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Qualcomm says dedicated gaming consoles will be replaced by Snapdragon

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Did you ever dream that a device small enough to fit in your pocket would produce PlayStation 3 graphics? Some of us knew the day was coming, but we didn’t expect it for another couple of years. In a recent presentation, Qualcomm said that dedicated consoles will no longer be needed because all gaming segments are going mobile and their Snapdragon platform is helping bridge that gap.

Game consoles are on the decline.

Qualcomm just released their Snapdragon S3 which features dual-core Scorpion CPUs up to 1.5Ghz and an Adreno 220 GPU, but pretty soon we will see the Snapdragon S4 that has dual-core Krait CPUs (28nm) and the faster Adreno 225 GPU. We have high hopes for the Snapdragon S4, which Qualcomm says will exceed the current console 3D gaming experiences.

We’ve only see a handful of games that are optimized to take full advantage of multi-core CPUs and GPUs, but that should change in the next couple of quarters as dual-core smartphones become the standard. Qualcomm has a renewed focus on gaming (possibly motivated by NVIDIA’s entry into the market) and we should see console quality games, like Desert Winds, in the coming months.

If you consider yourself a gamer, are you ready to give up your console and switch to a mobile device as your primary gaming system?

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Source: Qualcomm

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  • Jon

    If it works, I’d be more than happy to switch… but does that mean I’ve got to download gigabyte after gigabyte onto my phone, rather than just nipping to a shop and buying a disk?

    I can see it working if it’s based on some sort of SD card system – you buy the card in a shop and then plug it into your phone. It’s not gonna cut it for me with downloads, though.

    • tehsusenoh

      A la Nintendo DS?

  • donald rumsfeld (iPhone 4 holder of power, american)

    it think qualcomm is an idiot and a bloody liar.
    senator qualcomm?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      LOL I’m going to miss comments like these when we turn on our new comments upgrade…

      • BiGMERF

        Please Taylor, get it up and going ASAP !

      • Ray

        When does this start???

    • Ray

      Please continue to look stupid…. It makes the rest of us feel smart


    Absolutely and positively not ! Im an avid gamer and love my PS3 and 360 . I like having them in my entertainment system hooked up to all of my components where they belong. Now am I closed to the idea of a better portable gaming experience? No way. The idea is cool. I would use it in addition to my consoles maybe. The day may come where it may become more mainstream but i truthfully think the current hardcore players are not ready to disconnect and reconnect everything whenever they want to move. everything i said is “MY OPINION”

    • Andrew

      Do you have a life, Big Merf?

      Or do you sit and wait for AAM to post before you unnecessarily chime in with useless shinfo.

      I’m sick of reading your comments. It bothers me as to why you get so many +1s…

      • BiGMERF

        yes I actually do have a life, thanks for your concern. You want a break down of my story? Sure, I’m a grown man, married and have 3 wonderful kids. I was injured severely at work a year ago and am now disabled. Not being able to do much that requires physical activity, i roam the internet in search of blogs and websites that keep my mind occupied. Sports ,gaming and ANdroid interest me and over the past year I found android and me to be the cream of the crop when it comes to getting android information. So I spend a lot of time here. Sites like these keep me thinking of other things rather than the fact that i feel useless in life and like a qtr of the man i was. My comments may not be the most informative or productive on here but I like to think I contribute in other ways, even if it pisses individuals like you off. My advise to you is don’t be to quick to judge and in the end if you see my name, dont read what I have to say. Its that simple. Good day

        • thaghost

          Maybe AAM should let you be the next guest writer. You should try to find developers looking for beta testers, that would give more meaning to the love you have for android and the blogs/forums.

          • BiGMERF

            in fact they did offer me a guest spot but i respectfully declined because I am fully aware that I am not as knoledgable as those that frequently post here.I am part of a different generation, I come here to try and learn more about android.what I do know is minimal, thus not really beneficial to most of the users who frequent the blog.I have done some beta testing for a few devs over at xda but since most involve rooting it limits my oppurtunities. I’m not a rooter, see what I mean? Lol.

        • Andrew

          Ahh crap, I’m sorry about that. This just confirms that I need to think before I type.

