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More false evidence pops up in European Apple vs Samsung case


It was just four days ago now, August 15th, when evidence surfaced online proving Apple had manipulated pictures of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 in a submission to the German court system. Essentially, Apple altered a picture of a Galaxy Tab to be the same size as the iPad. The argument has been made that the submission also shows some real life pictures of the two devices, but no matter how you look at it, there is still a fake picture of a Galaxy Tab next to an iPad in a court document. And that picture was used to compare just how similar the two devices are. It’s shady business, and apparently, a commonly used weapon in Apple’s legal arsenal.

Another manipulated image in the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Samsung has been made public today. This time, in a submission to the Dutch legal system, Apple presented an altered picture of a Galaxy S next to an iPhone 3G. The Galaxy S comes in at 122.4 x 64.2 mm, while the iPhone 3G measures 115.5 x 62.1 mm. In the picture though, both devices appear to be the same size.

There is some text in the filing that goes against the picture submitted, like where Apple has said the Galaxy S has “some non-identical elements, such as the slightly larger dimensions.” But again, when trying to show how similar Samsung’s devices are to Apple’s, a manipulated document was the one chosen to be submitted. Samsung’s lawyer, Bas Berghuis of Simmons and Simmons, finally made the remark that Apple has been “manipulating visual evidence, making Samsung’s devices appear more similar to Apple’s.” Unfortunately, he ultimately failed to provide evidence of this.

We’ll be sure to bring you more on Apple and Samsung’s legal battles as they continue to develop.

Via: ComputerWorldUK

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  • RX-78-7

    Somewhat strange that it took all this time for this evidence to pop up.



      • Jes


      • Tele

        Well apparently apple cares

      • LGFTW

        Why are Apple fanboys always trolling Android sites just to bash them? I am all for loving technology and all but these izombies and thier status complex issues are just starting to get pathetic on us.

        • Sean the Electrofreak

          People with low self-esteem often latch onto one thing they can use to imply superiority over others. Going onto forums for a competing operating system and trolling is one way (if perhaps particularly pathetic) of achieving this.

          • ooTweetyoo

            They have no life lol

    • george

      You mean it took all this time for apple to submit bogus evidence, and someone catch it?

    • the helping hand returns

      STOP THIS NEWS wrote


  • Interpol91

    Just further shows how desperate Apple is and further undermines their credibility. Even going so far as to open the app drawer to make it further similar to the iPhone. What a joke

    • Kamakoozie

      I can’t help but laugh when I hear people say things like “Apple must be desperate” or “Apple is scared of Android”.

      Guys, I’m an Android user, but come on. Apple isn’t afraid of Android. Not at the moment, anyways. Maybe when Android can actually compete with the iPad we’ll have something, but right now that simply is not happening. I’m sure you all love your XOOMs and Tab 10.1s, but the fact of the matter is that they haven’t done anything to hurt Apple. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth.

      • Sean the Electrofreak

        You honestly believe that Apple hasn’t lost any tablet sales to Android?

        Recent reports show that Android has about 25% of the tablet market right now, and that number is growing (it was 7% in 2010).

        So basically, they lost 18% market share in the last 8 months, and they’re continuing to slide. That sounds like something to be frightened of to me.

        • Emily Strawberry

          Apple is richer than google and microsoft combined.
          They DUMP on android.

          • C

            Emily, 14 yrs ago Apple was broke and Microsoft bailed their lousy asses out (to the tune of $150,000,000) . In hind sight, they should have let them disappear so that morons like yourself would no longer exist.

      • Had it with Apple

        Apple have now lost market dominance in Australia to Android so they are now turning to the legal option in order to stop the slide in the tablet market too. They don’t want to wait till the market has deteriorated before they do something. This is all just a dirty way for them to maintain profit. Not everyone is an iClone and Apple is finding it harder to dictate to distributors when there is jenuin competition.

    • ooTweetyoo

      Wow I didn’t realize that till I saw this comment lol. I’ve never owned a Samsung phone so I wouldn’t know it was the app drawer. Oops haha. Great comment :)

  • davek

    Can we also point out that Apple seems to have it’s homescreen showing, but shows the Galaxy S’s app drawer.. not cool.

    • davek

      I apparently didn’t read the comment above mine. whoops.


    Wow, taking my daddy is stronger than your daddy, to a whole new level

  • Adam

    manufacturers such as Samsung, should stop helping Apple by not making parts for them. let Apple make their own screens for devices.

