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Rumor: Samsung DROID Prime to be first Ice Cream Sandwich device, exclusive to Verizon (Update)


The Nexus Prime rumor mill is up and at it again. BGR is reporting that the flagship Ice Cream Sandwich device will not be a Nexus device at all. Instead, the hotly-anticipated device will be launched in October as the Samsung DROID Prime.

For those hoping the next platform flagship device would come to multiple carriers, we have some bad news for you. The DROID Prime will be a Verizon-exclusive device.

Several of our readers on Verizon’s network have bemoaned the fact that Verizon was the only carrier not getting a Galaxy SII device, and it appears we now know why. The DROID Prime is rumored to be a beefy device, with a 4.65″ Super Amoled Plus display with a 1280 x 720 resolution and a 1.4 GHz dual core processor (OMAP4).

Though this is certainly the device that’s been rumored over the course of the last several months, Google and Samsung electing not to go with the Nexus moniker for the Ice Cream Sandwich device leaves us hopeful that we will in fact see a different Nexus 3 device in coming months. (Start the rumors).

Nexus or not, it seems Verizon is getting the best of the next generation of Samsung devices in the DROID Prime. Who out there is planning to pick up this hot device when it launches in just over a month?  Sound off in the comments.

Update: In a bit of hopeful news, Droid-Life is reporting that according to some of it’s sources, this device will not be part of the DROID brand. There seems to be some weight to their story, as it makes little sense to release two DROID devices (Bionic and Prime) so close to each other. Again, remember this is all rumor, and we won’t know the final name for this awesome device until shortly before it’s released.  Stay tuned!

Source: BGR

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  • William Thomson

    Major letdown

    • codesplice

      *salutes* Major Letdown.


      • gardobus

        HIMYM ftw

  • Tony

    This means TouchWiz, which means i’ll be buying a Vigor/IncHD or Bionic.. sucks.

    • Anthony Domanico

      Yeah, just because it’s Samsung doesn’t imply touchwiz. Remember the Nexus S.

      • inviolable

        Emphasis on NEXUS

        • Anthony Domanico

          haha… d’oh! Hopefully since it’s a flagship device for ICS, it’ll be stock like the OG droid was.

  • Sean Prunka

    Sorry, the disappointment of the SGS2 not coming to Verizon has left me with a complete state of “I won’t believe any leaks or rumors until I see it on the shelves with my own two eyes.”

  • Anthony Domanico

    I’m mostly excited because I think this means we’ll see a real “Nexus” device coming later this year. Now we’re back to square one as far as rumors go for a Nexus 3/Prime/25, but I think we’ll at least see one.

    • Futureboy

      I will still hope for a Nexus device but I just can’t help but feel like releasing ICS on a non-Nexus device is just plain unnatural… like a cyborg baby… Sure it’s powerful and kinda cool but there’s just something unsettling about it.

  • codesplice

    Well “Droid ______” will always be Verizon-exclusive; they still seem to enjoy forking over money to LucasArts for that name.

    I seriously doubt that the next Nexus device (regardless of its make, model, or moniker) will be a) rebranded as a “Droid” device and/or b) exclusive to a US-only CDMA carrier.

    I think one of two things will happen: 1) we’ll have the same hardware named “Nexus _______” available on other carriers, or 2) we’ll see something new and surprising as a closely-kept Nexus secret – Krait, perhaps? :-D

  • shhon75

    Wow! Why can’t Google get the delivery of Nexus line right? T-Mobile was the first carrier to get the Nexus One, AT&T received it real late, Sprint and Verizon backed out. When the Nexus S came out IMO DIDN’T have to top specs (single core). Now this… I was waiting for this phone. I still have my trusty Nexus One. i’m going to hold out a little longer until the first quarter to what else is on the horizon.

  • alex

    im getting the iphone 5 -_- jk but damn this sucks i was waiting for the nexus for this -_-, hopefully the nexus 3 is quad-core

  • nastysquar3d

    I think this is going to be the “true” successor to the OG Droid. If this is first device launching with 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), it is NOT going to have a manufacturer skin on it. Mark my words.

    However, since it’s Verizon there will likely be shitty apps that we don’t want installed (visual voicemail). Hopefully it will be easy to unlock / root so we can remove those.

    Either way, day 1 purchase for me if it turns out to be true.

    • codesplice

      If it’s an actual Nexus device, it won’t have any carrier bloatware on it, and it WILL be easy to unlock/root. That’s the whole point of this line of devices.