          I genuinely apologise for the lash out; it was unnecessary and I wasn’t aware of your circumstances. I looked for a “delete comment” button after I’d posted it, but alas.

          At the time of posting I was kinda pissed off about other petty things, but hey, your situation has put things into perspective again.

          Please don’t be discouraged to keep posting on the articles and the boards. Usually with articles like these, I scroll through the highest rated comments and see if I can find out some extra info from someone who may have it.
          Maybe it’s just coincidence, but I always seem to come across your comments which have been +1′ed a lot and finished reading them without having a good giggle or whatever.
          You’re obviously a well known figure in the Android community and I’m not.
          Maybe I’m just jealous?

          Sorry again :(

          • BiGMERF

            its nothing for being well known in the android community?.. that is far from the truth.. lol, im just a lil nobody

    • Defiantbeast

      Its your opinion but i happen to agree. Me and a lot of my friends have had this discussion. We all own supped up dual core android phones and we love being able to hook up our phones to our tvs and play these great games on our phones but it can never compete with our ps3 or xbox360 experience.

      The other thing is, and someone mentioned it above, is are we expected to download these games or will we be buying them on micro sd cards or some other format. Because if there expecting us to download all these games then were going to need a boost in internal memory. Not to mention something that we all need to think about. Battery life, because i dont know about yall but my battery takes a nosedive any time i play a game.

    • Raul

      Hardcore gaming will always be on PC, consoles are replaceable and well they will be soon (not thinking bout mobile but with their own ps4 or w/e is next). I do get the idea and like it about the mobile devices beeing capable of running stuff better than the current tier of consoles. Some ppl say that they still want to go get the games in stores, for the box and everything, i dont, i like it online as i currently do with blizzard and steam.

      And the idea is to connect it to a monitor and play with a controller, just like you would on consoles, shouldnt even feel a difference, untill u unplug it and take it anywhere u want.

  • Ray

    This seems like a silly statement. So they think by emulating the current generation of consoles will render future innovation from console makers obsolete? Even the current consoles are not that dedicated anymore anyway. With cloud content, movies music web browsing, and DLNA. I think the market for high end entertainment devices for the home is still hot. I don’t want to occupy my phone so my son can play COD… SILLY

    • mark t

      Sounds bad but I didn’t even think about that aspect. Seemed cool besides being interupted or cut off from calls though.

  • Mark

    These guys are in WAY over their heads. Who wants to set their phones up in the living room so jr can play Halo or so my buddies can play Madden and everytime I get a call, playtime gets interrupted.

  • Saint Baconator

    Here is why phones/tablets wont beat consoles, they are upgraded a whole lot more (hardware wise) in 1 year than a console is. For example, in the last two years phones have come a long way in their ability to play the newest game out, but as your device ages, it doesn’t always get support for newer and better games. While consoles this gen, have been around for soon to be 10 years and with very new game us gamers don’t have to worry if our Wii/PS3/Xbox can play the newest Call Of Duty for example, because we know it will and we know we don’t have to go out and buy a new consoles every year, as it seems now phones tend to be outdated within the year. The question is would you rather spend about $400-500 for a console that last about 5 to 10 years ten years, or have to by a new phone/tablet for $200-$600 every 1-2 years, in the long run consoles (hardware wise) are cheaper and last longer and that is why IOS/Android/WP7 devices won’t be beating Wii/Xbox/PS3 anytime soon.

    • DeRocKK

      How are the consoles of this gen around for nearly ten years? The 360 was released ’05 and the PS3 in ’06?!

  • samuel

    I don’t think so for about 5 – 10 years. I can see phones and portable gaming devices becoming one in the same. Sony is starting this with their psp phone. I don’t know real numbers, but 3/4 of the people out there use their phones as their portable media players. Also the only games that have actually done well on the smart phone market have been games that appeal to majority of the population like angry birds. Will and can it happen, ya, but that’s extremely far down the road. Probably starting with my grandkids.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Truthfully Qualcomm has stepped up there game and people just have to prepare for change and a new direction. I applaud that change and honestly could care less about some console that can not be used if I’m not home anyway. Gaming on my EVO 3D is something PRIMARY for me which I am new too anyway on my EVO 4G I never played to many games. My EVO 3D is currently rocking 80 downloaded application and at least 13 high profile games HD and 3D gaming is primary on my phone today and just knowing my device is currently the current dualcore 1.2 Ghz processor with the Adreno 220 and 1Gb of ram I push it as much as I can. In my world I know the future is bright and the next evo brand will be the rocking the new snapdragon S4 with the dual-core/quadcore Krait CPUs (28nm) and the faster Adreno 225 GPU. 4.7 plus inch screen hopefully 1.5 to 2.0 Ghz….MAN I am in love……

