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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 put on hold in Europe; Apple wins preliminary injunction


Last time we talked about the Apple vs. Samsung saga, sales of a specific model Galaxy Tab 10.1 had been halted in Australia. Since Samsung wasn’t actually selling the model that was put on hold, sales of the tablet were unaffected. Today, that’s not the case.

Apple has won a preliminary injunction in Germany (related to design, not patents) that will stop the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 across Europe, with the exception of the Netherlands. It’s important to note that this isn’t final by any means. Samsung can still come back and win even the design related portion of the suit in Germany. Nonetheless, this is bad news for Samsung. Apple will have to file individually to enforce the hold in each European nation, but the injunction is already in effect.

Now that Apple has actually pushed to have Samsung’s products held back from the public, things are going to get dirty. Sales will continue on as normal in the rest of the world (for now), but Europe provides a huge portion of sales to Samsung’s total numbers. And if this is a sign of things to come, the legal team at Samsung still has a long road ahead of them.

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    Wow, things are getting Nasty…….

  • thaghost

    Samsung, I love what your doing for android but you copied from apple. We all knew this when we saw the first galaxy s phone, the Vibrant. I see small pieces of ios in my galaxy tab 7. Smh. Just pay the piper.

    • Samdroid

      Apple copied the iPod from Kane Kramer, copied the MacOS “dock” from Acorn computers, Was sued by and settled for the technology used in the iPod and iTunes, copied the iPhone from LG Prada, NeoNode, and Samsung F700, copied parts of iOS (like swipe to unlock etc) from NeoNode, Sued by Nokia and settled for patents related to GSM and UMTS standards as well as 802.11 WiFi technologies, Sued by Cisco and settled for using the “iPhone” name, copied the Finder icon from a Picasso painting titled “Two Characters”, copied the App Store from Jailbreak/Cydia, Sued by Personal Audio and lost for patents related to playlist implementation on the iPod. Personal Audio was awarded $8 million. Was sued by Mirror Worlds and lost for patents related to Cover Flow, Time Machine, and Spotlight features found in Mac OS X and iOS. Apple was ordered to pay $625.5 million to Mirror Worlds. And copied Android features that include Notifications, Wireless syncing, Tabbed browsing, New split keyboard, Open apps from the lock screen, and Over the air updates. Apple should stop suing, they copy everything!

      • poosh2010


      • EyeMaster

        Nice list complied! Man, you must hate Apple to a substantial extent I guess… :-)

      • owned

        WOW you just epicly PWNED everyone. that comment was unarguable. so true its so ironic

    • anonymous

      Just because Samsung is selling a thin tablet doesn’t mean it’s copying. You know, the ideal shape of a phone or a tablet is indeed a rectangle. They’re not suddenly gonna make circular ones just because apple made an iphone first… Get your freaking head out of your ass apple. (And btw, iphone is not the first touch screen phone)

  • Dustin Earley

    That was my first thought. eBay prices will skyrocket.

    • Alan

      I already did that before this happened – very annoyingly the latest update had just killed WiFi channels 12&13 which are used in every country apart from the USA!


    About time! Stop this shitty asiantab and lets enjoy the IPAD 2!


    • aj

      i normally wouldnt say this about another company but i hope APPLE DIES!!!!! Tired of them being complete cowards and douche bags cause they can stop the android Juggernaut in front of them with innovation just stealing and litigation.

      • Samdroid

        They sue Samsung and rip off Android. hahahah fucking losers

    • Samdroid

      Spoken like a true fucking Apple dumbass. Oh, and what happens when iPad 3 comes out? will it still be iPad 2 forever? Bahahahahah what a loser hahahaha
      Samsung makes a better product and Apple cant beat them, so they sue them. Losers

      • TheBigApple

        Apple can’t beat Samsung??? Newsflash: they already are! IDC just confirmed them as the number one smartphone vendor in the world, and we won’t even talk about iPad sales vs the rest of the pack. This is about protecting your trademark and IP, something that even Google sees as necessary:

        See? Google knows how to sue for infringement as well….

  • ricc


  • Johannes Jørgensen

    This is a disgrace!
    I see people act out on this, And i can only understand Y.
    This is redicoulus, and in the end we all loosing not just Samsung. We lose a good product that we proudly can present to the apple users and say: ” This is your competitor, we are different from other tablet users”!
    I’m from Denmark where this is a breaking news to the technoligy Fans.
    And knowone thinks it’s fair that company of any kind has THAT MUCH POWER

    • Samdroid

      This is a disgrace. specially when Apple copies EVERTHING and sues when they get beat.
      sue Samsung, and copy Android. what a joke

      • basil

        sue samsung, copy android AND one more thing. the apple way is to say “we invented it” HAHAH so true.

  • Johannes Jørgensen

    no one*

  • MABitTQ


    Apple must have given free IPads to the Judges!

    From a distance a lot of tablets look the same, but once you get your hands on them you realise how different they are! The same can be said for many gadgets/TV,s!

    Apple you can’t be the only one in the field with a tablet!

  • Andy_jr