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Motorola’s Sanjay Jha opens up on Ice Cream Sandwich, global consistency and the Droid Bionic


Oh, Mr. Jha. Whenever you have a chance to talk in public, you really talk in public. Motorola Mobility’s CEO Sanjay Jha was put in the hot seat today at the Oppenheimer Annual Technology & Communications Conference, where he gave the world some insight into several interesting aspects of Motorola’s future. He touched on the importance of being first to market with a new version of Android, delivering a consistent brand experience across the globe, tablets and the elusive Droid Bionic.

When asked about being first to market with Honeycomb, the experiences that it brought and whether or not Moto would do it again with Ice Cream Sandwich, Jha seems to recognize it’s important to lead the pack in innovations–despite the risks it brings.

It depends. I would say by and large I would like to be the first. But there are times when being the first to launch has greater schedule uncertainty. You are taking more chances with new innovation in the beginning and sometimes that has negative impact. By and large, largely it’s a very positive thing.Sanjay JhaMotorola Mobility

As far as tablets go, Jha admits Moto headed in the wrong direction by putting too much emphasis on carrier branded tablets. In the future, the company will focus on different form factors, multimedia and enterprise users. Not 3G, 4G and limited distribution.

Once the topic was switched to hindering device launches through the lack of universal branding, things got really interesting. When Jha was asked how fragmented branding (Droid and non-Droid devices) affected sales, it was clear the impact is negative. Jha wants to take Motorola in a direction similar to Samsung in order to maintain consistency and utilize global marketing. This could be where KORE comes into play. We last speculated that KORE may be the replacement for MOTOBLUR, but it could also be the new label for Motorola’s global brand.

Last but certainly not least, someone just had to ask about the Motorola Droid Bionic. Jha wouldn’t give any specifics on the device, but he did make a comment that definitely leaves us scratching our heads. He said the Bionic was an “important product, but not the only product.” It could simply mean he doesn’t want to place too much attention on one device (which would make sense, considering the recent release of the Photon, Droid 3, Triumph, etc.), or it could mean something more. Does Motorola have something really big waiting for us at CES 2012? There’s a good chance that they do, and it may just be bigger than we anticipated.

Source: DroidLife

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    They have a long way to go to earn my business… there at the bottom of the list right in front of LG. I bought a Xoom because it was vanilla Honeycomb. The only way i would get a Moto phone is if they some how got hold of the nexus.

    • BrandonJD

      Moto getting the nexus would scare me to no end. They can make some decent hardware on occassion, but their phones can be a bit hit an miss recently. In all honesty, I would rather HTC get it again. Their build quality is consistently better than the rest of the pack.

      Or perhaps a smaller player in the game that has something to prove, like Sony.

    • Interpol91

      Amen to that. Motorola has yet to make a device that excites me. If they do somehow get a hold of the Nexus (which I hope they don’t) they better make it look as good as it runs.

  • —-FIRST—-


    • BiGMERF

      Not really… LOL

  • Breon

    Samsung also has a fragmented product line. The have a DROID, their “Galaxy” series, and then some plain jane non-Galaxy phones. It goes even deeper with the fact that all of the major US carriers renamed their version of the Galaxy S phones. HTC is in the same boat, with their product offerings.

    It all just depends on how much kickback Moto wants to get from the carriers.

    My two cents.


    • pekosROB

      By fragmentation they mean Android OS 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2. They don’t mean a confusing marketing/branding strategy.

      But I totally agree with what you point out with Samsung and their Galaxy brand that’s renamed and whatnot.

  • justin91lx

    Sure in the hell wasn’t first in the 4G tablet. Still waiting for my xoom upgrade??

  • dextroz

    Jha is clueless jackass, out of touch with reality, the market and his real opportunities.

    This fucker spends more time biting the hands that feed him, than actually making stuff people will love despite having the ability to build pretty much the best hardware (next to Nokia/Apple) out there.

    PS Where’s the goddamn capthca when I tried to register on the sidebar?

  • aj

    Moto moto moto moto. When will you learn1st is worst. 2nd is best. Ok well that doesnt always apply but you rush out bulky crappy products like the xoom and cant even deliver sd card support with honeycomb and mess up on the whole 1st 4g tablet thing. Come man i hope they learn from their mistakes. I have a droid x and i love it but i hope all these delays in the droid bionic arent overshadowed by some slighter better phone in like 1 or 2 months

  • protozeloz

    Motorola needs to make up what they are doing if they want to keep business growing and this is some of the things they need to do

    -Standardize their products: make a same brand that has global support for EVERITHING (I mean Atrix ATT is missing 1 band to be world HSPA compatible and they must stop doing this) also droids should be world compatible it assure more sales because people see the milestone 2 and don’t believe its the same ting as the droid 2 and that needs to be fixed if they want success

    -Standardize the updates: people really hate that they buy an atrix on UK and other countries and they have to wait double the time US customers wait to get an update its not fun at all to know there only a minimum changes done on the devices

    -better support for issues

    -make blur or whatever they want to call it a much more robust add on into their android experience they need to make more functional tool I don’t think blur is something you will despise but it needs to become a pleasant experience

    -fire everyone but the ninja programmers and hire more ninjas! they are doing a much better work than the regular ones

    -if you are going to launch a product make sure PEOPLE DOES NOT HAVE TO SEND IT BACK to get an feature we could have waited for a 4G xoom instead of a 4G update for the xoom :/

    -tell people the price!!!!!!! if you have a device that’s going to have different pics DO NOT LET PEOPLE SPECULATE because if your product is flagged as expensive then no one will buy it

    until you have solved this I want your hands of any Google major update or flashgrip device!!!! you haven’t proven yourself, our sales are almost the worst and you where among the first android manufacturers so get your stuff together you cant afford failing

    • protozeloz

      oh I forgot

      no more unnecessary devices!!!!!! I meant it!!!!! don’t clog the market with stuff you aren’t going to backup it pisses people off that you are doing this!!!!

  • Meister_Li

    Oh yeah… Good plan, Moto. I can really see your global solutions when I see that the Xoom in Europe that is identical to the US-Version other than the radio just got the Android 3.1 update while the Transformer and American Xooms are already rocking 3.2. At least Samsung actually DOES improve their support and don’t just spout meaningless gibberish like you.

    • Peter

      The only wifi Xooms getting 3.1 in Europe are French ones. All the rest are still waiting. Some countries get 3.1 for 3G devices but not all. Nice one Motorola.

  • Raptor

    What for they get executive salaries? First, easiest part, fire your design team of worst antisocial engineering hacks and hire ones from nearby Art College who inherently understand how make sexy plastic soapboxes

    -make sexy 2560×1600 tablets of all sizes and i buy it

    -make 1920×1200 smartphones (ok at least 1280×800) and i will buy it

    -make first Windows 8 Tablets with A4 screen size (12-14″) and 2560×1600 300DPI screen and i will buy it. Have you seen ASUS 12″ Windows tablet? make same but better screen (because whopping gargantuan pixelation on large screens is totally unbearable) and twice thinner

  • thaghost

    Uh, Dustin? I thought he was going to say something about ice cream sandwich.

    • Anthony E

      Thank you! Maybe this article should get a new title.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I can’t help but laugh…Motorola reminds me of Verizon (2) USELESS companies…HTC RULES..

  • Dr. Fill

    Mr. Jha…..Every parent thinks their children are the best….I am sure you do the same about your products…..However, the reality is your products are good but not good enough to charge an arm and a leg for them.

  • deepak


  • wesley alves