    • BiGMERF

      hey rich, awesome post! In the end I believe it is just a matter of personal choice. Rich can you actually play a 3d game for more than ten minutes? I tried on a 3ds and was crossed eyed for about three days after. Lol

      • Richard Yarrell

        I play various games on my EVO 3D my favorite games are. Nova 3d, Contract Killer, Asphalt 3D, Assassin’s Creed 3D, Let’s Golf 2 3D, and the installed 3d Spiderman game It’s dosen’t bother my eyes surprising enough it’s just as if it’s regular.

    • bacon_hat guy

      What kind of bloody games are that? What, Diner Dash in 3D running at 60 fps? Its the depth and sophistication of console games that always separated them from portable gaming. Having played console games my whole life, its always funny when companies that don’t have a long history in REAL gaming make outlandish statements to make their small initial investors happy they sunk money into a casual gaming company or hardware to support it.

      “Portable gaming is something you do to kill time, console gaming is some YOU make time for.”


      • Mark

        Bacon, preach the truth, brother! So sick of people claiming they’re “gamers” because they play Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja. lol. wtf?

      • apo

        This last sentence of yours is really awesome, sir.

  • hoosiercub

    Ambitious and possible, but highly unlikely. Maybe we’ll see Qualcomm Krait or above architecture INSIDE dedicated consoles someday, but phones/tablets replacing them?

    Nope, no way. I love gaming on my phone casually, but in no way do I see it as a replacement for grabbing the controller to my blu-ray toting, media server playing, graphically powerful PS3. Just won’t happen.

  • RockinEvo

    But what about my 2k11 I can’t see myself pulling all those ankle ISO moves wit ma phone lol

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    And I’ll argue back to Qualcomm a few points:

    1) Years of console development have not shown the rate of complexity and realism in gaming slow down. Just because SoCs are nearing the point of playing last-gen (PS2, XBOX) games on a mobile device does not mean that they will be able to outperform consoles playing next-gen games in the near future.

    2) One reason why console gaming is so successful is because when you buy a console, games developed for that console are pretty much guaranteed to perform reasonably well. Replacing consoles with mobile devices fragments this (I hate using the term but it’s appropriate here). The primary difference between console gamers and PC gamers is that console gamers in general are not willing to put up with having to upgrade their hardware constantly to be able to play successfully. I doubt console gamers will let themselves be pulled into this situation with mobile devices.

    3) I honestly think that the future of mobile gaming (and possibly even console gaming) lies in The Cloud. Why? Well, I have an OnLive account, and while playing games via a cloud gaming service is not quite a match yet with playing a game locally on a high-end PC or console, it’s pretty close. And with the release of OnLive’s iOS and Android OnLive Player apps, we’ll be seeing some pretty impressive options soon. The ability to plug in any phone with a reasonably good data connection and play any game instantly (via touchscreen or a Bluetooth controller), without having to have the game installed on the phone or that phone having a high-end GPU. is damned cool.

    Why worry about the processing power of your phone when a cloud gaming service will do the grunt work for you? You won’t lose all your saved games if you drop your phone in the toilet or fumble it in the parking lot. You’ll be able to play right on your phone or plug it into a TV via HDMI. You can play PC and console games, regardless of what platform they were developed for. You won’t have to worry about whether your phone is up to the task of playing a new game you buy.

    Take heed Qualcomm, that’s where the future lies, because console gamers and PC gamers alike can both appreciate those options.

  • uknowme

    Very ambitious in my opinion. I believe it will replace consoles for some. Those that do replace their consoles only have them for one or two games anyways. I am a gamer and I play on my PS3 and my phone. The two have completely different entertainment properties. I can dig into a game on my PS3. I don’t get tied down to my phone for more than 15 to 20 minutes max.

