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NVIDIA CEO talks Ice Cream Sandwich, quad-core CPUs


During a recent earnings call with NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, some exciting news on the company’s upcoming Kal-El quad-core processor was outed along with some hints about future plans for Ice Cream Sandwich.

Kal-El, slated to be the very first quad-core processor to power Android devices, should be appearing in tablets as soon as this October and in phones by CES 2012. Beating the competition to market by a full year is no easy task, but it’s one Huang and his team of developers are itching to take on. Along with a huge boost in processing power, Huang has begun to out more details on just what kind of performance Kal-El will provide. Especially in terms of power consumption:

...Kal-El, it's going to be world's first quad-core processor. And it's so much higher performance than Tegra 2 and at so much lower power. And very few people have internalized that Kal-El is lower power in every use case compared to Tegra 2. And so this is, it's really a great breakthrough based on the technology we call variable SMP, variable symmetric multiprocessing, that makes it possible for us to achieve much higher performance where performance is needed and much lower power in almost everything that you do.Jen-Hsun HuangNVIDIA

This is absolutely great news for Android users. It shows that NVIDIA is taking average consumer complaints like battery life and is working to improve on them from the very core of your device. Another big help in the power-management department will come from software development.

Huang was keen to let investors know that NVIDIA has a tight relationship with Google. Once Kal-El is put into production, phones and tablets from manufacturers all over the world will be released at a fever pitch “now that we [NVIDIA] have a full software stack ready to go.” Huang wouldn’t answer any questions on Ice Cream Sandwich directly, but kept reiterating how tight of a relationship NVIDIA now has with Google. He mentioned how NVIDIA is very much looking forward to next release of Android and that they expect to be very successful with it.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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  • triangle

    I’m looking forward to it so that I can get a quad-core tablet, maybe with ICS.

  • Sanjeev

    Ice Cream with the Quad core will be awesome, waiting to taste…

    • iPhone fan, christian, democrat, american, well educated

      but iPhone 5 will be AMAZING!!!!!

      • rstat1

        but iPhone 5 will be shit.

        There fixed that for ya.

        • Mighty_O

          i believe the iPhone will be good…..but it wont be great, it wont be amazing and it definitely wont be awesome!!

      • ericl5112

        Yes, it will. But so will a ton of android devices as well. Fortunately, nobody is forcing you to pick a certain OS, and good devices are being released with tons of different choices. If you love the iPhone, the iPhone 5 will be great. Not my thing. For me, the Nexus 3 will be awesome. To each their own.

        • tatiq

          As far as the devices themselves are concerned the latest android devices are untouchable by iphone4, 5, 6, or for that matter 7 . The only thing that sells the iphone is the image people think it gives them, its like a designer top or a sweater or something useless like that. They have absolutely no idea of what the capabilities or the differences between them are. Today someone wanted my phone number so he pulls out his phone and the phone looked so amazing that I forget my number, and was completely memorized by this mouthwatering device. Its the first time i’d seen anything like it, it was a samsung s2

      • E

        I’m sorry but I really must know as an ex ios user wtf makes an iPhone amazing if I’m on Android now I admit that it is good but Jesus after a month I was bored outta of my mind with the 3g and droped it for a freaken G1 on 1.5 and that was amazing to me den on 1.6 even better and over the roof when I got an EVO I don’t ever put my Android device down at all and can’t wait for the N3 ics my point here is Android hasn’t once dissapoint me ios after a month bash Android all ya like but deep inside ur dieing to get one that’s why u i roches infest this site

      • im ron burgandy?

        “Well educated” and “christian” is a bit of any oxymoron there really…

  • thaghost

    This is the second article that you mentioned someone discussed ice cream sandwich in the title but when I read the article, no mention of ice cream sandwich was made at all. I’m voting you down. -1

    • AME

      Yeah, I was confused too. I was waiting for the part about ICS and then he wrote:

      “Huang wouldn’t answer any questions on Ice Cream Sandwich directly…”

      wtf?! The title should have been, “NVDIA CEO talks quad core processors.” No ICS!

  • Interpol91

    Can’t wait for the first quad core tablets to come out!! I’m looking forward to the higher performance and better battery life!! Custom ROMs have increased my phone’s battery life to a day with heavy use so I’m excited to see this in action


    good news for sure…. just hope the price comes down a bit………

  • SliestDragon

    I would love a Quad-core tablet. My laptop is dying, and I need a replacement. A super powered android tablet would be a nice upgrade. :)

  • Sarah Palin (the republican hood rat)

    These new phones are going to be PERFECT for hood rats. Bring it on, nvidia.

