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Nokia: You can’t trust Google; Windows Phone is the best bet


Google swears that the acquisition of Motorola Mobility will not affect the way Android runs, and we surely hope that is the case. Most Android manufacturers are quite thankful Google is willing to shell out $12.5 billion to protect the platform, as well as the OEMs.

While most Android manufacturers have been expressing their gratitude to Google for trying to protect them, there was one black sheep in the manufacturer family: Nokia.

This further reinforces our belief that opportunities for the growth of Nokia’s smartphone business will be greatest with Windows Phone. This could prove to be a massive catalyst for the Windows Phone ecosystem. Additionally, with our respective intellectual property portfolios, Nokia and Microsoft are working together to build and nurture an innovative ecosystem that benefits consumers, operators, developers and other device manufacturersSpokespersonNokia

It seems Nokia does not trust that Google will keep Android open and be fair with all the loyal manufacturers. Nokia even mentions that this acquisition could act as a catalyst for the Windows Phone platform.

Even if Google does give preference to Motorola, it seems unlikely that other manufacturers will jump off the Android bandwagon. Some of these OEMs already make Windows Phone devices, but the platform is simply not selling enough smartphones. If the tables were turned, Nokia would probably have some kind of advantage over other Windows Phone manufacturers. Nokia has a close partnership with Microsoft, and it would make sense that they want to help each other grow.

We’ll have to wait and see if Google keeps its promises. After all, the purpose of this acquisition was to gain a substantial patent portfolio. What do you guys think? Do Android manufacturers really have something to worry about? Will Windows Phone actually benefit out of this, as Nokia seems to believe? We trust Google, as its success is mostly due to the fact that the platform is open. It would be a very high risk for Google to try to change policies so abruptly.

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    LMAO!! This is getting a bit school yardish !! My toy is better than yours! Give me a break, do they really think that simply saying something with no substance will sway things? Whatever, Dont worry Microsoft I still love my 360 and my laptop. But it stops there

    • teecruz

      amen. 360 & PC, ONLY :)

      • inviolable

        Please don’t even take it there.

        • Tony

          Why not? Windows software is good. No matter what the mass media and news outlets would have you believe. As well as the Xbox 360, trouble prone as its been, its simple, reliable, purposeful, and safe. Windows Mobile was always kind of “eh” but people that used it got by because it was usually for work, or managing a schedule. WP7 is better, neat, clean and organized, but it’s unfortunately behind the times as far as smartphone development is headed, not to mention that it just isn’t selling. When you see a TV ad that mentions a mobile app.

          A few years ago, you’d see it was available for iPhone/iPod Touch, now what do you see? An Apple and an Android. Do you see the Blackberry logo? Do you see the Windows Logo?

          This is the kind of thing real, regular people look at, not us tech blog hounds. No one is going to go out and buy a phone they can’t get apps for like they can Android and iOS.

      • Aditya Nalluri

        HI U wldnt say that if u used wp7 mango.. Trust me these devices are well designed than their PCS or 360′s….

    • sad_noodle

      What? Big boys can have pissing contests, too :P
      I’d love to see them in a country club together….

    • heeros

      This just makes you wonder how far microsoft has it’s hand up nokias ass. (In a Ventriloquism kind of way)

  • teecruz

    Look, what Nokia needs to realize is:
    the only their boasting the “Windows Phone” horn
    is because, like Microsoft, their company has failed!
    stop hating. gossip shouldn’t be tollerated in the business field.
    Nobody cares what you’re envious words have to lash out on other company successes
    there is no reason for you to be hating or sending out sublime false accords.

    Google is not becoming Motorola, Google is only acquiring them.
    & anyone in their right damn mind of following Android
    knows the exact damn reason why they did: the patents.
    It’s Open Handset Alliance motherf*cker.
    Something your company will never get to see the light of day,
    because your too busy playing second-hand b*tch to Microsoft.

    to hell with Microsoft, Apple, Nokia, & Facebook. :D

    • teecruz

      their should be an edit button on here. “FOCUS & MENTION YOUR GOOGLE”
      what was I thinking? I meant Company. XD

    • Chris

      Agree they are saying this because google didn’t ask them to produce for android and they are mad they got stuck with wp7 when android is making companies a ton of money.

      • The_Omega_Man

        Actually Google did indeed approach Nokia before the Microsoft “Deal” / Under The Radar Takeover. Nokia wanted more latitude to customize Android to help differentiate their products from the rest of the Android OS players. Google rightly refused to allow a fork in the base Android system. Microsoft, allowed this request from Nokia, for the ability to have ONE major global phone maker, produce phones based solely on their mobile operating system. This was their way into the game “Quickly.” A deal made in Hell if you ask me.

      • Tony

        Including Microsoft, with their deal that they have with HTC, it’s making them A LOT of money.

    • boss5

      I agree with you 100%

  • Donnie

    I always thought Nokia had solid hardware. I just wish it had Android. They shouldn’t have even commented on the acquisition.

    • BiGMERF

      They probably had to or Micro would have spanked them…

  • Interpol91

    Microsoft and Nokia are delusional. We’ll see what they say next year as the Windows Phone market share continues in its downward spiral.