  • thaghost

    Can we get all phones to last a minimum of 16hrs of medium usage first?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 should offer the best battery life with its 28nm process. Qualcomm is also working on new display tech like Mirasol to greatly enhance battery life.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Very true I must say…I expect the battery life to be more than two times better than what the Asynchronous dualcore processor brings to my current evo 3d. Better days are ahead and that in it’s self is what this whole journey is all about.

  • –Z–

    “If you consider yourself a gamer, are you ready to give up your console and switch to a mobile device as your primary gaming system?”

    No. It’s not about the graphics capability, as most phones have enough power already to produce decent games, it’s about control interface. Phones are awful devices to try and control games with, and so far the only effort to change that (Sony’s Playstation phone) hasn’t seen much adoption at all.

    Until that changes, mobile gaming will continue to be a ghetto.

  • NamelessTed

    I totally understand that mobile devices are having a huge surge in processing power right now, and I can’t wait to get a more powerful phone and/or tablet. But, a handheld device isn’t going to replace a console anytime soon.

    The first thing you need to understand is the difference in the purpose of these devices. I have a consoles that sits in my entertainment system and I don’t ever move it or unplug it. It is always set up no matter what. I use it, my brother uses it, and friends use it when they come over. Even if a handheld device was as powerful and could play the same games, it doesn’t matter. I prefer the convenience of having a console that is plugged in to the TV and internet and has controllers synced to it as well as support for the couple of fight sticks that I have. Also, I do have a Kinect. What happens if I get a call or a text? What if I am not home and my brother wants to play a game or watch Netflix? He would have to plug his phone into a couple of loose wires sitting next to the TV and hope he owns the game that I want to play and he can’t just use the disc or play the games that I have downloaded to my device. See the major problems here?

    Then there is the issue of whether these devices are actually as powerful as consoles. Right now, yes, they are reaching the visual quality of a console but they aren’t quite there. But what happens when the next systems come out in 2012-2013? I can guarantee the next Xbox is going to be at least 10x more powerful than the Xbox 360, that is just how technology works. Once that happens it is going to take the handheld market another half dozen years to catch back up and the cycle starts over again with a new generation of consoles.

    Then there is the matter of game development and market install base. Not every phone is the same. The benefit of the console is that if somebody buys an Xbox 360, it is exactly the same as every other Xbox 360 so the developer can make a game that is optimized for one or two (including the PS3) sets of very specific hardware and optimize the game to its maximum potential. But even if we only look at Android devices, that isn’t the case. The market is segmented into Qualcomm, nVidia, and maybe some others. But then even if we just look at the nVidia Tegra, there are multiple version of the same chip. And multiple companies will manufacture different phones with that same chip. One might only have 1GB of RAM while another might have 2GB. You can make a game for Android and you can get it running well across a wide variety of devices, but you will NEVER achieve the optimization that a console allows for.

  • Jay

    what if i get a call or a text while im the middle of a big boss fight. screw this i want my phone for mobile gaming, awesome if it can be as good as my 360, but i want my 360 hooked up to my entertainment center

    • CTown

      Just put the call on speaker phone or get one of those microphone/headphone headsets. You can play a game and be on the phone now! Answer the call, hold the home button and press on a recently used app to return where you were before the call.

  • Jay

    I’d like to add a couple of points to Sean’s post and something to Taylor’s comment about Krait S4 having (much) improved battery life compared to current SoC’s.

    Battery lives of smartphones in conjunction to not having a good interface. Qualcomm says that phones/Snapdragon will replace gaming consoles, but good luck trying to play a game of Uncharted 2′s caliber on your smartphone and having the battery last for an hour. So play it at home then you say…you have to worry about how you’re going to get the game. Downloading content that rivals the caliber of the games on PS3/X360 is going to take ages, we’re talking 10GB+ stuff here, probably at the minimum. And these are small portable devices and they’re going to be on and running (intensively nonetheless) for a while if you’re gaming hardcore as you would on a dedicated console so we’re going to have overheating issues here too. And lastly it’s the upgrading and how fast the tech in the mobile segment moves, there’s no way average joe is going to deal with buying the newest and latest device every 6 months when something new comes out.

