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720p Ice Cream Sandwich phone and others outed in Samsung roadmap leak


I’d keep your salt shaker handy for this one, but a phone and accessories retailer has published what they claim to be the upcoming Samsung roadmap and unsurprisingly it includes a few tasty morsels of Android goodness.

Lets kick things off with the Ice Cream Sandwich based monster the GT-I9250. Sporting a 4.65 inch screen at a 1280 x 720 resolution it should keep most pixel peepers happy. The only other available spec for this one is a 5-megapixel camera which seems a little surprising for what has to be a high-end phone, but passing judgement on a camera based on megapixels alone is always a bad idea.

Moving down the line, but up over half an inch in screen size, we arrive at the GT-I9220. With a 5.29 inch display this one is going to really tax the average pocket to its limits. It does bear an awesome 1280 x 720 Super AMOLED Plus screen though so if you are intent on having a little entertainment center in your pocket this might be just the thing for you. You are going to be running with Gingerbread out of the box, but you can drown your sorrows in the 1.4 Ghz dual-core processor and 8-megapixel camera.

The GT-I9210 is one of the most detailed devices in the leak. It will feature a 4.5 inch screen at a now somewhat disappointing 800 x 480 resolution. It does specifically mention having 4G on board though and a hefty 1750 mAH battery to keep it chugging along. An 8-megapixel camera on the back and an impressive 2-megapixel front facing camera should keep everyone happy along with support for full HD recording from that back camera. Wifi b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0 and GPS and a fighting weight of 4.5 ounces round out the listed specs.

The GT-I8150 seems suspiciously like a superphone of last year so I would guess we are entering the budget friendly range here. It has a 3.7 inch screen at 800 x 480 with 5-megapixel rear (capable of 720p at 30 fps) and VGA front-facing camera. The rest of the specs are similarly run of the mill with 4GB internal storage, Wifi b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS, an FM radio, and finally support for HSPA+.

The last of the Android phones mentioned is the B5510-W41 with a diminutive 2.8 inch screen. Fortunately it will offer QWERTY keyboard so you don’t have to try to peck anything out on that screen. Beyond that it offers a 3-megapixel camera and an FM radio.

The lone Android tablet making an appearance on the list is the successor to last years 7-inch Galaxy Tab, the P6200. While it does get the bump to Honeycomb the rest of the specs are definitely a disappointment with the same 1024 x 600 resolution as the previous version. A 3-megapixel back and 2-megapixel front camera should cover most of your tablet photography needs.

The GT-I9250 could certainly find a place in my lineup. What would the remaining specs on it have to look like to get you hooked? Or does one of the other rumored devices have your eye?

Update: Still have that salt shaker handy? Samsung has come forward and said that “the details being cited are not accurate in this case.” It’s at least mildly interesting that they even find it necessary to respond to this and I also find their phrasing rather interesting as it leaves open the possibility that pieces of this leak are true. Time will tell exactly how inaccurate these details were.

Via: Slashgear

Source: Mobili linija

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  • Galen20K

    5.29″ Phone?? Holy crap! thats a bit much for a “phone”.

    • Sean Riley

      It definitely better be quite a bit thinner than the Dell Streak. I’ve carried the original Galaxy Tab around in a back pocket before so I can imagine that a 5.29″ device could be pocketable, but 4.65 is definitely a lot more palatable as a daily driver.

      • Galen20K

        I agree with that, but I definitely could not carry that sucker in my front pocket. I’d stand up and break the darn thing lol

        • Ryan

          You guys are all forgetting one fact (or theory) that ICS is going to remove the need for hardware buttons. This also means that part of the screen is going to be occupied by the soft keys like HC has.

          I measured the “screen” on my EVO3D including the buttons and it comes out to about 5″ so this is perfectly reasonable for an ICS screen.

          • Sean Riley

            An excellent point; if they do go through with striking the buttons it’ll bring that 4.65 inch device down to a slightly smaller form factor than the current 4.3 inch phones, but that 5.29 incher is still going to be a bit of a beast as that screen alone is as big as my Thunderbolt.

    • epic_n00b

      4 Inch is just perfect. Instead they should focus more on battery technology.
      We are in 2011 and we still don’t have 3500 mAh battery with form factor of current 1500 mAh. I want innovation here too along with CPU, display, memory.

