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Samsung Galaxy S II – soon to be big in America too

There’s no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S II has been the best selling Android phone in Europe and Asia this summer. Samsung’s dual-core powered phone has taken the rest of the world by storm and it looks like we’ll soon be able to enjoy it here in the U.S. as well. They are set to unveil the U.S. versions of the Galaxy S II on August 29th in New York City. We’re expecting the Samsung Galaxy S II to launch on all four major carriers, but we’ll just have to wait to see if all of the crazy rumors turn out to be true.

Are any of you still waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S II to land on your carrier of choice or have you already moved on to other dual-core alternatives?

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  • martin

    heh, i actually liked that little add. part with the ferris wheel was my favorite part. i hate to say it but if rumors turn out to be true and the next nexus phone does not come out for tmobile, then i will be getting this phone. its just a shame that i will have waited so long for the device (i could have forked over the money and got European version by now).

    • Nate B.

      I’m sure every carrier that has the Nexus phone will continue to carry it. It wouldn’t make sense. The question to worry about is, will Google push it out in a timely manner to numerous carriers. If anything new, Verizon could be the addition a long with other carriers who have a nexus now. Do you know how big of a fail that would be if Google didn’t revive carriers who already carry a previous one with a new one?

  • inviolable

    It’s between this, the HTC Ruby, and the Nexus. I’m waiting to see details on the Nexus before anything.

    • Steve Barry

      This. A million times. I too am waiting for the specs, and carrier list, for the next Nexus before buying anything. Though if the next Nexus isn’t coming to Sprint, I’ll buy the SGS2 the day that sad news is announced.

      • Cwalden21

        Same here man!

  • Nick Gray

    Back in may I was really worried that the SGSII would outsell the Sensation here in the U.S. market, but I think that Samsung has really dropped the ball here. It shouldn’t take an extra four months to get the phone ready for a U.S. launch. HTC managed to get the Sensation to market in Europe and the U.S. without having to customize the device too much. Why can’t Samsung do the same?

    • Nate B.

      I’m pretty sure it’ll have better success then the Sensation in the United States. Just on popularity alone.

      • jbrandonf

        Sure..when you compare a phone that’s available on only one carrier versus one that’s released on several.

    • jbrandonf

      Didn’t they have to add LTE to the VZW version?

      • Nick Gray

        Adding support for 4G networks does take time, but it’s not like Samsung just woke up the day after they introduced the Galaxy S 2 and thought “Hey, maybe we should make a 4G version of the phone for Verizon!” They’ve know all along that U.S. carriers would want the phone and they should have started work on those variations even before they unveiled the phone at Mobile World Congress.

    • Dags

      We have both the SGS2 and the Sensation here in Oz and I bought the Sensation. The SGS2 is quick – although not noticeably quicker than the Sensation on 2.3.4 – but the problem is that it looks and feels like a cheap, plastic iPhone knock-off. I prefer the much sharper screen of the Sensation too although obviously some people prefer the unnaturally over-saturated colors on the SGS2. Of course it’s personal preference but the choice was easy for me.

  • dokholiday44

    I waiting to switch to sprint. I want either this phone or the nexus. However I sold samsung smart phones for t-mobile for almost 5 years and I noticed they were some of the buggiest phones out there. But all of Europe cant be wrong? Can they?

    All I know is my nexus one is the best phone i have ever owned and it will be a hard act to follow

    • Richard Yarrell

      Honestly what we recieve from samsung here in the states will alway be different from what they recieve in Europe because Samsung caters to europe more so than the US. With HTC they equally take care of all there customers all over the world..They will always be the winner in my world..But that takes nothing away from Samsung I’m just smart enough not to purchase what they make unless you plan on buying the newest every year cause they will never support any old devices they make…

      • squiddy20

        OF COURSE it would be different “here in the states” you stupid dumba**! Not only do you have 4 extremely different carriers, you have 4 different networks that each individual variation has to be wired specifically for. Take your “smart” responses and shove them in the alley where you used to live.

  • Interpol91

    As Nick stated above, Samsung waited too long to release the SGSII here in the U.S.. Had it been released earlier I would’ve gotten it immediately but with the next Nexus device coming soon, I’d rather wait. I just hope it gets released to other carriers fast after Verizon is supposed to get it first.

  • Jeremy

    Depends… will they update it to Ice Cream Sandwich?


    Samsung failed with the timing, they can blame the carriers if they want. All eyes on the Nexus for me. Even if it did not make Tmo, I think I would just stay with my Sensation over the SGS2 anyway

  • droidsam

    This phone is so sweet, it’s hard to think about buying anything else! I played with it while in Europe this summer and can say it’s probably the best phone I have ever used. The plrobme is that it’s coming out too late. HTC has some great phones right around the corner and thenthere’s the newxt Nexus. Come on Samsung, get this to market before I spend my hard earned cash some something else.

  • FrankTank59

    I am waiting for the SGS2 on Sprint, hopefully 9/8/2011 is true! I will do a comparison with the Photon and EVO 3D but am sure the SGS2 is the one I will end up with to replace my current Tmobile Samsung Galaxy Vibrant. Can’t wait!

  • YNWA

    I am waiting to see if this or the Nexus hits Verizon with 4G. If both hit I will see what is best, then buy that.

  • Sameer Wahab

    Big? I doubt it. It’s much too late for that. Had it been April, it would have, indeed, been big. Nowadays it’s just a pathetic whimper.

  • kazahani

    I was planning on buying this, but with quad core, ICS and 720p displays just a few more weeks away, why would I spend the money? This device will be obsolete in six months.

  • Richard Yarrell

    The overall problem with Samsung is there battle with HTC which as far as I am concerned they are definately losing. Samsung takes care of all there customers at home but always manage to leave the U.S out in the cold in so many factors. We wont even discuss the update problems they have on every device on every carrier in the US. I like Samsung phones for the purpose of great innovation they and HTC push eachother and the customers are the one who benefit from there innovation. At the end of the day I buy HTC and always will because they are intouch with there customers all over the world and they communicate openly when it comes to there devices and they definately lead in the update game NOBODY IS BETTER. You don’t have too purchase the best newest device to recieve updates and support for your device when your dealing with htc when they leave android if they ever do then so will I…..

  • Cwalden21

    Good question! Still debating if this is the one to get..or wait it out a bit longer for the Nexus Prime…but that’s just much longer with that bit be!? Wish some release dates for both occur soon!!

  • Nathan

    A little to late, i was considering it but then they took to long and I don,t see the point on buying it now unless you need a phone really bad but there are other good option out there now.

  • sylar

    I will probably get this phone just due to the fact that it is cheaper and my old phone is getting on its last legs.

  • Galen20K

    well I was all about the Hercules until I read its still plain jane WVGA. I’ll stick with my Sensation until Nexus Prime. Having said that the Hercules is an absolute KILLER phone and I will definitely be envious on passing on it. I most definitely will be playing with it in the store at the very least.

  • Livinglegend

    I’ve waited months for this phone…then I waited more months for this phone. I’m still using the myTouch 3G because I’ve been waiting for this phone. And during the last few moments of waiting for this phone I realized something. If they unveil it late August…that means at best I’ll have it the first maybe second week of September. Nexus Prime has been rumored to be announced in October…and lets face it…the Prime is gonna be awesome. So I guess I’ll keep waiting….

  • RX-78-7

    A tad too late for me, I’m already interested in something else.

  • thaghost

    For any stock lover, android geek or update freak it just doesn’t make sense to buy a phone with gingerbread when ics will be out in less than 60 days. According to some reports it may even be released in october.

    For everyone else…enjoy what will probably be crowned phone of the year.