      • nastysquar3d

        I understand that Nexus devices don’t have bloat / custom UI’s, but nothing in the article says that this is a Nexus device. Just that it will be the first device to launch with ICS.

        Think of it this way, all other carriers have a stock Android device (Nexus S), the only carrier that doesn’t is Verizon and they know that many users (especially people with OG Droid contracts set to expire soon) are clamoring for a stock Android device. This is their way of appeasing those people with a stock Android device, but by dropping the Nexus (since it’s rumored to be the Droid Prime) moniker they can still load on the bloat apps that they likely receive some type of kickback from.

        • Anthony Domanico

          Yeah, it’s NOT a nexus device. I think that much is clear.

          I hope there is still a Nexus device in the works.

    • dave

      day1 purchase for me too; upgrading my og droid and passing on bionic/vigor for prime and very stoked…

  • ben dover

    droid prime just doesn’t sound right. nexus prime is perfect! I really hope verizon doesn’t get the first ICS phone…

    • Andrew

      LG Optimus Prime would be better :D

      • Interpol91

        Haha epic. But then come the Hollywood lawyers demanding money

  • Chris

    NO! The Nexus device should NEVER be carrier exclusive!! It deserves to be shared by all! ICE CREAM FOR EVERYONE!

    • reading is fun

      This isn’t the nexus…

  • jaz

    Too bad it’s still verizon. I wouldn’t use them if they released a 2ghz dual core phone. Doesn’t matter what phone they come out with, they are to expensive. Although for those who have verizon now and don’t mind the wallet rape then this is great news. Not only will they be getting the bionic but will also get a Samsung phone that should be rooted pretty quick.

    • alamoe

      I pay the same thing with Verizon as I did with TMO but the coverage and reliability is 100x better with Verizon. I felt like I was wasting money paying TMO when I could barely use my phone if I went outside of a metropolitan area.

  • Anthony

    Something doesn’t add up here.The reason we got the Nexus line was to get the latest updates.The Verizon prime getting this update first before the nexus s seems like a double cross.

    • codesplice

      The Nexus S got the Gingerbread update before the Nexus One.

      What’s your point?

    • Anthony Domanico

      Also, the motorola droid was the flagship for Eclair, and it wasn’t a Nexus device.

      • inviolable

        The Nexus also didn’t exist when the moto droid released.

    • qdub

      The nexus s will be the first phone to be upgraded to ICS. New phones can be released with ICS before the NS gets it. Just like the NS got gingerbread before the N1 but the N1 was the first phone to be upgraded to gingerbread.

  • 2C

    Them electing not to go with the Nexus name is probably because the next Nexus device will be made by Motorola. I mean it makes the most sense. And when that device is ready it will probably be available on multiple carriers as well as being the 1st device with ics on each carrier.

  • Richard Yarrell

    What a waste…Verizon will never mean nothing to me that’s for sure but i still say the HTC VIGOR is better than this… And so my current EVO 3D…

    • squiddy20

      No one cares. We all know you hate Verizon. Shut up already and stop trolling on articles having to do with Verizon. You are not a Verizon customer.

      And fyi, I think what you wanted to say is “Verizon will never mean ANYTHING to me.” Verizon “never mean[ing] nothing” to you means that Verizon DOES mean something to you (double negative, moron). What happened to all that “perfect” grammar and spelling in your “review”? I’m half your age and can spell and use proper grammar better than you can. What a waste…

      • Richard Yarrell

        You and verizon will always be useless you FACELESS TROLL.. Keep hiding your a sad conclusion…

        • squiddy20

          I’m a sad conclusion? WTF is that? That, in no way, makes any bit of sense. Come back when you can make a real insult.

          And I remain “faceless” because I want to keep my internet life separate from the real life I live. It’s a little something called “anonymity” and if I were you, I’d use it. With the way you interact with people on the web, I wouldn’t be surprised if you piss someone off just enough that they hunt your sorry ass down and hurt you. It wouldn’t be too hard. You’ve practically got a trail of breadLOAVES left all over the internet as to where you live. Just off the top of my head, I know you live in one of the poorer sections of NYC, 4 years ago you lived on the streets, you have a job as a janitor… I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Shut up already.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Oh and just for the record any and all articles here at androidandme are articles I will respond too. I am not new here to this site YOU ARE and if you have not noticed real people on this site who respond have pictures accompanied with there comments WHERE IS YOUR’S?? Do yourself a favor and TROLL back on phandroid like you always do you don’t BELONG HERE this site is for ADULTS NOT CHILDREN..