  • Nathan

    Why can’t the next nexus have this :(

    • metafor

      Because Kal-el will be for tablets first. The phone version won’t be out until early next year; as per the article.

  • Dragonithe

    Now give me an asus transformer 2 whit iCS and terga 3 that’s as thin as the gtab 10.1 but has a 13″ screen and a full qwerty (+numpad) dock that boosts battery life over 20h.
    Oh please =D

    • ericl5112

      I don’t think we’ll see anything 13″ on a tablet. I can see 11.6″ max.

  • Mil

    I can’t wait for Kal-El to be released with a decent Android Tablet. I’m not fussed with the quad core aspect. The more important aspects for me are low power consumption and much better video/audio codecs. I would love for it to be able to play pretty much anything you throw at it (like the Samsung Galaxy S2 phone).

  • ben dover

    Ice Cream Sandwich x 4 = yummy!

    I can never eat just one!

  • Raptor

    Look how shitty behaves NVIDIA stock. It is lower now then it was in Nov 2010 when no one was even using Tegra2 . Remember Clark interviewed Jen-Hsun Huang at that time?

    This new processors look nice … but NVIDIA needs something more.

    How about 4-core & Windows 8 ?
    And I mean both tablets & even smartphones after this beasty one:

    • Raptor

      …and cheap fast power-efficient laptops/transformers on Kal-El with possibly say 2 or more chips (8 or more cores). That would provide boost and stability for sales

  • ericl5112

    I want this on the next transformer, with a 2560×1600 display please like the one samsung was showing off. Or at least 1920×1200.

    • Raptor

      If this is one announced in May that was fake 2560×1600. Pentile crookery– a present of charlatans to the retarded masses

  • finndogg

    Sounds tasty, can’t wait to get a bite of that.

  • GRAW

    “…Kal-El, it’s going to be world’s first quad-core processor.” I think you mean the world’s first MOBILE quad-core processor.

  • frankwhite44

    Wow! I’m loving technology right now.

  • Patrick E. Mahoney Jr.

    As a developer, I would love to someday be able to use Eclipse and the ADT on a tablet, so that I can write, build, and run my code on that very platform. It would make life a whole lot easier and cordless. I’m hoping it will happen soon, maybe with these Kal-El’s and Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • Steve505

    The current dual core processors aren’t very effiecent because Gingerbread isn’t fully optimized for dual cores.

    Since the next Nexus device will only have 2 cores, does this mean that Ice Cream Sandwich won’t be optimized for quad core processors?

  • binary

    The question is why we need more powerfull processroes in mobile phones? Dual core processors are enough to record and play full HD movies and games looks also great. .We need more power efficient units that can support many video formats.
    Look at the HTC Sensation. It has dual core processor but for what?
    You cant even play HD mkv files on it.

  • Richard Yarrell

    At best we are all in a HOLDING MODE. Dualcore just arrived and today none of us are using our dualcore devices at It’s fullest because gingerbread 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 is not optimized for dualcore devices. Now ICE CREAM will bring the THUNDER to our devices I hope for that very much so. I rather have my dualcore 3d evo runing ice cream than some quadcore device that we won’t know how optimization will be. Right now we are in a holding pattern in time we will see where we are. Today dualcore devices rule the landscape and better days are ahead especially battery life wise…

  • Mio

    Wow, the dumbest artikel since a long time.
    They dont take any advantage about batterylife. The Kal-El needs a new nm size to fit as chip in a phone. While it has multicores, and they could be single-managed, the phone works mostly with one core, the smaller architecture does the rest.

    This was a little too much fanboy for me.

  • JayMonster

    The real question is can the Tegra 3 actually live up to the hype… particularly on phones where it seems the elephant on the room that nobody is talking about, is that Tegra 2 for the phone has been a complete flop.

    • DeRocKK

      I think thats exactly why the Tegra 3 will be way better.

  • Nathan

    Well I would love some quad core action. To bad the next nexus doesn’t have it because that would have been the most bad a$$ phone.

  • Dan

    So does “so much lower power” mean we will see devices with 12-16 hour battery life? I already get 8h+ with my “crappy” Tegra 2 device… “so much lower power” better be SO MUCH LOWER.