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Microsoft can’t help itself, starts talking smack about the Google/Motorola acquistion


Google’s bombshell of an announcement to acquire Motorola shook the very core of the mobile world yesterday. Every major player was affected by it–either in a good or bad way. As a result, it was just a matter of time before Google’s archenemy, Microsoft, would respond to the news. And respond they did, in true Microsoft fashion.

Microsoft’s chief of Windows Phone, Andy Lees, said yesterday that the Google/Motorola acquisition makes Windows Phone the only mobile platform that offers “equal opportunity for all partners.” Uh what? Is Lees living in some kind of fantasy world where Nokia doesn’t exist? Did he somehow forget that Nokia is for all intents and purposes Microsoft’s mobile hardware division? It doesn’t get any more unequal for partners than that.

At least in Google’s case, the Motorola acquisition won’t influence who will make upcoming Nexus devices. And for the time being, Motorola will stay as a separate entity from Google. Now let’s take a look at how the Microsoft/Nokia “partnership” compares?

Let’s see, we have an ex-Microsoft employee running Nokia. Which announces months after taking charge that the company is betting the farm on Windows Phone. Then we have Microsoft sending truckloads of money towards Nokia so they can make Windows Phone devices. And finally, Nokia is able to work on the Windows Phone software stack, while also integrating services like Ovi Maps into Microsoft’s Bing Maps. If that doesn’t sound like an acquisition, I don’t know what does. The only difference is that Microsoft, at least on paper, gets to say that it doesn’t own Nokia. But we all know better.

So if you’re Samsung or HTC, which one of the two platforms looks the most equal to you? On one hand you have Google buying Motorola in order to protect the Android ecosystem, and on the other you have Microsoft and Nokia working closely together on Windows Phone. And to top it all off, there’s the whole “people are not buying Windows Phone devices” issue. Which pretty much invalidates any other “advantages” that Windows Phone might have over Android. But hey, at least you have to give Microsoft credit for trying its best to spread FUD about Android every time it can.

Via: BusinessInsider

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  • Interpol91

    I guess this is Microsoft’s way being the child that didn’t get what they want

  • Raj

    Awww more Microsoft, struggling to stay relevant in the mobile phone industry :(

    • Darkseider

      Nah. It’s Microsoft trying to stay relevant in any industry they are in. The kings of FUD are doing their best.

  • Nathan

    There just mad because they can’t sue android anymore because of the patent or at least try anyway. also the fact that they didn’t get what they wanted so they are going to try rough up android but we all know better.

  • adamblue

    This is being looked into way deeper than it needs to be. It simply marketing talk.

  • Strodtbeck

    As long as Google keeps Android open source then all OEMs can do whatever they like with it. The only advantage the Motorola division of Google will have is earlier access to code, maybe, too optimize it for their hardware; however, this is a good thing as it will put pressure on everyone to put out better handsets with code that is optimized for Android handsets, thus we see Samsung hire CyanogenMod founder Steve Kondik–this will most likely lead to better software on Samsung’s Android devices.

    Microsoft on the other hand limits all other OEMs to use WP7 as MS sees fit while Nokia can optimize all they like apparently. I don’t know about anyone else but I see that as a very very lopsided for the OEMs. At least with Android they can pretty much do as they like. With WP7 they can’t even attempt to compete against Nokia on the software side of things.

  • Keivan

    Do these people really have that much of a short memory.

    “Unlike Microsoft’s other Windows Phone partners, Nokia has been given special permission to customize the Windows Phone 7 OS beyond OEM-specific hubs and apps.”


    The Numbers speak for themselves… Stop crying Microbaby.. I still Love my 360 !

  • Michael Crumpler

    I don’t know why people think that HTC and Samsung are going to get angry over this deal. Google will still work hard with them, as they already do. In addition, they make their own UI’s over Android anyways, so what does it matteR? Nothing will change all that much as far I can tell.

  • jose

    Why doesn’t microsoft accept the fact that android is the future and they should just start making their own android phones..with wp7 style they can stop whining..

  • Marcus

    Typical Microsoft. Such a baby. And those dudes look really creepy too

  • Kevin

    I love the photo you put up, it captures their ‘Company personality’ Stephen Elop’s (Nokia’s CEO @left) points down with that face, totally encapsulates where Nokia is heading. Downwards.

    • Alberto Vildosola

      ha, that’s exactly what I thought when I first saw that picture. He’s like: “Ah don’t listen to this guy sitting next to me, we’re both going down faster than a burning zeppelin.”

  • Sean

    If the manufacturers have the capability they should be making both phones; they really shouldn’t care which is ‘the best’. There is likely money to be made on both platforms.

  • vamshi