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Samsung Galaxy S II will finally pull the U.S. into its orbit on August 29th

Samsung Galaxy S II event in New York

Now that Samsung has that whole Galaxy S II in space thing all locked up, they’ve finally turned their attentions back to those of us in the troposphere and realized that the U.S. launch still hadn’t happened.

On August 29th in New York, the company will be making a major product announcement that will prominently feature the roman numeral II. Now, unless they’re real gluttons for punishment, we’re going to assume it’s our beloved–if somewhat belated–Galaxy S II.

Hopefully we’re looking at a faster turnaround time from announcement to launch with the Galaxy S II than we saw with the original Galaxy S last year; the clock is ticking and the specs on the Galaxy S II aren’t exactly as out of this world as they once seemed. (If it’s any consolation that pun caused me some slight physical pain).

Question remain regarding what minor variations we’ll see from carrier to carrier–such as whether the Galaxy S II will offer each carriers version of 4G or “fauxG.” But in just seventeen days we’ll finally have our answers.

I know the Galaxy S II has had a rabid following at times, and it certainly hasn’t had any trouble selling worldwide. But with a September launch (at the earliest) are you still on the SGS2 bandwagon?

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  • Interpol91

    I was on the SGSII bandwagon but all of this talk about ICS has made me wait for the Nexus Prime. I want the next pure Google experience!!!

    • Sean Riley

      I’m right there with you, if Big Red doesn’t release the next Nexus I’m going to be one grumpy Verizonite.

      • T1392

        We need a Verizon Nexus Droid that would seem like a likely way Verizon gets the Nexus they seem way to focussed on the Droid brand.How bot the Nexus Droid Prime. Imo I would be happy keeping the brands seperate.

        • Nate B.

          I highly doubt it would be called a Droid if and when they also get a Nexus.

      • Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ)

        I highly doubt Verizon will ever authorize a Nexus phone to work on their network. However, it is no longer necessary to have them authorize it. As long as a Nexus phone supports CDMA SIMs, you can use Verizon 4G SIM cards to connect CDMA2000 1X phones that use CSIMs, because the SIM cards contain both CSIM and USIM programs for CDMA and LTE.


    If it would have been earlier then maybe…. But there is to little time between the SGS2 being released and the Next Nexus’s arrival

  • Richard Yarrell

    Galaxy S2… What is that an iPhone??? In my world this announcement amounts to nothing but dead air but i wish those of you well who decide to purchase the Galaxy S2 it will definitely be one of the top devices for android.

    • Snowbdr89

      couldnt have said it better dick snot yarrell, you dont amount to anything in the android world or anywhere!!! : )

  • ericl5112

    I was on the SGS2 bandwagon, but they waited too long. I’m not on the nexus prime bandwagon.

  • Jim

    I’ve been put off in July, August and now for September? SGS2. If they don’t watch out there will be a better phone come out. Then I’ll want that one instead of the SGS2. There’s a comment for that “If you snooze you lose”. Is Samsung on the verse of snoozing with the SGS2? If the rest of the world has had it for a while now, I would say Yes! they are snoozing here in the U.S.

  • Jim

    Was typing in my comment useless? I didn’t see it post.

  • Jim

    Why does it let you type a comment and then not post it?

    • Sean Riley

      You’ve got a grand total of 3 comments in here that I can see Jim, did something else not post?

  • Eludium Q36

    I’ve been patiently waiting for the fantastic Galaxy S II all this time but I’m concerned about this late August announcement, meaning the long wait had better be because they’ll be available at that time, otherwise I cannot wait until late-Sept/Oct for it. So, as lustworthy as it is, if it’s not available to purchase that same week then I’ll snag an almost-just-as-awesome Moto Photon instead (since I’m Sprint Prem-Gold).

  • John

    BIGMERF comments on EVERY article.. #relaxbroyourebecomingatroll. your 631 points aren’t going anywhere.. just saying

  • kwills88

    I wouldn’t go as far as to say i am off the bandwagon, but i am not as hyped as i once were..It’s been almost a entire year since i been waiting for this phone..and now i am just meh about it..though because i have a G1 any new phone would be an amazing phone for me, but i can’t quit on it when it’s literally around the corner..unless they make some slight upgrades on the spec sheets for the US variants, the SGSII wont be such a wow factor as it once were..everyone has mod and hacked the soul out of it, so many unboxing videos here and there and it doesnt feel like a new phone anymore.

    • Cwalden21

      I agree. I’ve been waiting forever for this GS II and if it doesn’t have some what of an additional upgrade on the spec sheet for the US variants then i’m just gonna have to roll with the next Nexus

  • Nathan

    Well I never plain on getting it since I’m trying to get the next nexus but in this case it couple month to little to late.

  • Raptor

    - 720p Android phones are around the corner….
    - iPhone5 may change the game and may possibly come for T-Mo for your mommy (and for your for free)…
    - 4-cores soon in beginning of 2012….
    - Price wars between networks…
    - Amazing one day offers of 2 or even 3 free 42mbps smartphones with 2 year contracts unlimited plans with less then $49/cell making MetroPCS, Cricket, Virgin or Boost to lower their prices or die…
    - Possibly Windows 8 smartphones for those who likes both Windows & Android A lot of things coming.

    Cool down, don’t rush. If you have too much high-tech joke itch so you may explode take any new phone to play in Best Buy and return it in a month.

  • Robot Human

    Cool. I’m not sure about this. I like the way the international one looks but the rumored T-Mobile device looks way different. I am about stability and style and I prefer the international device. Plus, with the Nexus 3 coming by Christmas, I may wait. The Galaxy phones take forever to receive software updates so I wouldn’t be surprised if it took 4-6 months until it got IceCreamSandwich.

  • mark t

    Man I was dying for the sgs2 but the more I read about next gen im thinking I might wait until christmas. Please prime come to big red!

  • Uncle Rico

    I have a pending phone update with ATT burning a hole in my pocket, in anticipation of the GS2.. I’m sportin’ a Captivate right now.. still waiting on ATT to push out some Gingerbread love my way… may give the Cappy to the wifey.. it runs very sweetly.. but it’s NO dual core S2!! so I’ve been patient with this whole Samsung “wait for it.. wait for it” mindfark… but September will be ok… who knows… maybe they’ll push out ICS to the S2 in mid to late Spring.. THAT would be sweet!! just sayin’ man…

  • sylar

    I have a captivate and it runs like crap, freezes, crashes and random deletes all the data stored on it, and its the third on I have had. I would really like to replace it with this.

  • NeoJesus

    Yes, I’m going to get it as I doubt Verizon will get the Nexus Prime.