        • SmegHead

          You know what I be saying. I just saying tho. I be hating da V and be loving da boost mobile. you know what I be saying

        • silly rabbit

          I’ve been reading this site since way before you got your evo 4g and started trolling here with your all caps completely biased bullshit “EVO EVO EVO SPRINT HTC GRANDDADDY PIMPSLAP yada yada yada…”

          I am a sprint customer and you make us all look bad. Please post something relevant for once.

          We all have our carrier’s and manufacturers of choice but blind fanboyism is just silly. The fact that we have our choice of carriers, manufacturers, skins, ROMs and everything else is what makes android awesome. You like your device, good for you, but that doesn’t make it the best or right choice for everyone.

          P.S. I don’t have a picture or an account on this site, mostly because I rarely comment, but that doesn’t make me or anyone else less of a “real person”.

        • squiddy20

          I was directed to this site when YOU so very SELFISHLY put links to your “review” all over Android websites such as Android Central, Android Police, and Phandroid you stupid moron. FYI, I am 20 years old which means I am legally an adult. So your “this site is for adults only” BS is completely useless.

          At the time of this writing, I count 42 comments out of 71 that do not have profile pictures. That’s more than half who do NOT have profile pictures. So much for your “real people”. Try thinking about what you’re going to say before you say it. It might keep you from making a complete and utter fool of yourself. And as one or two others have pointed out, just because we don’t have profile pictures, doesn’t make us an less “real”. Good job moron. You’ve unofficially officially hit rock bottom of the Dumbass Scale.

          Also would just like to point out that you haven’t, nor will you, respond to “any and all articles here at androidandme”. I don’t see any of your stupid comments on the Cyanogen Mod 7 to HP Touchpad article. No comment on the HTC Holiday article. Try checking the facts before making such ridiculous claims. Oh that’s right, you don’t know the meaning of the words “facts”, “opinions”, or “choice”. Have a nice day.

          • snowbdr89

            What does a face pic prove? I feel bad for the sprint store near dick snot yarrell for some reason I can see that dumbass outside the sprint store wearing a trenchcoat witg nothing else on..

          • squiddy20

            I have no clue what a profile picture proves. Stupid Dick seems to have it in his brainless head that no profile pic = “fake” or “unreal”. How that makes any logical sense is absolutely beyond me.
            Hell, if he treats people that he interacts with on a daily basis the same way he treats the people on the web (here, Phandroid, etc), I feel sorry for all of those people who are physically around him. This is just downright sad…

          • snowbdr89

            Good ol dick snot yarrell he is the ultimate troll : )

          • YNWA

            So I say from now on we just ignore Dick, downrank him, so it is hidden. Problem solved.

    • alamoe

      So you’d rather give your money to a carrier that doesn’t have the industry-leading network? I was on TMO paying practically the same as what I’m paying on VZW but getting nowhere near the use I get out of my phone now, because of the network deficiencies. Before you reply about Sprint, yeah, they are practically as bad as TMO where I live.

  • triangle

    Always love seeing new devices that kick things up a notch as this device will. Looking forward to a Nexus device with these specs go to Sprint.

  • Matthew H

    I think this is great news for Verizon customers. First we thought the best device of summer 2011 was going to skip our network (SGSII), but then Verizon customers will get the best Samsung device on the market only a month after other carriers gets the SGSII. The Prime comes with a faster processes, bigger and higher resolution display and ICS, That is 3 major improvements. I say congratulations to Verizon for getting this.
    I was excited to get the Droid Bionic in 2Q of this year, but since it slipped to 3Q, it is no longer worth my 2 year contract. My attention turned to the SGSII but it won’t arrive. Now I can’t decide between the HTC Vigor and the Samsung Prime. Both will have the 720P screens, and dual core 1.5 to 1.4 GHz, so that is a step above the current. I think that software will determine it, along with battery life.
    HTC Sense 3.5 vs. Samsung and ICS. I will definitely buy one of these, but I will want to see the reviews on the software and the real life battery before I decide which one to get. Both are going to be great phones, but I am really taking this decision carefully, because 2 years on contract is a long time.

    • MetalWych

      I am 100% with you on this. Either this or the Vigor (or whatever they will eventually call it) will be my next phone. I too had wanted the Bionic, and had it released in May or June, I would have gotten it. Not now! I can wait until October (just a few weeks after the Bionics supposed launch). Come on Oct!!!

    • alamoe

      I agree with you about battery life. But I disagree about software. If you root your phone you can run any ROM you want, basically. Our main focus should be the hardware and design because software can be changed whenever you want.

