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Midweek Madness: Win a custom G2x


We have a winner, check the end of the post for updates

We’ve been meaning to give this guy away for a while now, but pesky things like work and travel kept getting in the way during our Wednesdays. We’ve finally found an average-to-slow Wednesday and that of course means one thing: MIDWEEK MADESS!

Today we’re giving out our last Android Limited G2x, courtesy of @NVIDIAtegra and designed by @angiedoes, and we’re keeping it simple. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered to win.

All the usual jazz applies: you can only enter once and make sure to use a real email address! If you leave a fake address, we won’t be able to contact you! We’ll draw a random winner on Friday at 12PM CST. If you feel like it, use the tweetbox below to share this contest with your friends!

Congratulations to Dan S. for just scoring himself a new G2x. The contest is now closed, but stay tuned for more awesome giveaways!

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  • Surge

    This is one sassy lookin device

    • Drew

      That thing looks awesome

    • Doug

      Want it.

    • glenn

      Nice phone, mine please

  • Golam Ragib

    I can haz Tegra 2 device?

  • sumyunguy

    This is a Comment!

  • G3K

    You have no idea how stoked I am for this phone. Android and Me fan since the beginning, please pick me!

  • GrandpaJesus

    Oh baby, I want that phone.

  • David Smith

    Hell yea! that’s a nice phone! i want it:(

  • Benoit Martin

    I want it… nice customization!

  • greg

    a haiku -
    i’m jealous of my
    friend getting a free nexus
    help me ease the pain.

  • Atul

    Hey i wanna win.

  • Eric Tannehill

    send this baby my way

  • Brendan O’Neil

    I would be willing to bail on VZW for this in under a second.

  • Kyle

    I would love to win this phone! This looks really damn cool

  • Courtney

    It would be LEGIT to win this phone! Awesome work Angie!

  • Kevin B


  • Kristan

    I want that phone! Please!!!

  • Lyndsy

    I love new toys!

  • Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ)

    Cool device. Though any T-Mobile device would work fine in Europe, especially the G2x, since it is has UMTS band I/IV/VIII support for T-Mobile US, Europe, and Asia.

  • Michael the Dumb Tech Geek

    Free phone! w00t!

  • NBenfo

    I need a phone please?

  • Kevin

    Would love a G2x.

  • Maine

    G2X FTW!!!!

    if i win this i can have a give away for my iphone lol

  • Ruben

    Big Money, Noooo Whamies.

  • Ray Hernandez

    Ring ring!

  • clearrants

    I hope I win! Thanks!

  • Riley

    That etching is very pretty.

  • Tiffany Priddu

    Wow those are some sleek sexy lines, both the device and the design detail.

  • bryan chambliss

    daddy needs a pair of new shoes!!!

  • Matt Farra

    Yes please!

  • Steven

    Way to save the best (etching) for last.

  • carly

    That is a pretty kickass looking phone!

  • Raymond Lee

    Nice looking design. I’ll take it ;)

  • Rob

    That thing looks sweeeeeet

  • Kvothe


  • chong

    That’s a nice looking custom g2x.

  • http://twitter/atomriot atomriot

    Of course i will win this phone, i just bought one. that’s how life works right?

  • federalreserve


  • Mike

    The G2x is an awesome phone and to have a customized would make it even better.

  • Interpol91

    I hope this phone finds its way into my hands!!

  • Healthy

    obviously i would love a free device, thank you!

  • peejaybee

    A winner is me?

  • mar

    i’d love it!

  • Mike

    Mmmmmm…. Tegra 2

  • Corey


  • BlueJayofEvil

    G2X, FTW!

  • Sean Doe-Simkins

    I am anxiously awaiting the GSII (any rumors?!) but my sister TOTALLY needs this to replace her crappy LG Optimus V that gets zero signal inside buildings…or near buildings…or while thinking about buildings…

  • Sean

    Would love to have this…bought one brand new and it has a defective screen but neither T-mobile or LG will replace it cause of legal issues and they just don’t care about customers. Winning this one would be amazing.

  • Oliver Ortega

    I still have the G1 I’ve been wanting this phone really bad

  • Rus George

    Best phone ever !!!

  • Jeremiah Akin

    I need a new phone.