    And as for Krait having awesome battery life I don’t think it’ll really be significantly improved upon today’s best battery life…even though it is 28nm they’ll just squeeze more power on there and increase the clock speeds even more giving you the same thing at the end of the day…more power on a smaller dye…even though the chip is smaller it’s going to be stronger thus requiring more power because it’ll HAVE more power. And we know the top tier smartphones are always going to maximize the power output of their SoC’s/CPU’s. It’ll be in the mid-range segment where battery life is improved, because they’ll have the new smaller architecture but not with the increased power that maximizes its potential and makes it work. And we know 90% of us on this website and on the interwebs aren’t into that and aren’t going to get that, we’re all gonna be getting the Sensation 4G’s and the SGS II’s. A major new Android release could also vastly help though, one that improves the battery consumption and usage all internally, which is what we really need more than stuffing more power on newer, smaller chips and not wanting to underclock them because it’ll make the phone look inferior against its competition. To be honest I’d be perfectly fine with a 1Ghz single core phone even right now if it had a 24 hour battery with HEAVY usage…that’s all I really need. I’m not a mobile gamer because all mobile games suck right now and the gameplay interfaces are super terrible and they kill your battery. Graphics remind me of nothing near playing my PS3 in 1080p, which I also haven’t touched in a couple of months btw because I’m not the gamer I used to be when I was younger. I don’t care about your overly ambitious gaming aspirations Qualcomm, I want super awesome battery life on my Android! Get to work on the lowest possible power consumption you can get on your new SOC’s!

  • Jay

    Man, NamelessTed just nailed it on the spot. Awesome post. Couldn’t have said it better.

  • Dirge

    Yeah…no. Mobile phones won’t surpass dedicated video game consoles anytime soon. Think of the power necessary to even RUN these HD games on a console at home. Now imagine having that power in a phone. You’re going to need an ENORMOUS battery to even last a couple hours(maybe even less) playing an HD game. Plus, we don’t even have HD screens on our phones yet, just barely on tablets.

  • shadowxof

    although it looks amazing and promising, i’m more of a fan of holding a physical controller and not using a touchscreen interface to game. I know that at some point mobile devices will surpass THIS generation of consoles, but there is NO way they’ll surpass next generations.

    One thing i’d like would be a mobile companion to my game console rather than replacement

  • Dre

    We love you Qualcomm, but don’t bet the house on that.

  • cb2000a

    It’s coming….phone tech is extremely hot right now. There will be breakthroughs and some will totally catch people off guard.

  • mkrmec

    EXTREMELY smooth gameplay at 24 FPS… lol seriously?

  • LeePlaya

    A mobile platform will never take the place of an actually console. Sure our phones can do a lot stuff these days, but the games I play on any mobile platform is minimum… Don’t get me wrong they’re some great games out there, but the replay value just doesn’t stick with me. The franchises on consoles is something a mobile can’t touch.

    • Todd

      Never say never. We need a wireless video spec for the home. Couple that with wireless controllers via Bluetooth and some wireless inductive charging and suddenly its a bit more realistic.

      Technology growth follows an exponential curve – while I don’t believe this will happen next year, 2 or 3 seems reasonable.

      • LeePlaya

        I like the feel of an actual controller and not an onscreen d-pad. Ever play street fighter on a phone? Boooorrrinnng. Our phones are a lot things, but I can’t see it being a console killer. That’s just doing too much.

  • diordna

    This has potential to overtake the portable market but the home gaming market requires a dedicated console. Sorry Qualcomm.

  • steven95

    bullshit, my iphone is more powerful says my mom

  • Leonick

    Well, phones or tablets or just small devices will replace them in all due time, but I think we will be past snapdragon by then.

    Why? Well the first problem, while it can match the graphics of a ps3, a console with several years old hardware mind, it comes nowhere close to the ps3 or the 360 on other points, for example it lacks a flagship device you can hock up to a tv and a controller, the game lineup is hardly competitive either.