  • Anthony44

    Something doesn’t add up here. We got the nexus line because it was stated we would be first with the updates. Verizon now steps in and claims that spot that’s not right.
    The nexus s and one better be getting this update first if not Google is lying …..

  • Sid

    Nexus Prime : Tegra 3.. please.. pretty please!

    • Anthony Domanico

      I’m thinking we’ll have some Tegra3 goodies in store for October, though likely a tablet and not a phone.

  • RonWeez

    i think this phone will be reminiscent of the OG Droid i dont think google worked hard with Samsung to release a TouchWiz device. so i think it will be ICS on a sock android samsung phone but it wont be PURE Google like were used too

    • Anthony Domanico

      Agreed: If it’s truly the lead ICS device, I don’t think it will have touchwiz.

  • jay

    Happy but sad about this I guess this is a good thing since I already own a duel core (g2x) already. Hope the n3 comes out with quad core since quad core should be ready by October.

  • Dirge

    I think this will be like the Nexus S/Nexus S 4G.

  • alex

    and anyways remember that BGR stated(from a source) that there might be no Nexus just stock ice-cream from different OEM’s to carriers

    • Anthony Domanico

      Yeah, but they’ve thrown every rumor in the book at the Nexus 3, which is why we did the

      “Nexus 3 will be made by Samsung…or HTC…or Motorola…or LG” article.

  • Paul Atreides

    This has FAIL stamped all over it. With the iPhone 5 reportedly coming to multiple carriers, you would think Google would unleash a beast in similar fashion. I’ll have to stay tuned for more on this, I find this hard to believe.

    • RX-78-7

      So, google should do the same mistakes apple did?
      Boy I hope not, I’d hate to wait that long for the nexus prime.

    • The Truth Squad

      The isuck phone is only on two carriers and is only rumored for Sprint.

      • Paul Atreides

        I said similar and not the same way. I think if they focused the energy into one super high end device and release on all major carriers simultaneously it would own. I see that as the best way to dethrone the iPhone, and also boost the Nexus name to that level of fame.

    • alamoe



    WOW, I am just at a loss for word.. Very dissapointed

    • alamoe

      Why man? Come on over to Big Red. LoL Honestly if I wasn’t already with them the tiered data packages would kinda scare me.

      • Anthony Domanico

        Yep, though all carriers are going the way of tiered data. I think Sprint will follow suit.

  • P.johanna

    Before I bought my droid charge I had read comments of people completing about the lack of updates that samsung does on their phones. I thought it was fine since I love hacking my phones, but now it is something that bothers me. This is why I would hesitate buying a samsung again.

  • Jeff

    Count me in, only if this actually releases in October. Otherwise I’ll wait for the true nexus.

  • OskarMULA

    Maybe this is the device that is going to compete with the iPhone 5! Everyone knows the Droid name!

    • OskarMULA

      I’m just hoping an ICS device for T-Mobile isn’t very far away! :-)

  • Steve505

    I think this rumor is false.

    It makes totally no sense why Google wouldn’t use the Nexus brand.

    I’m confident that it’ll be called the Nexus Prime.

    • Bon

      “Nexus” and “Verizon exclusive” just don’t work. It’s not just what Nexus supposed to be. I will be very surprised if they make CDMA version of Nexus first.

      • Dirge

        If you remember correctly, the Nexus One was a T-Mobile exclusive. So yeah, it’s possible.

      • alamoe

        Well if you look at the sales of all Android phones on the different carriers Google should be praying for a Nexus phone on Verizon. Remember the big fuss they made over the OG Droid? If I remember correct, they called it a “rock super group” LoL. If Google wants the largest pool of users for their Nexus phone then they want it on Verizon. Though its going down, Verizon has the largest share of U.S. Android users:

  • MitchRapp81

    Uhhh another Samsung, another Nexus I’m passing on. Viva le Nexus One !

  • brandon

    Is this the same BGR who insisted the “Droid Incredible HD” (i.e., Thunderbolt) was launching November 23, 2010?

    Just sayin.

    • Anthony Domanico

      haha. BGR doesn’t exactly have the best track record. ;)

  • Duh

    Why can’t it be a DROID line phone? Because it doesn’t make sense to release 2 DROIDs so close to eachother?

    Hello, idiots! What about Droid 3, Droid X2, and Droid Bionic? Those were pretty close together. Throwing one more in makes no difference.


    • alamoe

      +1 Weren’t Droid Eris and OG Droid released like on the same day or in the same week? LOL I don’t see why people are getting upset. All of the carriers will have a similar phone, eventually.