  • Jess Blanchard

    There should be a caption contest for that image.

    “Where are Windows Phone sales going?”

    • Jess Blanchard

      The prize is my mad respekt.

      • Jess Blanchard

        Also, Respekt is not the new HTC phone marketed to gang members. But it should be.

        • teecruz

          LMFAO! HTC Respekt, good one. >.<

        • The_Omega_Man

          ROFL…It would need a switch blade or a 007 style gun imbedded in it, for the bangers though…..


    “Nokia get on your knees and start bl*&%$#” and followed by “O well, why not” as he shrugs.. LOL

  • JLishere

    On an unrelated note, Steve Ballmer is one scary looking man.

    • elarella

      Steve Ballmer is a tool. Just look at those weird faces he makes during his interviews and conferences.

  • Renato M.

    I find it funny the way they try to convince themselves that they are a big deal – when even M$ makes more money with Android than WP itself. LOL!

  • NitroExpressNY

    Nokia ? just GOOGLE it

    • teecruz


  • Richard Yarrell

    Bottomline here NOKIA and WINDOWS PHONE IS A TOTAL JOKE…If it wasn’t for HTC they wouldn’t even exist…WHO CARES WHAT THEY THINK OR BELIEVE ABOUT ANDROID.

  • mac08wrx

    I lost lots of respect for nokia…First they go with micro and now this….im sad to say that until they change their ways i will not purchase anything nokia makes.

  • RevSpaminator

    “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle

    Google isn’t going to hang their other manufacturers out to dry. They are on the way to dominating the smartphone market and doing to iOS what Win95 did to Macs back in the 90′s. With only one device manufacturer, Android would never surpass Apple. With a vast ocean of manufacturers, Apple can never keep up, even if its sales were at full capacity, it will loose market share.

    This truly goes beyond just collecting marketing data and selling adds. Google is selling apps, books and movies right now. Eventually they will get into the music business too (if not already). By time their delivery technology is matured, they will have enough market share to start pushing for some deals that neither Apple or Amazon could come close to.

    And as Apple starts to loose share, it will loose its biggest selling points of first-to-app, iTunes, etc… Dev companies will choose Android first, media will cost Apple more, etc.. Over time Apple will become second best, even if they were to develop iOS into something superior. If Apple is second best and it costs more, where will people turn? WinPhone? :)

    Nokia and MS both realize this and are just making noise because they have to.

  • The_Omega_Man

    So let’s see here…Nokia gets to customize their WP7 systems to their liking but the other WP7 players need to follow M$’s original hardware and software specs. HTC sense is crying in a corner of the HTC WP7 offering… and Google is going to favor Motorola Mobility huh? Pot meet Kettle!

    • teecruz

      such a bigot. NOBODY’S FAVORING ANYBODY!?
      One word: Patents. the very least.
      Don’t you get it!?

      the point wasn’t made for one reason.
      you make it seem as though HTC would got WP7 due to Google’s nonexistent “favoritism”
      yet, you say Microsoft will give Nokia limitations to their liking.
      tell me why that was a FAIL double standard?

      Not only will HTC not leave Android because Google is NOT favoring others,
      but because Android is proven growing platform & perhaps has given this OEM’s their greatest revenue.
      just stop. Android isn’t going anywhere :)
      it’s already established.

      • JayMonster

        I think you misunderstood The_Omega_Man was saying. Nokia is claiming that some will leave Android because of favoritism toward Motorola, but meanwhile Nokia IS getting favoritism because they get to do.what they want with WP7 while HTC is not allowed to put Sense on WP7 devices… making Nokia quite the hypocrite.

        • teecruz

          Okay. I thought my presumption was wrong. I just wasn’t sure (:

        • teecruz

          Okay. I figured my presumption was wrong. I just wasn’t sure (:

    • sad_noodle

      omega man: google’s brand value is more than MS’s, and both their revenues are crazy high.
      You don’t need to do that “M$” think anymore. How about G€€gle ?

  • JayMonster

    Simple fact of the matter is many tried to claim this same sort of BS when Google announced the NexusOne… how mfrs were going to flee because of Google having an “anointed device” that they would favor above alll others and create a rift.

    It wasn’t true then, and it isn’t true now.

  • Marcus

    I don’t see why Nokia doesn’t trust Google. I mean didn’t Google say that nothing would change and they would keep Android open?

  • Snowbdr89

    I totally forgot nokia made phones..

  • Lou

    Google offered android as an option just like they did to every other OEM. Microsoft offered wp7 and agreed to pay for the marketing campaign of nokia’s wp7 handsets. To nokia, I wish you the best of luck and i’m sure you will succeed and sell plenty of phones. But remember this, that little green android forced MS to innovate so ya better bring ya A game to the party next year.

  • GiqueGEAR_Todd

    Microsoft is just sore that Motorola no longer constitutes an open target for their “Android-Not-Licensing Fee”! They need to get innovative (or buy someone innovative) again, before they lose their hold on the PC OS market.