    • Kevin

      I agree with both points. While I love the idea of Sammy just sticking it to Apple, there is no shortage of suppliers who would simply take those orders. And most iPhone owners won’t care/notice if the screen is any better because they just want an iPhone. All it would take is Jobs calling a Pentile screen as the newest and best “Optical Display” for the iPhone 5, and the drones would line up for a quarter mile to buy it on day one.

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      I’d also point out that Samsung used to contract a company called Intrinsity to perform a lot of their major ARM processor tweaking. Intrinsity’s modifications and improvements to logic gate processes are one of the reasons the Samsung Hummingbird processor in the Galaxy S phones performed so well.

      So, naturally, Apple bought Intrinsity.

    • Autymn D. C.

      and small screens

  • fatspirit

    Is Apple scared of Android THAT much?

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      Apple has watched almost 20% of its tablet market share go to Apple in the last year, and that number is growing.

      I think it would be safe to say that Apple is concerned about the competition.

      • Sean the Electrofreak

        *go to Android in the last year


    • ooTweetyoo

      Umm Android has overtaken the smartphone market! of course they’re scared and annoyed!!

      • Emily Strawberry

        lol, but android generates ZERO profits. LOL, even the developers arent paid by google!!!

        • Garar

          Are you retarded? If Android didn’t generate profits why would Google have stuck with it. And as for paying developers what are you talking about? They get paid by people buying their apps just like with Apple, who doesn’t pay their developers directly.

  • Steve Nutt

    Okay as an SGS owner I have to say, the worst thing about it, is that it does look a bit like an oversized 3GS (especially when I put it next to my mates iPhone 3GS- although I stress the “oversized” here). I just wish Samsung had gone with some brushed metal or something else, when it came out it already looked dated and old. I almost got a HTC Legend at the time as it looked so much better (but the specs were just too poor).

    And the thing is, everything else in the SGS is so much better, the screen is on par with the iPhone 4′s (better for me as it has Gorilla glass, I see so many iPhone 4′s with nice cracks all over them).

    And with the ROM I have on it now it’s happily keeping up with anything I throw at it…

    I still don’t get Apple’s stance on all this, especially as Samsung makes their processors, etc…

    • lgftw

      All of LG’s higher-end Android devices use Gorilla glass. What Apple and Samsung use is definately not Gorilla glass. I watched my friend shatter an iphone4 by dropping it on carpet.

      • eikie

        Gorilla glass is highly scratch resistant, but that doesn’t make it unbreakable..

      • Rovex

        Iphone doesn’t have gorilla glass, Samsung do, as confirmed on Cornings website.

      • Sean the Electrofreak

        Samsung uses Gorilla Glass; this has been confirmed by Corning.

        Apple does NOT use Gorilla Glass. They use their own aluminosilicate glass that is developed internally.

  • Otakonx

    I personally love my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and see hardly any similarities to the iPad other than it’s a similar shape, a box. That being said, for some reason I find this “evidence” less “false” than the stretching and contorting of the tab pictures released earlier. It’s obvious Apple resized the Galaxy S but you can’t argue that even without resizing it it does have a lot in common with the iPhone 3G design. Further, the iPhone technically only has an App Drawer for a home screen so I also see the relevance in showing that on the Galaxy S too. I still don’t agree with Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung. All of these smart phones are similar to one another and I can’t imagine a design that would be dramatically different and benefit the end user so of course they’re all going to look similar.

    And of course, I can’t wait to get my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S II!!

  • Leo

    It doesn’t surprise me at all, first the galaxy tab 10.1 and then the original galaxy s… What’s next?

  • —d—-ick


  • Cwalden21

    Smh Apple. You blow.

  • rushaoz

    I’d like to know how they could possibly do this. If incandescent provide falsr evidence and it be accepted letme know. Ill remember that next time I murder someone. F* u apple. Damn rotten fruit.

  • Virginia Tech

    Apple is the worlds most valuable company! Congratulations, best inc of the world!
    I have an iPhone 4 and i will upgrade to the new megaseller iPhone 5 very soon.
    Thank you for providing the best, sophisticated technology and avoiding clumsy fragmentation!

    We love Apple.

  • Marcus

    Just goes to show you how afraid Apple is of Android. smh, Apple

  • rmc

    Last time I checked (Friday’s market close) and most of this week Exxon is back on top, MORE valuable than any rotten & deceitful fruit-name company.