  • aj

    That backplate looks SICKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! I would totally love to win that phone then show it off at the big Texas android barbecue. WOOT WOOT!!!!!!

  • Nathan Olonoff

    my Nexus One would hate me, but i would love to have this phone. thanks for being such an awesome site!

  • Tran Lang

    It looks so COOL!!!

  • Michael the Dumb Tech Geek

    I thought I commented on this once already, but I don’t see my comment. Please don’t disqualify me if the first one shows up late or something.
    w00t free phones!

  • Chris Edwards

    Looks like a sweet phone. Let me win it please.

  • Ross Turney

    I could really use a smartphone and I’ve not been able to afford one on social security, so I hope to win the G2x. It must be time for an older guy to win something…I hope.

    Thank You, Ross

  • Michael

    I like. Shame that doesn’t come stock that way.

  • Jz

    G2x so hot right now !
    Win win

    • generalagony

      me wants!!!

  • Jacob

    yippy, That’s a sweet phone.

  • Arni

    I would love to have a g2x!!

  • Tyler Nerd

    Yes pretty please! I do so love Android devices

  • Jenelle

    Awesome-looking phone!! :)

  • michael naron

    Wow.. that is a nice phone.

  • Mitch Samuels

    You say this is easy to win? My damn browser kept force closing every time I tried to comment from my phone! I need to get rid of MIUI.

    But anyway, I got to a computer, and commented!

    But still, wasn’t as easy as you said.

  • jonathan delaney

    me wants!!!!!!

  • Jake

    It’s a comment! But I really want a GSII.

  • rhenry

    this graphic is sick

  • sylar

    Man would I love to win this, I could really use a new phone…please.

  • Jamie Belcourt

    Man, I hope I win this! I need a new phone so so bad…

  • Kyle K

    Could definitely use a new phone, my toddler got a hold of my N1…not a pretty site…

  • Marty Ballard

    I can’t wait for my new phone!

  • Andy

    I would love to upgrade to something nice like this!

  • Gary B

    Very nice looking handset

  • alex

    Pick me!

  • Scuff

    Nice!! Please be me!

  • Lambchops

    I WIN! WOO

  • BikerBob1789


  • Gregg H.

    My nexus one is getting old . . .

  • Jamie


  • Benjamin M. Strozykowski

    Sweet, this would be awesome.

  • watbetch

    wants me one

  • Robert Hallock

    I’ve been limping along on a BlackBerry Bold for so long, waiting for the perfect time to upgrade to an Android device. I have watched all of my friends upgrade to Android over the years: OG Droid, Incredible, Thunderbolt, EVO 4G and more–and I’ve freely configured CM7 for all of them to unlock the true power of their phones–but I still have my Bold. It’s time to step up, and I hope the G2x is it.

  • Anthony Peacock

    A comment, A comment, my kingdom for a comment.

  • Paul

    Pick me!!

  • noriega713

    Sexy back plate…I can haz one?

  • Andre

    I want this.

  • Mustin

    I would very much enjoy! Enter the Android!

  • MarioM

    sign me up…

  • Noa Groveman

    win win win win winnings. Thanks for making this contest!

  • Bryan chew

    me me me! :@

  • robb

    Oh man…. I would love to win that!

  • Ryan Kim

    I want!

  • augusto liwanag

    can i haz? pls n thank you!

  • Matt Galyon

    I’m being commental.

  • Shanon

    This would a great thing to show off. Both the Outside and inside

  • Scott

    Awesome! I need me some Tegra2 lovin!

  • Ed Pappalardo


  • Ross Turney

    I could really use a smart phone but can’t afford one. It must be time for an older guy to win…right?

    Thank You, Ross

  • http://Website Ryan

    Please can I have it?

  • BB

    Awesome phone!

  • Troy

    That is one sick looking android phone!

  • aconner22

    This thing is a beast. Good luck to me!

  • Marcus

    I would like one to give to my mom please? :)

  • Brian

    Time for an upgrade!!!

  • KYLE


  • WD

    Yes, please. I’d like a new phone!

  • Joseph

    here we go again, third times the charm!

  • David

    I Would Love To Have That Phone ! #NeedToUpgrade !

  • Jeb

    i like this one’s design better than the first

  • CTown

    Yeah! Another chance for me to not win!

