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Samsung and LG being urged to ditch Android?


It seems South Korean-based Samsung and LG are being urged to dump Android. The Motley Fool reports that the two companies have been asked by the government of South Korea to ditch Android in favor of joining with a “coalition of other South Korean companies” building their own mobile operating system.

In the long term, we cannot go on like this by solely relying on Google.Deputy Commerce MinisterSouth Korean Government

It seems the South Korean government is threatened by Google’s recent purchase of Motorola Mobility, and fears Google will focus their efforts on their internal hardware development operations and leave companies such as Samsung and LG out in the cold.

Whether or not LG and Samsung ditch Android in favor of a Korean-developed OS remains to be seen. Both companies have publicly welcomed and applauded Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility, indicating that they are not too worried about what the acquisition will mean for their future business.

It will be interesting to see if this push by the South Korean government amounts to anything. However, since Android has such a strong hold on the global smartphone OS market and since Samsung and LG appear to be all-in on Android, we don’t think these companies will be quick to ditch Android. Samsung in particular owes a lot of its recent successes to Android smartphones and tablets. It would certainly be difficult for them to justify ditching Android as a viable business decision.

That being said, Samsung already kind of has its own homegrown operating system with Bada OS, and DigiTimes has rumored recently that Samsung is in talks with HP to purchase the recently doomed webOS.

As always, we’re interested to hear your take on this issue. Is the South Korean government overreacting to the Google-Motorola deal? Do you think Samsung and LG will heed the government’s call to ditch Android?  Weigh in by dropping a comment below.

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Source: The Motley Fool

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  • Blaw

    If Sammy buys WebOS from HP and they decide to make it an all KoreanOS for all big Koreans companies wounldn’t that force Google to become a hardware/software company a la Apple and make Android just for Moto hardware?

  • SparkyXI

    I think both Samsung and LG knows that if they ditch Android, they’ll end up with far fewer sales. I would be fully surprised if Samsung jumps ship (not so much with LG).

    • Anthony Domanico

      Yeah, Sammy has a lot to lose if they choose this path. I don’t think they’ll actually do it, but who knows. I wonder what would happen if they did in fact buy webOS

      • SparkyXI

        Blackberry, anyone?

  • codesplice

    This is frankly absurd. As you mentioned, it would be really hard for these companies to justify such a ridiculous business decision. If they were to team up and work on a Korean-made OS, fine, let them. But they shouldn’t give up Android until they actually have a solution that’s better. And I would welcome such an OS – more competition to Android ==> better Android.

    • Anthony Domanico

      I’m hoping they work on it as a side project, perhaps repositioning Bada, and continue to develop for Android as well.

      Who knows.

  • SparkyXI

    …and another example of more stupidity from the Korean Governments. Ditch Android = fewer sales = less revenue = less money coming into the country = more debt ≠ profit.

    • Transient

      You’re assuming that Android is the only answer. OEMs made Android powerful, and Samsung and LG were some of the biggest OEMS that pushed both high and low end successful Android phones.

      Bada is a dead end no doubt but if a coalition of Asian OEMs bought WebOS and pushed it against Google and Apple, the landscape would totally change.

  • Albert Park

    I’m a Korean so I’m quite familiar with this subject. Although the gov’t officials did say that those companies shouldn’t rely solely on Android, I don’t think they were pushing them to ditch Android. And yes, if they were doing it, I think that’s an overreaction. As are many other Koreans I don’t think there’s any reason Google will ditch Sammy or LG in favor of Motorola. That would be a disaster for the whole Android eco-system.

    • Nino Matienzo

      Agree with Albert. It will be a chain reaction if Google will ditch Samsung and LG.

  • dewmc73

    If they purchased webos does anyone that it would be for the patents to maybe move their bada os forward? They couldnt drop android right off and go all in because of sales and such, but they could slowly move it forward as a competitor in the OS wars.

  • ben dover

    the SGS II is one of the hottest phones in the world. I doubt Samsung kills their forward momentum anytime soon. they may start making future plans but we’ll see Samsung Android phones for a while yet.

  • Steve Wright

    The south Korean gov. can go f*** themselves.

    • Transient

      No different than Americans buying American to support their economy.

  • Dale

    If you can’t trust a Koren, who can you trust? I wouldn’t ever use a Korean OS. I am sure most of it would be copied from Android.

  • gu1dry

    I do think the South Korean governemt is overreacting a bit, but I can see their point of view. I don’t see Samsung dropping Android anytime soon, especially with all the success of the Galaxy S & Galaxy S II thus far and with the more recent hire of Steve Kondik. I also can’t see LG dropping Android anytime either, with their success with budget Android phone & some of their higher-end phones.

  • Dr. Fill

    Economics 101 anyone? I demand an Android phone. You supply a whatever phone. Guess who won’t get my money?

