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Kal-El won’t be available in tablets until October, phones in Q1 2012


It’s the second day of August, and my fellow Android and Me staffers and I were starting to get excited. August was the month NVIDIA suggested the first wave of devices featuring their quad-core Kal-El processors would be available to the public.

This morning, our hearts started sinking when a post over at Fudzilla suggested Kal-El devices won’t come out in August as originally anticipated. No offense to Fudzilla, but we’re not prime to taking not-well-known blogs at their word, so we reached out to NVIDIA and received the following comment:

Project Kal-El-powered tablets are coming this Fall, and phones around the CES 2012 timeframe.NVIDIAOfficial Statement

This pushes the launch of Kal-El back a full two months to an October release for tablets and to January 2012 for phones. We received an anonymous tip that the ASUS EeePad Transformer 2 will in fact be the first tablet released powered by NVIDIA’s Kal-El processor, but NVIDIA declined comment. This seems very plausible, as Forbes and Slashgear have both recently suggested the Transformer 2 would feature Kal-El. Add the rumors that the Transformer 2 is slated for launch in October, and the puzzle pieces are starting to come together.

Another interesting tidbit from the official NVIDIA statement is that Kal-El won’t be available in phones until early Q1 2012. This lends weight to the speculation that the hotly-rumored Nexus 3 will not, in fact, be powered by NVIDIA when it launches later this year.

Though it looks like we’ll have to wait a few more months to get our hands on Kal-El, what we’ve seen so far suggests it will be very worth the wait. (Assuming the battery life is improved dramatically). For a refresher on what Kal-El can do, check out the following video we featured a few months back.

Source: Fudzilla

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  • triangle

    Looking forward to the quad-core tablets. I’ve been waiting for them instead of jumping on the current crop of dual-cores. The big question will be which one to buy. The transformer 2 could be great, but I won’t rule out the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which I got to play with at the nyc galaxy tab event in June. Samsung’s Tab is impressive.

    • kal-el alamein

      i knew android cheaters were LIARS again.
      gingerbread all over again…meandroid morons!
      lies, lies, lies

      • the helping hand

        i knew android cheaters were LIARS again.
        gingerbread all over again…meandroid morons!
        lies, lies, lies.

  • spookz

    Where is the -1 button? Was looking forward to a quad core powered Nexus…..

    • spookz

      Oh so that makes me think… Nexus 3 or wait next year for Nexus 4? hmm what do u guys think?

    • sha

      The next Nexus phone is OMAP4

      • CTown

        Really, so it won’t be made by HTC? I was helping for a true sequel to the Nexus One (as in looks)!

  • Interpol91

    Can’t wait to see the quad-core phones!! Though I’ll probably buy a new phone before then my urge for more power may make me get a quad-core. All of these technological advancements are amazing and I can’t imagine where smart phones will be 5 years down the line


    While I am now depressed about the new Nexus not having a quad core (rumor), I do not mind the news about it being delayed a bit.. The mobile tech world is moving to fast. Quad cores coming out 6 months after dual cores come out and making your 6 month old device obsolete is crazy. They need to slow down and make sure the hardware and more importantly the SOFTWARE is ready!

  • sylar

    Wow, battery life on our phones is going to get very short. Our phones will be very powerful but we won’t be able to use them for very long.

    • Darkseider

      Short? I get better battery life with my LG G2X which is a Tegra 2 phone than I did from my OG Droid. I actually use the phone more than I did my Droid. The combination of 4G and better power management and multiple cores makes for an excellent experience.

      • BiGMERF

        Same with my sensation.. Blows away my previous nexus one and nexus s


    NO fragmentation??????

  • questionsquestions

    and now the “do I wait for Galaxy S2 which is just around the corner” or wait 6-10 more months for a quadcore which could have bugs in the first waves?

  • Mark

    People need to stop getting so excited. Remember the hype for dual core phones? Exactly…

  • AME

    Is Ice Cream Sandwich going to be optimized for quad core chips?

  • aj

    Oh well i will wait to jump on the tablet train when these come out. Now phones are a another story. Dual core will be fine for me