    So, with no games for the platform it can’t currently compete and and it won’t be able to in a year or two when the next generation playsation and xbox consoles come around either.
    Why? Even if the new playstation and xbox would also have a rather limited game catalog at that time they will also have more current hardware, hardware qualcoms arm chips won’t be able to compete with for yet another few years which means the won’t have the same graphical power…

    The change will happen, I think large computers will be phased out for smaller just about as strong dockable devices, but it wont happen anytime soon as arm still can’t compete with x86.

  • http://.... zach

    Its sounds great but i dont see myself playing hours of say..Black ops from my phone thats connected to my TV becuase mobile gaming while fun is never going to replace my 55 in tv..and so what if you can hook it up via hdmi..what happens if i get a call? and its sure the hell not going to last for hours of playing with no fan its going to heat up my evo heats up when im downloading content…I dont think it would last 5 hours of nonstop online game play i would melt my poor phone! we are talking about games/gamers and we do play hours and hours non stop..i dont see xbot and ps3s going away just yet and when they finally do it will be replaced by flash based games you play online like all that lame shit on face book…only better.

  • http://.... zach

    And Qualcomm is the last company who i would want making my GPU/processors they always handle 3D like crap compaired to other phones gpus Nvidia/humming bird/anything, all they are doing is trying to Hype up their next batch of processors for the next batch of phones..samsungs processors are better at 3D grapics lol (phonewise) its no big secret.

  • jinmunsuen

    Sometimes I think it’s better to keep things separate, phones as phones, gaming technology as gaming technology. I really like the fact that mobiles are equipped with hardware powerful enough to play 3D games, but to combine it all may be a bit of a stretch… I won’t be able to multitask- e.g. gaming console is updating while I take a call, or play simpler games/apps on my phone.

    And if it gets stolen/breaks… I just lost two major things! Let alone loosing a smartphone or a console.

  • mike

    lol its not just about graphics its also about vram …ect. And lol at him showing off a techdemo and its being stretched to all hell to fit that TV screen

    also they say ps3 graphics what about xbox lol same crap they both use outdated PC graphic hardware….we might see phones 3-4 years from now ALMOST compatible of such leaps and bounds but even by then consoles will beefier with current DX11 GPUs and phones will be left in the dust.

    mobile CPU/GPU are updating waaay to fast i mean dualcore not out for a year and already quadcore being introduced and AOS isn’t even really capable of handling all this threading

  • mike

    And LOL at Qualcomm to be making this statement….this company is know to have subpar graphic performance compared to the competition

  • Ryan Kim

    Well at the same time our phones get better, the consoles will get better too. So although our phones will soon be able to outperform the current generation gaming consoles, the consoles are going to be upgraded as well.

  • Lucian Armasu

    It won’t be only Qualcomm with quality grade graphics, but all their competitors, too. By the end of next year you’ll see Tegra 4, quad core Krait, OMAP 5 and Samsung’s next-next-gen chip.

    Tegra 3 is already getting very close to console quality gaming, and I’m sure next year pretty much everyone will have console quality gaming.

  • Lucian Armasu

    But I agree with Qualcomm’s conclusion, that consoles will be replaced. That’s why Google REALLY needs to push this with Google TV. Google TV can become a “console platform”, and come with all new TV’s. With chips like Tegra 4, 4x Krait and OMAP5 you’ll have very high quality Android games on your TV. All you’ll need is a gamepad, and Google TV 2.0 already has gamepad support, so I’m sure they’ve thought about this. I just don’t know how serious they are about it (getting game developer partners on board, etc).

  • Xavier Carryl

    “Yes. It does play Crysis.”

  • Richard Yarrell

    I look forward to the NEW COMMENTING SYSTEM..I hope for a way where people can be identified by NAME AND FACE this way we can FINALLY SEE all the people who LOVE TO HIDE …..I would imagine we will lose many people which will be fine with me…They never added anything worht discussion anyway…..and they all know who they are……..

  • Enough with the android fragmentation

    Another round of fragmentation?????