    Lately many in-the-knows talk like I will spend $500 on anything they put out. My brain is little, but I still know what I want. I want Android, da*m it.

  • Mark

    With the amount of money they’ll be making of the Prime, I doubt they’ll be jumping ship anytime soon!

  • Matthew H

    If the Korean government thinks that a Korean-developed specific operating system is any better than the current setup, they have not thought this through.
    First of all, current modern mobile OS are dominated by American companies, Apple, Google and Microsoft. The majority of the talent for a modern UI is concentrated in the US today, not Korea. If they think they can come up with something better, they have a superiority complex (not surprising for Korea).
    Asia’s strength today (including Korea’s) is in manufacturing, not software development. That is not going to change in the mid-term. Software has and will continue to be dominated by US-based global companies for the next few years, possibly much longer. The reason for that is largely immigration. Smart software developers from all over the world move to the US to give it its concentration of brains and skills. The US still attracts a disproportionate share of such software engineers, programmers, etc. and as long as that does it will continue to lead the industry.
    I just don’t see the world’s best saying they want to move to South Korea, the country is too insular for non-Koreans. That won’t change and so any attempt to create a Korean-based OS will not, by definition, be a global OS. Since Korea is a very small country, such a system will not be global, and thus insignificant.
    Anyone take issue?

  • http://www.clusta.coming h0ruza

    It would be madness to leave a platform where there are millions of developers to back a much smaller community.

    Even now with the biggest market share world wide IOS still gets preferred before Android so what kind of support would another platform get?

  • Daniel Hakimi

    They don’t seem to realize that Google doesn’t own Android — they just operate it. That’s like Microsoft employees not using Firefox because they are untrusting of it… well, they might be competing with you, but their browser is free. Worst comes to worst, they stop supporting it, and guess what — somebody else will!


    Guess it will be HTC or Moto for me

    • luiek20

      I agree and HTC is one of my faves so if LG or Samsung decide to leave we’ll still be left with 2 great hardware makers!

  • Richard Yarrellr

    People need to STOP THE MADNESS..Samsung nor LG are going nowhere plain and simple. They already know what side there bread is buttered on…

  • Richard Yarrell

    People need to seriously STOP THE MADNESS…Samsung and Lg already know what side there bread is buttered on they won’t be going no place..

    • snowbdr89

      Zip it dick you douchebag

  • Nider

    Just let them go.. .
    I dont wanna see an iPhone-look-alike Android Phone

    • K.C.

      Agreed. I dun like the SGSII cuz it looks like an iPhone lookalike. Samsung and LG would be very stupid to ditch Android. There are plenty others to choose from.

      For me, I llike Asus designs and concepts. My family are all using HTCs and Motorolas, and one of my adult kid, owns an Asus Transformer tablet.

      We prefer Android, and willing to have a go at Meego or Windows 8. But harware-wise, we are all impressed with Asus. I personally want the Asus MeMoPad with its stylus pen and transparent BlueTooth phone sidekick. So if Samsung or LG ditches Android, no big loss to me.

  • Wapu

    Samsung and LG are both great companies. Don’t see them going anywhere. That being said, I live in Korea and the one thing that pisses the government off the most is their lack of control. Draconian Korean laws mandate that the government screen and approve all video games before they go to market. This is fine for OTS software with long development times, but OTA markets bring 1000s of games per day, the government screening authority can’t keep up. So, they banned the Android Market (games only).

    One can still get games by:
    1) Legally: Via korean vendor sites. All games have been screened/approved. Funny how that works. Korean companies pay $$ to get their stuff fast tracked.

    2) Illegally: root your phone and use market enabler to pull from the app market in the US. Korean gov’t has no control over this. Surprisingly, most people opt for this option, which in turn pisses the govt off.

    I don’t think this is the only reason behind the original statement in the article, but it sure is a big one. Korean govt is loosing their ability to control what people have access to. This has absolutely nothing to do with quality of service, profitability of business, etc. I would love to see how they come out and justify this.

  • Tran Lang

    If Samsung and LG ever makes a Korean OS, that’s even better for users. There will be more choices on the table to pick. The consumers will know which one they like and go for it. I don’t worry about whether or not they make a new OS.

  • Sean

    all I’m going to say is this, iphone is so strong because they were the first to do the whole app store thing in 2007, android has been able to replicate that success and in my opinion far better the experience because it isa very open os so the possibilities are endless, this I’d why so many manufacturers jumped on the band wagon, now take a look at windows phone 7 ? how many people have you seen with one of these?I haven’t seen one. the problem now I feel is just like windows phone 7 is, they were too late Rolling out the mobile os and it will take them years to get were android and iphone is today so if they were to strat a whole new os, it would flop just like I imagine windows phone 7 has and will do

  • Goku Master

    What is this? North Korea? Yeah, have Samsung and LG ditch Android and print pictures of Kim Jong Il on the back of the phones as well.

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