  • pjax

    skewed size aside, that second picture of Samsung’s screen is quite unnerving.
    yes, that’s the app drawer.. but sooner or later, someone is going to click and open the app launcher, and an iPhone user would say “hey, that looks a lot like my phone”

    It’s the reason I don’t buy Samsung. Samsung should really change that layout. HTC Sense is not getting sued. it’s possible

    • Rovex

      It does look like the iPhone home screen, but the question has to be.. who did it first? While the Galaxy range is newer than the iPhone there are other samsungs that are older and have similar style. Technically the Galaxy S is an evolution of old Samsung designs that Apple copied!

      • pjax

        pics or it didn’t happen

  • Kamakoozie

    Honestly, I’m an Android user, but I think this is being kinda overblown. Apple scaled down the Samsung by like 7% to make it uniform. Why wouldn’t they? Apple is obsessed with design, do you really think they’d have one image a tiny bit larger than the other when otherwise they are so similar? People at Apple are OCD about that stuff. That doesn’t mean they are twiddling their mustaches and throwing bombs into school buses.

    As for the app drawer being open, I think that makes sense. Samsung often has the app drawer open in pictures it uses for promo material, and that’s one of the main things this case is about: the devices looking so similar to consumers. Well where do most consumers see these devices? Ads. The pictures above are likely what someone would see as a representation of the iPhone and a representation of the Samsung. It’s not like Apple dug deep into Android and pulled up some obscure menu that looked like iOS. They opened the app drawer, arguably the most prominent and used area of the whole device after the home screen itself.

    I’m not an Apple fanboy. As I said before, I am an Android user (got my Droid Incredible on launch day). But a little bit of thinking makes this whole thing seem pretty silly. There are better ways to take shots at Apple than this.

    • Tony

      That’s great, but Apple’s design practices have no place in a court of law, especially one that could easily be used to deceive the court and unjustly block the sales of products because of some photo manipulation. There’s no excuse for it.

      As for the app drawer being open, whether or not Samsung uses it in commercials or not, we’re talking court here, over patents. The iPhone’s home screen does NOT look like the Galaxy S homescreen. I hardly use my App Drawer, for the same reason I don’t use the multiple homescreens on my iPad.. its tedious, pack everything I actually use down into folders and don’t bother with all that un-needed scrolling.

      Nobody is taking shots at Apple, you’re doing a pretty good job at being an Apple fanboy for not being one. This is slanderous and not to mention illegal.

      • Autymn D. C.

        whether or not [whether]? dumbass.
        slander -> libel

        • Worst

          You’re a real clever troll, huh?

  • SliestDragon

    Really stupid. I hope Apple gets what’s coming to them. Not because I’m an Android fanboy, but because I know that’s the only thing that’ll stop all the lawsuits…

    • TheRoot13

      exactly what I’m thinking. ahhhh!

    • Autymn D. C.

      gets !-> them, retard

  • DroiUser01

    I like how the profile picture of the SG was not scaled. How is something taller than itslef when it is leaning on an angle? Bad Photoshop job and downright dirty tactics? Yes your honor, if you make it smaller, change a few things around it will look just like our crap…

    Apple should watch the you suck at Photoshop vids on YouTube…

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      Good catch!

  • vyprnoch

    I saw people being surprised that Apple can do this. To them, go and read icon and you will see that Steve Jobs has done things we cannot think whole his life(example the above post).

  • Beats by Kobe Bryant and other ra*ists

    Android is for the poor, uneducated bums! Samsung phones are ghetto phones.
    I have an iPhone instead.

  • Jeep

    Ugly thing for Apple to do, but honestly, Samsung did the most of the work making them look the same.

  • Bi-Fairy

    What’s so unique about (a grid of) icons? This has litteraly been around for decades.

    Maybe Xerox should sue Apple for copying their UI design fundamentals.

    • Autymn D. C.

      Xerox’s UI was licensed/sold to Apple, dolt.

  • thisisasimulation

    Apple doesnt really have much of a choice their ipad2 is already outdated. New android tablets entering the market are both cheaper, faster, and higher res.

    Apple is afraid their iOS is gonna go the same way as the mac.

    You know apple II was years ahead of competing computers. They had heaps of games and appliation compared to IBM yet they FAILED.

    As for the false evidence wonder why the Apple’s lead patent lawyer leaves Apple .. He was the scape goat.