  • Geoff

    Fingers Crossed

  • http:// susuFOX

    What a charmer . I want!!!

  • Jeff Belcher

    I NEED this! Beautiful phone!

  • jason

    This is not a comment.

  • Matt

    Would love that beautiful phone.

  • Chauncy Saguinsin

    I hope I win this g2x while im still in austin! Til thursday

  • antonio bonner

    Love the custom sexy design

  • Ms. Mae

    Comment comment comment!

  • Stephen


  • Aaron M


  • Scotty Brown

    Yes please.

  • Ismael J. Rodriguez

    Sweet. Probably the nicest looking customization (physically) that I’ve seen yet. I’ll take two please. Ha.

  • Miguel Mendoza

    Not going to lie.. I want this phone, but it doesn’t mean I need it.

    But still….

  • Mr.91duece

    I wanna win a G2X

  • Ken

    Ohhh shiny! I want! Please!!!!!!

  • Joe Holland

    My wife would love this custom beauty. She would finally stop complaining about her Cliq and getting an iPhone. Have to convince her to stay with us!!

  • Shane Ledford

    Pick me !

  • Adeshina

    Entered !!!!! Cool Phone !!!

  • Andy

    They should give the phones more stylish covers like this. :)

  • Marek

    Looks nice!!

  • Bash

    This device looks great!

  • Hieu Trang

    Awesome looking phone want!

  • techvudu

    the only thing cooler than a fresh G2X is a Custom G2X. You guys are awesome. I bleed Green.

  • dave a

    Would make a great new home for my SIM card!

  • sargas


  • mark

    Is what your living for worth Jesus dying for?

  • jlehto43

    I wants it to hack

  • Russell

    Please please please

  • Gary

    I would love me a new phone!

  • seven2k

    yeah man!

  • dgw

    This does look like a sweet phone

  • Rashad

    That is one sexy device right there!

  • Dan Doughty

    Testing out my new four leaf clover tattoo… Has my luck changed?

  • Nao Nozawa

    That’s a sweet lookin’ phone! Want!

  • Colleen


  • Camille

    I’d love to have one!

  • Jairame Dimas

    Thank you!!!

  • Paul

    Pick me please :-) I’ve never won any raffles/drawings/contests like this.

  • Patrick Chan

    You guys are so cool! First you’ll invited me to join Google+, and now you are giving out the dual-core LG G2x with gingerbread… Mmmm gingerbread…… (drooling like Homer Simpson)

  • Eric

    Looks nice, now to do that to my MyTouch Slide.

  • Eric C.

    I’ve had my eye on that thing since you guys first posted it. Still looks super fresh. I’d love to give it a new home :]

  • Chris

    I would like to play Angry Birds all up on that phone!

  • Russ


  • Lee Brown

    Ohhh snap! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one of these. I’ve run my Vibrant into the ground and everything’s so expensive! :-\ At any rate, whoever takes this baby home is gonna have some fun! :-)

  • Bulletcollector

    Ooh…Ooh….Pick me pick me.

  • todd

    Thay phone is awraome would love it

  • http://na Dhaval

    That custom phone in the picture above looks like a phone from future. I would love to have something on me which is futuristic. that is a phone with muscle(Tegra 2 chip) and mind(Gingerbread – Pure Google) I would like to own.

  • William Hamler

    I want it!!!

  • Pete Best

    Lots of comments on days of contests.

  • Young Kim

    Wow, I would love to have one of those!

  • Louie

    There’s always a chance right? C’mon G2x!

  • shadowxof

    That’s one awesome looking device. Hope I can get it

  • SoFloEasycore

    You keep putting up these beautifully customized gadgets up for grabs! It kinda hurts each time I don’t win. lol.

  • Jared

    it’s alright guys, i got this

  • Randy

    give me give me I want it

  • Jeff

    Heck of a good looking phone there XD

  • Scores87

    meee Choose me!!! me!!!

  • Kevin Glenn

    Yes please. I’ll take two.

  • John Walker

    Replace my iphone with this please.

  • Jones

    Sweet design. Great phone (after 2.3.3 update!!)

  • Joe

    One of these days…

  • oscar rene

    Comment! Thank you!!