  • Hiya Buddy

    Lets hope Qualcomm is right about this so HTC can make a phone with stereo speakers that way I can play Call of Duty of my phone lol. However one of the biggest kinks that they have to work out with manufacturers is battery life. Despite all these wonderful pieces of hardware that go into phones, they are always limited by battery life I’m still waiting for a battery manufacturer to step up and say “I can give you a battery life that you would love even with all that hardware and I can make the battery slim so it doesn’t affect the shape of the phone”

  • luiek20

    I’m sorry but my games on mobile are for me to pass time when I’m bored. When I’m home i play on my console while my phone charges and i doubt phones will carry the same smoothness that games on a console provide. I would like to see Xbox Live And PSN come to all OS’s So i can manage all my accounts have all the features of being logged in on the console on my phone. LOL i hate when i get home, log in to XBL just to see the some of my friends logged off 2minutes ago so it would be cool if i could see that they’re online and message them on my phone before i get home

  • TGeezy86

    Companies like Qualcomm and NVIDIA keep forgetting a small piece of the puzzle: These new “superphones” can push out decent graphics on these quite small 4″ inch screens but can those processors REALLY push out detail equivalent to the PS3 and X360 at even upscaled 1080p? I’ve seen an Atrix mirrored on an HDTV at FullHD but the details paled in comparison to even the most mediocre PS3/X360 games.

  • josegb2011

    One thing they need to understand is mobile gaming is meamt to be portable and just nice to have hdmi mirroing and stuff but I prefer angry birds to stay on my phone..also I doubt sony and microsoft with let this happen without a fight..

  • Phil

    Actually since I have OnLive on my phone I already have ps3 quality graphics from a device in my pocket.


    Man ,now that the weekend has gone by …. It makes less sense.. IMO

  • Ramshambo

    Well this is what happens when devs start programming for hardware that doesn’t change or innovate for more then five years. Not terribly impressed by this, I mean it still doesn’t look as good as the current console generation and they are so terribly aged.

    Hopefully this will make the console makers upgrade faster and thus giving us better graphics. It has been nice not having to upgrade my PC for while because of this, but it’s kind of sad when graphics haven’t really gotten much better then Crysis and that came out in like 2006.

  • italianmagik

    Its a debate here. I wont ever through my Xbox out to use Snap. But I’m sure for the ease of it people will do so. But a gaming console is just an original way of playing video games. I like COD, Halo, and Battlefield. I’ll stick with my 360

  • SliestDragon

    This won’t replace my PS3 or Computer gaming rig anytime soon, but I game on my android too, and that’s the way it always has been. I’m not looking for a replacement system, I play on multiple systems, and that’s how I like it.

  • sylar

    I don’t doubt that this will happen eventually but not right now at least, they will have to come up with either a much more powerful battery first or one that recharges to full capacity in a matter of seconds. Graphics pull quite a bit of power and nobody is going to be wanting to lug around a gaming system that doesn’t fit in their pocket.

  • Treegun

    Why give up your console? The future would be having your gaming system at home and your mobile phone for mobile gaming. When you purchase a game you can either scan it or NFC with your sweet android phone to register the game with your fancy new cloud service. Once your game is uploaded to the cloud you can either take the cd home and play with your awesome surround sound setup, or go to your friends house and link your phone to his tv, your controllers bluetoothed to your phone, and continue with the campaign right where you left off. Essentially making your phone a backup console with all of your registered games stored in the cloud to your gaming system account.

  • Orthopox13

    I keep hearing that major game consoles and the companies that made them along with the games would soon be replaced by app games like angry birds I tried some of their app games and got quickly bored and frustrated after a few minutes, since using nothing but your thumbs as the controller on the touch screens is aggravating which ends up you losing the game since the games are so sensitive they make sonic 06 look like skyrim, assuming Apple would make consoles like the other companies to cater the tastes of gamers and having the gaming companies like Bethesda and THQ would make games for those said consoles. Besides the app games are basically $2.00 bag of bacon compared to the Filet Mignon that is console games which have engaging stories to keep the gamers invested, sure they can be expensive but the experience in playing them is so much sweeter because the companies that make those games worked hard on those and hope the players would like them. So in conclusion unless Apple makes a console that has the combined amount of processing power other consoles and companies like Nintendo, Sega and Sony would make games for that said console it would be business as usual if if not the designers that made those mobile app games would end up as the Nicholas Cage of gaming.