll still hate it.

    1) AOSP
    2) Sense
    3) Touch Wiz
    4) MiUi
    5) Dumb Phone
    6) no Phone
    7) Motorola Phone.

    • elijahblake

      i would have to move CyanogenMod to the Number 1 spot but i agree with the rest LOL

      • @neidlinger

        I agree but technically CM is AOSP. AOSP in essence means Android w/o a skin on it.

        • Dustin Earley

          I just means written from the Android Open Source Project.


    I just cant find myself ever getting a moto phone unless it were UI free. If somehow they ran Vanilla Android. Nothing against Moto, I have a xoom. Just there UI. Atleast they are no longer last on my list of preferred manufactures (belongs to LG)

  • Marcus

    I really hope it is a new UI, but only if it is going to be changed completely. Motorola probably isn’t going to remove the MOTOBLUR UI completely. So at least make MOTOKORE as close to vanilla Android as possible, if it is a UI

    • Joe

      Motorola needs to give is a good reason to buy their phones.

      I like Samsung because of their super-amoled screens, and I like HTC because of Sense.

      However, with Motorola, I have totally no reason to choose them, especially as a former Cliq owner. Motorola needs to do a better job at supporting their devices, as the Cliq had several problems that they wouldn’t fix.

      • Marcus

        I completely agree with you about Samsung and HTC. Those SAMOLED+ screens are amazing.

        I also owned a CLIQ. My friend had a BACKFLIP. They were both extremely slow and buggy. I sold the CLIQ, and now both phones are rooted. Motorola wont even give the damn things froyo

  • Dre

    Yes. Next question

  • shiftylock

    Maybe, possibly, its a “cloud service” Motorola is offering. Changing motoblur already seems a bit rash…

  • JaylanPHNX

    If you look at the latest version of Moto’s UI (the nameless one in the Droid3 and supposedly the Bionic), there are definite improvements to their software. Is it perfect? No way, but it is moving in the right direction. And if Kore offers another leap on that same vector, then there may be a chance for them to redeem themselves. A good example of this is TouchWiz. It was reviled in its first version, hated in its second, not well liked in its third, but from what I hear, the version on the SGS II is really quite good.

    As to the idea of Android purism, I call it bunk. I’ve used CM7, I’ve used Blur, and I’ve used Sense, and of the three, if I could choose my OS (and as a root user I can) I choose Sense. Perhaps not the launcher (that’s what ADW EX is for), but the underpinnings and added apps and functionality blow stock out of the water. The Sense web browser renders pages much better than stock (is aesthetically more pleasing as well), the camera app is vastly superior in every way, and the contacts app is more functional and attractive. So I reject the idea that no skin can beat stock by definition.


    “Sense” Finish Him ! “Motoblur” UUUUUGggggg….Dead !

  • Dr. Fill

    Whatever it is, they will overprice it.

  • DroidSamurai

    No, unless they gave us a way to turn it off. If it can be turned off, then the choice is upon me, and I can live with whatever they put in, and may even give them a chance. If it can’t be turned off, then NO, and it doesn’t matter what name they snap on it.

  • Richard Yarrell

    In the real world nothing will ever beat HTC SENSE… NOTHING.

    • Dirge

      AOSP would like to have a word with your Sense…

      • JaylanPHNX

        Sense’s dialer and camera would like to laugh at your puny AOSP. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

  • mrmikem513

    I have a Droid X, and I am done with Motorola.

    Whatever Moto calls it now, Blur destroyed a perfectly good phone. Come contract
    terminus, I will look elsewhere for a device.

    Word to Moto: Put a pink, frilly bow on a skunk. How does it smell?

  • Mike C

    I have a euro Xoom 3G and apparently, Motorola has resisted putting their useless bloatware on the device. However after 3 months, we are still waiting for Motorola deliver Android 3.1 (yes, I know Android 3.2 has been out for some time). Motorola seems to consider non US customers 2nd class – no firmware updates, no support.

    Last Motorola device I will every buy!

    • KenG

      I have a U.S. Xoom 3G, and Mot has not issued 3.2 for it yet, either. It’s not a U.S. thing, it’s them not being able to wrap their arms around all their different android devices. I’ve had the Xoom almost six months now, and still don’t have the promised LTE upgrade.

  • WickedToby741

    MOTOKORE should be “kore” Android, meaning completely stock or very, very lightly tweaked stock. I don’t see why that’s so hard to understand. Performance would be better and its not like they need to differentiate themselves from other manufacturers because hardly anyone ever uses stock Android.