  • Levy Harrison

    Would love to own that bad boy. Sign me up. btw thanks for the chance

  • Adam

    I keep thinking I want a G2x – but then I realize I won’t get one unless you pick me as a winner here. In which case I will offer to marry you (don’t tell my wife though)

  • Kevin

    I’m in.

  • slocken

    If I legally change my name to Random Winner, will my odds be greater?
    Craving some G2x!

  • GRAW

    Winner winner chicken dinner!

  • Randall

    GX2 Baby! Here you come!

  • Aaron

    i wanna win a free g2x! that back is definitely a looker!

  • freddayyy

    Ufffff that beauty will sit proudly in my hand!!

  • Carl

    The phone companies should provide custom engraving for any pre-ordered phone.

  • philip


  • Adrian

    I wonder if I’m lucky today.

  • Eugene


  • Bryan Rosales

    I needdddddddd this phone ha ha ha I’ve been using my G1 for forever (since I lost my job bout a year ago) can anyone say upgrade?

  • Matthew

    Yes please!!

  • mnm06c

    would love a new phone!

  • Justin


  • Thomas Biard

    I love the custom art work on these things. Great work!

  • chris zimmerman

    My G2 just died…and I would sooo love a G2X to replace her!!

  • Fernando

    Let me have :-D

  • Jpelarde

    That devise is super clean. I wouldn’t mind having it

  • Johnson Dea

    Good luck everyone! Looks nice :) Customized!

  • Zer0-9

    wouldn’t mind a new phone, always thought this one looked nice. Would be a useful dev tool too.

  • Bon

    I promise I will convert at least 10 more people into androdians if I get that phone. :)

  • Arcospark

    Please send it my way, via highway!

  • Bryce

    Would be nice to have one to be mobile for online schooling. Please and Thank You.

  • Seth Smithson

    May the force be with you.

  • John K

    Big Money, Big Prizes!!

  • Dave

    I could really use a new phone, please pick me, thanks

  • Raskin Zeal

    My friend has this phone and I’ve definitely been converted!


    Amazing how you get 5 posts in a reg thread but 200 in a give away thread… SMH

  • kembellyn

    if I say I’ll marry you for this phone will my chances increase by .01 =)
    Android and me’s biggest fan

  • kest009

    I would gladly take this off your hands.

  • JDea Sce

    May the work be with you!

  • Joshua Wise

    Hope I win, my mom needs a new phone!

  • Eric

    Woo hoo! Let’s do this! :)

  • Brett Books

    I would be happy to call this phone my own. Pick me…pick me!! thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Jeremiah

    Make with the crossing of the fingers!

  • Francesco Borruso

    Hey pick me ive never won anything before! :(

  • IDMD11

    me plz!

  • Monkeyman364

    Lovin’ this design!

  • Richard

    I left a comment!!!

  • GD

    Consider this an entry.

  • durps man!

    And I’m struggling to find the keys to my car, because I be going HARD.

  • AndroidFTW

    Count me in!!

  • protozeloz

    I want one :3

  • lament

    Dead sexy.

  • Renee Havens

    Oh plea plea pleaseeeeeeeeeee
    save me from having to use the Samsung Moment for another Moment

  • Dave

    I love these etched devices you’ve been giving away! @angiedoes Has got talent!

  • Rich N

    Thanks for all the great articles, and great chances to win cool stuff like this! :)

  • Oscar

    Pick Me! I really need this phone! I tired of my sluggish Mytouch with no head phone Jack! Please,please, please, please pick Me!

  • Rob Koehler

    Fantastic job with these custom devices! Sign me up again

  • Andy!

    I’d like one!

  • Aaron

    G2x…..hook a brother up!!!

  • Justin Marden

    That design looks killer!

  • Paul P.

    I sure could you that. My Vibrant is starting to work the nerves.


    Entered….. I would love it

  • Renee Havens

    Oh Plea Plea Please save me from having to use my Samsung Moment for another Moment.

  • Scott

    I’ll take one, please.

  • Richard

    This is a Comment!!!

  • Chauncy

    Hope I win this phone while I’m still in austin til thursday

  • Aaron Quade

    That is one awesome looking device! If I win I will defiantly use it as my main debugging device for my apps.