  • DK

    Why would Nokia be concerned with google’s intentions? The goal of their announcement wasn’t to simply address their distrust in Google.. Nokia’s doing so to try raising any doubts or concerns in any and all other android manufacturers.

    Nokia looked around and noticed they’re the only one’s left on Microsoft’s team. While everyone else switched to Android and made it the all-star team.

    if Nokia can get any of them to focus more on windows mobile devices, Nokia won’t be so worried that WM sales might fail and die off. And with Nokia only supporting WM, the weaker WM sales become, the weaker Nokia’s sales become as well.

  • luiek20

    #teamandroid all day! The bullies are scared now!

  • ahadsarkar

    ya Absolutely Even Developers & IDC Committed that Windows Phone 7 will beat iPhone and Android ..

  • Gilo

    Google is not stupid. The strength and advantage Android has is the fact that it can be utilized on any device from any manufacturer. Google would be shooting themself in the foot if they were to show any kind of favoritism to Motorola. Nokia would have been better off not saying anything. They know the partnership with Microsoft is a huge gamble and the success of it could quite possibly decide the future of their company.

  • BrandonJD

    I think Nokia is a little bitter. Every other company is essentially rolling in profits due to their choice to make android phones. What does Nokia do? Go from the sinking ship of Symbian, to the leaky tugboat of WP7. Every other manufacturer has either steered clear of WP7 altogether, or just lobbed a few token efforts into the ring to have something in the space.

    Nokia is like that kid at christmas that gets a flimsy knockoff of the toy all the rest of the kids got. Now it has to defend its choice, when it becomes increasingly apparent that it was a dumb one.

    Nokia’s being butthurt, but at this point MS an Nokia are too dependent on each other for either party to back out.

  • AlexC

    The Motorola deal was only about patents? With a 63% premium they paid $12.5 billion for Motorola’s mobile division. That’s close to 3x as much as the winning bid for 3x as many patents included in the Nortel bid they lost. The bid they lost and stated that cost was too high. Why is this proportionately expensive patent portfolio suddenly worth the money? That 63% premium alone (close to $5 billion) is more than the entire winning Nortel bid. I know this says nothing conclusively but certainly sounds fishy to me. In addition, they are buying the company, not just the patents, which means they will also inherit any lawsuits and other liabilities facing Motorola, so ultimately the cost of this acquisition will end up being much more than just that 12.5 billion dollars.

    Secondly, whether they plan today to show preference to Motorola or not, once they own the company, if Motorola loses money, Google loses money. If/when that happens, they are very likely to change their minds and start giving special access or early access to Motorola which in turn means Motorola will have an unfare advantage over competing handset manufacturers eating up their market share and forcing them elsewhere to remain competitive.

    And lets not pretend like Google has never had such a fundamentally huge change of heart. As an avid fan and member of the open source community, Honeycomb is an insult in every way imagineable. Go to and read the first 2 paragraphs on that page and tell me how much of what is said there can said about Honeycomb. They say they are protecting people from delivering a bad experience. Yes people would do that… but some people out there might also innovate with that code and improve on that code, but the same act killed that possibility as well. Google is restricting access, stifling innovation and providing a central point of failure for the Honeycomb OS.

    All of that aside, I will agree with many of you on one point. Other handset vendors aren’t going to jump off the Android band wagon. It is making them too much money. Money which today, no other mobile OS available to them can match. But no one is saying that anyone will abandon Android. They don’t need to. Right now, yes there are other vendors that produce WP7 devices, but look at their ads, they don’t advertise their own WP7 devices, they advertise Android instead. I actually wonder why they bothered producing the devices. With this move by Google however they will have a reason to make sure that they have a Plan B that is viable. And that will likely mean ensuring that their ad campaigns are not 100% Android focused. And that could have an effect on the Winows ecosystem.

  • LoserLikeMe

    The problem I have with Nokia talking smack is that 1: the masses aren’t going crazy buying Windows Phones, and 2: while Windows Phone 7 especially is a big upgrade from previous versions, it still isn’t leaps and bounds over its competition. So they can keep talking but they aren’t putting anything out that is near the caliber of their Microsoft words (pun intended).

    • Aditya Nalluri

      I say ur comments are pointless and baseless.. I used iOS 5 and wp 7.5 … Wp 7.5 matches almost all the features iOS 5 has in less than 1 year after launching wp7. Which is quite good… Also it has specific features that are nOt available Witt the competition.. Please comment if I am wrong .. Thx

      • LoserLikeMe

        I said they aren’t leaps and bounds over competition. Never said they werent competent in what they deliver, they just don’t deliver as big as they talk. So sure my comments are pointless, but you didn’t read what was right in front of you. But that’s ok, I’m just a loser, remember? ;-)

  • http://AndroidApps.LT mm

    this one marketing trick from microsoft/nokia was very very lol.. :D

  • AJ something

    I think nokia and microsoft are a step in the right direction and even though many of you are loyal to apple or android the simple truth is they all have flaws they all lack in one way or another and remember that android was not as big as apple not even close when it was released so as far as im concerned in due time my friends in due time