  • pekosROB

    This is stupid, I mean the only people who dislike/care about the implementation of Blur are the same very people who are reading about it and will know if it’s just a simple name change.

    The people who don’t know shit from shinola don’t know that Blur exists and has no issues with it (or very few issues). My roommate has a Droid X and she never bitches or mentions anything about Blur because she doesn’t know about its “issues.”

    On a side note, I fucking hate it when companies use branding with intentionally misspelled words. Just looks childish and/or stupid. Mortal Kombat is the only exception to the rule because it was a gamechanging… game. But it still looks kinda dumb (the spelling that is).

    Could you imagine?
    Halo: Kombat Evolved?

  • John Alvarez

    I absolutely hate MOTOBLUR. I have had a few different Android phones and it’s by far the worst overlay. I did not think that was possible after Samsung’s TouchWiz, but Motorola one upped them on the crap scale. My employer replaced our old Nextel phones with the Droid X and we have had many problems with email, unusual battery drain (unusual even for Android), software keyboard issues, and more. I would be a Motorola fan if they offered vanilla Android. I gave up on my work phone and I just use my personal Nexus S.

    I hope Motorola reads comments…

  • Justin Shapcott

    Somebody better snatch up before they snag that one too.

  • comandantecee


  • KenG

    I wasn’t going to buy the Photon because of MotoBlur, but I went ahead and did anyway, thinking that eventually I would be able to remove it when Cyanogen became available for it. However, it is pretty innocuous, as it is only visible on one of the seven screens, and all it really does is provide a bunch of shortcuts (which are actually useful).

    I think they have backed off on trying to use it to differentiate their android devices from everybody else, maybe because they realize nobody likes it enough to make them want to buy a Mot phone, and enough people dislike it to keep them from buying one. Hopefully they will not go backwards with it.

  • NotRelevent

    Ha, its not dual core or quad-core, it’s MOTOKORE. How corny.

    If its another overlay, then you can bet I’ll hate it because that’ll mean its not stock Android.

  • pjax

    I don’t see why there’s too much hate on MotoBlur. I have a D2G and granted, the home/launcher sucks. But it’s nothing ADW won’t fix. Once the home/launcher problem has been fixed, I find other features quite a nice touch

    facebook/twitter updates are integrated to my contacts. I have an integrated messaging app. I get email/facebook/twitter notifications, a nice looking social networking widget, office apps, file manager, DLNA, task manager. things I don’t like I can remove/hide/ignore

    maybe old MotoBlur is terrible. But the one on the D2G isn’t bad at all

    However… battery drain, overheating, random reboot, optimization and polish issues aren’t nice at all

    • BrandonJD

      The issue is, stock android already does pretty much all of this at this point. If you install twitter and facebook, they already have contact consolidation features built in. There is no need for a redundant piece of software to do what stock android already does.

      Also, why should a software overlay be defended, when you use ANOTHER software overlay (ADW) to make the first one not suck? I use Launcher Pro on my G2X because I like the fancy transitions, but the stock launcher is snappy and sleek.

      I have had some recent experience with blur on the X2, but it just seems like putting cartoon decals on a Ferrari. There are free apps out there that do all of that in a so much faster and more appealing manner.

      I think blur should be an app like Launcher pro or ADW, where you can choose to have it on or off. But as it stands, I think they should give it up.

  • Dirge

    I tried out the new MotoBlur on the Droid 3 and it’s less IN YOUR FACE than any other the other skins. It doesn’t even make the phone lag at all or anything.

  • BrandonJD

    I had a CLIQ, so needless to say, it will still suck. Even if they change it performance wise, the aesthetics of their overly is still hideous. Its the worst looking UI of any of the smartphone manufacturers.

    Motoblur wants to consolidate your social media feeds, but all it ends up doing is confusing them, mixing them together in a soup of context-less white noise. Most of the advances of android already addressed issues that Motoblur was designed to solve, so what blur ends up doing is just caking on a layer of cruft that slows down the phone and makes redundant levels of functionality.

    I say kill it off, if they can make it a value adding feature, then it shouldnt be there.

    • Dirge

      Really? How can you compare the CLIQ’s Blur with the Blur found in the Droid 3?

  • kevin

    I got the Droid X2 and hate it because of Motosuck

  • sylar

    Yes I will still hate it. I like stock vanilla android the best but I will put up with Samsung’s Touch Wiz and that is it.

  • me

    DROID x owner here. Will never own another motocrap device again. I literally wouldn’t take one for free. When I get a replacement I really want to take this turd brick to the range and have at it with my AR, but my son wants it to play games.