      • GotFragz

        No need for better batteries if you make the phone more power efficient, like the processor.

        • Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ)

          Improved battery capacity is always necessary. There is a lower bound on how low you can make memory usage with a phone, especially a phone with the power of a desktop or laptop computer.

    • Jared

      Ha ha. I agree. It’s a phone and a booth.



    • cheese

      so it looks as though this detailed roadmap was accurate as the GT-I9220 turned out to be the galaxy note with its 5.3 inch screen. close to the 5.29 spec based off this leaked roadmap.

  • Interpol91

    A. ICS device like the GT-I9250 is enough to make it onto my radar!! I’m sure Samsung will make it impressive so Ii’m not too worried about other specs being left out. I just want to see leaked images of it! Also, that is probably as big of a screen as my pockets can handle. Anymore and pretty soon I’m going to have to expand my pockets haha

    The GT-I9220 does sound sweet but with that big of a screen idk if I would be able to use it comfortably, but who knows. Great article guys!!

  • SparkyXI

    Wow. I can’t hold a tablet to my ear. I jus’ can’t doo’it, capt’n.

  • epic_n00b

    i will never ever buy a 4.5 Inch mobile phone. it simply wont fit in my pockets. 3.7 and 4 Inch are just perfect. Instead they should focus more on battery technology.

    A lot of technical changes took place in terms of sound and display but nothing much has changed when its comes to battery technology.

    We are in 2011 and we still don’t have 3500 mAh battery with form factor of current 1500 mAh. I want innovation here too along with CPU, display, memory.

    • Nate B.

      Let’s wait and see what it looks like first. I remember when 4.3 was assumed to be oversize and when we first seen it it wasn’t that big. And now they’ve evoled into better designs and use the screen ratio better.

  • Tj

    When you consider ICS will likely be ditching physical and capacitive buttons, the screen sizes do not seem all that outrageous. By no means is the Nexus S a large phone, but if it were all screen, it’ll probably be greater than 4.3′.

    • Bon

      The problem is the phone needs to get wider and that also forces them to make it taller I think.
      I would be very sad if next Nexus phone is something like 4.5′.

  • zymo

    Wasn’t the rumor that the next Nexus Phone would have a Super Amoled 720p Display, a 5MP Camera and running (of course) ICS? Could the Gt-i9250 be the Nexus Prime/S2/4G?

    • Sean Riley

      That has certainly been the rumor so it’s possible, but there are 720p phones coming from almost every manufacturer by the end of the year so I wouldn’t say that this clinches it.

  • praeivis

    I wounder why nobody bother to ask mobili linija who are they sources :D

    • Sean Riley

      AÅ¡ ne kalbÄ—ti lietuviÅ¡kai. (I don’t speak Lithuanian.) ;)

  • HipHopIsLyfe37

    Being a big Samsung fan (mobile phones and their TVs are spectacular) I can’t wait to see these phones leaked/released. This upcoming year is definitely going to be huge for all mobile phone manufacturers. I know, we say that every year, but they are becoming so power that people will certainly change the way they use their smartphones. I really don’t even use a camera anymore, unless I’m filming something about my phone. Now, it won’t replace a powerful Canon or Nikon for a photographer, but the basic camera will probably slowly fade out. I have been a mobile enthusiast for a couple years and year in and year out I am continually excited to see what the manufacturers will bring. I LOVE THIS!

  • Nate B.

    If the screen is used wisely with the body, then the phone wont be so big. Sammy uses great ratio when it comes to screen size. This is going to be beautifully awesome. Sammy all the way! Don’t knock it until we see it. This is going to be my next device. Shoot, I can’t wait until my NS4G gets IC as well.

    We can’t knock it before we see it.

  • iDavey

    I can only pray this turns out to be correct.

  • Alex

    The first one sound like the new nexus I mean bgr said 5mp camera 720p screen and monster sized screen, and 4.65 is pretyu big, if thats the new im getting it

  • spookz

    Well adding to the next Nexus i want it to have 1930 mAH battery(or better), Excellent call quality with dedicated noise cancelling. Excellent audio quality on speakers and headphones. It would not just be a smartphone….. it would be a Superphone!!!

  • Nate B.

