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Samsung temporarily halts Touchwiz OTA for Tab 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1_1-1

Another week, another OTA update gone bad.

Over the past few weeks, Samsung has been rolling out an over-the-air update for their Galaxy Tab 10.1, which brings along their TouchWiz UI overlay to the Honeycomb platform. According to reports over at XDA, the update has caused some owners of the Tab 10.1 to encounter graphical errors that render the tablet basically unusable.

The folks over at AndroidPolice reached out to Samsung about this error and received the following statement via Twitter:

(The update has) been temporarily halted to assess progress and ensure it's a positive experience for customers. The update will resume shortly and we'll let you know as soon as we have a confirmed date.Carla SaavedraSamsung

For Samsung to officially halt an over-the-air update they had already started rolling out, there clearly had to be quite a good number of users that experienced this issue. Though I was able to update my personal Tab 10.1 without a hitch, we’re sure there are many users out there with inoperable tablets.

Are you a Tab 10.1 owner who applied the Touchwiz update? Did it screw up your tablet? Or did the update go off without a hitch? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Android Police

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    Hmmmm. Hey Cameron are ya mad? LOL. Tisk Tisk Samsung !! Not good news..

  • Galen20K

    I was upset that it hadn’t been pushed to my Galaxy tab 10.1 yet but now I’m kind of happy it didn’t. Imagine all those times I saw that “no updates available” sign and sighed, little did I know that was a good thing. : )

    • Anthony Domanico

      Yeah, i don’t know. Iactually like Touchwiz on the Tab 10.1, and I’ve had absolutely no problems.

  • SliestDragon

    Hopefully they are able to get the update fixed and rolled out to the people who’s tablets were messed up. I know I’d be furious if I paid that much for a tablet and an OTA messed it up…

  • ncjm01

    I loved the touch wiz but then… i click on shortcuts on hmscreen and they dont even open the right app. had to turn my gtab off. just waiting for kinks to be worked out

  • mmalakai10

    well i have the samsung galaxy tablet 10.1 16gb and i havent had a problem that was big after updating to touchwiz. i have noitced something smaller, so far the feature that lets u zoom in or out by placing both fingers on the screen and tilting back and forward. sometimes this its acts up on its own, i would have no fingers on the screen an when tilting the tablet in either direction it will zoom in and out. thats seems the only thing i found a bit disturbing at times. other than that it works ok for me. i hope others with problems get there issues fix or replaced with a brand new tablet. i know how frustrated these things can get.

  • jason

    i have it on tab 10.1 32gb and i am disappointed overall. i had problems connecting it to my computer a few days after install and had to factory reset. Now all the same videos that i had re-encoded and played just fine without touchwiz refuse to play at all. Unhappy with all the new force installed apps, i would much rather prefer to go back to straight 3.1, considering dumping this at a loss if they don’t allow removal of touchwiz and waiting for whatever amazon puts out.

  • sylar

    Well this sounds bad…

  • CraigCraig A McRae

    My bookmarks in chrome don’t sync any more and Samsung doesn’t have a very good solution for me. I’ve been communicating with their twitter support team.

  • mIchael

    I updated to TouchWIz, but I didn’t do the OTA. I had rooted and replaced the recovery with ClockworkMod. I tried the system update via Settings, but it didn’t work, so I flashed a ClockworkMod compatible version from XDA. I haven’t really noticed any problems at all.

  • laurensv

    Was satisfied with the standard honecomb, updated with the latetst and… Could not connect to home wifi anymore had to change channels on router to get working. On work no wifi problems. Gallery software doesn’t display panorama foto’s anymore. Some nice new features, typing lag speed has gone, big improvement! Nice feature for screenshots but stupid button place.
    Overall (after resolving the stupid wifi issue) i am satisfied

  • cache4pat

    Upgrade worked great for me. I just followed the instructions, launched it, held my breath, and a short time later …. I was lighted with the outcome. It’s been running about a week now, flawlessly; and I’ve used all the new features aggressively to customize my desktop..

    I wonder if the problem was user error; since there were a number of things you had to disable before letting the update launch on your device. Of course, the other concern might have been installed non-Android Market apps …. I’ve kept my tablet clean.

  • http://fa anthony

    I didn’t even do the update….i like stock honeycomb just fine thanks

  • Tracy

    Just downloaded and it has left tablet unusable. On reboot after download, pixilated screen with horizontal lines as if graphics driver issue. After several reboots and playing with the screen got it to a point where it’s downloading….. something…. been an hour now, and still waiting.