  • chris

    I hate Verizon. I would’ve switched for this phone but they got rid of unlimited data. Fuck them.

  • keridel

    well i dont have the exclusive problem as i am not in the us.

    i dont think it will have ics before the nexus. it is a majour update and normally has a nexus brand attached to it.

    we will see though. that means there is hope the nexus will be htc!


    First off, everybody is getting all upset and what not over this…RUMOR! That’s all it is, it’s just a rumor. Until they officially release some new info, we should be hopeful that an Android Superphone is in the pipeline.

    I’m looking for a new device and to be honest, I currently have an VZW iPhone 4 and I’m really missing Android. I love the Retina Display and the only thing that remotely comes close to that in term of beautiful screen real estate is the Samsung SuperAMOLED displays. I had a Tmobile Vibrant and I believe 4 inches is the minimum screen size I would want in a phone.

    HTC makes beautiful phones but they’re screen quality sucks really bad.

    I really want to sell my iPhone 4 but only until I see whats up with the HTC Vigor and this Prime handset.

  • xsynth

    As someone else stated, maybe it’s only DROID prime on that network, and everyone else gets nexus prime? Prime tends to point towards #3 (prime number) after all. But who knows…

    If it’s not the next nexus, they’ve done a bloody good job at distracting everyone. Just doesn’t seem right to see a device shown off running the latest version of android when Google (/Moogle) aren’t the ones showing it!

  • thaghost

    Maybe I’m in denial but I don’t believe this.

  • lebowski

    What if we’ve had it wrong all along? Sure, Samsung has an ice cream sandwich device coming out soon, but who said they’d be the first??? Samsung never said their new phone would be a Nexus, we all just assumed it because they were the first to leek it. Just because this is Samsung’s first ice cream sandwich phone, doesn’t mean that some other manufacturer like HTC or LG might come out with one sooner. Maybe one of the other companies will have the real nexus phone? Who knows? Keep the rumor mill churning!

  • Kevin

    I cannot emphasis more than i already do but Nexus > All Androids. I’m a pure google fan. If there are no more Nexus it’s a real major letdown for us 100% google kids. I just hope it’s by this holiday season! Release the nexus 3!

  • Interpol91

    All I hope for is to have a new Nexus device by the end of this year. Don’t make me turn to the SGSII

  • alamoe

    If you look at the rumors it starts to make sense. One article said the Prime “may be a carrier-branded device,” “LTE,” “Google wants the Prime and ICS to stop OG Droid users who’s contracts are ending from getting iPhones.” All of those rumors added together point to it being on Verizon.

  • Nathan

    I’m not going to lie I’m really upset when I read this article. I’m on T-Mobile and was really looking forward to buying this phone this holiday since it was said it was a nexus phone with beast specs. Now I don’t know when the nexus will be and I’m really wanting a nexus phone as my next phone since I missed the nexus one. Also it is really strange that a highly regarded update by Google and by Android users isn’t getting a nexus device. But I understand that one update or two didn’t get a nexus phone but they weren’t big updates like other. Anyway this mean that the next nexus could be better then this phone which could be worth the wait and is only thing would make up for this disappointment.

  • snowbdr89

    I knew there was a reason for bigbred skipping on the sgsII an who cares if its not a nexus if the bootloader is unlocked then hopefully some cm7 love on this beast…

    • snowbdr89

      Bigbred – the r = bigred : )

  • Tico4674

    Hey Taylor, whay

  • snowbdr89

    A samsung device called prime poped up on verizons upcoming phones page on phonearena, if you trust phonearena!!!

  • Tico4674

    Oops! Taylor, what say you? Say it ain’t so.

  • coolguy

    no shit! it’s already been said that Samsung is making the NEXUS PRIME. Stop saying Droid Prime and giving people the wrong idea..

  • Rashad

    Seriously, monikers such as “Droid” or “Nexus” should theoretically make it easy to distinguish phones but it is really starting to complicate things.

  • Hacknet07

    Why can’t they just release a single version of a device and have all the carriers carry them? WHY? WHHHHHHHYYYY?

    • Anthony Domanico

      pfffft. Carriers don’t want to have the same phones as each other. If they release the same exact device (with no design differences, no extra bloatware, etc.), they’ll have to stand on their network alone.

  • ockhams razor

    Sprint and the rest WILL have some version of the Prime. Those who understand marketing will now that this would be an EXTREMELY BAD decision on the part of the other networks. There is no way that Verizon could pay enough money to have this phone exclusively compared to the revenue loss to Google.

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