    Its getting closer. I can feel it. I look to see what news or rumors are in twitter and always hoping androidandme gives me my fix. Fall is coming and so is the nexus 3. Other phones are cool and well respected but nothing is like the nexus line. One os built from the ground up meant to play nice. True quality and nothing overlayed. That’s how every phone should be. High end phones anyway. Be able to update yearly and little features in between and fixes. Not short lifed because of some lame excuse of hardware or trying to bake it in their own custom ui. I understand Android is open but it’ll be a never ending cycle of frag with custom skins. They have to rebuild their skin every time google evolves. Might as well build their own os from the ground up.

  • Vagif

    Are they also will “look like iPhone”? ))))))))


    Good read, interesting stuff.. A bit much for me thought.. 4,5 is where I want to draw the line… I do not want to know about any other phone except the next level of the Nexus series, lol. With that said it is awesoe however to read about how Samsung is broadening everyone’s expectations and pushing the limit on there devices.. but is it to much?

  • Plexico Burress (currently on riots in britain, gun for sale)

    Im rather waiting for the new megaseller starphone IPHONE 5 from the worlds most valuable company (Apple).

    Displays of 4.5, 4.65 and 5 inches are ridiculous and only moronic android geeks are buying this, only to show everyone that it matches their dick size!
    Apple fans however know that 4.0 inches is just right. Thats why iPhone 5 will outsell these android muppet phones.

    • ericl5112

      Barely worth a response, but whatever. I’ll feed the pathetic troll. iPhone has 3.5″ screen? But 4″ is perfect right? Besides, keep up with your button free android news. If you don’t, you’ll look like an idiot when you comment on an android blog. Oh, wait…

    • spookz

      Did you know that 95% women in the world like big dicks? So maybe thats why you haven’t been getting any action and therefore you have become so sad with yourself that now you have become a troll.

      Well if you don’t get any and want it so bad maybe you can go get some from Steve Jobs

  • ericl5112

    Assuming no physical/capacative buttons, my Samsung Galaxy S 1 could fit a wide screen 4.5″ display if it was almost edge to edge. 4.3″ with room to spare.

    Didn’t everyone say the 4″ screen was perfect for them? Well, 4.5″ in a package that used to hold 4.0″ is even better!

  • shapsky

    If I measure my droid x from edge to edge you could fit a 4.8″ diagonal screen so 4.65 should be no problem.

  • SliestDragon

    4.65″ is way to big for a phone. I don’t care what the resolution is. 4.3″ = phones, and 4.5″+ = tablet. I can never see me using something like that…

  • Raptor

    5.29″ will be 1.77777 ratio screen. With no physical buttons it is perfect for caucasian man hand. Send it to me for testing – you have heard my prayings here Sammy for almost entire year! !!!

    • Raptor

      5.29″ model has PPI=278, the screen dimensions 117×65.9 mm
      4.65″ model has PPI=316, the screen dimensions 103×57.9 mm

      Just for comparison future T-mo Hercules SGS II variant will be
      4.5″ 800×480 PPI=207 dimensions 98×58.8

      So this 5.29″ is negligibly wider then other current models and nobody cares if it is longer if eliminate physical buttons. Besides it could be additionally narrowed by reducing typically excessive plastic bezel around screen.

      Also interesting facts. The 5.29″ model:

      with 1920×1080 pixel screen would have PPI=416 which from first glance may look excessive but
      at closer to eyes distance 8″
      - its perceived (implied) PPI=277 (means you will still see pixels even at 1080p!) and
      - it will be visually equivalent to 24″ 1920×1080 monitor at 3′ distance or 55″ TV from 7′ distance (where i currently have 26″ monitor and 61″ TV )

      Conclusion: the 5.29″ model with 1080p would be Cellphone, Tablet, TV and PC killer !
      At 1280×720 is still very attractive too.

  • Paul

    Im sorry but what the hell is it with all these massive screen sizes, where the hell is a 4″ screen phone, we want choice & the only choice from Samsung seems to be massive or massive screens, I want a max screen size of 4.3″ screen, but prefer 4″ screen size.

  • pekosROB

    When I first heard about 720p screens I thought it was insane, but I suppose this is the natural progression of tech.

    I wonder how much it’ll effect (if at any) the price of an unsubsidized (or subsidized) prices.