  • john donald

    I’m still using an original mytouch can’t afford new phone probably wouldn’t mind a new phone

  • Carlos

    Pick me please?

  • greig

    I want it, I need it, please …. dont let me down

  • Dib


  • Brian

    <3 Android!

  • Robert Walters

    G2x Pleassssseeeee!

  • Brendan

    This would be a nice replacement for my OG Droid!

  • John

    Sweet! This phone is awesome!

  • Jeremy

    Looks like a sweet phone…. want one!!!….LOL please pic me.

  • Sara M


  • S Allen

    Please pick me Mr. Random Algorithm!

  • Sami Rauf

    Looking good!!

  • Jim


  • edgar

    gimme!!!! >.<

  • Steven Davis

    ooo that’s pretty. I want to win it :D

  • eric to

    count me in

  • Noel

    WOW I really would love to get my hands on this bad boy

  • kris sanchez

    Someone stole my CM7 Vibrant at Barton Creek mall the other day. Can I haz replacement?

  • Josh N

    While I think my chances are slim to none, the hitchiker’s guide to the galaxy informs me that actually my chances are much higher due to the existence of a distant species smaller than ants. Apparently they have something to do with random occurrences not being as random as they seem, and the “random” generator will pick me.

  • cody

    DO WANT! plz

  • Richard Valladolid

    Awesome phone would love to have it!

  • Joel




  • Dre

    Cool design!!! It’ll definitely be my personal collectors item!

  • Darrien

    I should win because I still have a G1 :(

  • Brad

    Sweet looking phone

  • Adam

    Damn that’s a nice looking phone!

  • MoSDeeb

    Nice looking back plate – send it my way and it’ll have CM7 installed within 20 minutes of possession :)

  • Timothy Zastrow

    I’m rockin a G1, i would really love this

  • Dakota

    Could use some tegra dual core love.


    Me want

  • Derek

    Looks very nice!

  • Macky

    I would absolutely love one of these. :)

  • Adam

    Consider me entered. Thanks Android and Me!

  • Francisco Ramos

    Yo necesito ese celular. Gracias

  • ravila88x

    pick me picke me!!

  • Joseph Fernandez

    My girlfriend brags she has a better Android than I do, this would correct that issue pretty fast.

  • Aniruddha

    Thanks for this opportunity. Would love to get this one… :D

  • Branden

    Awesome G2x you guys are giving away! Would love to win this thing.

  • Arthur D Muzzarelli

    Rolling…. biiiiiig money!

  • joey

    Need this to replace my Vibrant since I sold the NexusOne. . . HELP!!!

  • teecruz

    Idk. Whether to say: Pikachu, I Choose you! Or to congratulate @angiedoes on this amazing website yet still. Gimme, gimme. :)

  • alex

    I’ve entered in a million things and have never won once lol good luck every one

  • Sean

    Oh I need this phone bad

  • Ramon

    I need that phone

  • Rempo

    This would be great to have!!

  • Wesley

    Oh, I hope my name is the lucky one!

  • odd1

    That is gorgeous work does she do custom work for other phones?

  • Gyroidian

    That back plate is sick! Would love to get my hands on it! :D

  • JJ Quinlivan

    Would love to win a G2x!

  • Ben

    Android and Me is the best. Thanks for the chance to win. My MT3G needs to be replaced.

  • Kevin

    What are the chances of you scrolling all the way to find me? Sigh.

  • Jeremy

    i want it

  • Carlos Estremera


  • Reggie

    I need that phone. Way better than my Vibrant.

  • Luis

    Free phone this is awesome

  • ben

    I could use this.

  • Mitesh Shah

    I sooo need this.

  • La_resistance28

    Awesome. G2x ftw!

  • Joseph

    Fone u giev

  • Kenny T

    That is one snazzy custom G2x.

  • Harp

    better then lottery chances.

  • wade

    Thank you so much for even the opportunity to win this awesome phone. Continue the great work.

  • Chris

    this would be an excellent late birthday present

  • muadhnate

    Phone now!


    Oh this would be amazing to win!!

  • Shane Josi

    This or the Galaxy S II would be my ideal phone at the moment.

  • Marcus Newton

    I’m looking to make the switch from Verizon to T-mobile because I hate getting bled by expensive rates! Ease my switch, please! :P