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Logitech offering 50% off any single item. Except not really.


In a world of unlimited meaning unlimited until we limit it, most of us have gotten used to reading the small text. But when a bunch of users received a Logitech mailer simply claiming 50% off a single item. That’s right, no exclusions!, they believed it. I did. I went to and tried to buy a Logitech Revue. Access denied!

I double-checked the mailer found the small type disclaiming Offer not valid on Logitech Revue. There was no asterisk in the large text, no mention of a disclaimer, just the original claim touting No exclusions! If you’d like to see the complete original mailer, you can do so here.

I know it’s a little gripey to make a blog post complaining about misleading marketing speak, we’re just tired of companies making big text claims with tiny text disclaimers. We did a quick poll on Twitter and found dozens of you were trying to use the discount code on the Revue. We even had reports of some of you succeeding. Did anyone here score a half price Revue? If you’d received the mailer as pictured, would you think you were entitled to one?

Maybe I’ll use the discount on this $50 tablet mouse that scrolls up and down…

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  • Derek

    I ordered mine a few hours ago, and the coupon worked for a Revue. Total was 49.00 with free ground shipping

    • Clark Wimberly

      I’ve tried a half dozen times throughout the day with no success…

    • Jeremy Mueller

      I got it for half off with free 2nd Day shipping.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    Damn getting a Revue for $49 is an awesome deal! That’s $249 cheaper than I paid at launch :)

  • Clark Wimberly

    For the record, if I can score the cheap Revue, we’ll be giving it away here on the site…

    • BiGMERF

      Clark I will give you 55.. hey that’s a profit. Lol


    First of all why did I not get a coupon.. Im. so sad. I I wanted to try and get revue also.

    • Clark Wimberly

      I think it was part of their email newsletter list, something I subscribed to a long time ago in my original attempt to score a free Revue.

      • Jorge

        I want that coupon!!!!

      • Interpol91

        I’ve been a part of their email list for a while but I have yet to get this email :(

  • Bill

    985-000080 Ultimate Ears 500 Noise-Isolating Earphones USD 34.99
    920-002555 Wireless Wave Combo MK550 USD 39.99
    970-000001 Revue with Google TV USD 49.99
    Subtotal: USD 124.97
    Tax: USD 10.00
    Total Price: USD 134.97

  • Jorge

    how can I get the coupon????

  • livpalm
    • BiGMERF

      signed up for it few hours back and never got to a coupon

      • livpalm

        Yeah me too. Still waiting.

  • uknowme

    That would be a pretty good deal. I picked mine up at a Best Buy a day after the price drop. Been loving it ever since. Just waiting for the official update. I’m in no rush. I’m giving it til the December.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Honeycomb update will be out in September.

      • Jorge

        If I use the beta update, I will receive the official update?…

  • Danerisms

    I was registered and never got a coupon! The Logitech forum admin said they were only sent to “select people. Not feeling the love from Logitech! It kind of upsets me that everywhere I look on my desk I see a Logitech product.

  • Zykan

    I also ordered a Revue with free 2 day shipping for 49.99 :D Yesterday as soon as I got email I did this.

  • Alex

    I sign up for subcripstion and never thought they will send me this coupons :)) I think they (Logitech) chose customers to send this coupon radomly and Luckily I’m in one lol
    This coupon comes just at the moment that I’m planning to buy a Logitech racing wheel, guess what ? the price down at $75 (it’s $125 in Amazon after increased from $105)
    Thank you Logitech :x

  • Samer Serhan

    can someone just share this code
    or is it different for everyone

  • pekosROB

    Funny, I read the title and thought, “oh shit, totally worth it to get a Revue!! Let’s see if it qualifies.” And of course it doesn’t. Well, at least I read the review and didn’t waste any time!

  • kim

    anyone with an extra or unused code, can i have it please

  • Texaco Jones

    I’d really like to have a code.

    [email protected]

  • Dr.James

    Worked fine for me. 50% off exactly as I expected.

  • LoosMoose

    I ordered a steering wheel, $300 – 50% $150 I was pretty happy. My card has not been charged and it is past the date. I never received any confimation of the order. Spent 1 hour on hold (support) no answer. I can sign into my account, but if I try to click on Order Status or Order History it will not go through, just sits and spins for hours. No way to contact them, I smell a big rat.

  • Danerisms

    So it took months, but eventually I got my 50% off coupon! I can’t believe it took so long.